The Paranoid Bosses Are All My Boyfriends


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[I could have endured the darkness if I had never seen the sun]

Su Jingyan is an NPC in countless horror novels. Every character he plays is a heartthrob, and he has been loved by thousands of people throughout his life.

Just like the bright moon in the world, the darling of God, everyone can’t wait to hold their hearts and make him smile. The time traveler loves him, the reborn loves him, the reincarnated loves him, even Satan who hides in the dark loves him.

Others are hell, but you are my world.

Su Jingyan is a heartthrob, and he is very satisfied with his boyfriend, but strangely, the whole world is telling him: “Run! Your boyfriend is dangerous! He is a ghost! He will kill you sooner or later!”

Su Jingyan turned his head and looked at the man who smiled at him like a spring breeze, and then replied flatly, “Oh… I totally believe you.”

“…” Damn, I’m telling the truth.

The next second, the person died.

Associated Names
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Cố chấp Boss tất cả đều là ta bạn trai
Hắc hóa boss tất cả đều là ta bạn trai
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New Jiiemm rated it
April 6, 2024
Status: Completed
One of my favorite stories with yandere characters. Our ML is really crazy, but somehow in my eyes she's not that 'black'... Because the author put the MC character in a unique way. The MC is described as very 'pretty', looks OP, but looking into the actual background, I can only say that the author is 'very smart'.

The storyline and story building is really unique, but unfortunately at the beginning it is really confusing, as if, I even thought, it's a pity that with characters like this the author made... more>> this story into arcs...

But approaching the last arc, aaaah it turned out like that 🥹🥹

I liked this story because of the characters of MC and ML, but still this story is not perfect... <<less
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freezy bee
freezy bee rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I've read this. I actually mtl untill the end, and it's quite easy to understand it.


The ML might be a lil bit crazy and being too possessive sometimes, but that's what keeps me going. I'll say it again, those male yanderes, obsessive and possessive kinds of ML is what I like because they're interesting.

Oh, and the plot twist or should I say, character development of a character that turned out to be a villain / love rival (with the same crazed love and possessiveness as... more>> ML) is unpredictable, really good at surprising me.

MC is okay, got no complains about him. Well, he's kind of a gary sue but can be cruel and selfish at times. Both MC and ML loved each other dearly. MC tolerates ML and sometimes also has the same possessiveness as ML. Ah, they're a pair of lovers that reflects like a mirror on each other.

The plot is okay, the romance is not on the fast pace for me because theres an explanation to MC and ML relationship on later chapters. <<less
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Chellooos rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: Completed
I've read this book before it's translated. And I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

ML is one of my favourite character. He's possessive, obsessive, and very cray cray.

MC is okay, I've got no problems.

... more>> I say they're perfect for each other. One obsesses and the other tolerates.

There's no angst in the novel and it also has the same author with 'Dating The Strongest Boss' (I also recommend this one, go check it out).

When I read the ending, it's surprising but a very pleasant one. It explains why ML always obsessed with MC. Anyway, just read it la~~ <<less
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Ouryuu Zeno
Ouryuu Zeno rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Quite a nice story, no angst but most the world's are repetitive in nature. The horror element spooked me a bit here and there and it was quite creepy to see creeps around the MC. Though nothing bad really ever happens to him. All side characters are 2 Dimensional as they don't matter and the ML seems to always have the same obsessive but insecure thoughts. The MC is innocently in love, and always the most liked person in the setting. I like how MC has his own thing for... more>> him, he s a good artist and sucks at physical activities but then again the moment he meets the ML he ignores every supernatural mu*ders around him and just drowns in his love.

One thing that made no sense


ML keeps having thought on killing the MC so he never falls out of live or leaves him, and ig he's thinking subconsciously leaving his brain in his coma as well but like why tf doesn't he want to recover? Like the reality of the two is all happy with them married and stuff but he's super scared to come out as a Stalker so instead hell be a ghost boyfriend lmao it made no sense.




I didn't understand the obsession the ML had over MC, So the MC saved him from bullies when he was young once, there after ML literally saves his life like multiple times and the MC just oblivious to it all?? And why is the ML so twisted, where were his parents? Is he actually a dead guy? I don t get it but they're happy together and hopefully whatever sh*t they went through made him more secure about the relationship


All in all a good read if you want that mutual love with yandere ML who s very puppy with the MC <<less
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NovelenthusiastIDK rated it
March 23, 2024
Status: c68
Basically MC travels to different worlds but doesn't know it, in those worlds there are clones of MC already living there and MC becomes them. In each world the characteristics MCs have in common are being pretty, really s*upid, vulnerable and in love with Lu Yichen. The exact same things happen in different worlds but in just different settings. MC is in a creepy situation, he meets ML and they both fall in love instantly, other characters go after MC as they want him for themselves because of his pretty... more>> face, ML is furious and defends MC, HE. What is even the point of dragging this story on??? <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: c63
It's really good!

I mean, sure it was not too different from a novel Dating the Strongest Boss. The theme of different arc different story theme with forgotten memories but both MC and ML are always in love with each other. It doesn't have a solid plot in each arc though, unlike DTSB that actually gave background setting where most arc have MC and ML know each other since childhood things, while in this novel so far they only meet in Adult age.

Another difference is how MC has this Beauty Halo... more>> thing where people Like and even Obsessed desiring him. To the point of Harmful where since 2nd arc, the MC fear or dislike people's attention. The point is, this Halo is Baaaddddd. Poor MC stressful a lot.

Also another difference is the ML was Super Yandere toward other aka he doesn't have problem killing people. Though so far he never been human. MC would Love him either way though. So it's all fine. ML would NEVEEER hurt MC. Another okay thing!

Really wonder of the mystery between them, because I'm sure in the end it would explain why MC and ML always end up loving each other.

Pray for the ending to have Satisfying Great one! 🙏 <<less
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