Scattered Immortal


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As a Rogue Immortal, Tang Qing felt that the pressure on him was very big because you will never know when the next Heavenly Tribulation will descend upon you.

Also, you will never know just how many Heavenly Tribulations you would have to overcome to finally come to the end of the Heavenly Tribulation.

Just right after overcoming the Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation, Tang Qing’s body got extremely damaged by the pe*verted Heavenly Tribulation.

After climbing out of the ruins and being met with an unfathomable encounter, he became the dao companion of a bunch of heavenly women……

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Loose Immortal
Rogue Immortal
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jiaowoge rated it
December 19, 2017
Status: c378
This is a novel with a OP MC. As someone who have read a lot of novel with OP MC and favorite genre is OP MC, this is no doubt one of the top few novel that I enjoyed reading the most and one of the few novels which made me felt really excited reading during the epic scenes.

... more>>

Although this novel starts off with a romance sort of plot, this is actually not really a romance novel (Think there is only like 20-25 chapters which focus on the romance?) and instead a OP MC who beats the crap out of his enemy while cultivating to become stronger and seek redemption for what he felt he did wrong in his past.

Unlike other MC who just beat the crap out of anyone just because someone offended him, this MC do not just beat the crap out of anyone out of a whim so you don't have to worry about s*upid fights brought forth from s*upid encounters.

With 378 chapters and each chapter with an average of I think 2.5k~3k words? This author of the novel plotted out everything quite decently, from one arc to another. Although the ending is rushed and there is only 378 chapters, this novel is still very good in my opinion, especially chapters 20-200, those were the best chapters of the novel.

But then again, for people who dislike it cause the novel is rushed and lacking in chapters, how many novels are out there with over a thousand chapters that doesn't have similar repeating plot and good laid out ending?


Sum it all up, people who loves OP MC and want to read a novel with not too many chapters and repeating similar plots like MC going into contest multiple times, seeking revenge at clans continuously etc etc, I recommend you all to read this novel. If it were not for the ending being rushed, I would definitely give 5 stars for this novel instead of a 4. <<less
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Jibber rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: c65
A generic novel with a lot of face slapping. Usually its some peak expert in the body of a teenager. MC is actually an old guy in his original body after he gets crippled in his tribulation. This story is just a guy hundreds of years old hanging out in a high school trying to show off and lying about his age. He tells a girl to consider him 25 years old because he couldn't be bothered to remember past 25.

The author tries to give this image that the MC... more>> is carefree and can't be bothered to show off how awesome he is. 9/10 male characters in this story have inferiority complexes and are there just to provoke the MC so he's "forced" to show off. The author loves shoving it down my throat that the MC is carefree about the relationship with the two women that reverse r*pe him in the first 5 chapters. Obviously he's the best at everything, master of all of the hottest skills in the world with no effort. World building is horrible. <<less
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January 22, 2018
Status: --
It doesn't have the ending it deserves, it has an ending but not a real one. It feels the author had to end the novel in a rush and wrote two chapters to create one. When the things being built up and foreshadowed have not being concluded. I would give the novel 4.5 stars but the ending 0.

my advice is don't start reading it because you will be disappointed with the ending.
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cyndor rated it
December 17, 2017
Status: c378
To be honest this is probably a 2, but at the time I felt like reading an absurd story where the MC beats the crap out of everyone. It was fun for a while but I got tired of it, and apparently so did the author.

I knew when I started reading this that it would be a (relatively) short read, and that was part of the reason I did start reading it; the problem is that the author took a sharp turn at chapter 376 or 377 and abruptly brought... more>> it to an end. I have seen authors get tired of their work and bring it to a close in like 20 chapters, but this is a whole new level of bad.

I honestly would not recommend this to anyone. There is no closure and that ending felt like a tackle from out of nowhere. <<less
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drago44dd rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Pretty average. Nothing outstanding. Just read it if you have nothing else to read. The romance part is also meh, the harem is there just for the sake of harem tag. No building feelings or stuff.

2.5 at best
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