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The new VRMMO, Next World, for sale is a vast map.

A shy girl of the third grade, I, Kanzaki Mari, for some reason started playing Next World, and met a girl named Saya.

Knowing that there is no town in this world we create a small village with crafting skills.

The strength of thought is power, and the imagined thing is shape.

Before long we know the true meaning of this world made.

Cyber ​​and reality

Where do I want to live?

※ As the talk progresses, the yuri-color becomes stronger and the possibility of love between girls exist. VR is the subject, but there are also many talks on the reality.

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J_HN rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: c11
Ok so I was reading and it was fine until they just bamboozled me out of nowhere.

... more>>

For some reason it just started going on about a real world apocalypse impending and how they need to be downloaded into the matrix to survive and they erased memories and I was shook cause any sort of amnesia in anything is the biggest turn off for me


This ain't your everyday VRMMO Yuri novel, it gets kinda weird. I'm surprised the tags don't mention anything about it.

Was looking for pure fluff and sort of got it but the weird stuff totally ruined it for me <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 1, 2019
Status: c60
Yuri fans (like me) should give it a shot, but DON'T READ CHAPTER 18! Skip it, trust me. Fill up the gap with your imagination, whatever you come up with will be infinitely better than what this troll author did.

That chapter alone is worthy of dropping this story's rating by 3-5 starts (out of 5) depending on how much you care about realistically behaving characters and the weight of consequences from their actions and decisions.

Just skip that chapter and the rest of the story is decent, but only because it's... more>> yuri. If you're not into yuri it becomes obvious that the author doesn't really think much about anything, they don't care one bit about consistency, character depth, consequences or realism. <<less
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Milanda rated it
June 26, 2019
Status: c54
So I very, Very much am enjoying this series. It's cute and fluffy, despite being an mmo story you don't see massive statblocks that eat up half a chapter, and the romance is A+. I would definitely recommend. I was put off for awhile so i'd really like to clarify something.

A shy girl of the third grade

This absolutely put me off for a long time because I thought they where third graders. They are third years in Middle School, IE early teens. That's a huge difference.

Anyway I'd highly suggest it.

... more>>

The best part is there's no useless angst in the main pairing about how its wrong to be gay, I really really appreciate that.

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plsRespawn rated it
June 2, 2019
Status: c52
Really like this one. Relationship progresses very well, there are twists and turns with whats going on with the tech (I'll leave that up to you to read about), some stuff is paid off some not yet, there are dark parts of the story but mostly a fluffy SOL type of story. All that being said I would recommend it, BUT (and its a big but) I will warn you all that I went ahead and google translated the raw ncode chapter list page and the author hasn't updated since... more>> ~Nov 2018. Hope someone knows whether this will keep coming out, I hope it does, but wondering whether we will even get to finish the story or it will be dropped part way bu the author (wouldn't be the first time).

All that being said I really like this one, so I would score somewhere around 4.5 or so. <<less
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vondarkmoore rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: c49
Currently on c49. So far an excellent yuri novel. The MC is cute and lovable, while standing up and being a good support to her friends in times of need. I love the relationship between the characters and seeing them grow while facing different challenges. At times I find the MC to be a little too forgiving but that's probably a sign of her being a better person than me 💕
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