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Previously one of the ten greatest Martial Emperor, Gu Feiyang somehow died near the mountains of Heaven Wave.

Fifteen years later, Gu Feiyang crossed through the cycle of rebirth. He was back! But this time, he was in the body of Li Yunxiao. Since then, Li Yunxiao started a treacherous journey. The world is in turmoil once more!

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The Ultimate of All Ages
Vạn Cổ Chí Tôn
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Slants Perpendicular
Slants Perpendicular rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c2406
This is such a terrifying novel, truly frightening. It offers absolutely nothing, yet manages to last over 2k chapters. I praise this author for his talent of dead-horse beating.

This author does not try, I mean this with complete sincerity, he does nothing new outside of the most bare-bone names, if you asked me for my opinion on this novel, I wouldn't be able to answer. There is nothing here, I am truly flabbergasted that an author has managed to write over 2k chapters of such vapid and empty content.

Is there... more>> humor? Yes, but I can only ever see it being enjoyed by twelve year olds, for it is mainly gay jokes. It usually consists of one character being made out to be gay and everyone moving back fifty meters, or gay orgies by the hapless rapists with their aphrodisiac. I honestly don't know anyone over the age of twelve who still laugh at gay jokes, or uses gay as an insult for that matter.

The characters are as equally dumb and bland as everything else, I've seen them all before and, of course, they don't develop into anything different. Once thy're introduced they never change, this goes for the protagonist as well. The harem members start feisty then become housewives, that's the extent of their development.

The cultivation is, once again, unoriginal. I'm truly repeating myself but I feel I should really get this across: This novel does nothing, absolutely nothing. It is not worth reading in the slightest, unless you've never read a Chinese web novel before.

Chinese 1/10 <<less
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clueless rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: c2
LoL, really refreshing made me laugh so hard at the end of 2nd chapter.
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Yuzu rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: c64
Literally an arrogant master who rebirths into the body of a waste generations later and sets on the path of reclaiming his glory.

When I say arrogant, this MC is waaay toooooo arrogant. The situation reminds me heavily of Tales of Demons and Gods at first. But instead of staying low-key with his cheat-like knowledge, he casually throws it at people and uses it to display that he is above them in every way. There really isn't much of a 'rival' existence within these initial chapters as he tries to slowly... more>> regain strength.

Of course, the situations that occur are indeed quite comedic and then extremely ruthless.


There's a dungeon scene where he ends up poisoning all the prisoners and his kidnappers and turns it into one heck of a gay orgy.



Ruthlessly, he would just cripple people casually whenever they fight him or annoy him. Mercy is probably the least thing you'll expect as he'll carry his previous life arrogance to his current life 1:1.


I gave up as all this flashing of I-have-a-cure for this and that, I-know-this-and-that, oh I-can-do-all-this-and-that. A know-it-all MC gets really annoying that I can't stand reading how every other character reacts with a wow or a shoe licking.

If anything, I recommend Library of Heaven’s Path that has a better execution of the know-it-all MC but without arrogance and in a better comedic fashion. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c7
It's almost scary how blatant the author is about this self-insert story. The MC is the greatest in the universe and he's going to show off every single second. Saying he's arrogant is hardly enough to cover the extent of this mc's idiocy. In 7 chapters, I could pretty much already confirm what that other reviewer said. This is not worth reading, the jokes are horribly bland and low-level, the author is already after 7 super short chapters repeating himself all the time. It all goes in a quick cycle... more>> of the MC comes, someone is arrogant or loud-mouthed in front of him (often because of the mc's own actions that would infuriate anyone), he crushes them in either knowledge or combat or why not both. Everyone is in extreme awe and can't help but comment on how freaking awesome he is. This is not the kinda funny or cool type of faceslapping, the MC is just crushing everyone in a single second as he brags and gets showered in praise and astonishment, it's one of the most blatant cases of wish fulfillment writing I've ever seen.

This guy doesn't think for even a second, he just brute-forces his way through everything while being ridiculously arrogant as if he's the king of the world or something, offending people to the left and right, front and back, up and down. I couldn't help to cringe throughout the entire 7 chapters because the author never failed to make this MC edgy as hell and people turn around their opinions way too fast. One second they're hating on him, the next they're going "NOOOOH WAAAYZ" with big eyes as they can't believe the manliness and charisma of the MC, then the MC leaves in a self satisfied manner, I swear, if he were a peacock, he would be swinging his feathers around everywhere, at all times while looking condescendingly on everyone. This happened several times already in 7 super short chapters (barely even half of a normal xianxia/xuanhuan chapter). The MC doesn't even have reasons for acting like he does, he just does so because he wants to show off and can't stand anyone acting superior in any way whatsoever because he's the god of the world. This novel isn't worth the space it's written on, I can't say a single good thing about it. I can see why the translator dropped this after just 7 super short chapters.

Really, I love arrogant, shameless MCs that screw people up, but this was horribly badly written, the MC turned out to be just an overly self-confident moron and the sense of humor is just to be arrogant and condescending without any thought put into it whatsoever. This author doesn't even try, even I could write a better story than this without giving it much thought. <<less
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