Spare Me, Great Lord!


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This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

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May 3, 2018
Status: c141
This novel is one of the most popular novel in China currently. In Chinese Qidian the novel has been in top 2! Most of times it was #1!

While the novel indeed use the system trope but its execution is totally different. The main character is fun. In future chapters, author actually focuses on the agony parents suffer when their child decide to cultivate as their is risk of death.

The bad part is that the QI translators who are translating it are incompetent. They can't even translate the name of novel... more>> correctly. It's Great King instead of Great Lord. Author specifically uses spiritual energy/qi but translator goes with magical energy which is fully a mistranslation. (There is a totally different word for magical energy). The translators have a habit of using pinyin for location and even cultivation related stuff as I have seen in it in their previous work (Immortal Mortal).

The beauty of this novel lies in the word of play. Author makes a lot of interesting stuff with modifying chinesse sayings and so on. So yeah, if the translator is incompetent we are screwed. <<less
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drollawake rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: c110
The MC gets a System that lets him buy cultivation items by exchanging points he earns from causing distress to other people. The comedy is based on his attempts to get distress points and the plot so far is driven by the awakening of "metahumans" across the world.

If you can endure filler in stuff like Library of Heaven's Path or Shift! The Side-Character Heroine, this is probably for you.

For me though, it's a series that's teetering at the edge of my tolerance threshold for filler. To be more specific, it's... more>> filler of the drawn out repetitive thought monologues where we don't learn much new type. Maybe it's better in Chinese due to the wordplay or more expressive sentences but that's not relevant to us readers of translations. Thankfully, unlike Shift! The Side-Character Heroine, the slice of life segments aren't as filler-esque since they're tied to the MC's unconventional power up system. And they do a better job at showing the MC's personality.

The humour is on point (to my taste) but gets stale at times when the author hammers on the same gag (e.g. Irritating the same few classmates, bad luck with lottery) too many times and for too long. <<less
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Stark3 rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: c1247
Giving a review after reaching the latest RAWs (c1247) :

While it does not deserve a 5, it deserves a solid 4 (or a 4.5 if that kind of thing was possible). It avoids the more annoying tropes of the genre (annoying audience which just ups the word count, spoiled master ad infinitum to fight, ridiculous setups for rather obnoxious face-slapping later). It has a decent sense of humor, helped along by the MCs trolling.

One thing to note is that there are quite a number of chapters which are basically slice... more>> of life type scenarios. Others have taken this point as a negative in their reviews; on the other hand, I enjoy them. It gives the MC and the other characters a chance for their personalities to shine through. It gives you reasons to actually care about the characters instead of just having actors for action scenes.

Another thing I'd like to touch on is the tone of nationalism in this novel: it's there, but it doesn't take it anywhere as extreme as in some other Chinese novels. Sure there was an arc where the MC focused on hunting down Japanese spies, but foreigners aren't depicted as evil or stupid, nor is there an attitude that China has a divine right to supremacy.


There's actually an arc where the MC goes undercover in Japan, and there are plenty of cases where you see the MC enjoying Japanese culture, even appreciating the work done by Japanese undercover spies. It kind of balances things out.

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1234gary rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: c205
This novel should honestly be rated higher. Its pretty entertaining and does many things right for a modern day system type novel. The chapter count makes it look dropped, but the translation is still alive and newer chapters are just not listed since everything is under the Qidian's stupid ad wall (the kind that is free to unlock).

Here are some things I liked:

  1. The MC is great! He's calm and rational with a bit of a trolley streak due to his system itself. His actions make a lot of sense in the story and his beliefs are well written and followed. The plot also isn't written in a way that needs to make him make enemies left and right for contrived reasons like a normal xianxia.
  2. The sister is also a fun character. Their familial relationship is really genuine and they play off of each other smoothly. She isn't there just to be little sister fap material and she acts like a mature child of her age.
  3. No young masters or a super law of the jungle world! 200 chapters in and I haven't seen a single person use his wealth or higher cultivation to really flaunt and bully the MC. There isn't the contrived cycle of get bullied->become stronger through cultivation->revenge. Not only that, people in this novel act quite reasonable regardless of their standing and the way society progresses in very realistic in this scenario. I think the description was meant to be sarcastic bait on the xianxia genre as he never has had a "never-ending list of rivals and opponents". Heck, he never even made enemies with anyone.
  4. No long abstruse descriptions of cultivation to fill up word length. Descriptions of cultivation or filler content is very low as it should be, since the setting is a transition from our world -> a world with metahumans. Though on the other hand, I feel as if some aspects of the system were introduced a bit too briefly at the beginning.
Other things of note:

  1. Like many novels set in modern day, other countries/organizations need to be the antagonist. So far, the nationalism is present with a bias towards China (obviously) though the MC doesn't really seem to have the nationalism beyond an ordinary citizen. It mainly seems to be pro-China and anti-Japanese sentiments, but its so far at a manageable level and nowhere near cringey and offensively racist level.
  2. The story is written in a slow manner. I like it because it shows that this isn't your typical cultivation novel where your racing to become god. 200 chapters in and there isn't any girls or whatnot but his familial relationship with his sister fills the interpersonal aspects quite nicely.
  3. The system is interesting? It fills a reason for the MC to act a bit troll like he does (in order to make the story interesting). The pacing of points generated and what the system can do is mostly determined by the author, but I feel like he did a great job with pacing everything. The progress in time feels realistic and consistent over the 200 chapters I've read. Initially the poor introduction of the system (it kinda just got shoehorned in no explanation), the randomness of point generation, and its lottery system kinda put me off. But after 50 chapters in, I think the author gradually understood what he wanted to do with the system, and now the system is one of my favorite ones. The distress point generation is mostly deterministic with a cap of 1000 while being consistent across the MC's actions. The 2-3 items of significance you can get from the system are always clearly outlined by the author and after the first incident, no asspull jackpot lotteries are possible.
For the most part the story is done in a well written and logical manner. There are a few plot points that you need to rationalize away because they make no sense, but otherwise this is one of the better novels out there.

Writing: 4/5

Enjoyment: 5/5
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Vex rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: --
What's with so many 1 star ratings? Have these people even tried to read it? It's not as great as God Level Demon, which is on a level of its own, but it's quite good.

The start story is slow, hence you don't have a MC turning super OP 5 chapters in and bashing evil geniuses right and left.

The cahracter is squire easy going, and many may find him droll. You can define him as easy going lazy droll... lol

For ppl who are saying that nothing has been revealed or its... more>> too slow, Welp, they have got accustomed to generic CN cliche where everything is directly shoved on your face. Author is trying to build a world according to MCs knowledge and view. The stringer he gets, mornethings will be revealed. So what's the rush? It's not like you have a train to catch or an appointment with Yama.

Anyway, with 30 chapters out and so many hates, what's wrong with these ppl? They will give 5 stars to something as idiotic as MGA or IC, but 1 star to a book with way more potential and plot.

And for everybody's knowledge it's extremely high rated novel on Qidan China. So wait and give the story a little time.

The only problem are the translators. As Strixfkash said, the autgir uses great amount of word play and puns. If translators mess those up...

And stop acting like jerks...*shrugs* <<less
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Seregosa rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: c65
This novel is quite subpar to say the least. It lacks all the good parts of a comedy novel (such as humor) yet keeps all the bad points (like bad plot and story). Coupled with a horrible "system" which requires him to be mean to everyone for no reason (like a bad version of "god level demon"'s system which is based on hatred which suits that particular story very well) and how both the MC and his sister have some truly crappy personalities, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I'll... more>> now go into more depth on things and I'll probably spoil some stuff, so I'll keep it all in a spoiler bubble. Well, it's hard to spoil a novel like this since nothing matters anyway.


Actually, I wanted to drop this at chapter 1 after seeing that sister of his, this feeling just got more and more intense. She's the very image of a spoiled rotten kid that has no respect for others. For example, she knows of their abysmal economic situation, yet she begs for things and refuses to budge. The MC got her a down jacket while telling her that if she wanted that, they would need to cut down on things and she wouldn't be able to get other things because he simply doesn't have the money to deal with it, yet she actually ignores her own promise and starts begging shortly after while not taking a no for an answer. The MC, however, further worsens this situation by not doing his role as a brother and educating her, he doesn't scold her and he actually gives in to all her demands if he can do so even after saying no. Truly idiotic. Actually, the reason why he almost died (would've died if not for the supernatural event that followed) was because she forced him to go buy something she wanted from a store despite him saying no repeatedly. Well, it gets a bit better later on because she stops speaking as much and their situation improves, but it doesn't change the fact that she is an obnoxious, spoiled brat. However, when she got free abilities that was supposed to be the mc's and gets stuff from the MC despite not doing anything for it, I just felt myself disliking her more and more, no one likes an useless leech with a bad personality.

Oh, and this is not really the true reason as to why I'm dropping it. The worse parts are actually

1: The MC has sh*tty personality, he's a boring human with sh*t for brains (he never acts intelligently, obvious things seems to be extraordinarily difficult for him to grasp). The spoiling is one thing, but he's not likable at all. He's just malicious for no good reason. He loves bringing people down even if they did nothing to deserve it. He's also ridiculously petty. Early on, he met an ability user that escaped from somewhere and burned down a place after being captured by some people. This guy pretended to have fainted and wanted to be helped or brought into his house, but the MC started being extremely rude to him without knowing of any circumstances, being very excited and amused while repeatedly pushing the injured guy down to the floor when he tried to rise up and added plenty of hurtful words. Because of this, the guy wanted to get away but was stopped and then he, probably as a last resort, tried to harm the MC with is powers but failed. The MC later on mentioned that he's so kind and wouldn't do anything to other people, but that he also wouldn't forgive people if they tried to harm him, he mentioned that if this guy had burnt him, he would've gone for revenge and chased him to the ends of the earth... Talk about petty, even if that happened, it would've been his own fault for being an asshole, yet he would actually be so petty and vicious about it when he was the one who provoked the guy in the first place... Really, no grasp of what's proper.

2: The story itself sucks. The developments aren't interesting, the MC is only rude to people for no reason whatsoever except for earning points and because he likes it (it's hardly ever really justified, he just acts like a d*ck to everyone). To be funny, it needs to be justifiable, it should be done to people that harmed him in some way or that are just assholes deserving of such treatment, but when he's rude and hurts everyone around him on purpose just for some more points, it's just not funny at all. Imagine a guy going around actively trying to hit where it hurts the most and make everyone feel depressed or angry, or trying to make everyone uncomfortable in various ways. How could such a person be likable? No, such a person should just die, they're cancer to humanity to say the least. Nothing interesting has happened thus far, the cultivation method is weird and boring, the system is one of the most soulless ones I've ever seen. It's just extraordinarly dreary. The characters are all cardboard cutouts, they seem to possess no real personality as all of them exist for the sole reason of giving the MC more points and being annoyed, angry or depressed because of the MC. They're merely mental punching bags of the MC. Geez.

3: Also, last but not least, a novel that is supposed to be a pure comedy/nonsense gag trip yet makes me laugh twice or thrice in 65 chapters is just way too pathetic for words. This author has no sense of humor. It's freaking boring to read, normally a comedy story would be nice to read because it makes you laugh, because it's hilarious, but this story lacks that point yet has the overall plot quality of a normal comedy novel, in other words, very shallow and with the whole world's inhabitants existing just as more extras to be beaten down. Trash novel, for sure.


To conclude, don't read this. Perhaps people who haven't read many comedy novels would find it to be funny, but I honestly don't find anything in it funny, I just read this with a bored look all the way... Some people seemed to find it utterly hilarious, like the MC being rude to people and "witty" in that he's saying stupid sh*t that makes no sense so that people doesn't respond to him, but I really have to wonder about their sense of humor.

If I had to mention SOMETHING good about this author, it's that he doesn't seem to think that china is the best in the world, he also appreciates other cultures and doesn't go out of his way to piss on other countries. Truly rare. So, you would probably not have to worry about racism and xenophobia here, at least that's something. There are also no indications of romance, which is good. Oh, and while the MC is a total moron and has a horrible personality that makes one hope that he'll be locked up for the sake of humanity, he is ridiculously attached to his little sister and wants to be with her forever (albeit not in a romantic sense, I do think he'll end up with her later on though), they have this weird relationship that doesn't make sense and both of them are very unlikable, but at least they care about eachother and have a strong sibling relationship, so people that likes such things might be interested. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c141
I actually like it. The main character has a personality which itself puts it in a very small portion of novels on this website. The MC is op, but honestly its not nauseating when compared to how hamfisted most of these novels can get in MC worship. So far there have been almost no cut and paste trope events, so expect to actually see the author put some effort into being slightly creative. No incredibly flat peerless jade beauties cardboard cutouts to surround the MC and worship him. The few... more>> women introduced so far actually have some personality besides being beautiful.

Overall I was very pleasantly surprised to not read one of the million knock off novels that chinese love to dispense, and for some reason people on this website love to translate. Of course this still can be changed for future chapters, but for now I give this a 5/5 rating. <<less
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wait321 rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c60
The plot is interesting but the pacing is absurdly slow. Each chapter is a day in his life and nothing significant happens in most of them. I’m skipping 1/2 of every chapter and can still follow just fine.
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Uno rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: c4
It is still early to say much, but up to the chapter I've read, I don't really understand what is going on (maybe it's just me). It seems as this is a game element genre ln, same o same o leveling up stuffs. Would read more, but to me, the way the story is written made me lost interest, feels like the writings are just for word count; casual conversations and unnecessary explanations, telling almost nothing important in regard of the story growth, characters and what is actually going on.
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yamibae rated it
October 21, 2018
Status: c240
The story is ok, MC has a good personality but the author purposefully shoves nationalism everywhere which is an automatic turnoff for me personally. Cultivation is rubbish and simple which is ok. Enemies are sh*t because they're pretty weak. Humour in the novel is decent, not as funny as Ultimate Scheming System but it's ok. Overall ok novel ruined by nationalism go figure, read if there's nothing else.
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jtrowell rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c14
" together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. "

I am still only at chapter 14, but until now the sister has not really been cute or adorable, and more spoiled and selfish.

Also, some readers has described the MC as "likeable", and while it's true that he doesn't seems to be a d*ck from the start like in most chinese novels, having is special source of power being points gotten from trolling others does not bode well for the future... : (
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SayMrrp rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: c213
I haven't read this, and it looks really interesting, but... I really feel that the cover is way too cringy.

I spat out water and choked...

Whatever, still going to read the novel.

... more>> --- ------------------- ----------------------

The cover doesn't really fit the novel. If you don't like the cover, just try the novel anyways if you feel like it.

The novel's fun to read. The characters are interesting and feel real. The MC specializes in being a troll (he even admits it lol) and his little 'sister' is fun. I usually get annoyed by little girls in novels, but Lu Xiaoyu is awesome. The pet is cute too. Side characters are nice too. The MC's personality is more interesting to me than the average CN novel, so that's a really big plus. He's selfish, but has morals. He's ruthless, but will help others, etc.. He's a troll, but he's kind. He's smart, but not overly arrogant. MC's system is pretty mysterious and his powers are cool.

This is a funny novel. I'd say the worst thing about the novel is that the pacing is slow. 200+ chapters hasn't really gotten anywhere serious yet. I don't mind it though, since the novel is quite enjoyable. Some info dumps, but I just skim through them.

So, I'm pretty sure someone's going to slam the Racism tag on the novel, but, so far at least, it isn't racist. Sure, a bunch of non-Chinese people are going to be killed, but in times of war, it's pretty normal. Spies get killed, well, that's normal too. Besides fighting, there hasn't really been any racism.

The world is pretty interesting! Lots of mystery. There's cultivation for those with aptitude and/or superpowers for those who awaken. It's enjoyable to read how society changes and adapts to have metahumans around. I think it's been pretty realistic, or at least plausible.

Overall, I like this novel and would recommend it if you like this type of stuff. <<less
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BroRenz rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: --
I dont care if this novel is one of the most popular in China as of now. The genre is already repeatitive as always.. Only the attitude, names of characters, and the plot of the novel has changed. I know its hard to make a novel that will get popular but what readers want is how the story went that they might want to read more.. For starters who is not patient in reading a few chapters of introductions, read only when chapters reached past 100 chapters then read it... more>> in one go so you can understand the story.. For me I'll rate it 3 stars. Might change if it gets interesting.. <<less
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