Himekishi to Camping Car


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The protagonist, a former corporate s*ave, and the RV he poured everything he owned into remodeling, were both sent to another world?! Upon first arriving in the fantasy world, a princess knight stammered, “K-kill!”… Powered by a solar battery, the custom RV roams the new world. Fitted with Japanese-style tatami mat flooring, upon them are enshrined the table-heater Kotatsu and oranges. The noble and gallant princess knight settles into a leisurely lifestyle, as body and mind slowly deteriorate…

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The Princess Knight and the RV
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DaveM rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: v1c4
Slow paced story about a man who spent ten years saving in order to retire early to a simple life of traveling around in an hybrid RV only to end up in another world. But, well. The very day he got his new toy, he ended up in another world, and, well, ending up in another world didn't really change his plans on how to spend his retirement at all.
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August 14, 2016
Status: v1c1
Quite literally a shounen action fantasy novel. Just by judging the character profiles on the cover of Volume 1, it would seem that the MC is still a young adult hovering around 20-years old while his "harem" contains a couple of lolitas. Not my cup of tea, honestly speaking. But, if you like lolita-type harem setting, shake a leg and enjoy the story!

Otherwise, if you don't like archetypal settings with cut-and-paste character development, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone.
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