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No, this is Dio!

After crossing, the protagonist is examining his new identity aggressively— Dio Brando, a British and Chinese mixed-race coach ratio!

But wait a minute…

This is the Marvel Universe? How long will it take for Thanos to reach the battlefield?

By the way, I have a cheat!

Star Platinum, The World, Crazy Diamond, Killer Queen, Gold Experience, King Crimson… All for me!

Ding, hello new player, your first Stand has been drawn.

Looking at the ‘Little Tomato’ who was smiling at him, as the only Stand User in the Marvel Universe, Dio was speechless, then lit a cigarette silently, looked up at the ceiling, exhales smoke, it’s just a mystery how life is so harsh!

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kristall77 rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c253
It was really refreshing for me to read this novel in the beginning. I thought: "Hey, maybe this could be a funny experience. There may be some funny abilities from Jojo or scenes like the cherry scene and they world setting in Marvel sounds pretty interesting."

And for a while it was still interesting. Then the MC started throwing lines like "Black people act like this", "Women are always acting shy and weak in those situations", "Women are not made for this Job", and he started giving excuses for his behaviours,... more>> like saying he only kills people who deserve it (still kills and tortures minor thugs).

He also said that that he doesnt care about what women think about him,

but still he starts dating a girl that was a bit*h in his opinion.

And of course, every women he meets falls instantly in love with him as well.

For me, this novel has shown that the author is probably a racist and that he still thinks all women are the same.


After he killed Loki I stopped reading btw.


Normally, I would give such a disgusting author only 1 star, but for the sake of the interesting world setting I give 1 star more.

To be honest, I regret that I have wasted my time with this novel. It really is hard nowadays to find good novels where authors dont bring in racisism, misogny or any other garbage world views that noone needs. <<less
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Mahiro9 rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: c648
Pretty decent for a CN marvel fanfiction. Less frustrating than most of its kind, until later 500 chapters, that is.

One big problem about this fanfiction, is that the author is too afraid to make the MC make big changes to the original story.

Although the MC exists, nothing much changes for the best, he doesn't go out of his way to make the world better, sometimes even making things worse.

... more>> The MC only looks out for his own interest despite being around the superheroes.

One way or another, the things that happened in original story will still happen. The MC acts like he wants to change things, but the most important things remain unchanged. If that's the case, then what's even the point?


One big example is that Thor didn't suffer as much as in the original story against the destroyer during his first descent. The MC changed that minor thing..

Well.. At least he trained Thor to "aim for the head." lmao.

Coulson was healed. Pietro survived.


Asgard was still destroyed during the ragnarok. "Hela too OP!"

Hydra wasn't wiped out despite him having the power to do so if only he wanted to.

The civil war still happened, and the end results are even worse than the original.

Ancient One still died "because she needed to."

Even added a c*ckroach-like dark-phoenix second personality who split off with the original and has a deep grudge against the MC.

Oh, the author really likes c*ckroach enemies.

Hela survived for some bs reason.

Hydra survived just because the MC can't be bothered.

Mephisto hides in his dimension.

You get the idea.. It has become a pattern for "something to come back to later on."

31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AShinyDecapod rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: 100+
Read till chapter 100+ (will still read the rest of the chaps since I dont have much to read)

anyway to change this to 2.5 stars ?. Just forget your reading marvel and just someone who has jojo powers and you will enjoy it.

just drop anything you know about the marvel characters behavior and personality. You will just be frustrated. And think of the angry mobs as actually softhearted persimmons. I wont say why. But you will understand once you reach round chapter 98.

... more>> Things I wanna point out

1) itsss so Chinese esque the kill all witness even their decendents stuff

2) the progress story is sooo slow no marvel character meetings till chapter 53.

3) Characters from mcu are so out of character. They got like personality overhaul and has a tendency where geniuses act s*upid. Like shoot first before knowing what happen.

4) MC is a hypocrite said he will not kill if necessary but killed 2 small time gangster since they attack him. Then saying some bs that he doesn't like killing and wont kill if necessary ?‍♂️

Well MC is improving abit still cant shake the Xianxia esque vibe doesn't feel Marvel at all.
Nothing much to go on yet will give more info once I've read around 100 chaps.


kinda killed it for me when MC meet black widow for the first time. The MC is kinda s*upid overdoing the food healing scenario with her. He could just do a simple dish explain too her what will and just make hair nails look preety or something minimal, buttt nooo MC did not explain anything to her no fudge was given and make matter worse he did a full overhaul cure. Which of course will feel like you have been poisoned due to pain and naturally Natasha will attack you. ?‍♂️

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gsaeyx rated it
March 25, 2020
Status: c847
I finished the novel by the RAWs.

I can tell you the novel doesn't get any more amazing from here from now on.

The rest of the novels is written in a similar fasion and the ending makes me wanna kill the author.

... more>> However, seeing the stands again, this time with multiple used at a time, and stands like [The Hand] getting it's full potential, and in the Marvel universe, has a certain charm.

This charm made me stay awake until 2am every night just to read this novel.

JOJO fans and Marvel fans could not enjoy this. You have to be both.

There are a lot of cliched elements, not much changes to the main plot, and more problems. But the fact that it made me finish a novel with 800+ chapters (I've never finished a novel before, most of the time novels goes to sh*t in the middle so I dropped it) is amazing.

Just accept the fact that this novel is riduclous and has a OP Womanizer MC. Then, you could properly enjoy this. A good casual read. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rleinu rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: c40
It's a decent read for a fan fiction. MC somehow gets the stands he needs on a "lucky" draw. But I also can't help but curse the MC with "I hope he gets stuck in Super Fly." Each chapter is pretty short and releases almost daily, so I don't get bored waiting for the other "popular updates".
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 23, 2021
Status: c500
After like 450 chapters it's gone down a bit. Most likely the author ran out of fresh plot and they're just trying to introduce every Marvel character they can think of as a filler. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to pick back up again.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zeikfried rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: c725
Pretty good. It is inclusive of the MCU spectrum and the MC is tolerable. There's not too much over powered nonsense, the system is tolerable, Stands are always great, and there is enough original story-line to not leave your bored.

That said, Mahiro's review on future chapters is ominous.

As of chapter 368, I am noticing a lot of the word for word transcriptions of the canon.

Ch444. Unlike the first 100 chapters, you don't really get to see the innovation and scrabbling around from having Pearl Jam as his only stand. Each fight scene has its high point where a stand gets to shine, but the author has everything going so well for the protag that he doesn't even need to use all the abilities at his disposal. No real need for the Hamon, Hermit Purple, Moody Blues, Silver Chariot, and so on. It's still worth reading, but if this keeps up to chapter 800, I'd bump it down to 3 stars.

I stopped at the Ghost Rider Arc. I didn't even feel like getting to the Thanos story.


I read from ch 180-500 on a MTL site. After rereading it with more adequate translations I'd bump it back up to 4.0


Finally came back to read the rest. It was better than I expected to go when I ended at the Ghost Rider arc 3 years ago, but still not as good as the beginning. 3.5 overall. I knocked it back down half a point particularly for the random "Chinese Government is Best Government" he's forced to insert post-Thanos arc. Everyone knows in real life, if the world went to shit, the communist party would ruin everything for the Chinese people.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nirvana971 rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
Good novel, rushed ending, which is kind of fine with fan-fiction novels given the time this novel was written and the material reference.

Could have fleshed out more on the Stands, but its usage in the MCU in the novel is quite ok. Translation did suffer a hit in some of the chapters (referring to Patreon locked ones. This novel has been completely translated).
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Kines rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: c350
First 200 chaps I feel is absolutely amazing. Aside from minor stuff and lack of power or involvement it is still fun but after that ... more>>

MC starts talking wayyy to unlike dio, which isnt anyhting bad, but for me personally i’d have expect dio brando to act like dio brando. He is powerful but it feels pretty bad because he keeps using horus (?) and white album instead pf just running everything down with the world. I get that its range and consumption porblems but he spammed the hell out of the world’s in the early chapters I dont know why he dont want to do it now. You’d expect dio’s main stand would be the world but nope its horus. The gacha system is interesting but it feels like hes not spinning as much as he earns. Literally could earn like 40 pulls for every meal and he served like 3-6 people so thats at least 120 pulls per day and we saw that he opens for almost every work day and is closed presumably on weekends but what do you know in the story he gets to pull like idk 400 pulls every 2 YEARS. What a f*cking joke.

maybe it gets better. Maybe he’d act like actual dio later. Who knows. I genuinely like this so I hope going forward it’d exceed my expectation. Knowing chinese fanfic 400+ meta I dont have high hopes though what a shame <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
haanhaan rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: --

It was 4.5 stars at early chapters, then goes to 4 after that, then 3.5 now cause CN novel be CN novel too much filler, showing off, meta CN novel thugs, etc. Wish the author can at least make MC not meta CN novel but oh well..
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LoliconAkuma rated it
November 11, 2021
Status: c514
To those who want to read a marvel fanfic made by a Chinese dude this will probably be the best one you can find.


  1. Progession is logical and follows the plot, things that should happen at certain tines occur like they should and thi gs like MC's existence cause whole universe to change does not occur.
  2. Author has pretty good understanding of marvel characters though as expected in a chinese perspective.
  3. Use of stands is not overly OP but just enough to not make our favorite Jojo stands into some shounen power of friendship kinda vibe.

  1. Author too scared to get out of comfort zone, preventable events occur just because.
  2. Inherent biases which lead to sometimes weird character development for the marvel heroes.
  3. Spoiler

    He cod have boned any woman but he boned Wanda, great and he stopped Pietro's idiotic death, good plus but why the weird family interactions? So cringe

  4. I was expecting a tone of memes and jojo references but the story was quite serious... May be a pro to u guys but for me its quite a downer.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dowwil6826 rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c467
Ok let me just start by saying I hate jojo I have always disliked it but I really love this fanfic it’s great and you don’t need to be a fan of ether franchise to enjoy it it’s just a great read and I really recommend it.
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Teseuchang rated it
June 7, 2021
Status: c846
1- Sorry, but my english is very, very bad, so it will have a lot of error. But I will try my best.

I didn't read or watch before something of jojo biz. But this novel, I think, still very interesting. The MC is OP, not invincible in the universe, but in earth, still very stong, and become more strong in the future. The history have a good plot. Even if the history is basically the history of MCU, the MC have his own aventure, and it's pretty good.

Don't have a... more>> real harem, the MC is OP. The real plot is the same as MCU, but with the MC.

Now, the bad things (to me). As the stroy progress, more and mores characters are introduced, that's not bad, after all, infinity war was the same thing, and here the same problem apear again. Too many character, so too many side os the story, too manu thing is happen. Principally in the end of story, and a lot of this thing, we already know, because it's the same thing than happen in the film. So, less chapter with the MC, and less protagonis, made me feal a litte borring. And plus, many side original storys are forgotten, some plots, some features and characters, the original ones principall, are forgotten or didn't have a ending.

Overall it still was a good experiece. I give the story a 4, because to me it was a funny story, and give me a good experiece. A I said, not perfect, but its worth my time.

Last thing, I belive the author seemed to want to take the strory forward, but he could have ended in the chapter 813 brillliantly. <<less
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