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During the Second World War, Kyle looked at Captain America standing straight and proud before him. Suddenly, a series of skill cards appeared.

「Pistol Master」

「Martial Arts Master」

「Shield Defense Master」

「Super Soldier Serum」

Which skill card do you wish to extract?

“Wait… what? This golden finger… you must be pulling my leg! Not only skill cards but I can also extract super-powered skills like the Super Soldier Serum? Mother of God… what is this?!”

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I Am in Marvel with Unlimited Cards
Wǒ Zài Màn Wēi Wúxiàn Chōu Kǎ
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deviatesfish rated it
June 26, 2019
Status: --
It's meh fanfiction, so don't expect much out of it. However, it is still decently entertaining and serves as a time waster. There are some colloquialisms that the Chinese author is unable to grasp, and some translation errors, but overall it is readable.
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CocaCola rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: --
Really fun story.

I was rather skeptical of it, thinking it'd be the common trash on NU, but I was pleasantly surprised.

There aren't enough chapters atm to make a conclusive judgement on the quality of the story so far, so I'll update the review when there's more to go by.

I wasn't planning on reviewing this. But seeing the ridiculous review of Suijin that didn't even read one chapter and instead reviewed the story based on the summary, I had to at least leave a positive review so others can experience this... more>> fun story too.

I'm hooked and eagerly awaiting new chapters.

P.S. Suijin, a modern man obviously knows what a card system is. You'd know this if you read the first 3 chapters. <<less
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dragonmage124 rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: --
pull the cards can grow instantly skilled in whatever that skill was.... ya not working for me would work fine if he only got the basic version no matter how advanced the original card was or even a water down version of something that required lots of training + several other trained skills to learn but he can pull out even 'mastery' of weapons and hand to hand combat and use them just fine while still having an untrained body (more so with guns since idk what the author was... more>> thinking an untrained guy would not have the physical ability to beat a well trained gun user since the all the necessary strength of the arms legs and shoulders that keep one steady not only from the recoil but let your hand eye coordination be displayed to the current peak [since arms and legs thus hands can shake from many different factors you need a good bit of training just to be able to not mess up badly because of such muscle movements... all the while you need to train your hand-eye coordination with understanding of the gun + external factors like wind, distance, movement, ect to really hit the bulls-eye... but nope this MC can as a layman shoot better then a trained agent at an even greater distance just will a stolen skill (since you know the body just learns all the necessary parts of the skill so a mindless average Joe even when physically {and maybe later mentally since he can even rob language ability so I see author having him steal skills related to tech/bio/ or other such areas that need loads of study and understanding yet can just do anything in those fields because of a pulled card} unfit for the skill can still use it without the body breaking apart from doing something outside your physical ability]

but nope he pulls the card gets the whole skill and can use it like he was the one that spent the time training even with a crap body since you know stolen skills can make your body stronger because you know how hard it is to write about some golden-finger that has draw backs like pulling the skill but when learning it you get '*error due to physical ability this skill has been reduced to the minimum/locked while methods to unlock/train to the degree of pulled card have been given to user*' for physical skills while for mental skills '*error user lacks the required knowledge in the fields needed for this skill please search for and learn about 'x' to degree 'x' to unlock the basics of this skill*'.. this way we get MC that grow in personality from training/learning.

but if you do not mind the foolish person who in a world {where even the people with more experience and smarter just look the other way not thinking twice about anything since you know MC got to have plot armor that ruins the logical thinking ability of everyone around him/her so things go their way unless it is something needed so they can something better latter or just grow} with mutants starts becoming 'amazing' and 'monstrously talented' after he collapsed from the heat just doing basic training just does not scream look I mutated into being someone who can steal your skills for myself and even when I do not know how to train or even understand anything about said skills my body can still learn it all for me [even if we the readers know it not a mutant ability the normies in that world would not so the fact that no one finds is rapid improvement to stupid levels in many areas strange just kills any immersion into said story since now the story is just a self insert with everything revolving around the MC instead of MC interacting with everything creating the ripples in the story while getting effected by said ripples].. <<less
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vkg313 rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: c34
I like it. I just wish it was more American, and less Chinese styled writing.

Not sure about the card sacrifice option. When he sacrifices those cards, doesn't that mean he no longer can use those skills? Somehow, he still retains the abilities of those cards after he sacrifices them for new cards.

Also, is it possible for him to get all of those skills back by absorbing them from the same people again? No idea...
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Random.poet rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c133
This is a fanfic, dont be suprised if the time line is so messed up later on. But that wont be the only thing to make you think "thats not how that was".

If you love marvel, you would cringe...

If your just looking for something to read... this is good, not great, but good.
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August 14, 2019
Status: c502
Started great but later on it became just another one of those books riddled with CN novel clichés.

The fact that this was written before Avengers: End Game was also a problem. The author forced the End Game storyline to his own story and it became a mess.

It became just a series of ass pulls, and what I thought to be intentional plotholes that is going to be solved later on in the story turned out to be so disappointing. It's like the author stopped caring about it so he just... more>> made another ass pulls to settle it in an underwhelming way, or completely forget about it.

The CN novel cliché is so prominent too, in a bad way.

- Every time the MC travels the galaxy, he'll always end up murdering people and make troubles for his weaker "comrades".

It just so happens that he doesn't care about what they've gone through because of his actions and simply brushed it off.

- It's riddled with lame CN novel fights and dialogues that you'll wonder if you're still reading a Marvel fanfic. What's worse, there's more fighting than actual story. Typical CN novel bs indeed.

It would have been much acceptable if the author could write a good action scene, but it's your usual CN stuff.

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