Rise of Humanity


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In the world birthed by Pangu, the Three Sovereigns lit the spark of humanity that the Five Emperors would later fan into a blazing fire, eternally branding humanity as the leaders of the world….

This was a time where twilight had descended on the reign of the Human Sovereign and the Five Emperors had yet to emerge – humanity was merely one of the myriad races wandering about the vast cosmos.

This was a desolate and barren era. The monsters, devils, heavenly gods, and deities of all races stood aloft; with the demons, heavenly souls, and spirits dancing freely around the world.

The humans were still a feeble and burgeoning race, often taken as livestock and offered as sacrifices to the pantheon of races that ruled the world together from within the great wilderness.

This was not the era of the Foreworld, but the barbaric and untamed era of uncivilization!

Let us rewind back to China’s ancient and classical mythology and recount the legendary tale of how a single figure led humanity out of an epoch of darkness and into a new dawn.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy the (Rise of Humanity) !

Rise of Humanity average rating 4/5 - 113 user ratings
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Emperor of the Human Way
Nhân Đạo Chí Tôn
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New Ginko rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c128
Cool title but really just poorly written.

The MC goes from weak to strong, without any clear explanation or real training. <-- This happens frequently. Furthermore, of course he constantly has to do something over-the-top that gets him marked as a target. I won't mention the convenient, "only run into a foe 1 level above you" plot device as usual.

The fight scenes are so boring (later just move titles are spammed)... A positive is that the pace is good, but then again a little disjointed.

... more>> It's "meh."

- Side note - I don't understand why the "arrogant young masters" are so prevalent in this genre of Chinese novels?? Like, is this a real problem in China or something?¿ So many authors give this to their fans to lick up. Like, do the poor really view the upper-class in this light, or this disparity w/ attitude a real thing? - like can someone explain. <<less
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New Joker rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: v1c215
I really like this novel. Some reviews about this novel is well in fact unreasonable. I can say they didn't really read the novel wholeheartedly and just thought of giving their reviews right after reading not even a half of the half of the hundreds of translated chapters the novel currently has.

I admit that some chapters could be neglected or some could just act like a filler but the novel consist detailed explanation for his every action. The one who said that the MC proclaimed that he liked a girl... more>> after talking to her for about 2 sentences? That's bullsh*t. It was never stated that the MC liked her, only good will as he was the one who saved her. Xin hou talked like a perverted old man because that's who he is. Hell! My grandpa wouldn't shut up when talking about his past conquest and Xin hou talking like that showed how great of a gentleman the MC is. He never had dirty thoughts about the girls who approached him and he didn't act like some horny bastards who's main goal is to be a mating bull, it made me want to make him betrothed with them because he's so dense that he seem so cute. Running is also a way to survive and the MC just ran away from big fellas who were two realms away from him otherwise he would face them head on. I believe people should use common sense instead of being immatures.

All in all the novel is really good. I'm still waiting for some chapters to quench my thirsty soul. <<less
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keklel rated it
May 4, 2017
Status: c27
Read 27 chapters and here are my thoughts:

> Everything he does is about trying to uplift humanity

This really couldn't be further from the truth. So far let's review the things he has done:

    • Found a girl he likes, for no reason. There is no backstory, it's just some random girl he met and they exchanged literally 2 sentences and that's it. And then he regards her as the love of his life, for no reason.
    • Fell into a ravine and found an old spirit who knows some godlike cultivation methods. Moreover this old spirit is also not very wise as it tells him to kill/rape every girl he comes across, for no reason.
    • Spent multiple chapters cultivating techniques that the old spirit tells him to cultivate, so he can get revenge on some demon who killed his girl (the one he only exchanged 2 sentences with).
    • Inane scenes of him sneaking into the female quarters so he can talk to his girl then getting caught by female cultivators who want to beat him up for staring at them naked. Wacky hijinks ensue.
    • MC is greedy and risks the lives of his peers so he can drag back a corpse to sell for money.
    • MC is arrogant and wants to beat people up to prove that he's superior (see the line 'To crush the other heroes and stand above, who else is there but me?')
From Arkeus' review I expected something more like Reincarnator. Instead this is very much a typical xianxia story. The MC is a hotheaded teen and has absolutely no idea what maturity is. Constantly acts irresponsibly putting people around him in danger.

tl;dr regular xianxia nothing to see here, move on.
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Jibber rated it
March 2, 2018
Status: v1c140
tldr; keklel's review is just a bunch of lies. The story stands out among other cultivation stories and is worth reading.

I have to write this review because the most liked one is actually just a bunch of lies. I'll go over his points before I give my own feedback on the story. Scroll down if you want to avoid all of the spoilers.

"Everything he does is about trying to uplift humanity"

First of all, he's not trying to uplift humanity. Humanity is dying and the author doesn't try to... more>> sugar coat it.


Humanity is treated as livestock outside of the Great Wilderness. They are bred in small villages to be offered as food to guests. There are traitors within the great clans. People know they're there, but everyone is aware of how screwed they are once the fuse goes off. There are multiple races around them waiting for the cracks to grow. Each civilization has their own politics so it's not black and white. Humans are just at the bottom in the story.


    • "And then he regards her as the love of his life, for no reason." This is just flat out untrue. Honestly you have /r/niceguy problems if you think there was anything romantic between the short dialogue they shared.

      He saved the girl's life while traveling to Sword Gate. There are no hints that he has any romantic feelings for her. It is pretty much explicitly implied that he treats her as a younger sister and nothing else.

    • "Fell into a ravine and found an old spirit who knows some godlike cultivation methods." It is a cultivation technique of the gods, so yes it should be godlike. The second chapter literally explains the backstory that humanity are ancestors of the Fuxi celestial race, the Earthly Sovereign Heavenly Monarch. As for Xin Huo's eccentric personality, the setting of the story is dark. Fights are gruesome. People are getting their flesh chopped off while having the illusion that they are still alive before they collapse into a pile of pulp. The killing/raping suggestions are moments of dark humor that Xin Huo injects into the story. None of it is taken seriously and the MC makes a point to roll his eyes every time. Xin Huo also doesn't give a sh*t about the human race as their bloodline is too diluted from the Fuxi race for him to care.
    • "so he can get revenge on some demon who killed his girl." This guy doesn't even understand the story. There is an interesting subplot to why he wants to kill the demon. There are multiple encounters that span multiple arcs and go into the conspiracies of the great clans. Don't read the spoiler if you want to enjoy the story cause it's just flat out what happens.


      The girl is used as a host for an old monster spirit that is revived and killed by one of humanities experts before it can recover. This kills the girl. Its obvious that one of the human clans did it. Xin Huo told him once he ran into her again and he knew her before her personality changed. He has no influence in the sect so he'd get silenced it he tried to reveal it. Obviously he needs to kill her before they can elevate her position within Sword Gate and she regains her strength.

    • "Inane scenes of him sneaking into the female quarters so he can talk to his girl" This is a cliche plot device that are rarely used in the story. There is an urgent reason that he needs to meet with the girl. It just comes down to the MC not knowing that males are banned from the female quarters. Jokes and humor between the two genders is prevalent throughout the story. Really a matter of taste. I don't think it should turn anyone off to the story though.

      One of the MC's friends proposed to 4 different families on the same day without telling each of them. He came up with this plan because he wanted to learn techniques from each of the families. They couldn't reverse the proposals they all accepted so the guy got his ass whupped.

    • "MC is greedy and risks the lives of his peers so he can drag back a corpse to sell for money." This guy can't read. There is no effort used to carry the corpse back with his art. Here's the quote from the story in Chapter 13.

      "Zhong Yue visualized the Jiao Dragon Winding Body Totem Art, his psyche turned into a Jiao Dragon and it held the mantis demon in its mouth while he followed behind Ting Lanyue empty-handed."

      At this point it's obvious keklel has a mental problem or he's just doing this to spite the translator/host.
    • "MC is arrogant and wants to beat people up". I have no idea where the line he quoted from is. I checked the first 27 chapters and didn't see it. The MC does have moments where he is domineering. It's well used IMO in a way that builds up the hype/tension of the conflict without being annoying. The families he comes into conflict with aren't black and white. Some members he clashes with, others he has a good opinion, some he has no feelings for but still respects their strength/morals. This is all within just one clan, so this isn't a story where MC will slaughter a clan for offending him. There is also a theme of the strong survive in this story. People get stronger by walking through the dead bodies of those around them. Losing your confidence in a fight means death in this story.
Here is my quick evaluation of the story so far (Chapter 140).


    • The world and setting is fleshed out. There is a story behind each race within the universe. Everyone has their own objectives that also involves plotting against each other. The MC is travelling to the areas from each race and unlocking the secrets of the ancient past.
    • There is no bullsh*t higher realm (I hope not). The realm of the gods is where the story starts. There is a deep history that the MC uncovers as he encounters the past legacies.
    • The plot progression. The threats to humanity play a key role to the progression. It is not linear. The threats overlap and conflict with each other. They do not just resolve themselves by the MC killing everyone as the problem is still the survival of humanity. The MC's navigates the schemes around him on a knife's edge.
    • The characters are interesting. Everyone has their own personality in the story. The characters have their own motives whether it be for their race, their family, or themselves. People are willing to betray those around them and some will die repaying their debts.
    • The characters can think things through. Information and lack thereof is used in the story as everyone tries to understand what is happening around them. A small piece of information can allow characters to piece together the undercurrents around them. People are not oblivious to the enemies and traitors around them. The characters feel like they are living on the brink of destruction as everyone is sharpened by their environment.
    • The fights are amazing. Fights will usually take 1-3 chapters depending on the enemy and setting. The buildup to the battles are well written and makes you emotionally invested in the fight. I actually enjoy reading the fights in the story unlike every generic cultivation story.

    • The humor is hit or miss. I don't think it would turn anyone off to the story, but that's all up to personal preference.
    • His personality does make the romance almost non-existent so far. Some girls have expressed that they wouldn't mind being in a relationship with him. MC doesn't have any romantic feelings for them given his personality. He's kind of on a one track mind at the moment. I can definitely see how it ends up as a Harem though. We'll have to see how the author makes everyone get together.
    • His techniques and arts take effort to understand. The cultivation system in this story is complicated. After writing this review I realize I should go back and re-read it to understand it better. I personally think it improves the story.
    • The levels of power are slowly introduced in the story. There isn't a chapter where some random NPC fawns over the experts in the world and gushes out information about the cultivation levels. We still don't know the power levels of the leading experts MC has encountered within each race or their power difference to the MC.
    • People die. It never feels like anyone is 100% safe from getting their head chopped off.

    • The main character's personality is bland. The emotions the MC shows are more solemn. His duty lies within helping mankind and those around him. His emotions flare when humans are being oppressed or those he cares about are in danger. The MC doesn't offer anything interesting when compared to the other characters. This might be a good thing if you don't immerse yourself in the MC. The story really does shine within it's setting.
    • MC is a bit of a robot. He doesn't really have his own opinions. All he really cares about is saving humanity. Defeat the enemies in front of you and solve the hidden dangers. He's willing to live on the brink to gain strength and that means sealing his emotions. Like when a girl comes to you with her problems because she wants you to listen, but the MC is a normal dense guy that just gives her the answer or does it for her.
    • There is no backstory for the MC. He's the strongest warrior from a tribe nobody pays attention to. That's it up the current translations. It really isn't mentioned anymore than that. It does make the MC's motivations look weaker.
If that didn't convince you to read the story. BIG SPOILER.


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Arkeus rated it
April 6, 2017
Status: c938
OK, this is a good one. I have not yet completed it because I got distracted and then kept hoping that someone will pick it up. So very, very glad someone did. It's been completed a week or so ago at 1547 chapters.
... more>>

This is really going with the theme of "Humans have lost all their powers after [secret apocalypse] happened, and now the main character, Zhong Yue, will try to reverse what happened". Everything he does is about trying to uplift humanity, and as such there are going to be significant themes of loyalty/brotherhood/etc.

Zhong Yue is an incredibly talented cultivator who constantly does his utmost to pave his own way to go further than anyone ever before, and everything he does not only feel earned, but we also get a lot of examples of other incredibly, incredibly talented cultivators. Some rivals, and some friendly.

Please give it a try. <<less
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asdf123 rated it
February 9, 2018
Status: v1c94
tl;dr keklel is a neanderthal, this story is solid, you will regret not reading it.

The setting is interesting, humans are basically the devolved version of a celestial race that used to rule the known area (not sure how much area yet) but now there is only a single bastion of humanity left in a jungle filled with scattered tribes that can barely survive. There are other species but they treat humans as livestock so there is quite a bit of motivation for the MC to help humanity rise.

The cultivation system... more>> is like a mix of coiling dragon type iet stories and doulou dalu (syncing with spirits to power up until they become gods maybe). There is a lot of dao type stuff and perception is important. We only know as much as the MC does for the cultivation system which isnt much as he is an ignorant kid from a small tribe for quite a few chapters.

The opening arc is excellent so far, he is finding his way, doing insane training, learning about the world and how f**ked humanities situation is.

There are even dark undercurrents from outside and in so there is a bit of desperation mixed in with power up/enlightenment chapters.

The action is solid, it isnt overly wordy and some of the fights are pretty epic which is kind of crazy since he is just a noob atm.

Great start so far, cant wait for the next 100 chapters so I can binge. <<less
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wait321 rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c100
The translator said it gets better around chapter 50. Well I read to 100 and it didn’t. It’s remarkable how slow paced and cliche it is. I’d estimate that 40 chapters were spent describing fights, 40 describing abilities he learns, and only 20 furthering the plot. At this rate, the humans won’t start rising until chapter 3000.
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Amaury1514 rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c55
All I can say is that I'm disappointed.

I was really looking forward to this because of the whole concept of the humans being the "underdogs", but the stupidity of the humans in this LN makes me not care if they all get wiped out tbh.

Also the MC is very bland and uninteresting not to mention the side characters.

... more>>

So the first thing I noticed, that Made me think WTF, was how the humans are struggling to survive in the world. So they formed this big community, but they are only allowed to use that community's soul technique thing, which means the MC has to hide his technique. which makes no sense to me. Why would you care about something so basic as a qu gathering technique when your struggling to survive anyway?

theres other instances of stuff that makes no sense, but I'm too lazy to go through them all.

So now to the reason I don't think I can continue this LN.

Ok so there's this girl who you meet early in the LN, and a couple chp after you meet her she gets possessed by this ancient demon. (She's basically sacrificed by her clan) and her and the MC were close. At first I thought this was new and interesting and was kinda excited to see how it would play out, but all my hopes led to nothing but disappointment... So the MC can't say anything to anyone because the girls clan is super powerful which made sense because he was only a weakling so I didn't mind too much. But the chapters I'm on now the MC just had a major battle with the demon so not only does she know that he knows who she is the clan behind her is gonna know that he knows now, but because the MC is so strong the humans are suspicious of him while that just think the girls abnormal strength is how it should be because of her clan. It just makes no sense how the humans can't tell who she is. She literally showed her spider soul thing during the fight. Not to mention how the demons are known to be able to turn into humans so you would think they would have a way to tell if she's real or not, but nope she just walks around with no problems while everyone suspicious of the MC. While he tells NO ONE. It's like they already know that you know of there treachery why would you keep hiding it? Lost a couple brain cells.

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selweron rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c143
Well this novel easily replaces Immortal Mortal - 2 chapters a day and just as exciting :) Obviously what backs up Rise of Humanity is better, not repetetive plot and characters. Not everyone MC meets antagonizes him, and the world is more messed up than you would think with all these races and possibilities. The plot picks up at around 40+ chapter, the further the better :D At c143 I can't freakin wait for more!!! Will definitely stick to this novel daily.
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Varno rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: v1c103
This should be the number one novel on site. I will talk about the pros and cons.


Well built magic system. The magic system is dynamic, a rarity in this genre; built by the author, although it shares some similarities with what is expected of the genre it is approached in way that works well in the setting.

... more>> Combat is excellent, kicks, punches, breaking the sound barrier and also-- for the xianxia fan-- psyhic powers to throw sh*t at each other.

The worldbuilding is nice and simple, laid out in such a way that it is easy to picture. While it hasn't been expanded upon yet, from what has been shown insofar I can remember nearly all of it.

The goal is in the title but there is a just-as-important subplot, so if you're into mysteries try it out.


Character dept is lacking. They do have personalities but almost everyone's shallow. This isn't to a detrimental degree, yet.

Pseudo harem.

Really, I couldn't find much to complain about. 5/5. <<less
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Stormbreaker rated it
April 1, 2018
Status: v1c201
A great story, I won't say how much it's good and why you should read it because a lot of other reviews do it quite well.

However I'm going to explain why it's NOT bad :

Some people are disappointed that after 27 chapters (while the novel is 1400 long) the MC did nothing for the rise of humanity.... Well for me it's a good point : do you expect a nobody struggling to stay in the sect to suddenly wake up and say "I'm going to lead the rise of humanity... more>> !!!" ?

Hell no that would be naïve, stupid and boring. Here we experience what the MC experience : why would you want to help humanity to begin with, why are you so motivated ? Instead of creating a stupid reason in 3 chapters like some clan exterminating calamity bullsh*t we just go and experience the world, learn how much humans fell from grace and how precarious is their situation. And only after this can we believe in the MC motivation because you saw what he saw and you felt what he felt.

Now let's talk about the MC : yes at the beginning he isn't very different from your average Jo and that's WHY it's great ! He isn't very different from a typical human at the beginning and we see him grow more and more interesting. The only differences between him and the others are his extremely good comprehension ability and a "master" who give him the strict minimum help considering what he knows and this "master" will bring a lot of troubles to our MC because he is far from an omniscient sage, while he can sometimes save the situation he can f**k it even further too if you listen to his every words.

So we have a real character growth and an atypical master who will bring a lot of funny moments when the situations are quite heavy.

Here comes the side characters and antagonist : if you just consider people dumb because they appear dumb in the story you can't be anymore wrong, particularly the old ones.... About the first love interest, it's not that there is no backstory or no reason, it's just that they are quickly explained for a good reason :


(basically he saved her when she was going to enter the sect and he got injured because of that, she remembers it and they interacted a lot after that, she's basically MC's only friend while she got a great background) the author don't want you to regret it too much when she dies : you understand MC grief but you aren't too attached to her so it's okay.


As for his senior (sect master, elders, etc...) you feel like they are dumb because you see them with the same vision as the MC and when the plot thicken you gradually understand that they clearly know how to use their brain but they can't act rashly because the situation is grave and that they don't want to waste any opportunity to improve the situation (I can assure you that some character of the old generation are going to surprise you and you will grow to admire them)

For the antagonists, YES you have the typical cliche villains at the beginning BUT fears not you will forget them very quickly when the real oppenents appear, in the end you will just see them as a bunch of inexperencied people who won't even annoy you, while the real antagonists are getting more numerous and problematic to deal with (because while they use cannon fodder to annoy the MC most of the time they themselves have abilities worth your reading time).

MC is quite popular with the opposite s*x but here too he grows more mature and less oblivious to the situation (and he isn't trying to actively build a harem, he can act friendly with the other girls without the need to go a step further even when he knows that it would be easy) while the girls are developped enough so that you don't need to think for a long time to remember who is whom when you see their names, especially the love interest (s).

So just take your time to read this story, try to not miss the details, do not judge hastily, give it a chance, the more you will read it and the better you will find it, to rise you need to start from the bottom and to steadily climb all the way until the apex !! <<less
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastWish rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: v1c211
The world is filled with powerful celestials and monsters, and the only safe place for humanity is Swords Gate. Unfortunately, the last top cultivator of humanity is dying, there is no one to take his place, and there is a dangerous traitor in the Swords Gate...

Upto chapter 200 it has Good writing and plot, well written, well imagined, good fights, clever enemies, and what's more, clever friends! However, right afterwards, the writing has taken a nosedive.

... more>>

The translator of the novel is right - the novel suddenly gets much better around Chapter 50. Unfortunately, the quality takes a nosedive after chapter 200. I won't say it is as bad as WQDK/ ATG/ BTTH, but it is close.


The plot of the novel revolves around humanity's struggle for survival as underdogs - always a plus in my opinion! Its only later you find out how much of underdogs they are. The fights are fun, and the MC doesn't always get an easy win. Best of all, there is a mystery - who is the traitor of the Swords Gate? The needle of suspicion falls first on this person, and then on another...

The Bad:

The novel has its share of cliche elements: The fearless hero, the dumb young master, the MC massacring his opponents from other races, MC suddenly acting brashly and killing people, MC getting all the good stuff, all the cultivation hotties having hots for the MC, and so on.


Conclusion: First 200 chapters are are fun to read, way better than the usual Xuanhuan stuff. However, afterwards the quality of writing falls down to the level of generic Xuanhuan.

All Time Recommendations: If you haven't read these novels already - read them!: Ze Tian Ji, Nightfall, I Shall Seal The Heavens, Deathsutra, Pivot of the Sky. <<less
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ChongJCheng rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: c550
What a story! Reimagining Chinese myths into a novel world comparable to Tolkein. Did not read the English translation however, always get disappointed to how translators convey special phrases. Read the source directly, and was astounded to find how the author wove ancient Chinese myths and legends and gave a retelling of it, as well as giving a 'fake' account of World History. The author did his research definitely, and I could see this becoming a good action series (if the producers do not f*** it up). Gonna scrutinise the... more>> details from chapter one again! <<less
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Anonymousse rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: v1c218
Author said this is not typical novel with op MC. agree, MC running with his tail between his legs most of the time.

the plot or the action are all dull.

MC potrayed as a hope for the rise of humanity. But I dont see any affection interaction between MC and other human, even with the so called zhongshan clan. so MC background is basically bullsh*t.

some plots are ridiculous and shortsighted, like the arc of competition in the celestial being. where everyone said that MC must win, no matter the costs. even... more>> if he takes the risk of being idiot by reverse awakening, or shows the celestial race that he did the reverse awakening successfully and can really threaten em in the future. really? even his schoolmaster is that dumb? sigh... MC act always put a big fat target mark in his face to keep the story going...

I lost interest after read this for a while...

But maybe I just too familiar with xuanhuan/xianxia novels plot... the one where everyone really wanna kill the MC BUT keep sending pawns fodder to give MC the power up, which also drag the story til u bored to death. <<less
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February 28, 2018
Status: --
Pretty standard stuff here.

- poor MC gets hands on a cheat. Check.

- face slapping for simply the sake of face slapping. Check.

- MC that becomes OP way to fast. Check.

It isnt a bad story dont get me wrong. But it is so average as average can be. Had some hopes about some twist that would have been possible. But it seems like it is content with being average and taking no chances.
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April 12, 2017
Status: c21
So far a pretty solid series, It (so far) focuses on a poor yet hard working cultivator who stumbles upon a legacy in the wilderness. This spirit acts has his mentor (somewhat) in exchange for carrying him around while he looks for a pure blood member of the original god race, of which, surprise! The humans are the degenerated descendants of. Our main character's "cheats" are basically a snarky infodump spirit, and a very high ability to comprehend/visualize techniques (and eye for detail as it were). So far other than... more>> the single cultivation technique and some fairly risky advice there isn't any "OP" cheats from the spirit like in some. It has (so far) maintained a good balance between interesting strength from the MC without too much Plot armor. I'm curious to see where it goes. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: v1c193
It's a good novel. However, some parts are boring as well. For me, I find the the first hundred chapters were boring, but I kept reading because some said it would get better.

Some reviews has over exagerate things about this novel (both good and bad reviews). All I can say is that the first parts were boring, but it does gets better. The author sure took his time building up the world. After the 100 chapter mark, I did not find myself forced to click the next chapter anymore


Chapter 1-100... more>> 3 stars

Chapter 100-200 5 stars <<less
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Yoburi rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: --
This is a great novel but there is a very important flaw that makes this novel a 4 stars not a 5 and can even ruin a little the whole story and that is Humanity in this novel is just horrible.

We have demons and all kindas of mosnters that want to ensalve humanity and one sect that protects whats left of mankind and our MC is part of that sect the thing is the sect keep trying to kill and bully the MC in everything he does to the point... more>> you even simpatise more with the demons. The sect is corrput and only the powerfull familys have any right and they don't vallue our MC even when he show his talents they even suspect him and try to kill him because of that.

Our MC is very loyal to the sect and I can undestand even after all that bully because thats really the only thing protecting the human race but I can't stand them anymore after ch 58 I even wanted the sect to just die off and the MC pick the pieces. Oh well great novel worth a try. <<less
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