Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~


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In a certain world, there was someone who excelled in magic combat, people called him 『Sage』. Seeking the strongest combat art, he devoted himself to research every magic and combat arts in existence. And the conclusion he arrived at was very cruel, 『My body is not fit for magic combat』. Yet he didn’t give up. He sealed his own soul with a magic art, and was reborn in a far-off future. And the magic theory in the completely changed world he saw there was of unbelievably low level.

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The Strongest Sage of Disqualified Crest~ The World's Strongest Sage Reincarnated Himself to Become Even Stronger~
失格紋の最強賢者 ~世界最強の賢者が更に強くなるために転生しました~
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posinw rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: c50
This is kind of sad to me. I like this novel at first beacase it has the same vibe as "death march" but after some reading it just clear as day that this novel is not on the same level.

Like any other OP main character, he break a lot of common sense it's the fun of this genre after all. But it's just that nothing more to offer. The plot look quite promising but it's just so boring that I can't stand reading anymore.

It's like you're reading death march but... more>> not the fun part inside at all. There're really nothing else I can describe this novel other than this. The pure reason I give it 2star not 1 is because the plot really look promising maybe it will pay off later or something? But I'm not gonna torture myself until then. <<less
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Wren rated it
June 3, 2018
Status: --
I'll be brief, this is sh*t.

Imagine an old man blushing around a 13yo. Yes, it's still creepy even if he has the outer appearance of a kid. Somehow this keeps happening in jap, korean, and chinese isekais. Old, ancient, lived for god knows how long creeps acting like virgins in front of kids barely a fraction of their age. Disgusting. I drop every novel I see doing this.

Now imagine being told there's no electricity in this world. Do you still go around asking for iPhones, iPads, laptops, computers, air conditioning,... more>> TV, WIFI, radios? Yes, that's how stupid it is. Except in that universe, it's magic. Magic civilisation reversed back into the stone age, get that into your thick empty skull MC. <<less
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meylin rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c94
How to write a boring novel:

  1. Take a powerful person and reincarnate him with his memories
  2. Give the new world no real ranking system
  3. Make the people around him weak af
  4. Let the MC have all the knowledge of powerful techniques making him OP af
  5. Let the MC have no real opponent which makes him literally the strongest
and this is what 'the strongest sage...' is. (Up to ch 94)

You can read it, but it is by no means a must-read. If you don't have anything to read at a moment just give it a... more>> quick reading, but don't expect much. <<less
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gameboy6666 rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: c31
I tend to like this type of novel, but its done so freaking poorly. The beginning is fine enough but the lack of common sense is destroying the whole crest type power system in the story.

(spoilers below)
... more>>

It was a new system so I was excited, but the MC beat the seasoned father in combat at age 6 and acted like oh is that incredible? He's supposed to be this freaking sage but he doesn't even have the basic deduction/reasoning skills.

Furthermore, when MC is trying to reinvent/teach the old/right way to do magic, he acts the freaking same. Introducing chantless, enchanting normal weapons into legendary grade weapons. He acts like thats nothing special. He did foreshadow how someone screws over the people so that their magic system sucks like hell, but he doesn't do anything about it and simply tries to change the traditions of an entire world by teaching things at school.

Another point is how illogical the plot is. He makes a freaking legendary sword in 10 secs and that never comes up again (besides teaching other students or other students bring it up). That kinda thing should have more consequences, (greedy people, gov control, untold fame) BUT NOTHING COMES OUT OF IT. Also, he beats the knight captain of all freaking things and has chantless magic but its too dangerous to go into a dungeon unless he gets 4 other students with him.


(no more spoilers)
This just might be my opinion, but MC just has the stupidest problems for his power/skill level. The plot is also really slow considering how much he has to do to face those problem. Actually saying its slow is wrong, but pointless. I like how overpowered he is, but when he has to do so much pointless stuff in a inefficient way (teaching) with no real consequences, it just makes it so painful to read. The plot is literally a straight line where the author alternates between making him overpowered but then how to make him normal with the whole world going at his naive pace. <<less
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Lyonya1992 rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: c210
The main problem of this novel - it just boring.

First you have boring goal for MC to pursue, he just reincarnated to become more powerful then he already was, just to fight space monster because someone said they strong opponent. And believe me it written even more boring then I just now describe it.

Second is a boring characters. The two types, first positive to MC with lines "Mathi you are amazing", second is hostile to MC with lines "that damn monster is too amazing".

Third is the boring magic system, you... more>> have four crest with different attributes and it's all you have to know. There nothing else, one for each person with set attributes and go killing more mobs to become stronger, if you know the type of crest of your opponent you actually know everything about him. Chant and Chantless magic problem is a huge plot hole created only to emphasize how awesome MC is. Humanity lost art of Chantless magic because of demons, but here come MC and teach then this awesome art for one hour and bam they now can use it. Chantless magic is much more powerful than chant, instant in use and more thrifty in resources, but whole national academy, thousands of mages in whole world for a thousands of years was unable to learn it, even thou they was aware of Chantless magic and it efficiency.

Fourth, the worldbuilding is non existent. I will not even explain this one more easier to just point what we have. Two academy, demons, dragons, crests, augmenting, dungeons.

Overall the only reason I start to read this novel is because of the translator, but I catch myself on forcing to continue reading it. 2 stars for it being boring but not irritating. <<less
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reviek rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: --
I for one enjoyed the common sense breaking antics. Don't let some reviews make you think this is trash.

The premise works well, the strongest sage reincarnating himself because he's hit the limit of his abilities. He prays to the RNG gods for a better crest that will determine his aptitude.

When he comes to, the world he knew was sent into the dark ages of magic. While he gains the crest he's always desired, he must first prevent humanity's destruction.

Well, don't let a review dissuade you from giving this a chance.... more>> I enjoy it enough to hit the refresh page once a day to check for an update, you might too. If you don't, well write an angry review and give it 1 star. <<less
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Zuharo rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c91
I dont really like this kind of stories

The story is only about a man who is reincarnate to fulfill his will and found next generation is on decline

The author is really bad at making stories about social relationship
i dont know if author wanna make something story which is light and fresh to read but I dont really like how author tells the stories just like monologues
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TigersAreYellow rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c144
It's fine. I like seeing overpowered characters, but this one is a little too cringey for me. I also like romance, and although it's obvious at least 2 of the characters like the MC, there's no real development. I didn't think their conversations were that bad, like some other people, but they just constantly praise him. I've probably seen the words "There's just no common sense when it comes to Mathis" and "Only Mathis can do that" like 300x within these 144 chapters. It's pretty annoying.

Hopefully the future arcs get... more>> better, but at this point it's not that interesting. I binged it in ~8 hours because I had nothing else to do, but if you're expecting something to seriously be a fan of, this won't be enough. Just read it if you like OP characters and have finished everything else. <<less
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slimeholder rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: v6
Just great! In fact, this is exactly what I was looking for. Please ignore the negative reviews and give it a try!

If you have read any of my other reviews, you probably know by now that I am a huge fan of isekai with OP protagonists. However, I also hate beta protagonists that have tremendous power and yet act like they are worth nothing.

This novel revolves around a genius sage that reincarnates himself into the future because his original body was lacking. He wakes up as a 6-year-old child and... more>> realizes that his memories have returned. He proceeds to explore the world, just to realize how far the magic in the world has fallen behind. The novel is basically him being OP and teaching others how to properly use magic.

The good:

  1. He is not a beta brainlet that gets in trouble all the time. The people actually realize how amazing he is, and do their best to reach him.
  2. Character development is a thing. Every character grows and shows progress.
  3. The author doesn't waste any time at all developing unimportant side characters. In short, this is the opposite of naruto Shippuden in this respect.
  4. Things progress quickly. Fight scenes are as long as they need to be.
  5. Continuity is a thing. As long as power is established, it is utilized. Unlike other authors, this one doesn't change the capabilities of the characters from fight to fight. This applies to everything throughout the novel.
  6. The novel reads very quickly, and it never bored me even for one second.
  7. Although the MC knows how the world looks from his past life, since it's been a few thousands of years, he gets to re-discover the world along with us (the readers). I always love exploration in such novels.
  8. The novel has a plot. The MC doesn't pointlessly wander around the world. Things are done for a reason.
I could go on forever, but I think you got the jist of it.

The bad: I can't really think of anything that made me hate the novel even for a second. It's not a masterpiece, but it is very good novel. If you enjoyed "The magic in the other world is too far behind", chances are you will love this one as well (although the latter is way better in terms of world-building and emersion).

However, if you are looking for harem, romance and beta protagonists (everything I hate in short), you will 100% hate this novel. <<less
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Tykos rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: --
This novel isnt half bad. The thing that I like is that the main character is realistic. He thinks things through and acts accordingly. Some may complain that the main character is cut and dry, but all his actions so far were based on reason so he is actually pretty good. But the problem is everything else. Author made main character too overpowered too quickly. The same problem as Death March, there is apsolutely no suspence because MC will fix it right away and I get that is given since... more>> he was the strongest mage, but if that is so the author should focus more on side characters and main characters personal problems (like his lack of social interaction) rather then fights like in Death March. <<less
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pomoli rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c68
Simple but not bad: basically unplug your brain to avoid common sense alarms, and you'll be fine.

The main character (and the whole cast) is a little too stupid for my tastes, but it's still bearable. Also the plot is a little too quick to solve.
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Senethari rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c105
This is *bad*. It's fun if you can overlook a lot of eyerollingly silly things, but it's pretty awful. It's perfect cotton candy reading: delicious for a certain type of craving, but there's better dessert out there, and it may make you sick if you get to much at once.

Things I like:

I'm a sucker for OP characters that make the villain cry.

... more>> I adore little history bungles that get brought to light (oh, the God of War? Yeah, he was a pacifist, you know?) <-that kind of thing.

It's fun when common sense gets pounds into the dirt.

Things that made this not great, even as brain candy:

There are no other characters than the MC. There are author cutouts to play the part of sounding boards, yes men, cheerleaders, or convenient target practice, but there's nothing developed enough to be considered a character.

There's no tension. Anywhere. There is no problem that can't be solved with his past knowledge, powered through with his new crest, or bowled over with his sheer awesomeness. It's not that I dislike OP, rather he just pops out a solution for everything, even if it hasn't ever come up before. He is the deus ex machina.

And finally, there are times when things just make no sense. Like telling the human firm dragon to use a spear instead of a sword, because somehow that would be easier to understand for a beast that uses claws and fangs to fight. And it works. I don't know why.

All of this is packaged in the usual light novel writing style that makes the epic sound lackluster. Meh all around. <<less
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Suzaku67 rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c70
Good translation, bad novel.

The story is bland, theres a feeling of no real development. They make everyone else incredibly weak from the start which gives you a feeling of zero threat. Obviously I don't expect the MC to die, but have you ever heard of set backs? Idk maybe I've been reading to many Chinese novels were theres actually people much stronger than the MC, and he gets his ass kicked. He then gets stronger and learns from his past losses. This novel? Start at he very top, and just... more>> invent a higher peak. I feel the last of development early on is just due the laziness of the author being unable to have everything fully though out before he began writing. <<less
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1life4death rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: --
It's not a bad novel... but like many other reviews and complaint, you would think the author know better. That someone who lived a full life and gets reincarnated would do some research or at least learn the common sense in this new era he is living in. Instead you get an OP character who think what he does in his past life is normal while everyone else is like "WTF!?!.. but doesn't try to explain to him how the way he do things is way out of the ball... more>> park like in magi grandson. Like seriously, they even mention its not like he took over the body but his old memories merge with the new one so its like an awakening but he acts like nothing's change in how many years it has been or has pass before he got reincarnated. Also he goes around throwing his OP skills like there's no consequence... even Death March isn't this stupid and its like the king of easy-going, OP over 9000 tier right of the start MC, just my opinion on this.

Sorry for rant, this kind of stupid thing just irks the sh*t out of me, which is why personally I won't be reading this. However, as far as review goes it's still a good read and Sousetsuka does a decide job of translating, as some are into this kind of genre. For everyone else just take any reasoning.. matter of fact take your brain out for a walk then read this because it will annoyed you when you try to put common sense into this novel. <<less
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June 26, 2017
Status: c79
Okay let keep this short.

We know the OP common sense breaking MC genre. Yeah, this is one.

However, you don't have to invent the wheel every time. Like, the Avenger movie, everything in the story is predictable. You know the good guy will win. You know the MC will be OP but what truly make or break it is how it was tell.

Like a clown who hold no shame in being the clown. The MC in this story is a down to earth guy from the Era on the myth level... more>> of might, so ofcourse the today era seemed like a gathering of inept idiot compare to him. Moreover, unlike a certain people (I am looking at you Mile), he hold no attempt in hiding his power and that kind of benefit everyone with any amount of intelligence and save the reader from slow plot. And he have a good reason to do that too. The main humor here is how the MC see the world common sense and he is totally correct.

Like Everyone is a Returnees, the strong point of this novel is that it tell it joke well. Old joke can work better is it is told correctly and this guy go this in spade. One problem thought, people should at least question MC a little bit more.


well considering the fact that they have demon invasion and the dude who would question him should be directly suspect. This cushion the fault somewhat but not enough honestly

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Plzc rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: c34
Personally, I don't dislike novels where MCs are OP or expanding his harem at every corner, or the fact that most of the actions that the MC takes defies common sense. However, I've seen quite a few other novels with similar context and this is just more or less copy-pasted content for quite a few other novels.

... more>>

The MC, despite being several hundreds of years old, can't even handle a girl and still stutters when talking to one. Like, hello? You managed to slay a dragon famed to be the world's strongest, but you can't handle a conversation with a girl? Where did your experience of living for hundreds of years go?


Anyway, moving on, a part of the novel which is a total turn-off for me is the fact that the author keeps recycling the "lack of common sense" card. Just about every other action that the MC makes, the people around him will more or less go "oh I forgot, this guy doesn't have common sense". Seriously, mentioning it once or twice is fine but the joke gets old after awhile and quickly gets lame. "Magi's Grandson" is also another novel in which the author keeps pulling the "lack of common sense" card at every corner of the novel and it's so pitiful that the author can't think of something else to create humor <<less
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July 29, 2018
Status: --
I surprisedly like this series. At first, I also think that MC is too lacking commnon sense and he was a genius but after reading for so long I realize he is the kind of person who is self-absorbed, who only really care about his goal which is " getting stronger " and uninterested in other things. It seem that even in the past MC was already too out of the norm, he and "common sense" don't go along.

Also almost no romance, almost 200 chapters and there are almost no... more>> developments, the girls introduce seem just to be his sidekick as he is too OP and lack common sense they are there for the reaction and being raised to be "useful" for the MC

His personality is very fitting as a battle junkie magic god up to this point, 198 chapters long.

I like the realistic of this series. MC act like how a battle junkie magic god would act, even if he is ignorant to mundane things. If you like a series about OP MC going around kick ass then this is definitely for you, he is not some high-school boys, nor having any complex. He is just ignorant to the mundane things as he only care about his goal <<less
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Degidegi rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: c68
Basically, a slightly better version of "In a Different World with a Smartphone".

MC is not reincarnated from Japan but from the past of the same magical world and has a lot of knowledge lost to the current population. There is actually a plot but sadly no real tension because the MC grows to fast and resolves problems rather easily.

It's a lighthearted story and OK to pass some time but personally I've got pretty sick of the repeated trope, where the MC does something amazing what he considers normal, everyone around... more>> him is astonished because it defies their common sense and the MC although growing up in this era is confused by their reaction. It's repeated every second chapter or so... <<less
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ashton rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: c172
Haah, author simply pulls sh*t out of his ass as needed.

No real background to be based on, no issues. I mean ok it's slice of life, isekai op MC, but even in those there are certain issues characters face, in death march avoiding god spotlight, managing harem, having fun, in a way they're challenges MC faces.

Hell even in smartphone there's later kingdom management and discovery.

In here it seems that utter degradation of human knowledge and idiocy is the only issue MC faces. And it's not like anything develops, sh*t pops... more>> up, MC magically deals with it because he's so awesome and then author forces another issue cause why not.

I like this type of stories and I'm reading it but honestly despite having decent start but I'm starting to feel like im reading someones masturbation log. <<less
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Centrophy rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: c171
I don't know why I read so much of this. I guess it's a bit like junk food where you mindlessly read a bit and click next. Since the chapters are so short you end up 50 chapters in after an hour or so. Yes, the chapters are short but when it comes down to it a lot of the chapters could even be further compressed considering how it neglects details, character building, and plot building. Every once in a while a nice mystery tidbit is thrown in, like how... more>> the previous world fell but then it's immediately glossed over for overly elaborate descriptions of magic systems. The magic systems are the only things that get details. Not their effects, just the system behind it. Every arc (if you can even call them arcs) always have the same beat as well. OP MC does something impossible, people are shocked and make a comment about how their common sense is broken, he kills some demons, and then something happens and the next arc starts, ad infinitum.

TL:DR The world is flat, the characters are flat, the MC solves all problems without issue without much help if any and there's no plot. Just skip this one. I'm not even sure why Sousetsuka picked this one up. <<less
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