Rescuing the Humble and Paranoid Male Supporting Character [Quick Transmigration]


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In many literary works, there was a nasty villain hiding in the shadows, like a rat in the gutter, who humbly loved the protagonist and would do anything to get him or her.

They wanted to get the protagonist, bring the protagonist great psychological harm, and even physical harm.

The task that the system had given to the protagonist was to return the favor by punishing these ugly characters in literature and make them regret the harm they did to the protagonist.

Veteran rebel boy Jiu Shu gladly accepted the task, and then got mad at the system.


Who follows you in the darkness of the night, hides razor blades in the roses they give you, and plasters your room with your pictures?

–This is their unique love

Jiu Shu showed the paranoid who had never been loved what warm favoritism was.

Hearthrob Big Beauty Sufferer X Humble Paranoid Attacker

The following are punishment targets:

World 1: “Crime Record” Dual Personality Fanatic X Exploding National Idol

He was in love with his female coworker and liked to quietly spy on her from the shadows, but recently, his sister, who shared a body with him, said that she was also in love with someone, the sweetheart of the woman he loved.

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Alexania rated it
November 6, 2023
Status: c40
I enjoy the concept but the writing makes it a bit of a chore to read.

It's so heavily padded with circular purple prose that sometimes seems to get into a endless loop of describing how beautiful MC is and how humble, psychotic MLs ears are turning red.

When the story does manage to get past that it's interesting, though sometimes a bit off putting.

... more>>

Example would be cuddling and hugging ML who, at the time, is literally a skinless flesh monster drenching everything in blood.


MC is aloof but not so aloof as to make you think he's playing with ML.

ML has very low self esteem and is consequently super dependent and submissive. I am hoping this is something that changes over time but the title of this novel concerns me.

Rest of the people in the worlds seem to all, without exception, have single digit IQs and the vapid personalities to go with it. <<less
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Nyrial rated it
October 31, 2023
Status: c80
I personally like it, because I'm a weirdo who likes monsters/eldritch beings as a love interest, and such pairings are on the rarer side. At the moment I rate it 3.5/5 and round it up to 4. While it does satisfy some tropes I like, it's portrayal of mental health issues is a bit rocky (ab*se and mental health issues equaling someone committing bad acts), and I will say that while the worlds change, they feel kind of same-ish.

The premise is a bit similar to QWFD, where a transmigrator is bound to a system, but seeks to break the control of the system over the MC. The MC is pretty straightforward and knows what he wants, while the ML has extremely low self-esteem (due to being monstrous or unnatural in some way) and some sort of tragic past. He also gets a bit jealous (of himself mostly). But ML never crosses the line, and he is quite devoted and obedient to the MC. They are both OP. 1v1, same ML every world.

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Lowgran rated it
December 13, 2023
Status: c87
Big fan of this from what I read so far, it's delightful with horror and romance. I love a crazy non-human ML who is hopelessly in love with the MC and still respects him and his wishes. I also love an MC who doesn't flinch or get frightened by what most consider gruesome or scary scenes.
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: c65
Update: this is just an update original review is tight under. I want to say I fo really love this novel. Like I really do, the first arc was painful to read. Especially through the exposition. I would still recommend this because it does get better after the first arc.

I will mention thst it's still kind of wordy and author likes to drag but it's much better lol.

Actual review:

I really like the concept and the relationship is so endearing. But like another reviewer said it's a chore to read.... more>> It took me forever to get through the 36 chapters because I had to keep pausing and push myself through rrading it.

I had to keep hyping myself up TT. It really is a chore. It take far to long to get to the next plot point and often times the same idea is reiterated in a different way several times. Overall reading this is a drag, but I love it so much...

So I can't stop.

I also think it doesn't help that the translated has such huge gaps between the sentences and paragraphs. It makes the reading feel even longer.

But yeah, the writing is very padded. While the descriptions are cool


i don't several examples of people going neraly insane because of the power of you xin... like after the first three you csn just skim over or not mention it all.


Thank you to the translated for their hard work because I don't know how they managed to translate this with all the dragging. It's chapter 36 and despite the long word count each chapter were still not at the end of the first arc. =_=

I wanna mtl but I can't bring myself to do it. <<less
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April 8, 2024
Status: c61
I won't rate it yet I will after I have read all of it. As of right now, I have first arc.

I'm writing this so everyone who only reads review of it being tedious to read won't put it off.

It is true it gets repetitive and it gets bit bland to read those repetitions. But the idea and concept are amazing. And other than some repetitive wordings and phrases it's overall a good read. I think another reason it's a bit hard to read is because it's not written in... more>> the same format as other quick translations or even other romance books. When I read it felt more like one of those cultivation or crime thriller novel which nor everyone can go through in one sitting.

Overall it's good. It got new ideas and concept. It has nice writing style. It just doesn't match your normal quick trasmigration format of writing. So just take at least first arc as if you are reading a separate novel rather than qt and I think that changes the perspective? <<less
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December 18, 2023
Status: --
Won't rate, only read the first arc. If I did rate, it probably would only be 2 to 3 stars.

The premise is interesting and my initial love of reading initially began with horror novels, so I thought I would absolutely love this, but the writing is too much. Literally, the author had to get paid per word to write so much.

This novel is a chore to read. The author will use so many words to say nothing and takes forever to get to the next plot point. There were times... more>> I was falling asleep while reading because it was just a whole lot of nothing.

With all the text you would think there would at least be a complete arc, but no. By the end of the first arc I was left very unfulfilled. Took 37 tedious chapters for everything to come out and then their relationship is just lightly glossed over and no resolution of the ML's 2 personalities fusion, more about the world/god (ML), what happens after they die, more about the system, and so much more.

The translation was good, I appreciate that they translated whole chapters and they are all LONG chapters. The formatting of the site is weird though, it will have like a few sentences then a large gap of nothing, then a few more sentences, makes reading even more of a challenge, but hey at least it's not just a huge block of text.

Won't continue on for the time being, not sure if I will come back to it in the future, probably depends on how desperate I am to read something 🤣 <<less
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Lianna rated it
November 26, 2023
Status: --
This novel is out of ordinary, at least for me. I didn't expect horror aspects and crazy sect members. At some point I even wanted to give up the story, but I wasn't able to. Because big baby ML is too endearing. I want to know how his bumpy road of love will turn out.

And thanks to the translator for regular updates!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 8, 2024
Status: --
if you read this, you should rlly skim over a lot of the first arc 😭 its very long, and I felt bad for the translator

i like the untamed alley and their translations, so im going to not rate it lowly, but that first arc was tedious and unfulfilling. I like what the author is trying to do, but what other ppl are saying is correct - its way too many words and a bunch of exposition that doesn’t lead to much. I was hoping that there would be more... more>> focus on the relationship development, but I personally felt like it wasn’t great. The concept of the first arc was pretty cool, I wish it was told better! Im gonna continue this story, but right now its a 3 at the very best. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 29, 2024
Status: c103
Wasn't sure what to think when people said they had trouble reading through parts. And in the end I think there's two reasons, especially the first arc. One is that it reads like edited mtl--understandable and appreciated with the occasional gender mixup or odd turn of phrase--and the other is that ... more>>

the ml, one personality is referred to as he, the other as 'she', but then 'she' changes to 'he' and then there's not always quotations. As well as the fact that while I'm sure in Chinese the names are visually different even if they look the same, straight translation to English makes the names identical and therefore rather hard to tell who is doing what.


So far, I like it. Edit 7/4/24 -- I still like it, but I'm dropping for now.

The fact that the ML is multiple characters in each world is definitely interesting, and the MC certainly doesn't mind, but it's getting tiresome to me. Especially since as of the arc I'm on now, in the previous arc, the two parts were merged together, and even the MC expected it would be just one ML in the next world. I'm sure there's an overarching plot reason, which is why I'll come back to it, but at the moment I don't want to read any more.

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