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After the death of his Companion, the Emperor went mad

I was a substitute held in the hands of such emperor

I was loved by thoroughly imitating the dead, yet abandoned when the real companion, who was thought to be dead, came back

Only after dying 5 times while doing my best to be loved did i finally decide to throw away the nasty lingering feelings

“It’ll be different next time. I won’t hang onto them anymore!”

Yet as I was trying to get away from the Emperor’s grip

“Isn’t your place by my side?”

With a man who believes he will love me forever

“I wouldn’t mind breaking you if it meant i can have you”

A man she met while on the way of changing her own destiny

A changing future, A revealing truth and a tangled connection.

What lies at the end of it all?

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나를 구원하소서
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Dragon_Reader rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: c8
Seems interesting. Found it kinda s*upid that MC took 5 lifetimes to figure sh*t out but eh, better late than never.

I am interested to know how it moves forward, how she is going to run away etc etc.
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