Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse


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Lin Feng was originally in charge of Supermarket supply. One day the supermarket accidentally enters an Apocalypse world. The apocalypse is happening, he has a supermarket in his hand. See how Lin Feng brings a supermarket to survive the Apocalypse.

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Mang theo siêu thị qua Mạt Thế
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Hamsta rated it
August 8, 2016
Status: c14
1) Lots of arse pulls & conveniently placed solutions to awkwardly push the plot forward.

2) MC is quite moronic & is only alive due to the heavens themselves providing solutions for him.

... more>>

MC ends up in apocalyse? Oh good, super competent sidekick also acts as walking exposition and tells me everything I need to know. Magical superwatch gives convenient excuse as to why I'm able to pull out my Supermarket supplies. MC was dumb enough picked up a token female that isn't even a cultivator & can't even fight zombies? Presto, now she's magically a cultivator.


3) Cultivation is OP enough to push his Supermarket gimmick to the back & forces the series straight into generic xianxia territory. The introduction of the "Apocalypse watch" makes the supermarket gimmick even less relevant.


He literally ate just two of the lowest grade crystals and is somehow able to beat up the thugs that even his sidekick explicitly admitted had higher fighting power than him. (Ch 8: They only know how to bully ordinary people. If not for their fighting strength being higher than mine, I would definitely go sort things out with them.”) IIRC, Ch2 makes it sound like his sidekick is a rank 1 cultivator since he's fat (able to feed himself --> afford crystals) & out hunting without weapons.


4) Poor character design on MC. He's way too accepting of everything (might have to do with his lack of mental capabilities).


The apocalypse watch. He knows nothing about it, is aware that it'll take his info, can store & basically warp crystals (presumably other things) across the world, AND IT'S CONNECTED TO THE INTERNETS.... Better strap it on immediately and start storing valuables in it. Wtf? Dude, your superpower literally makes it nearly useless. Ch 12 even gives a good reason NOT to use it. The only security measure is apparently DNA.... So if someone holds you down & presses the button they can steal all your stuff? Yet he still dumps supplies into it. Even worse, if DNA is really the only requirement, they can just hack your arm off.

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IgnorantHero rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: --
The MC just accept everything without questioning how he got to that world and about his sudden acquired power. I mean MC got transported to the Apocalypse world and he reacted like it's an everyday occurrence....
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Chosen rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: c9
It is a combination between Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World and God and Devil World but on Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse not everyone can become stronger.

Recommended to those who like special abilities with Apocalypse world.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c60
Hey at least its better then "Bringing your farm another world". This has plot and OP is not exaggerated. Though I do hate how he abandon his old world easily and nor does he question this new one. I still really love this. The MC is smart and never disappoints. He's also very kind to his men. Its like he has morals as a person from Earth.

I really hope this gets more popularity and more translations. I wish this had Romance... it really needs it. But still certainly one... more>> of my top favorites!
The Author has talent for writing and its a better version of "Trembling World"

I wish he'd go with that girl he saved but so far he's a gentlemen and caring. So she only looks at him like an Older brother. But yeah she's a essential part of the Team. Its cool how they become a badass group with a smart MC whose way of thinking is too different from people in this world.

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GetThruThis rated it
December 2, 2016
Status: c19
After reading Global Evolution up to its current release I got interested in other apocalyptic novels, however this is just an insult to the genre. Surviving is the main premise for apocalypse related novels. The MC doesn't just have an op cultivation method (known as soul crystals) but also has an op cultivation speed.
... more>>

I also have gripes about the female side character who just shows up after her mother dies fighting a zombie (stated reason because she was too weak), bawling her eyes out to our MC days after he saves them from the neighborhood bully. Three years into the apocalypse and you're telling me they survived that long without her mother fighting zombies? Okay then, she must've prostituted herself out then for her and her daughters rent to stay in the base.

Not a big fan of the author either. He tries to force us to perceive the story how he tells us, rather than showing it to us which results in some conflicts:

c14: "Lin Feng wasn’t a good man.." Why yes, yes he is. He has literally done nothing wrong, and by wrong I don't mean by an apocalyptic standard of wrong. I mean by modern standards. This guy is literally a saint in modern standards and by apocalyptic standards he is even further above.
Also in c14 "Lin Feng believed that if it was his girlfriend, he would give up everything in exchange for her recovery." This guy, this guy right here. He has no qualms about leaving his original world because he had no real attachments to anything, even says he'd rather stay in the new (apocalyptic - but not really since he has everything he needs to survive) world. From chapter 5: "and apart from his girlfriend, who he had just recently met.." Honestly the author doesn't know what he wants his MC to be like, maybe that's why he gave him his chaos soul crystal, so he could justify his terrible skill.

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saitoh514 rated it
August 25, 2016
Status: c19
Mediocre at best. The story is pretty forced as you might expect from a transported from another world meets zombie apocalypse. The author really wants to drive home how not OP the MC is, but fails miserably. He goes to far to rank him numerically and then subsequently push him into the first percentile and then has him crush anyone that crosses his path. Only three characters of note thus far, all with super convenient situations. All in all its just kinda of dull but passable.
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Osamaru rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: c47
Don't let the name fool you. This is less about "Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse" and more a pseudo-Cultivation novel based in the "modern" world. Its not "Bad", but the power is really just a gimmick and could have really be replaces with anything else without really changing much.
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shuiko rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: c1
Surprising really interesting. The beginning is sort of meh, but the story greatly improves as it moves long.

There are some interesting characters throughout the story (raws) and the levels of power and the world itself is interesting with some twist on the idea behind it.

Unfortunately this is one of those stories that need 30 chapters to setup the world properly, and since the Translator only does 2 chapters a week, I would advise either waiting or reading the raws if possible.
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June 2, 2018
Status: c100
I got hooked to this novel and been waiting for a while for an update from the translator but it seems the translator has already translated the chapters but you have to pay to read them. I’m just hoping the translator will upload a few more free chapters. If not I might not wait any longer and use google to translate this novel even if it’s not as satisfying as WN Translation. I might just drop this novel from my reading list I looked somewhere else.

I’m highly disappointed because of... more>> this translater. I know that translators need money for their hard work and that’s a good thing but in my opinion they should have not have released any free chapters from the beginning and let us readers who read for free not suffer to looking forward to this novel.

If your willing to pay to read you can ignore my comment but for those who want to read this novel for free I highly recommend you to look for another novel. <<less
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Nuwaer rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c80
It was a below average read but the translator is an ass and decided to put all the chapter in his Patreon and has the gall to ask for money considering his shitty translation.
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blindbandit rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: c30
I was interested with the title. I hoped for something unique. Like how he could utilize this advantage and survive in an apocalyptic world - without cultivation playing a role in his progress. This is not the apocalypse that I had in my mind, plus the supermarket is merely a separate dimension and nothing else.

... more>>

Also, the girl. It has been three years already! Grow up. Fudge, it makes me frustrated to think that a young boy can adapt and yet a girl can't? If this is the author's way to add harem members, then I don't think I can go on. The harem will just be freeloaders, all pretty but useless

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Jessy_m rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: c95
First, he use the supermarket couple of a times and that's it..

Second, it would have been better just raid a mall and collect stuff in a dimensional space... so why the hell it is put in the title if it was going to be useless...

thrird, why the hell did he begun on the third year.. It took away all the fun parts of zombies novels.

... more>> Fourth, too much op stuff and choosing quantity over quality😑.

It's all about running away all the time finding convenient allies... MC is a saint (it's so annoying how he lack character) because the author keep writing that MC doesn't want to do good things but then do it.. It's just like a person in front of you keep complaining about getting fat while eating 10 barres of chocolates... I just want to hit the MC to make him shut up... <<less
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loussi rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: c80
Less about apocalypse and zombies and more about cultivation. Everything just conviniently fall into the hands of the MC^ best friend and guide, cultivators, cars, cult. He is mostly in the city and every time he is hesitating about using the supermarket even though the watch have spatial ability JUST LIE AND SAY YOU FOUND A WAREHOUSE!!! The MC is contradictory at time and even if I like slice of life stories this one doesn't follow the trend. Besides the translator is greedy and keep pulling the patreon crap.
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Narmi rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c48
While the name makes it seem interesting, this is a surprisingly generic cultivation story. The MC doesn't really take advantage of his power, he just uses it to quickly amass money then seems to forget about it. The setting follows the same formula as almost every other cultivation story; he starts off in the smallest base (town), then something happens and he's forced to leave for a bigger base with more powerful people.

Everyone other than the MC's friends are greedy a**holes that want to kill him and steal his stuff.... more>> Even in the apocalypse, people continue to fight each other, not out of necessity, but for the sake of power/greed. Corrupt guards and selfish leaders are everywhere. Instead of coordinating their resources to exterminate zombies, they force weaker/normal people to leave the safety of the base to hunt them while the strong people (cultivators) stay back.

The world is almost custom made for the MC, whether it be allies or abilities, they all pop up at jsut the right moment to save the day.

At one point he is upgrading his supermarket (another huge cheat that is custom made for him, and has nothing to do with the actual supermarket itself. He requires these rare "black balls" that you get from killing class 2 zombies; he is given one and finds that each ball gives a 10% upgrade. Later, he happens to come across a group of people, 9 of whom have black balls that they have no use for an basically give them away for free.


I was hoping that the MC would use his power to set up a group that could take advantage of his resources to become stronger, tame the surrounding land, and become a powerful base in its own right. Unfortunately it seems to be heading towards becoming a generic "travel around and cultivate" story. <<less
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renenzant rated it
March 2, 2019
Status: --
Errmmm.. I rarely give less than 3 stars, but I really cannot give higher rating than this. At most it’s about 2.5 stars.

Usually I read through at least 50 chapters before giving a rating, but I don’t want to read anymore.

The concept itself is good, but the overall plot doesn’t really have anything to do with the supermarket.

And there are too many things that doesn’t make sense

... more>>

the MC was a level one cultivator at first, and was ranked about rank 50.000 in the fighting strength ranking.

Then He easily upgrades to level two with just two crystal, and placed in the 8000 ranking. What the??? If all it takes to upgrade is two crystal, why isn’t there more strong people? It would make more sense if he were still placed in the 30 thousand rank.

And then the people. In the morning he save a woman and her mother and give her some crystal (it’s said 1 crystal is enough to eat for 3 times) but then in the afternoon the woman cried saying her mother just died because she went to hunt zombies since they need to survive. Has they spent the crystal already?? At least wait a week or so before killing her, author, that would make more sense.

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singlespace rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: c1
Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse, oh yeah and our protagonist is a expert in martial arts, and he magically is a cultivator, and he's one of the stronger ones immediately, and everyone's an as*hole but our hero... you know what? Forget about the supermarket as soon as the story begins because this just another cookie cutter cultivation story.
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