Rise of the Wasteland


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Zhou Qingfeng is a nerd with no car, no savings, and no girlfriend. This story is set three days before the occurrence of a cataclysm that would threaten all of humankind. Amidst the chaos, Zhou Qingfeng strives to gather resources that would help him survive. He will stop at nothing to protect his friends. Along the way, he is granted a few ‘special’ abilities. He becomes so strong that he is practically invincible. But, everything comes with a price….

Faced with new enemies each day, how far will Zhou Qingfeng’s determination to survive take him?!

“I start the game, with a dog in my hand. The equipment I need, I gather along the way.

I dive into the cataclysm with the status of a beginner.

Ruthless, I shall become. I would even detonate a bomb over my head!

This is the path that I have to take, to rise to be the King of the Wasteland. “

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New Duskoutsider rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c1045
I'm really trying to read this novel; but the author doesn't make it easy.

The racism is too extreme, talking about how others are trash and the male lead is good. Saying something like " I don't know why I'm lazy, but all black men born this way" "latinos are a group that do nothing all day" " white men are intelligent, but you can't trust them", and a lot. Practically in the view of the male lead, he wouldnt mind if all peolple dissapear except for his chinnesse people.

It's good... more>> talking about you own country and spread your culture. But the way this is written, I can say it is trash. You can pick something good from time to time, if you want to write your own novel, but overall I don't recommend this novel. <<less
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Vex rated it
February 17, 2018
Status: --
The story is stupid as f**k.

The author neither has an idea of what he wants to write about or how a society works.

When someone asks you for an idea on how to steal from a top secret lab... your most common reaction is asking him " bro you on drugs? Or something in similar vein.

... more>> But here they start planning for it. Later another guy pops on who has been working on this robbery for a while longer. They even make a bet on who manages to steal the bot!


Later you have the MC dropping from one frypan to another, leaving behind a mess everyone. Murdering in a bar.... ribbing a bar.... murdering a robber... stealing from cops... murdering some criminals etc. In short the author is an M and a S.

Overall the story itself seems disjointed. Despite the 'okay' translation the story lacks the flow. It feels like author copy pasted his ideas and somehow connected them up

Above all of these are the racist thoughts. Has author ever been to US? He basically labels all of the American as Gun wielding Yankees with no brains and civility. And yes, he does uses the word Yankee every single time

Funny thing is the MC's interpersonal relationships. They are forced and cringe worthy.

Dialogues are terrifically...... bad. You can simply pick up any chapter apart from prologue and you will find yourself reading dialogues written by a primary grader.

In short, the author has a good plot. But the story is going downhill. It has everything which it should not : confused author, confused MC, no progression, terrible dialogue and a MC suffering from a severe case of racism. -_- <<less
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LuckyTalltail rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c11
I read up to chapter 11 before calling it quits. While the translation is good enough to read easily the author clearly does not understand American culture.

... more>>

The daughter just straight up accepts the idea of a neighbor friend who lives off food stamps going to steal a robot dog under military control at a Columbia University research lab without urging and her other friend just happens to have the same plan. Really?


The author really seems to think that guns and selfishness are the only traits Americans have and makes sure to write many sentences to illustrate how terrible and racist (especially against Chinese, Americans are). One insult a person uses against the MC is to call him a yellow monkey. Most people I know don’t care about Asians enough to differentiate them.

Overall, story seems to just hate on the U.S.A. And nothing else. <<less
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Acedia rated it
February 24, 2018
Status: c41
Much like the other negative reviews, I agree that the author has no knowledge on Amercian society. It's like how America is depicted through propaganda in other countries (Extremely racist, violent, and stupid). That's not the most frustrating part though. There are huge leaps in logic that are just impossible, that happen throughout the story, I wondered if people had lost the ability to ask questions. Information will be presented and the characters will usually go along creating misunderstandings and "random" situations that should never happen. I'll name a few... more>> that bugged me below.

The story is basically a series of events that happen for no real reason with no foreshadowing or buildup. People just randomly appear out of nowhere and bring tons of problems like pop-up ads. Characters will contradict themselves and are unable to retain rationality. Instead of making an understandable conflict between characters and the MC, most of the ones are just due to simple miscommunication.


The MC gets into trouble with mobsters so he hides with a woman that's an ex-mercenary. They go to buy ammo at a supermarket that, coincidentally, is in a neighborhood full of criminals. The MC goes to buy food and gets robbed in broad daylight by a "Black Robber" and kills him. I should mention that the fact that the robber was black will be repeated everytime the event is mentioned to someone.

The Ex-mercenary, who was said to kill criminals whenever she gets the chance, leaves the MC stranded because she thinks he's too violent. The MC goes to another place to eat and what happens? Cops just happen to stroll in and find him. He beats up the cops and steals their clothes before impersonating a cop. Then, a car randomly crashes near him and a billionaire celebrity is about to get kidnapped. They end up in a hospital which the kidnappers go to and he's forced to fight them. From there you can see what type of story it is and how it'll turn out.


Also, the pop-culture references make the story very hard to read. There were references to The Room, The "Catch me outside" girl, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and probably a few others I'm forgetting. I don't know if its the author who added them, but they're dated references that aren't very funny.


To address the racism, yes, there is racism in America like every other country on the planet, but you won't find it so frequently and common like you do in this story. And the "yellow monkey" insult is something I see in a lot of dystopian Chinese novels that deal with foreigners and racism. It's a racial slur that I've never seen anywhere other than those novels which makes me think its a preconception based on ignorance.

No, Mcdonald's does not use bulletproof glass and barbwire fences around their restaurants that are near black neighborhoods. Also, the author clearly added a black robber just for the sake of it. Who in their right mind would rob someone in broad daylight when the technology in this world is advanced enough to identify and track down the MC based on cellphone footage. But since the way Americans act in this novel are based on stereotypes, I'm not surprised the author made the black characters extremely violent.

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ILsunny rated it
February 17, 2018
Status: c40
Do not misunderstand about the story just from the introduction. Like any other teleport to another world story. The MC instead have a new identity given by god and was forced to survive the alternate reality after MC criticize god that he could do better. This story is purely friction base on futuristic detroit US crimetown before nuclear fallout at the start. If you are familar with the game fallout 4, Its similar to the geno powerup system with high tech weapons maruader style free for all. Except this story... more>> has a bit of background where the MC have an adopted family and friends. And for all those crying that its not the realistic true america spirit and culture can go read their history books and this is purely futuristic friction like any novels on this site.

And for the ignorant idot who thinks theres no racism in this world needs to travel around more. I myself get called yellow monkey before just for walking down the street by white supremists. If you look closer you can see signs of 'no yellow monkeys allowed' at the bar entrances. You can google it <<less
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ExodusGT rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: c390
[RotW Translator's Review]

Hi guys, so I decided since there wasn't a huge amount of reviews (and some were from very early on in the novel), that I would try and post my own review of the novel (and update it every so often if possible). I encourage readers to post their own honest reviews since it's obviously better than anything from me (since I'm working on it :P)

1.) Release rate: Quite good I think, generally 12 chapters per week (minimum 2/day) for now.

2.) Storyline: Starts off incredibly slow and... more>> remains quite repetitive for about first 1-50 chapters. Starts to get a lot more interesting after this, and plot development began after chapter 50. The pace picks up a little after this (and some chapters become slightly longer) and seems to be set on the path of the actual main story (up to this it remains mostly concentrated on conquering the NYPD headquarters, with a bit of exploration of the cataclysm and of course, harem). Ch139+ comes to a peak of what seems to be the current arc and begins concrete development of the 'larger' adventure (and contains the best chapters so far).

3.) Author: 通吃道人. QD (Gluttonous Taoist) is the original author of the novel. Yes, I too agree that the author has no knowledge of American society, but after all, the novel was set in a fictional world of the year 2030. No one knows what happened to the States in 2030


This holds true especially when Acedia mentioning that McDonald does not use bulletproof glass and barbwire fences. We do not know what McDonald will look like in 2030.


I really do hope readers can give a chance to this novel and don’t misunderstand about the story just from just the uses of a few terms or mistakes made by our translation team.

4.) Overall: If you can get over the ridiculousness of Zhou Qingfeng/Victor Hugo, the MC of the novel and his one-track proud personality, and the "not so nice" (often I view his actions and story as semi-comedic), it is pretty solidly setting up for the events of Cataclysm, and the relationships in the novel are pretty cool and interesting (I think there seems to be more development of them incoming). Hopefully, it’s worth the read (and that with your support, we can put out chapters fast enough so that the story doesn't seem too slow).

You can leave reviews here (which would be great), and anyone that wants to message me or Zhe (the other TLer, who is great) you can comment on the novel on the GT site. <<less
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Haxk rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: --
If I was to write a novel like the Author did, but reverse the transmigration from the US to China i'd imply that they can't drive, buys fakes of everything, are all liars and cheats, are communist morons without an original thought between the billion of them, pollute everything, stab each other with cleavers all the time, work people and children to death for little to no pay, etc.

None of these things are true of the majority of Chinese people or their society, they are tropes and stereotypes with an... more>> uncharitable view of a complex human society, where sometimes awful things happen. Just like anywhere else.

This author, though I loathe to call the word vomit he's spilled onto these pages a book, has taken the worst aspects of human society, and magnified them and decided they represent the majority of American, European, and African culture.

Do not read this novel, the brief moments of entertainment are not worth the disgrace and disappointment with which the author interprets other cultures and humanity in general, including his MC.

This novel is disgrace to humanity and I wish it could burn it from everyone's collect mind space. It's that bad. <<less
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zmikez rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: --
There are so many problems with this novel that I cant begin to express them properly in a short amount of time. In hindsight I should have found it telling that the 2 five star reviews is from one of those with a vested interest in its popularity "our translation team" and the other is arguing in support of racism and stereotyping an entire country as a single trope because hes seen other people be racist. but meh, here goes....

I cringe nearly every paragraph, plagiarism makes this an instant 1-star,... more>> you need to come up with your own ideas, the gist is already bad enough as it's a very close parallel but to even steal names, for shame.

There are incredibly dumb instances of knowledge being given to the MC from impossible sources. Such as a certain robot with the intelligence of a 2 year old, somehow knowing extremely private information about future plans and being able to simulate chances of success. Plot holes and logic jumps galore that, unless ignored completely, will make this story hurt to read almost immediately.

Unreal/uncanny interactions between characters that could only come from a socially awkward basement dwellers thoughts on how proper social interactions and dialogue are supposed to flow.

side note: googled it just as ILsunny said, there were only 3 results, this site, a backup of this site, and a comment from "blazer rocky" on youtube. An entire 3 times on the internet and ILsunny is 2 of them. Although it's possible that this isn't the case since the youtube video mentioned korea vs japan and it may be in one of those two languages.

Seriously though, what killed it was definitely the interactions between the characters, it hurts to read, I can understand a lack of knowledge, on culture, on technology.... on almost everything, but seriously humans are a social species and if you are going to write a book that's going to have a group dynamic, you HAVE to get the social interactions down, even through a cultural lens you've got know that conversations have a natural flow and that if that isn't in the dialogue then your story will stutter.

In short, nobody notices that the road is smooth, everyone notices a basketball sized pothole and, well, this story? This story has rumble strips where the tires are supposed to go. <<less
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sleib rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: c62
Is the author of this novel working for the Chinese government or something to "show" how bad a life in the US is? (Well at least in the US you cannot walk over a little girl with a tank with an approval from the government).

Also, MC is killing not only those who try to kill or injure him but also some innocents too. I do not even have a reason to root for him.
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Toriaz rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c200
Character development is extremely poor and unrealistic.

Most of the dialogue seems really forced and unnatural.

Names are taken directly from games.

I understand that racism and ignorance is a thing, but the way the author implements it is extremely poor and often unrealistic.

Every character is painfully dull and uninteresting the MC especially so.

Every character has a painfully low iq including the MC.

Plot armour/MC luck too strong.

Really poorly writen, does not deserve to be recognised as any form of novel.
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Dg2 rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: --
Hey the novel is really good and the translation team is doing a great job. I saw abunch of negative reviews but theyre mostly talking about racism. I remember that the very first chapter clearly states that wasteland would have overly exaggerated characters when it comes to national identitys. I think this is what makes the novel quirky and enjoyable. Over the top action with elements from the fallout universe added with crazy side characters is what makes this novel good.

The first negative I see is the MC went from... more>> a Chinese civilian to a homicidal maniac with in the first 5 chapters. This isnt that bad because he isn't actually super OP to begin with. The second negative would have to be how some scenes are a bit unrealistic but it gives this novel a bit more charm.

Lastly, I did the math and with only 15 releases a month, is going to take the translation group 9+ years to finish this whole series. So I really hope that their team reads this and increase the releases by 9 times lol. I really do appreciate their work they do and hope they continue this novel.

Rating 4.5/5 <<less
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DLAngel rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: --
I honestly skimmed through a sh*te ton of chapters after he killed that robber. It was just getting too ridiculous. One bad situation and misunderstanding after another does not make for a good read. When it feels like the MC basically has no control over any situation at any point in time, that's when u know there's basically no hope for the story anymore. The MC feels more like a side/companion or even mob character at this point. The 2 star rating rating is more for a giant combination of,... more>> nice try author, admiration for how the translator can continue translating this and that there a few minor things I think I didn't mind. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: c150
I tried, I really did. I tried so hard to like this story, but I just couldn't. The racism was tolerable, it actually made the story far more realistic, in times of threat, and hostility man becomes insular, inward looking. So that's not my problem.

The beginning seventy or so chapters were great, if the story was continuing consistently as characterised hitherto I would say that 'Rise of Wasteland' is a solid four. But no! After chapter seventy, the characterisation is all over the place. The hypocrisy is ripe. There's double-standards... more>> every damn chapter. Eventually, at chapter one hundred and fifty the entire setting has become a cliche of powerful protagonist being bullied, and coerced continuously by the weak. The protagonist post-70 is nothing like the strong-willed man from before. He becomes a coward, not to his enemies, but to his so-called 'friends', and 'allies'. All it takes to manipulate him is a soft voice, a little tears, or a hand of a little girl. It's disgusting - he's no longer an anti-hero (which is what I came to read), he's now a shounen protagonist of a different stripe. Just another vigilante whom can't make 'hard choices' anymore.

Would not recommend, especially as the characterisation was the saving grace. Without, this novel is: nationalistic, racist, and masochistic. An empty shell to be consumed by teenagers in China who get off on courting 'ideal (please read fictional) ' women - only to be dominated by them after a single touch. <<less
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TDM rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c314
Fallout themed transmigration (can travel back and forth) story.

Reviewers background : I am a fan of transmigration/reincarnation/system-LitRPG and post apocalyptic themes; played all Fallout and Wasteland games (except '76 sandbox).


... more>> Entertaining, but cinematic and sophomoric.

(Bad guys are comically gullible. All women swoon for the incredibly "hung" 17 year old Asian protagonist with a harem/MILF fetish.)


Interesting exploration of the question, "what would you do if you knew the world was going to end... in 3 days... in 3 months?"

Some people won't enjoy the statutory rape and "racist American" bashing;


Re. MC promiscuity/harem.

Protagonist age rolls back in story; 20-something mind in game world body.

He purchases and/or "saves" women and then then s*xes up the desperate 15-16 y.o. kids, slave adults, and even whole families of women who are his post-apoc slaves/property (yes, our hero keeps and trades female slaves)... also, easily cheats with and cuckolds his enemies wives and even competitor hero's family... what a great guy, right?

(Wait... orgies with young teens are okay if the parents consent, right? I did get moms permission after giving their starving family a tin of crackers. <~ sarcasm)

Re. Racism.

Author appears to be sourcing cultural data using state (China?) filtered internet and/or Chinese marketed films (required by law to not portray Asians in negative light, hence bad guys are always... non-Asian... even Iron Man III was forced to cast "The Mandarin" as an old white guy).

Frequent racist comments directed towards westerners (caucasians, Hispanics, and African Americans... mostly males... since the MC conquers and beds all women of note).

Portrayal of life in U.S. is bizarre; their understanding of "rich people" reads like lower middle-class or even our poorer households; clearly someone doesn't know how good we (anyone who works/not living only on welfare programs) have it here in USA.

... kinda makes me sad for author... but moving along...

Overpowered MC has ridiculous luck/plot armor.


Even considering all above, I've seen far more messed up harem fiction in the genre (manga/wuxia/xianxia/fantasy).

Maybe... Worthy of a quick read if the translator keeps going and reader is into extreme slave harem lit. Want to give it 2.5 stars, but not worthy of 3. (Currently on a break lasting the past 22 days.) <<less
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Deadrule rated it
June 30, 2018
Status: c235
As a fallout fan various references like dog-meat, and MC's first power being just a version of VATS from fallout 3 I very much appreciated it. Though as others said, the portrayal of America is a bit rediculous, though Racism to Asians do happen in america.i have been to the country and experienced it first hand being an Indian. And the premise is futuristic world, and

upcoming cataclysm so a bit outlandish may work. It is different from other post apocalyptic novels, and it's funny too if it need be.... more>> Characters are good albiet some relationship dynamics are messed up. Though I read it till ch

235 and enjoyed it very much. Though I can see as to why many ppl might not like this as this story becomes wierd at some times and it has some plot holes, inconsistencies as well. If u r bored of recent modern world, post apocalyptic or other similar WN, do try it, It may even surprise u

and yeah

reading the "war never changes" line from chapter 165 really nostalgic. Daym this story even got it's own "brotherhood of steel". It' may the first chinese web novel based on fallout games that I read. <<less
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ce05 rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: c147
So far, I really like this novel.

the story itself has a great premise and is an amalgamation of a couple of other storylines. For example the MC can jump between two worlds (his original and the 'movieworld', similar to arean) but it also has an apocalypse plot. (So its a bit like 'i have a mansion in an apocalyptic world').

as others have stated the depiction of the US is not very accurate, even to me as an European this is obvious and the use and effects of weed are extremely... more>> strange. But this is part of the charm of the novel. As always its very interesting to see the US trough the lense of a chinese author.

i would also like to state, that people calling it 'unrealistic', forget the fact, that its a movieworld after all most of the tropes the author uses, seem to come from 80 and 90ties movies. E.g. Black robber in the bronze (this is really not something new) ; MC that shoots everything (not something new either) ; a bunch of teenagers trying to break into a high security lab; hell especially the hospital scene could be a 'die hard' movie.

hell the hardest part is to differentiate between what was included on purpose, because its a movieworld and was seen in a US movie (lots of guns and gunfights), and what is included because chinese people dont know any better (e.g. Cannabis). But its also one of the parts that makes the most fun. <<less
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Don-Find rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: c314
Honestly the novel is good if you like the apocalypse, there are some bad things about the MC solves things, but compared to God and Devil World is passable.

The story develops sometimes very fast other times very slow, it works but then you can get bored or leave it to read a few days.

If you want to read this novel, I recommend that you expect it to have more chapters like 500 because if you read it now that you are stressed.
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Jks799 rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: c283
I had been looking at this novel soon after it came out but was put off due to the many one star reviews.

However I found myself with nothing to read I gave it a shot and I am glad I did. This novel is does have it flaws but the large majority of these are rectified by the author as the plot progresses. Moreover as the story progreess you’ll find yourselves hooked.

For anyone reading this and is still unsure read the first few chapters and if you find it alright... more>> you’ll love the rest. <<less
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JustDiededed rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c258
I originally wasn't going to write a review of this, until I saw the abysmal current score (2.9).

It's not perfect, yes, the MC is somewhat typical (lusty and ruthless), but it's still a very enjoyable story, if you're not really taking it seriously. It has some funny moments and the action is really good, though somewhat hard to visualize sometimes. But there's been some character growth and not ALL of the beautiful women that appear have the hots for MC (so far), that's a solid plus.

Still, if you, at some... more>> point in your life enjoyed a Fallout game and likes or don't dislike +18 harem novel you'll enjoy this, even if it's just to pass the time between your fav releases. <<less
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