Small Village Tridente


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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (1)

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04/25/19 TheLazy9 c36
04/25/19 TheLazy9 c35
04/21/19 TheLazy9 c34
04/21/19 TheLazy9 c33
04/18/19 TheLazy9 c32
04/18/19 TheLazy9 c31
04/16/19 TheLazy9 c30
04/16/19 TheLazy9 c29
04/14/19 TheLazy9 c28
04/12/19 TheLazy9 c27
04/10/19 TheLazy9 c26
04/06/19 TheLazy9 c25
04/05/19 TheLazy9 c24
03/29/19 TheLazy9 c23
03/27/19 TheLazy9 c22
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J_HN rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: c11
Ok so I was reading and it was fine until they just bamboozled me out of nowhere.

... more>>

For some reason it just started going on about a real world apocalypse impending and how they need to be downloaded into the matrix to survive and they erased memories and I was shook cause any sort of amnesia in anything is the biggest turn off for me


This ain't your everyday VRMMO Yuri novel, it gets kinda weird. I'm surprised the tags don't mention anything about it.

Was looking for pure fluff and sort of got it but the weird stuff totally ruined it for me <<less
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