The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite: Baby


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He is a legendary business powerhouse, a King with a business empire. She is just an ordinary female student. A deal, – a paper marriage, a marriage for four years. Four years later, she turned away fearlessly. She thought that their path would never cross again, but he took her in his stride and refused to let go of everything about her, even interfering with her getting close to other men!

“Luo Yibei, we’ve already divorced! We’re finished! Over!”


She had to ask what he meant.

And he shoved a small bun in her bosom with a look of disapproval.

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Aruthea rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: Completed
I've been posting spoilers for this novel in the forum, go check it out to see if this novel is your cup of tea. Update: I've finished posting the entire novel in spoilers. You can thank me for taking the bullet for you, really.

My opinion so far after chugging through 2/3rds of this novel: it's okay. I won't say this is the BEST THING ever, but it's decent. It's 3-4 stars for me. It's like your average romance novel of a hi-tech guy and an ordinary girl with drama... more>> loaded everywhere. The novel is the first one I binge read in Chinese, and I find it addicting for some reason. As another reviewer said, it's somewhat steamy, but not that much. I think this novel makes me read on because I want to find out what's going to happen, lol.

Final Edit: At its completion, I'm honestly done with the novel's drama. The cold wars between the ML and MC are so frustrating to sit through in the first 2750 chapters. Also, apparently there are action scenes since ML is involved with the underworld, but I just zoned off when it happened. Which is funny, since I am an action reader. But the thing is, I did not come here for the action scenes. I came, for the romance. And you know what? I'm really seriously tired and burned out of their drama. I actually went and looked over what the other stories this author has written. Turns out that there is a written prequel on ML's parents, and a sequel-ish that takes place in the same universe. I read the sequel-like novel and I got to say, I'll take this novel over that one. Or rather, the drama got overboard. You get the gist.

I like that MC is independent, and it shows in how she behaves. She is logical and has a cool head when it comes to bad situations most of the time. The other times are usually things that she can't handle, like being in actual physical danger like guns. That said, for an 18-year-old to have that kind of mindset is a bit hard to believe, but she did have to grow up in a bad foster family environment. She is perfectly fine in being independent and doesn't like relying on ML to solve her problems for her. She too expects the ML to solve the problems he causes for her as well; if he doesn't live up to her expectations, she will up and go, no questions asked whatsoever. She is realistic about her situation of being in a marriage of convenience, so she actually doesn't expect ML to love her at first. She sticks to her principles, which I like. It's reflective and accurate to her backstory; suffering all alone as an orphan means she will find it difficult to rely on others. She stubbornly ensures to finish every task she is given and she can actually live without the ML. I relate to her somewhat. According to how far I read, she has only broken down and cried about up to 7 times. This MC has a really tough life.


There have been hints of her parentage BUT GODDAMN I'M AT 1912 AND WE ONLY HAVE BITS TO GO WITH. ARGH.

Update: We get to find out her parentage for real at the 2500s-2600s. Honestly, I'm just tired of the novel at this point. She also makes some dumb mistakes too. Sighs. Anyway, she is actually from nobility of a made up European Country known as Country Y and at some point in the 2400s was said to be 1/4 European alongside with her then-unknowing brother, Pei Xicheng.


The male leads... I have to admit, the one in this novel is pretty standard. Arrogant, cold, man of few words, and also hot-tempered. As I said, ML is slightly iffy for me, considering that these novels tend to have to 'force themselves on the girl' tropes, but the novel does say he does lesser of forcing himself on her over time. He does try his best to understand MC and lets her do her own thing... That doesn't involve men. He prefers women who take care of themselves and not whine all the time. He does overestimate MC's ability to read his mind though lol. ML did fall in love with her at some point and he struggles to make it work. At first, he doesn't bother explaining his motives to anyone, but MC became the first and only person he would explain to. He grows to trust her, which I think is pretty good. I just wish he would be more gentle to MC; these gentle moments are very rare. He also gets punished for not trusting her and he has to woo her back again every time she runs off, which is good.

Update: He is not the best ML, but at least he tries. And in the 2700 chapter run I'm at, he manages to get depressed twice, so he isn't entirely unfeeling.

More about the males in this novel:


We have two secondary male leads. The first one is Fenice, or Fei Nuo Si/Fei Si Nuo. I'm not sure HOW to get these names right, but the author switches between Fei Nuo Si or Fei Si Nuo. I really give up how to pronounce his name. He's a really nice person who takes MC in when she had to get away from ML. He is really nice and I think he deserves his own happiness. A shame MC is taken by the ML.

The second one, Leng Zihan, made me think the author wrote him to just make ML look better. At first, he was gentle and nice and give me second lead syndrome, but he grew to be very vicious and refuses to stop going after MC despite MC being ML's wife. He apparently was a friend from before the hidden marriage. It makes one wonder why he wasn't chosen to be married to escape the Fang family if MC knew him before and that he was a rich young master like ML. I absolutely cannot stand this man because his initial gentleness eventually got corrupted by jealousy so much so that he keeps telling MC he is the better choice. Without caring for the MC's circumstances. For example, he sabotaged MC's presentation by causing her to be late, worsening her stance in the Luo family. Another time, he took her wedding ring. He said he always loved her, but keeps testing ML's love with her just to make her give up on ML. It's infuriating, he's just like an incel.

"You belong to me" is such a common line uttered by the other males to their other females. Yes, we have romance side stories in this novel. They are Tongyan and Shi Jinyang (ML's good friend and MC's first boss at Rongxi) and Mo Xier and Qing Muchen (Tongyan's brother). So far, not much progress on those. But these two men seem to be possessive and quite daring in their pursuit of these women like ML lol.

Final update: The last 700 chapters after 2750 are based off the above couples.

I feel the author is sh*t at writing couples because as said, all the male leads are really overbearing in the relationship. I literally skipped Tongyan and Shi Jinyang's parts since the main novel did cover some of them and it's literally the same as the main couple. And I sh*t you not, the relationship for this particular couple misunderstanding lasted Six. f*cking. Years. You female leads, your male leads are dense as f*ck/STRAIGHTFORWARD TO THE MAX and just TELL THEM ALREADY! GOD THE COMMUNICATION IN THIS NOVEL IS HORRIBLE!

Mo Xier and Qing Muchen's story was much bearable because you know why? Only Qing Muchen would actually try to understand his wife's point of view. He tries! Isn't it damn saddening that a side male lead is leaps better than the main male lead?

The ironic thing was the last couple: Sha Xingbao and Pei Xicheng. Instead of the male being overbearing, it's the female. Sha Xingbao is Luo Yibei's sister, and holy sh*t her story is basically her getting Pei Xicheng to marry her. As much as I don't agree with what she did, she actually does feel bad and apologises. Good thing they... uhh do really love each other! Right?


Contrary to the synopsis about the aforementioned little bun...


The little bun appears at the 1400 mark. And I wish I was kidding, but a series of awful coincidences led to the bun being orphaned and raised by ML's sister for 4 years before MC and ML take him in. He was born 2 years after MC and ML married, and his parentage becomes obvious in the next 500 chapters. Little bun makes this novel worth it for all the hilarious moments and he actually does scold ML for treating MC badly when it comes to it.

Final Update: He's a really good boy. He eventually gets a little sister and supports his parents in their relationship too. I just think he has a really unfortunate fate of being the novel's lovechild when the parents have done 2-4 cold wars in front of him. Sighs. In the ending, he gets a younger brother who didn't even get a name lmao but yeah. Little bun is the best character because he provided a lot of amazing hilarious moments and shows that well, not all bun characters are that broken. There was a scene in the novel where his prodigy-like behaviour backfired on him, making him feel more relatable to me. And he doesn't always approve of dad's actions all the time too, a strong mom-supporter. So the 1 star I was going to take off is held in place by this amazing bun.


That's my review guys! <<less
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Cyberlina rated it
October 18, 2018
Status: c100
Plot is absent. Character development / growth is nil. Two dimensional protagonists with personalities as flat as my ipad screen.

but is readable light mood story.

story is like this : young fool tries to escape being raped/molested by stepbrother by contracting secret marriage to dashing ML. Only to be constantly happily raped thoroughly each and every night over and over again and each morning goes down to make breakfast while humming a happy silly song and holding her sore backside.

she is happy because at least it’s legal r*pe ya know. She... more>> is a married missus and all. So it’s alright.

so ifyou are the type not getting some in your stale daily life and want to drool over her situation then this story is for you. Very nice story for dumb ignorant virgins <<less
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Nah3sa rated it
October 4, 2018
Status: c77
I started reading it thinking it would be interesting. The MC seemed to be smart, able to think by herself, and with a somewhat fiery character. The ML is the typical handsome-cold god, rich and powerful. So, I thought that the reading will be nice even if not really imaginative or novel compared with stories of the same genre.

However, the story is developping really slowly and there is almost no character or real background developpment. More important : the MC is being abused and raped in every chapter (non-descript but... more>> still). And even if they are married, r*pe is still rape. And making it appears that being raped is not a big deal, which is actually what this novel makes, is a big NO NO for me.

If you don't care about that and just want a light reading, with a simple and easy to guess plot, you might enjoy it. <<less
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serguis rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: c31
Okay so :


    • the female MC goes to the birthday feast of someone who want to hurt her
    • she just so happens to find a room to hide
    • the male MC rapes her after seeing her necklace
    • next morning the female MC act thankful/angry...
    • etc

As for the description on NU, chapter 31 and no sign of child so... maybe it will come toward chapter 60-100 but in that case, it's not a description adapted.


I don't see any characters building, any deepness in either theirs actions or theirs thoughts.

I got quickly bored with the characters not thinking more than their next step. It's like writing a book as it come and not revising it after, allowing event to be scrambled. A bit like a story where each page is summarized by one sentence : it make sense but doesn't capture the attention or create any imagination from the reader.

This novel isn't bad but if you hope for something fun, full of surprise or excitement, this won't help. Kinda like binge reading, give you something but after reading you won't feel like remembering it more than this.
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vampire0lovers rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: --
I have 1/3 through the novels (raw). At first, it is interesting as FL is fierce, but also weak. But, the plot is very slow, the issues between FL and ML almost all the time is because lack of communication. She's too stubborn with her thoughts and logic. So I got bored after 900ish chapters.
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DeepSeaLove rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: --
I like the MC because she's different from the overly weak Female MC out there that is easily bullied. She fights and think with rationality. She knows her limits. As for the ML he's annoying! He's so high and mighty like everybody knows him! But anyways so far almost all chapters I read made me blush so hard that I look like a swelling overipe tomato. This novel made my nose bleed.
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jennamt4 rated it
October 21, 2019
Status: c128
I decided to drop this because I wasn't feeling the main couple. I ended up reading the spoilers in the forum and I'm quite satisfied with that since I don't want to suffer through all the drama and misunderstandings between the main couple.

From what I've read so far, there isn't a lot of love between the two. MC allows ML to sleep with her but doesn't hold any feelings for him, even allowing other women to come in between them. When she starts working in ML's company, she keeps it... more>> a secret, going so far as to lie to him when she goes on a work trip. ML, on the other hand, just wants to constantly do it with her. He thinks she married him for his money and fame but is perplexed that she doesn't try to integrate herself more into his family. The lack of chemistry between the two (at least in the first 100 chapters) made this book a little boring. <<less
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Brie_blue rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: c97
This novel? Tr*sh. That's it. In all honestly, in the months that I have been. Using this website, I have NEVER created an account to write a review but here we are.

Although not as bad as other stories the fact that the constant r*ape occurs in almost every chapter leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Also when I started to read this, it seemed as though the FL was somewhat smart and levelheaded, that being said I do have to say she does have a strong personality that takes... more>> no one's sh*it. But that is all that I can give to her. She doesn't communicate her thoughts, causes misunderstandings and did I mention she doesn't communicate to her significant other? Also in the 97 chapters that I have read, she has barely tried to understand her 'husband'

Now onto the ML, he is tr*sh. Always lustful and never takes no as an answer but I can't say anything else cause he has no other personality trait other than being cold or lustful. I do have to say, it's understandable why he would be angry with her, she bloody doesn't tell him anything or try to explain why she got married to him. That being said it DOES NOT excuse his lustful and abusive behaviour. Doesn't matter that they are married. <<less
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123abdi rated it
June 24, 2019
Status: c111
not cute, there isnt much romance/love

just the ML lusting over her body

also villain's interest in the FL is too obsessive, no justification for why he keeps going after her.
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