Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World


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Ren, a ten-year-old orphan, was en route to being delivered to a corrupt merchant. However, bandits attacked the carriage she was on and caused it to plummet down the sides of a cliff.

The impact of the accident unexpectedly awoke her memories from a past life – she was once from a world called Earth, a researcher in his mid-thirties who had died in an explosion resulting from an experiment gone awry.

According to her new memories, she was born in another world and grew up in an orphanage. In order to escape a miserable future, Ren will draw upon the knowledge from her past life to create new forms of magic and survive.

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I Don't Really Get it, but it Looks like I Was Reincarnated in an Another World
This Is Screwed Up, but I Was Reincarnated as a GIRL in Another World
Yoku Wakaranai keredo Isekai ni Tensei Shiteita You Desu
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43 Reviews

May 09, 2020
Status: c54
Started out pretty interesting, though not really anything new. Then it transformed to just another cooking story, with little to no interest in the characters of the story. Simply focusing on the MC's inner cooking monologue, ingredients and a simple reaction to the food.

Why does every single isekai author have a food fetish?
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Jul 05, 2019
Status: c119
A fairly typical story about a Japanese guy reincarnated as a 10 year old orphan girl. She ends up living a hermit life in a forest for a year and awakens to her cheat magic, which is mostly of the super easy production system where creation magic can somehow make stuff as it levels up.

High points are that she can say no and leave for another town if people bother her. Also has two Fenrir pets, a mom and pup, which are more combat force than fluff. She also behaves... more>> in a reasonable manner for some boring adult that was reborn in a fantasy world, so this doesn't suffer as much from typical JP MC syndrome.

The turnoff for most will likely be mentions of her masturbating off-screen out of boredom, which has the tangible effect of giving her skills that boost her looks. She's also very banzai Japanese culture, particularly food and bathing, although neither have been overdone yet.

RAWS: https://ncode (dot) syosetu (dot) com/n4736dz/

Chapter 25-119 update: story remains solid, with somewhat annoying food craze bits, and the overall plot seems to be avoiding being entangled by nobles while maintaining her relationships with decent people. <<less
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Aug 03, 2019
Status: c39
Just like ValorPhoenix is saying, The MC is not your typical "I don't kill people because it's bad, and being a brain-dead person." She is a very straightforward character. If things are annoying she either solves it or leaves it. Also, most of the story consist of her gathering ingredients, cooking, and complaining for not finding a suitable place to m*sturbate (Well, it's very rare for the m*sturbate part to happen so ignore it) which I don't find it unreasonable. A 30 years-old man turning into a woman would wanna... more>> find out how it feels to do it unlike most Japanese MC which they would say something such as "I am a former Japanese, so I will not do it because of reason " which is BS. And this is one of the reason why I hate most of the stories because it is just so cringe. (Hell, I don't believe every Japanese doesn't m*sturbate daily or have a fixed schedule to do it.) <<less
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Dec 29, 2019
Status: c104
Like most Isekai, this one starts off strong with a good setup that it proceeds to waste in execution due to poor planning or attention to detail. Don't expect anything more than your average Isekai.

Common LN Tropes in this story:

"I just want to Peacefully live a Peaceful Life... Peacefully":

MC lacks any drive or desire to do anything but live, but due to the precious little danger to her life, OP skills, etc, along with the author not setting up any plot tools to encourage to MC to push themselves to... more>> do anything. This leads to the plot slowing to stagnation and all the MC's activities tending to be fairly shallow and boring.

(Ex: "I'm living in a world full magic so I'll master blacksmithing so I can make a magic sword so I can have one.")


Mascot Character:

MC saves some wild



(Insert LN Name Here) is a Cooking Novel:

Expect LOTS of extremely long food tangents that distract from the story and many times DIRECT the story. Feel free to skip over them if that's not your thing. You aren't missing anything if you aren't planning to cook this stuff yourself.

"It can't be helped...":

What the MC says when they reluctantly proceed to do something that is not obligatory or their own responsibility, often for some random person they just met. Played up to show how generous the MC is. Usually leads to the MC doing FAR MORE than required, giving away her own secrets, gathering attention that the MC herself doesn't want, and resulting in trouble for herself down the line. If MC sees anyone come into a slight amount of inconvenience, expect to see this.

Secondary Character Boosting:

MC often teaches, cooks for, and provides aid to kids that randomly decide to follow her around. Often with no obligation on her part.

MC eventually meets kids from her former orphanage. This leads to dozens of chapters of her cooking for, making gear for, teaching literacy, and training them so they can survive. Though not set in stone yet, it can be expected that those orphanage kids will shadow her around from now on, meaning she will continue boosting them instead of moving her own plans forward throughout the rest of the story. IMO extended use of this tends to make the story boring due to impedes progress and covering previously tread ground.


Gender Bender Gimmick:

MC kept her memories of being a male in a previous life to justify why she's not into guys as well as she's turned on by her own body.

This led to an interesting character quirk that led to her gaining perverse skills, but eventually the whole idea is forgotten until it becomes necessary for the MC to remind the reader why she's not attracted to males. Otherwise, this gimmick has no reason to exist in the story.


Reverse Chekov's Gun:


Early on, the MC checks her status, she finds out she's NOT human, but actually from a Celestian race. This could've been used to set up an explanation for her fast skill growth and creation magic, as well as set up her backstory and give the plot a direction. (Examples include combating an enemy force that seeks out Celestians to capture them for their abilities in order to dominate the world or the MC seeking out other Celestians to find out who she truly is and some special role she has to fulfill for the sake of the world) Too bad she doesn't seem to care about this as well as the author because after over 100 chapters into the story, it's never brought up again. A completely unused plot point.


Master Everything because we can!:

The MC falls into the sin of attempting to be a jack of all trades by mastering various random skills; some acceptable to improve her quality of life or battle potential, others, completely irrational or redundant.

At the beginning, she's a potion master, then she focuses on normal offense magic, then she focuses on gun magic and throwing knives, then she focuses on cooking, and lately, she's focusing on mastering blacksmithing so she can create not a magic staff for her magic, but a magic sword... even though she always fights from a distance. (By the way, MC isn't old enough to legally accept hunting or extermination quests from the adventure guild, as well as she herself seeming uninterested in combat herself. Your guess for why she wants a sword is probably better than mine.


Unless the author decides to address some of the points the set up for themselves at the beginning of the story to create a plot, this story is already over as there's no real long-term problem for the MC to resolve besides looking for food ingredients to cook with when her supply gets low. <<less
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Jun 08, 2020
Status: c46
Strong start. Didn't last, I'm not a fan if series who obsess over cooking. Death march manages to barely pull it off and I still feel like its total filler. This series drags it chapter after chapter.
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Dec 09, 2019
Status: c6
Not bad, But not that good either.

It is a wish fulfillment story with not much grip on the reader. Suddenly in one chapter (4 or 5) MC becomes OP, without any hardships just poof all the skills needed becomes available and used just like that with no story, it just happens because author says so in a brief explanation that she used... skill, she made..., and so on.

I don't like these kind of stories.
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Jan 22, 2020
Status: c11
Some reviewers mentioned the MC as sleazy, even though the author didn't have that in the story. The MC is supposed to be slightly lazy and uncaring. They're calling the MC sleazy just because of her gender in past life being male. Would you like it if someone called your 5 year old son sleazy, just because he's a boy? Don't be such a moron.

The story is okay-ish, it's SoL through and through. The yuri is barely there, but it's fine.
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Leonhart Yukikaze
Leonhart Yuk
Mar 23, 2020
Status: v2?c47
well i’m glad I went to read the novel after discovering the manga
that way...I now know to expect nothing of the manga if it follows the novel
Don’t get me wrong, there’s some great things involving "wolves", or caring for orphan childrens, some cute things too with a couple of cute girls and stuff... But the writing’s absolute tr*sh.
The MC is a dumb hypocrite half assedly kind, bimbo ST, literally. There’s almost nothing of the 30+ yo adult man, asside from his virg*n, dirty minded, and absolute lack of social skills, OH, and lazyness too or the “i don’t want to bother/be bothered” Even to the point of not saving people when it would cost him/her ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and even start helping and then goin "yeah nope sorry can't help more than that, f off".
No maturity, no reflection, no comon sense, nothing. The MC help someone without thinking of repercutions and then get offended when people ask for more help.
He’s unable to even properly tell someone off, and instead just ignore/avoid the people/issues/topics and basically goes “yeah no bye” to any sort of approach. Inevitably, people either get missled, or just don’t properly get the point, and keep insisting.
It also doesn’t help, that there’s a CHARM stat, wich is briefly mentionned at the start, raised by the dirty minded MC’s actions, wich obviously has an effect on people, yet isn’t being explained at all.

Now onward to the side and tertiary cast, victim of the author’s tr*shy writing, as they’re made into “horrible people” when they’re really, not that bad, asside LITERALLY a couple ones. It doesn’t help that the readers are either straight up dumb brainless edgy pricks, or just forgot their brain somewhere. Like, main exemple from "actual" start of the story

1: “The family are ungratefull tr*shes for selling the potions, and therefore their benefactor” (general impression of readers)
The mother was healed, and had no uses for some sort of tonic she didn’t really understand the use for, rather what was needed in their current situations was things like food, tools, maybe even clothes, all things wich she need money for. She even used some of that same food to offer a departure “feast” to her childrens.

There's also 2: “he kept going back everyday bothering her!!! boooo!”

The dude, had his older brother and lover, dying of a dicease, so naturally he clinged on the only sliver of hope he had, the egoistical lazy tr*sh MC, and went to beg her everydays untill she accepted to help one "last" time (he even thanked her later and gave some food from the family's food storage)


all in all, a somewhat good read, if your turn off your brain, and ignore all the s*upidities of people.
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General Tanya
General Tany
Jul 14, 2020
Status: --
The novel has a interesting story but the MC sometimes irritate me a lot. Sometimes he is smart but sometimes he act like a idiot. Basically all the troubles he usually encounter is cause by himself. For someone who tried to be low key, he is doing a freaking terrible job at it. It frustrate me how he attract attention with his mouth and his carelessness.
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Aug 19, 2020
Status: c99
In general I enjoy the story, however one of the core story elements is handled so horribly that's it's become painful to read.

The core element here is the identity of the MC. The story posits that we have a fully mature adult man from present day re-incarnating into the recently deceased (and revived, common trope) body of a pre-teen orphan girl who has no knowledge outside of the orphanage she grew up in. The problem is that that the author tries to keep the original bodies identity alive and have... more>> the two people "share?" the body, this is the biggest problem with the story.

As always the detail matter, in this case the problem is that while there is only one internal identity, all the MCs actions seem to be based exclusively on either the guys mindset or the girls, never both, so it's much closer to an MC with multiple personality disorder, in the all the worst ways. This results in the MC wholeheartedly doing very logical/masculine/mature things and then in the very next paragraph suddenly doing very idiotic/feminine/childish things as if it's the most natural thing in the world. This creates a very jarring reading experience and makes it impossible for the reader to understand the MC as they keep changing back and forth.

Edit - To clarify, most of the problems don't really start until chapter ~63, so the read until then is in general enjoyable. After this point however, the problems appear to be growing even further beyond what I mentioned above, with the author seemingly just giving up on trying to explain anything and just doing random sh*t without thinking it through. It's almost feeling like the author has a second personality that just took over writing the story here...

Final edit (10/5) - I wish I could change this review to 1 star, as I'm dropping this as it's gone to absolute shit. At this point it's clear that what I thought was the MC (Reincarnated guy) no longer exists and is nothing more than a convenient knowledge module for the toxic man hating thing that abuses it. This is made even worse since the author continuously twists reasonable story settings into intensely hateful directions for no apparent reason. The MC has lost all apparent goals, direction, and worst of all, their very identity. This is nothing but a dumpster fire at this point with no redeeming aspects to it.

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May 14, 2020
Status: c32
It was a (kinda) cute story about a girl living in the woods and making do with her magic for about 10ish chapters until she left and randomly decided to become an adventurer despite seeming to enjoy her hermit life. Then once she got to town the entire world started to revolve around her, everywhere she goes everyone's eyes are constantly on her, she's so beatiful that she must wear a hood constantly or else everyone around will be first dazed by her beaty before talking at audible volumes about... more>> how incresibly beatiful she is, she goes to collect herbs once and gets enough to hand in for 200 days whilst breaking records every day on the amount she hands in, she goes to a blacksmith but the things she made out in the woods with no materials are better than his masterpieces and of course her cooking is the best this world has ever seen even when she puts in no effort, thank god for japanese sandwiches she's really showing these unwashed natives what's what. <<less
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Mar 08, 2023
Status: c143
I see this series getting review bombed so I'll defend it. Edit: I kinda went on a personal tangent at the end so I'll condense it into a few points here

  • its slowlife/slice of life don't expect deep plot or superb worldbuilding
  • the MC is a h**ny degen which can be offputting considering the disconnect between their biological age, physical appearance and mental age
  • if you like simple stories you may enjoy. If you were expec ting ORV look somewhere else
This is certainly no ORV. Its your standard slowlife isekai where the MC... more>> is strong but spends all their time cooking, building and trying to make a standard of living similar to modern society and occasionally getting involved in something serious if it draws too close to disrupting their peaceful life.

I came here to see if it had been updated since I read it like 2 years ago but it hasn't and i've noticed the majority of 1 star reviews are because they don't like the genre of slowlife/slice of life or they call it p*do sh!t.

Now the story does get a bit weird because the MC is mentally a 30 year old virg*n so similar to mushoku tensei the MC is tr*sh that got reincarnated and constantly has s*xual thoughts instead of it being like most slowlife series where the MC was an office worker who died of exhaustion and just wanted to take it easy in their new life.

that being said, the MC does wake up as a 10 year old girl who was sold into pr*stitution and manages to escape the carriage and kill the s*x traders. After that the MC starts living in the forest as a recluse so the neighboring village thinks she's some kind of which because of her powerful magic and young age. Because the original body was an orphan they were malnourished so after the MC takes over the body grows exponentially to the point that they have a build like uzaki-chan (adult, short, large bust). At this point its implied that due to the mc's high magic abilities and rate of development plus a passive charm ability that the MC is possibly some kind of demihuman, most likely a succubus. But at this point her physical body's age is 11 but if you were to make a comparison it would be like how in shield hero raphtalia changed from a kid to an adult in a few months after leveling up or how a lion is an adult at 2 years old.

Not defending p*do stuff but this story isn't that because to the knowledge of everyone who sees the MC she neither looks or acts like her biological age cuz she's mentally 30 and physically 19 and most people who find out her age don't attempt to do anything to her.

you can't project your personal values onto fictional stories 100% of the time. Some things definitely are weird when written. I personally can't enjoy romance novels where the ML damn near forces himself on the FL and many I drop at that point but if you continue with some of these series that one thing you disagree with isn't that impactful on the overall story or characters.

I'm not defending the idea of p*do stuff but me personally I've never really understood the 18 v 16 equals regular person or p*do. Just looking and being attracted is normal because you get an adult body at 16 for most people. Acting on it is completely different because if you act in a s*xual manner towards a 16 y/o that's creepy af because you know that that is someone not even able to vote. Tbh I find it weird that people constantly bring up age of consent is 18 when in reality you shouldn't be an adult till 25 or minimum 21 in the states imo. The only reason its 18 is because of the way society is set up. K-12 leads to 18. College adds another 4 years so most people are forced to be working members of society by 18 or 22 and logically the government can't force you to pay taxes if you aren't allowed most of the privileges adults have. In the medieval setting which this novel is set in men and women were considered adults the second puberty finished and they were physically adults because humans didn't live as long as they do nowadays.

not saying its right or anything but different cultures have different ways of interpreting what is considered and adult so you can't enforce your culture's beliefs as a global standard. Some tribes consider you an adult the second you can hunt a specific animal alone. Most states in america the age of consent is 16 and it only is a crime if you cross state lines because it becomes a federal issue which fed age is 18. Its all subjective and quite honestly I hate the bringing up of such topics based on political gaqin instead of logic. Personally I prefer the way South korea handles it. You're an adult at 20 and all men have to complete 2 years of military training for 2 years in their twenties so in a perfect sccenario you don't get to really be an adult till you're 22. <<less
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unwashed heathen
unwashed hea
Jan 21, 2020
Status: c29
Every human character so far besides the MC exists purely to be an annoyance. The MC also constantly gets into problems that wouldn't exist if she was slightly more careful or assertive. The author frequently goes off into uninteresting tangents. I wouldn't call this a bad story but so far it's been mostly unpleasant to read.
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May 02, 2021
Status: --
I liked it at first but it slowly got annoying. The MC kept helping other characters who later on started bothering her. If she makes friends, instead of them leeching off her, shouldn't they be like comrades? I feel like the story would have been so much better if the people she met joined her party and became trustworthy people. Instead, people approach her for her knowledge, skills, or cooking, and end up being a nuisance. For example Collie at first, seemed pretty logical, but later she started saying "oh... more>> I was following you so I should get your loot too right?" There was also Lily and her sister, they never really helped her and only brought her trouble. For example, the chef situation. But despite all the trouble Lily gave her, the MC still cooked for her. The story also kept emphasizing her power and beauty it was kinda cringy. (P.S. It's gender-bend, she was previously a man. Some people don't read the subtags, aka me, and yeah. I don't mind gender-bend, I was just surprised. The one thing I liked about the novel is how realistic the MC was when dealing with her gender. She knew she was previously a man, but she doesn't disregard her present identity as Ren, a female. Instead, she merges her knowledge from both her lives and continues to live on as Ren rather than whoever she was before. <<less
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Mar 16, 2021
Status: c50
Tbh, Karsus review basically sums everything, although I don’t think it’s that bad. Almost every male character for some reason has to look at the MC in a s*xual way and the food chapters (yes, there was at least one entire chapter only about food) and monologues get tiring so fast. And if they’re going to s*xualize the character, why don’t they at least make them 18 years old, is every japanese novel author a p*do?

Also, the character has no drive at all, only avoids troublesome situation.
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Jun 08, 2021
Status: c128
well how do I say it, the protagonist is a disgusting, Hypocrite, inconsistent jerk.

i'll start with the plot, the protagonist is male researcher on earth, he died because of accident, and reincarnated to isekai as ren, an 10 years old orphan girl that almost got sold to a toad face merchant as a plaything, but luckily the carriage she rode got attacked by bandit, and she successfully escape to the forest and remember her past life as male researcher on earth.

so the plot is a guy reincarnated in isekai as... more>> a girl, interesting? I guess it is, that's why I read it, but...

i'll skip some part, so basically he tried to live as a girl in this world, because he is a man, he doesn't want to have a male partner, ok make sense, after looking his body on the mirror, he tried to m*sturbate, ok make sense, if I reborn as girl I think i'll do that too, he tried to create lingerie, dildo, etc to have fun with, ok... make sense, he fantasize having a yuri s*x with a female, ok make sense, because of his constant m*sturbation, he got a skill that increasing his charm & b**bs, so basically he is super beautiful with big b**bs, ok........ yes all of this is kinda make sense, but...

because she is beautiful and when a guy giving him a weird gaze, he said "uhh... disgusting, he must be thinking something weird", this happen all the time, he is acting like androphobic lesbian girl instead of a guy in girl's body. He act like all the guy beside him is a disgusting pe*vert that should be dead, even though he is "an adult man" in a "girl's body" he is taking a bath with a 11-14 years old girls and giving them a lecherous looks!?, now you see who is more disgusting here?

he is a guy in the previous life, he should know that all guy is a pe*vert that'll automatically looking at b**bs, but he is acting like an androphobic feminazi that doesn't understand what guy is thinking at all, even though he is a guy!?, what the hell!? and... why the F is the author making all the guy here is a bad guy!? like a stalker, bullies, etc, and there is no bad girl at all. The protagonist treatment between a guy and a girl is also different like heaven and hell, I don't get it. oh!! but there is some good guy in this stories, not all of them is a rapist haha, but they have to be patient, and can tolerate the protagonist bad temper and personality, if they can overcome that, then they'll get the good guy badge, but in the end their treatment is still bad, just a little bit better than before, poor Maricle, Arnold, and Harula guild master...

and the protagonist is inconsistent as f*ck, he said yuri is nice, and yaoi is gross, what is this? double standard? in one chapter he said that he is afraid speaking to stranger, and the next chapter he said making connection is important and start talking and giving gift to other merchant, what is this guy trying to do, is he an introvert or not?

actually what is the point of having the protagonist as a guy that reincarnated as girl, if in the end he'll become an androphobic lesbian feminazi girl? is like having karen as an isekai protagonist. At this point I don't even know if he is a guy, a girl, or both, or apache helicopter.

I think it'll be much better if from the beginning the protagonist is just a girl, and not a guy, you can make her as an androphobic, the reader will understand her POV better with that, but this? it just disturbing when a guy in a girl's body taking a bath with a bunch of child while calling other guy a disgusting pe*vert.

or if you want to make an androphobic protagonist, you can make "Ren" the girl protagonist, afraid of men since the beginning, and after she got her previous life memories back "the guy researcher memories", their personality will combine and he'll try to help ren overcome her phobia, I thinks that is much better than this shit.

another thing that getting on my nerve is the protagonist isn't trying to overcome his problem at all, if he got problem? run away, hate someone? run away, what's with that?, is he just going to run away all the time to every corner of the planet until he can't live anywhere else? it's so vexing... and he dare to preach a boy about changing yourself for the better etc, while he is just running away from his problem and having a selfish & problematic personality? you should just kill yourself bro

but for the story itself, I quite enjoy the slice of life part, that's why i'll still give it a 2 star, but beyond that? I'm not recommending this novel at all, the protagonist is so bad, there is no direction for the stories, the protagonist doesn't have any drive, and he is not even trying to overcome his problem, I read until chapter 128 but after


almost got r*ped chapter


i stop reading it, he start blaming other people for that problem, even though he is clearly at fault too, runaway because talking with other people is problematic? bro your personality is problematic, that's why you


almost got r*ped

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May 11, 2021
Status: c124 part2
Commits the cardinal sin of being boring, it's incredibly easy to predict how the story is going to go when Ren is increasingly incapable of saying no to any plot point as the story progresses, despite her constant whining about not wanting to do said thing (which is to say, almost anything). Interspersed with frequent cooking and meal planning segments.

Somewhat cute though, and that would be enough to give it at least a couple of stars, but funnily enough it was when something... different... finally happened that the story threw... more>> me off completely, to the point where I've dropped it,


the near-r*pe scene, specifically. This one was especially and, I can't stress this enough, extremely convoluted for the author to make it actually work in the story. I guess they just really really wanted to have it in there. More power to them I guess.

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Dec 28, 2019
Status: c20
I feel that the MC keeps getting into easily avoidable problems in the story because she is too careless with who she confides in, leaving her gadgets and things for others to get greedy for. After they find out, she goes and uses the typical MC excuse of "Can't be helped", And asks herself why she's in the problem she set up for herself.
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Nov 01, 2021
Status: c143
This isekai: "Japan's No.1 and nearly all men are evil. Also the author, I'm a guy but I hate guys. This is a medieval setting? f*ck it, everything will be very Japanese wwwwww"

Keep in mind, I don't hate Japanese but the MC gives me that vibe of Japan's superiority complex.

I honestly think this might just be the worst slice of life isekai that I've ever read. The fact that it took this series 115 chapters to actually get to what seems like the first arc of the entire novel -... more>> actually fighting something or meeting a relevant character in the story that stays in the story - this is really tedious to read. Funny enough, I gave this series a chance and it honestly failed to make it interesting.

Not to spoil anything, this feels like a story where the author put himself in an isekai world rather than an actual character. It's just somewhat creepy to read but at the same time, he's also trying to make it similar to Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, another slice of life isekai with barely any s*xual harassments in the series.

And another thing, this author has terrible writing. Every story feels like a synopsis of an entire event, there are a lot of time skip, the author failed to make a single likable character throughout the story for like a 100 chapters, he even made the MC stays in one place for 6 months, and also the amount of lore, skills description, and setting explanation where all of this doesn't even foreshadow or build up to anything meaningful but to "buy time" so the novel would be longer to read, is just bad writing.

I want to also address the very awkward moments where everybody saw her exposed, beautiful face and nothing ever happens, even in the setting where the MC is all by herself. I know the wolves is there to guard her, but it's just weird that there's never people plotting behind the scene to kidnap her or do anything, like hitting on her, given how the author has been describing all the men in this isekai so far.

Even when there's conflict, everything seems to solved itself in a matter of seconds of reading, like the author's too scared to put the MC in a dangerous situation since he don't want to write a complicated story where the mc's life, or the kids following her, is on the line while having to introduce more characters (not npc-looking) which for some reason this story barely have any apart from the orphanage kids and like 5 others; it's been 100+ chapters.

Every guys that likes her are all as*hole for some reason. Every men in this series, most of them, act extremely illogical. If you like a girl, you don't just bully her and nearly starved her to death, right?

Lastly, for some odd reason as well, when it's not a certain character's fault at all, given how she wanted to be self independent most of the time, when a person tries to protect her out of interest or goodwill, when they failed to do so, she somehow pins the blame on them like it's never her fault for letting her guard down. And the fact that the MC even acts like a r*ped victim, with a lv 10 mental tolerance skill that for some reason doesn't work at first... This is a grown-ass man in a female body btw, is just so creepy.

All that said, the story actually starts at around 110, after meeting up with the other kids from her orphanage, going to the royal capital. If you're willing read it this far, it's still somewhat interesting despite how annoying some of the characters are in this series. <<less
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Apr 22, 2021
Status: c130
Don't know why there are so many negative reviews, but the story is good. The FMC have more balls than those other isekai doormats who talk about killing is bad, this MC similar to how ordinary people behave, she doesn't care if the whole town destroying by a monster because it's not her problem and she only helps if it involves someone close to her. It's better than that doormat Japanese MC who say killing is bad and need to help others. Here she doesn't even give an Sh*t children... more>> look at her when she eats, she just ignores them and minds her own job. That's how people do things in real work they don't help others unless some other take initiative.

Everyone has their own taste, so just read it till she goes to the town and if you don't like it, just stop.

Also, those sweet moments with


. <<less
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