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Married for four years, there was no love in the life of Su Ran and Song Ting Yu. They were forced to marry because of Su Ran’s pregnancy. Ting Yu thought Su Ran was a foxy woman that tricked him with a purpose to enter the Song household, that’s why after the night after they both said the wedding vow, he immediately went overseas to be with his love and never came back even once​ to see his son.

Four years later, Song Wei Xi, the son of Su Ran and Song Ting Yu, was diagnosed with a rare illness. Madame Song, Ting Yu’s grandmother, knew this situation was urgent and asked Song Ting Yu to come home to help with this situation. Song Ting Yu couldn’t help but come back home, he came back to face his forgotten wife and child. Su Ran promised Ting Yu that she will sign the divorce paper if he agreed​ to help. Will Song Ting Yu agree with this proposal? Will he still leave after the recovery of Song We Xi or will he stay? Will love start to grow in their family?

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New weirdreader rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: --
Abuse doesn't lead to love, it leads to medical condition where you believe your abuser is a good person. The ML is not only stupid, lustful, and completely s*****.


Imagine a father who knows about his son's conditions delays his son's operation but when it comes to get someone else's (that was his wife as well) he forces her to give blood to his mistress.

A successful business that falls into every little scheme, rapes and abuses his wife, and lacks common sense.

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Asha7 rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: Completed
  1. Spoiler

    I read it and skipped a lot but could not get over the fact that the ML had a mistress still married to the MC and impregnated his mistress and put the MC through a lot because of that trash of mistress. I think he deserves that trash of a cheap woman more than our MC and the whole happily ever gave me a bad taste. I hate cheating scums and he was one and his taste in women is so bad and that tells a lot about a man. The MC was innocent and he hated her for nothing, it was like his misunderstanding is enough apology for his actions and beeing an unfaithful husband and the worst father. He was just a dumb man who let himself fooled, manipulated and accused the wrong person and didn't took responsibility. And the worst part is he did that more than one time and even hurt his son and wife later not trusting them. He never made up for that and never fought for the MC. It was like her always getting hurt. I think if it was me I just would ask him for the sperm to have IVF even if it would hurt and than divorce him.

  2. Spoiler

    He was callous to MC and especially to his own son and I can't respect or forget the fact that he came late to help his terminal Ill son and even threatened his own son's life for his scum mistress who was with him for almost 5 years and he even didn't love her. And later he plays the caring father and all. I couldn' t buy it. And then the other female rivals, why does the MC need to face them the ML was not worth it to fight for. MC is stupid for sticking to such a marriage and such a man, she should have thrown him away and not fall for such a guy. MC lacked a lot self worth and get her emotional and physically abused and than fall for her abuser.

  3. Spoiler

    I loved the side characters story, where her friend found a guy who deserved her after a scum of a husband who threated her like a replacement for his ex (he was the main villain and we find out the ex cheated on him later), she learned to fall in love again and didn't look back, even if her husband was her first love.

  4. Spoiler

    Thank god this is only a story. I couldn' t buy the whole love part from the ML. There are a lot better ML to read about. And I really wanted a stronger relatable MC to get connected with and not a half doormat. The one star is for the translator for their hard work but I wish they would pick another story with a deserving ML and strong MC. This story just supports abusive behaviour.

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chekanalia rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: --
Grats to the translator for doing a good job. Thats what the one star is for. Now could you please drop this and pick up something else.... Everything horrible about this novel has been listed above, so the author gets so many negative points. I can understand picking an angsty novel but a completely abusive, irredeemable male lead is not worth reading about, a female lead who is suffering from stockholm syndrome is even less worthy.
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K_araxx rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c57

The angest is real, though it wasn't enough to make me cry the moment between her son SWX and Su Ran was heartbreaking. The male lead is very dislikable, I haven't yet to see any major character development yet from him. But to be honest he seems like a pretty bad male lead. I mean seriously he even got his side mistress pregnant and when she purposely fell down the stairs and miscarried he blamed it in the FML. Even forcefully dragging Su Ran to the hospital to donate her blood to that b*tch. When she refused he used Song Weixi against her, saying that without him SWX would die. Song Wei Xi has an illness that needs umbilical cord stem cells to fix. For that to happen Su Ran needs to get pregnant with Song Tang Yi's baby. He is using that against her so she would donate blood to his side mistress. It was such a d*ck move I contemplated against giving up on the novel itself, but I decided that other than the bad male lead the plot was pretty good and SWX is a adorable character. A part that made me tear up a little would be the part when SWX finds out about the side mistress Bai Zhu Rui. His reaction was to silently lock himself in his room. When his mother came in he asked her "Is it because of that aunt that father never came back?" My heart chipped a little at that.

But a good pro about this book is the little steps of character development that Su Ran goes through to become stronger. There are white lotuses and green tea b*tches in her way but I'm still rooting for our female lead! Though lets hope that our male lead gets better. :)

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bulgingeyes rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: --
Thanks translator for trying your best at this. 5* to you.

The story is about a weak girl who gets abuse and raped (on repeat). actually its realistic because we all know that when powerful people torture you, you cant do sh*t. but I have hope she will become stronger! I ship her with... herself. yeah she has her very own ship!
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azithro rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c77
This really was a case of curiosity kills the cat.

The writing itself is not that bad, the story is fast paced and not like five thousand chapters and still ongoing. However, with the exception of SWX, I was very unsatisfied with the characters - namely the irredeemable ML and doormat FL. Pity STY wasn't the 'fake ML'.

... more>>

ML is supposed to some intelligent ruthless businessman and when you think of such an individual, you would think of a person with high IQ/EQ and clear minded. Instead, ML shows none of those qualities. Not only is he unable to see through the schemes of BZR, there are several signs that illustrate FL's unwillingness to be with him (insistence to divorce, FL mother's physical abuse...) and he doesn't even consider why that is, only sticking to the reasoning of how she found a richer person to be with. Considering that he does have the means to do, he could've easily done a background check/investigation to clear up the misunderstandings.

Also, all the double standards... He keeps BZR and yet acts all possessive when FL and LSH meet. He repeatedly hurts the FL, even goes so far to rape and blackmail her, and then doesn't even apologize when he finds out that he wrongly accused her. I hated the scene of when he dragged her to the hospital to donate blood for BZR who injured herself and then didn't show remorse when FL had frostbite because of that incident (applying medicine does not count, he doesn't even say sorry!). His affection towards FL runs hot and cold, only acknowledging her as his wife when convenient and then later telling her to mind her status.

The FL is somewhat likeable but really, really weak. She's subject to much emotional blackmail and physical abuse. There should be a limit on how much one can endure for others - though, for her son, I can understand. Regarding her mother's emotional blackmail and physical, FL does mention that she has some sort of a mental issue and accepts the abuse as she doesn't want to aggravate her mental condition. And thus, the cycle continues.

She also mentions that there are women like her mother who would do almost anything for the affections of a man and explicitly states that she doesn't want to become like that. Yet, we her accepting the ML's affection when he shows it and only insisting on divorcing after being wronged so many times. I guess on the bright side, she didn't fall head over heels towards the ML's advances. Someone mentioned in the spoiler thread that he does beg her at one point to not divorce him, but after being wronged so many times, she doesn't even make the ML suffer and apparently just accepts... Like, why??? Shouldn't she have trouble believing him and make him grovel?! He also resorts to some ****-move of pretending to be dead in order to keep her with him. Just no. She needs to grow a backbone and some self-worth. Maybe some common sense...

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crimsoniv0j rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: --
A quiet moving novel. IMO, all the main characters are victim of greed and selfishness of those around them. The MC and ML had no feelings for each other when they were forced to marry. Before MC went ML, the ML already have a girlfriend/lover that's why ML is so against the marriage. Su Ran (MC) and Song Ting Yu (ML) was forced to marry coz of MC's father drugging them into bed. Then MC got pregnant. The ML and gf goes abroad for 4 yrs not caring about the... more>> MC and their son, same with the MC coz she don't love the ML too, she only love her son. After 4 yrs, her son developed a sickness that needed ML help and that's where the novel started. I really cannot blame the Gf/Lover too because she is also a victim, literally she is the first woman in ML's life before MC, they are forced to break coz of the ML's marriage but they got together again after the marriage. I sympathise with the MC but I also sympathise with the Gf, she is in relationship with the ML before MC broke into their life.
I only hate MC's father, he is the reason for all the problems. <<less
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Riparro rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c83
I'm bad in English, I wrote with the help of an interpreter. I apologize and I hope everything is clear.

Many people say that ML is very bad. And it's true, but at the same time it's very real. Imagine you were deceived in order to get married, would you really be good to this woman? Of course not. Not a single reason is good for her. Especially TS does not deny the fact of deceit. ML is not only wrong in that he is bad to his son. Here he... more>> is really wrong. But he corrected fairly quickly (chapters for 30). In this case, I did not see the mockery of ML, what did he do with the MC? Did he leave her? Yes. Was he cold to her? Yes. And that is all. Where is bullying? They say that he raped her. So this is nonsense, she was ready for it herself. He did not have to be soft to her, because he has reason to hate her. Another thing is that she is not to blame for what happened, but who will believe that her mother was forced to do this by threatening her with suicide? I would not have believed it. This is normal.
And the rest is a very good novel, which deserves a good evaluation. I advise you to read. <<less
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IsekaiSan rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: c20
Its simply an eyesore the star is for the translators as for the story I can only say there is a limit to an abusive male lead and what the heckk is the female lead a friggin masochist just change the plot and retain the character you will have a melodrama s&m play I think the author is in the wrong genre
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SmallBookworm rated it
January 12, 2019
Status: c28
I've wanted to force myself to better parts of this novel, but I really can't.

The ML is just too disgusting for me, and I'm already used to the usual overbearing man.

... more>>

The ML from this story repeatedly rapes her. Now you can say, there's semi-consent cause she needs to get pregnant and agrees that this is the only way. So I can ignore it for my evaluation, if we are so kind as to judge it somewhat consentual which it is really just barely, but he's really nothing but an ass. He hasn't seen her for four years and it seems he's almost immediately interested after sleeping with her. Why? Because of her beautiful body. He keeps on telling her to remember her status and that she will have to divorce him, but on the other hand doesn't allow her to avoid him (he gets pissed when she tries). He buys her roses for her birthday right after telling her she's not worth anything to him, rapes her just after she's been caned to the hospital by her mother. He doesn't gave a sh*t about what she has to say - since she's of course lying anyways. I'm absolutely unable to see this ML as anything other than interested in her body. He doesn't give her even the tiniest way out.

What about her? She still blushes when he's nice to her and allows her family to keep on controlling and abusing her, as well. Great.

There's no way for me to continue reading this any longer, considering I expect the rape and abuse to continue for another while.

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Kozutan rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: --
I wouldn't even give 1 star for this novel. I was reading many novels but this is the worst. Translator, it's better if you don't waste your time with this sh*tty novel. Everything well written tho, but I can't stand the story it's really shows how much mental sickness a writer could have...

You guys can read lot of spoiler in other comments. I too hate the male lead, I think he don't deserve to be with the female lead! Oh, he was blind, he didn't know, etc, etc... Who cares?... more>> Female lead should find her own happiness far away without him! Truly a good example of @ssh**e male lead and masochist female lead with stockholm syndrome... I gave up at 48 chapter. I was hoping she would realize he isn't good, she should just find someone else, he isn't the male lead, maybe the real male lead will appear later, but I was wrong...

Wasted my time reading this garbage <<less
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sierraimoet rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c521
I'm really suprised I finish this novel with no skipping. I'm bored easily. And although there always time I wanna drop this novel, but the plot hook me hardly 'till the end.

What I love from this novel was the male lead development character. From such a brats who blame his surrounding for hinder his future (not really sure which future he dreamt off) into such man who clinging hardly into his beloved (ex) wife.

... more>>

From the beginning the STY blame SR for her works with her father to being married into his family. He always suspicious for her act. He always though SR just acting for benefit in front of their son, his grandmother, etc.

But SR also too lazy to explain anything to him. Because she thought STY will never believe anything she'll say.

Until he realize the truth about their first night. Who really design them and SR never intend to manipulate him. He try so hard to prove himself to SR, for his love to her. But SR too tired to encounter many hardship between their love.

Although STY promise anything to BZR (it prove how brats STY are, always think like a playboy who play for such a long time), but BZR can't let go of him. And BZR action was supported by STY' mother, who were later found that she is not STY pro-mother but BZR pro-mother

And the moment SR lose her 2nd child, she blame STY for everything and insist to divorce him.

But STY nagging her. "How you really unfair to me? Do you think our daughter die, I didn't feel lost? Don't leave me. I can't afford to lost you too."

There's a two time STY try to drank himself to make SR pick him up. It work for 1st time, but such a failure for 2nd time. STY must think extended plan to help him reconcile with SR.


I also love another couple plot inserted by the writer in end of story. And their story success me to finish this story.

Oh yes, I'm weak for male character who turn into masochist for prove his love to his loved-one. One of the bad guy in this story, I can't hate him fully for this reason too. <<less
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Ao.May rated it
April 26, 2018
Status: c130
Wow, I couldn't believe myself to be patient to read this. Please be warn that there might be some spoiler in my review.

I don't mean harm, but really... I super hate the ML. I know he's growing, but still, he's too annoying and careless especially to his mistress. Maybe caused I've read too many real black belly man, example ML of Hidden Marriage, I'm not fond of this ML.

And for the FL, I wish she will insist to divorce. A woman whose trying to be strong for her child. I... more>> like this kind of mother. Wish she has a better man. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nic rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a good read!!! Don't just be easily swayed by the reviews of other readers because each individual has his/her own criteria on what novel is considered good or bad. What I can confirm is that Song Ting Yu (ML) is, at first, a real big scum until he realized that he had fallen for Su Ran, the FL.

... more>>

After their feelings had become mutual, there will be ups and downs but those problems originated from one person - the main antagonist of the story is Song Ting Yu's cousin - Gu Dong Cheng.


The story isn't really my cup of tea but I was encouraged to read all the way due to the suspense and the thrill of finding out the culprit and the reasons behind the revenge of the main antagonist.


The last 100 or so chapters is about the story of Mu Chucheng (STY's friend who helped him when he was in jail) and Xi He (Su Ran's friend).


It would've been more interesting if there was an epilogue because I just felt that almost all the characters went through hell and I'd like to seek solace and find out how happy they've become after what they've experienced. Oh well, it is still a happy ending. It was worth my time! :) <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 17, 2018
Status: c77
I just had to rate it 5 stars because it feels like those who rates this 1 is trolling.

It's ANGST. There's a lot of annoying things here and there, but without those annoying things, the story won't progress.

ML and is an ass btw, I hate him before and I still hate him rn, but he's changing for the better. His character is in development. Same with the MC whois growing a backbone each chapters.

Plus the baby is cute.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miumiu rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c117
Frankly, this novel is quite engaging and interesting. The female lead was trcked into marrying the male lead but the ML also thought FL was the one who trcked her. So he stays away till he has to come back because their son is ill.

I can understand why he would initially treat the FL badly. But then he gradually changes his mind about her as well. The FL is soft spoken but has a steel spine as she insists on a divorce even when ML is in the process of... more>> changing his mind. Their son is so cute and his attempts to protect his mother is heartwrenching!

The translations are reasonably good and very fast. Recommend for a light and marginally angsty read <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yango rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: c56
Surprisingly this is actually a good novel... but that's because I'm into the big jerk type of ML.... honestly, I wish the MC had more of a backbone, other than that, I love how intense this novel is. He's the typical a***ole you want to slap the heck out of and she's the typical nice girl but the way the author writes it, it's brilliant.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hwayii rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c18
This story has a good plot line and characters, but I already want to slap half of the characters to death. The female lead has been manipulated her whole marriage, the Male lead misunderstood her the whole marriage.

I really hope the trash characters get trashed quickly
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GutsYandere rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: c41

I really want to drop this novel because of the ML but the story plot makes me want to continue. And there are scenes you get fired up and feel romantic excitement but still I hate the male lead. I can't understand he's intelligent but he can't see the schemes of his mistress moreover, he got her pregnant but luckily she lost the baby because of her stupidity, insecurities and shamlessness (imagine she's only a mistress but she have the guts to bully our MC whos the legal wife).

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wow, I thought the MC in the Dreamer in Spring is the worst novel ML but I stand corrected. Honestly, one of the unrealistic novel on all Josei novels that I ever read. The MC is really a masochist after experiencing all the hardship her husband done to her, and yet, the author still ships them at the end. The low rating of the novel is really deserving, compared to the rating in the Dreamers of the Spring Budoir, which is really mind boggling because after all the ML has... more>> done to FL he is still the final ship, and yet the story rating is still average. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JHeresy rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: --
Translation is good. There's a lot to be said about reading the comments before starting a story. I'm not a blind follower, I prefer to determine things myself. That said, it's sad when the side characters outshine the main protagonists.

And abuse is abuse, I don't care the reason. Even in a story. I'm tired of stories with the FL's finally getting a crap ML after she suffers through enough of his abuse. Hope the translator finds a better story to translate I'd read it for certain.
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