My MCV and Doomsday


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Doomsday was approaching…

An ancient virus was released upon the world and from then on nothing was the same…

Zombies, mutant wild animals and people with mutant powers…

Jiang Liushi , one day woke up and found the Starseed in his mind, a Black Technology which could assist him in various ways.

Its most important function? Refitting and upgrading vehicles!

[What? You thought it was a regular rundown minibus? Wrong! It was a Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) capable of massacring zombies, and everything that stood in its way, with its awesome weapons!] Follow Jiang and his MCV on their road to survival.

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TeaLover rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c50
Created an account just to write this review, a review on how utterly terrible and frustrating it is trying to read this story.

Some of the other reviews on how bad it is that the minibus can drive against traffic in the opening chapters are explained with the minibus being awesome, etc.

The problems emerge because of how the story drags out its fights, introduces utterly annoying instances where the main character (the MCV) are deliberately made weak so the author can drag the fight out further and then the pseudo-main character... more>> (the guy with the name) makes it all the more worse.

For example, the first proper battle we have raider-esque randoms vs minibus. Minibus uses charge and breaks legs and bones and they die in agony. This takes somewhere near 8 chapters. Skipped all of it by the half way point. What was even the point of adding it in, all these random reactions... of a minibus running people over. Pointless fight but not really that terrible given how many there are in other stories.

The worst part is the MC being an idiot. He gets the chance very early on to fight a boar. He chooses to charge it instead of shooting it with his air pressure cannon, minibus gets damaged, it gets killed when he finally uses his brain and decides charging a 5 ton boar is a stupid idea and then the worst part happens. That being that he can upgrade the minibus and he gets some very nice options one of them being the ability to 'suck up' (think War of the Worlds vaporizer) materials for his minibus that desperately needs tons of materials to repair itself.

Instead of miracle beam... he chooses to upgrade fuel capacity. I can understand that, it has a really small fuel capacity and he wants a bigger one. However he then gets out of the minibus at every car he finds to siphon fuel... instead of using the beam which he could have gotten to simply suck it up along with the metals he needs.

Later on he finds more of these upgrade tokens (monster nucleus) and instead of the very important upgrade beam... he focuses on a gene-lab.

Like seriously protagonist, you need to walk before you can run. What the hell is with your priorities.

The braindead nature of the protag has made me drop the story, I just can't go on knowing he's going to get more powerful and more stupid as time goes on. The MC is being neglected and the idiot driver has ruined it all. <<less
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keklel rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c9
This novel is absolute trash. Where to begin?
    • MC gets an unexplained cheat "starseed". Absolutely no explanation what this thing is, not even one sentence of description. The author literally just starts using this word without defining it anywhere. It's even worse than WMW - at least in WMW the author describes as some kind of neural implant. Here we don't even get that. How does it get knowledge of the future? How does it magically convert a minibus into a "MCV" (whatever the f*ck that means) ? What's worse, the MC pretty much relies on this "starseed" for everything survival related. Why modify your vehicle by hand when you can get a magical unexplained hack to do it? Why bother planning for different possibilities when you have a starseed telling you exactly what's going to happen? Seems like the essence of this novel is basically "MC upgrading his unexplained cheat system" - one of the least original premises, and one of the most common in the apocalypse genre.
    • The characters are dumb and uninteresting. Apparently the MC can just borrow 20, 000 yuan from a random rich guy (who does not even know him), using only his student id as collateral? Sorry, even suspension of disbelief has its limits.
    • Everything happens too coincidentally. JUST before doomsday happens, cute and beautiful and kind girl with rich family just happens to suddenly remember him and decides to call him out of the blue. F*cking really? Also, he goes to buy a minibus, the salesperson happens to be a cute teenage girl. Then later on he sees EXACTLY THIS SAME GIRL on the street (when the streets are literally full of fleeing people, zombies and cars), and rescues her JUST AS SHE'S ABOUT TO GET KILLED BY ZOMBIES.
    • Illogical events like the MC being able to reverse a f*cking minibus in the middle of the road when it's JAM PACKED with vehicles and people fleeing zombies, just so he can go back to save two random girls (out of presumably thousands of people being eaten). Also, one wonders how many deaths were caused by the MC reversing his vehicle - I would guess far more than the two lives he saved.

Sorry, but this is worse than God and Devil World. At least GDW had a somewhat interesting setting (world with "survival of the strongest" rules) whereas this world has nothing interesting about it (MC gets upgradeable cheat system to build a harem in a world where everyone else is being eaten by zombies).

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ic4ru577 rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c15

One of the poorly written novel. Author is defying logic too much. *Spoiler* MC knows doomsday is coming, prepping his large minibus, stockpiling supplies. He wants to pickup his one and only family, his sister. So, when everything is ready, he waits for apocalypse before driving his oversized mcv through the highway. I imagine if you have a global event of people turning into zombies at the same time, then there will be pile up everywhere. Road will be a mess. Characters are poorly written. Everyone in the world seems to be naive, trusting, and dumb without intelect. You can borrow money as long as you have a student id. Author is ignoring reality. Starseed is the one magical answer for everything.

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Yoburi rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: c150
This is a very fun Apocalypse novel it's like a normal student that recive a random seed that can take a normal mini bus into a transformer WarTank acompany by a MeganFox Butter.

First thing there is no stupid harem the MC cares for his sister and went to get her at the start so if any woman ride with him along the way they part ways when she gets to where she was going.

So far there was no romance at all this is about a guy surviving in a very... more>> over the top end of the world using a very reinforce mini bus, so if you have fun seeing upgrades for the bus, MC fighting evolve people using a bus when he is only ordinary, MC slowy becaming evolve himself thanks to the laboratory (but not being a match to normal evolves), robery of local tyrants that gain power going for fuel, guns, metals and Mutant animals vs. A Bus the this is the novel for you.

Not the best but very unique I like the fact that the MC must use his bus to fight other people and how pretty much this experts must use there bodys only to fight when usully its the other way around. The MC is like a Boss in a RPG using all insta-kill moves and having a huge HP while the villains are like players that relay on amazing habilits but have sh*t HP and almost no armor. <<less
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TamaSaga rated it
December 23, 2017
Status: --
Has an interesting premise. However, despite his vehicle being called an MCV, I don't see it physically constructing anything. The only things I've seen it construct are upgrades and facilities for itself. In other words, the stupid thing evolves instead, making it a mix of a zergling and a portable batcave with none of the coolness of either.

And then you get to the part where he makes a biolab addon and then he starts evolving too. Like wow. That's a convenient way to fix a weakness. Is the minibus... more>> even necessary anymore?

Frankly speaking, the story isn't about surviving in a deadly world by building tech and using it in a clever way. Instead, it's just another seen-it-once-seen-it-all story about rapid leveling superhumans roflstomping the apocalypse while acting as if life is hard. <<less
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Narmi rated it
December 11, 2017
Status: c101
This story was a disappointment. I was hoping that the "MCV" would set it apart from other stories, sadly that's not the case. It's another "dark, edgy, makes his own rules" type of main character. He can execute a person without any proof, and the next chapter that person's friends will be "well he/she deserved it if you say so." basically there are no repercussions to his actions because he's so awesome.

The main character's ability (a "Starseed") is never explained (at least not within the first 100 chapters). His starseed... more>> lets him upgrade his minibus. Despite his minibus being a "Mobile Construction Vehicle" he has yet to actually construct something. Whether he can build/upgrade anything else (weapons, electronics, bases) is never explored, so at the moment the series isn't living up to its name. <<less
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JerryHatrick rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c15
Well. Only 15 chapters. Not too much to talk about.

I have to say, the main reason I was drawn to this novel was because of, "MCV". As a huge Command and Conquer fan... Though at the moment that's not what's happened. So far he's only turned an old minivan into...


an armed and armored, luxurious camper van. Complete with bed, bath, kitchen and air cannon.


Eagerly awaiting further translations.
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Scholar Occult Cauldron
Scholar Occult Cauldron rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: c302
I started reading this novel thinking it was going to be cool, with the paranormals and mutants evolving and duking it out with each other and the zombie faction. I was disappointed. The urgency felt in the beginning of the novel had worn off by chapter 200 and it has devolved into the story of a guy with a transforming minibus with "beauties" that have superpowers. He hasn't hit on them, even though several of them have an interest and would jump at the opportunity. He gets random powerups whenever... more>> the plot deems it necessary. The MC goes around and face-slaps nearly everyone he meets and there is always, and I mean ALWAYS, a small time enemy that gets killed to show MC's strength every 10 chapters. This is ridiculously shitty even for CN novel and I recommend you look for a different post-apocolypse novel. <<less
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GregLuck rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: c346
It start with a good premise, good world building, decent pace, but it slowly deteriorate into your usual OP-MC-knows-it-all wandering the doomsday.

At first it still have some clear and concise goal, but as of ch.340 its practically just author forcing the story to go without any planning. As the story progress there is less and lesser antagonist that could give MC any harship, its not that he is the strongest of all, its just he the poor planning by the author. The basis of MC's power is making thr story... more>> stagnate. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c681

Fudge. That was a terrible final arc. Wdf. It's like a new author killed the old author and wrote some random crap to finish off the story. I just read a false MCV novel. Wdf...

... more>>

MC went from a shooter with super stats to a literal superman. Then there was the introduction of Creation, some big bad organization that existed decades ago before doomsday. And the fricken MCV got ruined too. Wdf. Took 500 chapters to go from Basic vehicle to an Improved vehicle (like a mobile fortress). That was fine. But then the author made a 2 year time skip and everyone improves rapidly while the MCV turns into a mobile space fortress.

Oh, and a dragon god was introduced. Creation created it. Do I sound random right now? I'm still peeved about this entire thing. I wanted more slice of life of MC and his harem in doomsday... not this crappy ending.



What the hell, this is good. MCV is cool, MC is cool, harem is cool. What's not to like. Well, lack of MC making his own faction is one, but who says all apocalypse CN has to have MC build his own kingdom? <<less
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knyght rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: c185
The protagonist is dumb as a brick and the MGA moments (Look for a fight, be insulted, kill them all, I am righteous because I am the protagonist!, rinse and repeat) don't do any favors to it. It really had potential ad would have been much more interesting if the MC remained a normal human depending on the MCV. The novel started ok enough and from there it just went downhill so as of chapter 185 I am dropping it.
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Nightrojan rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: c300
Edit: Dropped this one a while back, due to the developing Harem and the slowing unraveling story. Not sure if the author has a long term plan for the plot, feels like he's winging it.

It's a decent read but a fast paced plot, however, I am unsure if the author can continue to proceed without the story either changing some or becoming less interesting. Well written and translated, it's just a zombie world and a MC that has a game like vehicle-aimed cheat. It's all in the summary. I am... more>> giving it 4 stars for now.

Cautious warning, the story is very focused on the main character. Almost to point of ignoring all other characters, I hope this doesn't continue since it will make the plot less interesting in my opinion. There's not much comedy or change of pace to keep us on our toes, it just goes forward one event at a time. The author has the skill, it's evident in what he has written so far, I just don't know if he realizes where the plot is going. <<less
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wait321 rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: c151
This is your typical cookie cutter apocalypse story where everyone behaves like retards. All enemies are arrogant and pick fights in a world where literally anyone can kill you through skills or guns. I mean, seriously, I’m suppose to believe an enemy would think a bus that drove hundreds of miles across zombie infested land is an easy target? And if everyone carries guns, how long would you live acting snobby and pissing people off? Even if you have an army backing you, the guy in front of you could... more>> still take you down with him.

Everything is so forced. It’s just an endless parade of retarded enemies bad mouthing the main character and getting crushed. Don’t read this if you want anything remotely close to rational behavior. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: c82
Tl;dr: Its not that good. Go forth fellow daoist and find other novels out there. This novel is just used for killing time. Wont even bother putting individual ratings. If youre expecting to read this novel to kill time well you might kill yourself with the amount of fillers and the slow pacing this novel has to offer.

Plot - MC gets cheat (?) and gets a redo of his life. Generic plot. Events are... not that exciting at all. Everything just screams "Coincidence??? I think not!"

Pacing - Slow. Some... more>> chapters are dedicated for self realization and or comments with an event that happened the previous chapter. Its on par with a xianxia/wuxia novel where mob characters are circle jerking on what MC did. Scratch that, even in xianxia/wuxia novels the circle jerking isnt as hard as it is here. A whole chapter was dedicated to MC just shooting random stuff.

Characters - not that likeable at all. As of this review (chap 79) I can't even see any character development at all. He leveled up. And thats it.

Fight scenes - *yawn*

Personal Enjoyment - lets not even go there. This is like a side side side hoe. Id read it cause I dont have anything else left to read Nope. <<less
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thaile4ever rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c18
Ignoring the first few chapters of misc world building. I like how the Author is developing the core story plot, the "MCV" so far. The MC is not handed a OP Magical Vehicle right at the start, but one that needs actual part and material to upgrade, fuel and repair it.

Nothing so far is impossible with current technology, but we'll have to see how it develops given the future.
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Nightmares rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c328
This novel deserves more stars. It is not perfect and has a few plotholes with some annoying characters but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.

The writing style is actually getting better after chapter 250+.

Give it a chance and enjoy Transformer!!
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kickass42069 rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c304
i think its a entertaining story he's kinda OP with his transforming minibus and weapons on it but I love zombie Apocalypse stories. Chapters are kinda short but its updated everyday for the most part and when they miss a day the make up for it.
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omgitsaray rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: --
In my opinion, the vehicle he has isn't a Mobile Construction Vehicle, it's a doomsday vehicle to survive the apocalypse. Hence the criticism by some of the reviewers. The translation is decent enough and the broken english isn't too bad, but you'll still stumble upon made up words like upgradation. I've just started reading the novel and agree the author has made the main character quite dumb. For example, your doomsday minibus has been seriously damaged and you somehow get the option to upgrade it. Would you upgrade it's fuel... more>> tank? Fridge storing capacity? Weapons? Or an ability to absorb materials with a phase beam? I would personally choose absorb materials with a phase beam but the main character chooses larger fuel tank. And then freaks out over how to find materials to fix the bus? I will edit this as I get further along... <<less
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dan7cor rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: c93
So I don't get all the hate to this novel, sure, it has one major issue that is where does the power comes from, but, it doesn't really affect the plot. Everything else that has been pointed out, has been a lot of whining over minor details. The story is very interesting, a guy with an up-gradable tank/minibus in an apocalyptic world that is connected to him, it is a fresh approach to the genre and I am really enjoying it. As all types of novels, it has the excess... more>> useless information sometimes (less than most novels) but it is part of the the way this novels are written, probably a cultural thing, if you guys haven't learned how to read and enjoy these types of story by now, then you have picked the wrong genre to read.

I liked the plot, I liked the characters, I like the potential of this story. <<less
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Rapier rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c302
It seems promising for now - September 15, 2017 (that was my first review in chapter 15)

New review - April 16, 2018

This novel is f*cking awesome! I don't care what others say, it's simply unique! ... more>>

-The MC's vehicle is upgradeable and it can even transform.
-The MC knows he's weak and doesn't power-up blindly. He isn't arrogant but he knows when and how to act like that
-The author's random trivia in some chapters is hilarious, but in some others kind of boring.


Its only drawback is that the chapters are short, but it's also reasonable since the author has a health issue, so let's not want everything. <<less
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