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Unique skill ‘creditor’ which can bet with its debtors on the unpaid debts.

[I define the debt conditions.] [To debtor ‘world’, enforce compulsory execution. Extend capability after regression.]

And the ability to take skills and stats!

Kang Yoo-sik’s chance to start a new life at the Hunter Military Academy.

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회귀자가 다 뺏어먹음
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Elphus rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: c100
An interesting story ruined almost-entirely by the incompetence of the "translators" that seem content to use what seems like Google Translate at every opportunity. The "translator" is insulting both the author and the audience with this bullshit.

Genders change within the same sentence, including someone who in one line was described as a woman and then gets male pronouns the next. Literal failures like the seeming inability to be able to spell the most common of fantasy terms like Mage and Archmage (Arc Maze, Maze College, etc.)

It definitely is an... more>> interesting story that's about an evil person, but due to how much the team f*cks it over, it leaves you feeling infuriated at almost every chapter.

I've had more coherent translations using Chrome on news articles than whatever these wastes manage. <<less
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lefinensis rated it
December 27, 2022
Status: --
Clearly, this novel was "review bombed" positively by the translators and their minions, because if you actually read the work from "novelmultiverse", its translation is beyond shitty, it's criminal. It basically degrades the novel and the story that the translator should be DMCA'd and put behind bars for this crime against humanity. You can barely follow the story as everything is completely incoherent and nonsensical due to sh*t translation.
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Pendragon05 rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Seriously, all of the Korean novels I've read in the past are starting to get translated right now. There's a sudden influx that's happening.

What's unique about this novel is that although it's definitely a Hunter, it doesn't deal with the story of growing up in gates or dungeons like other hunters, catching monsters.
Gates and monsters exist alike, but they are not that big or important, but rather, the story is concentrated on human relationships and the villains.
And, of course, you face the hidden forces that are trying to conquer the world that cannot be left out.

The MC is neutral, it's not that evil but at the same time, not completely good. There's 11 heroines in this novel, personally, I disliked this setting because 11 is too much. I don't mind if it's 2 or 3 heroines but 11 is too much. So for those that dislike harem with 2+ heroines, this is seriously a big deal.

Anyway, the silver lining is that execution of plot wasn't so bad because because it's not the typical plot of forced and contrived development of the heroines from many other novels suddenly falling in love with the main character at a glance. Rather, I think it's better than other novels because each heroine has a big part in the story. The author put a lot of weight on the story for each heroine.

Dungeon explorations didn't appear until mid to late except for the first exploration.

MC also knows his boundaries, he's not pretentious, he knows he's not a genius and just taking advantage of the future information and development about magic and stuff.

Finally, the second half might be tiring because it felt too long due to unnecessary extension but the execution of ending to epilogue were very good.
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tyes77 rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c300
A great novel on relationships like the previous reviewer said. The MC is not a pansy but he does try to move the entire world in a good direction. Despite his powers being a debtor, he doesn't screw over his allies but instead tries to help them reach the peak of their powers.

I love this novel and it doesn't drag anything as it ends at 300 chapters which is surprising. My favorite moment is the climax which reminds me of a certain scene in code geass. I wholly recommend this... more>> novel 100% as it never tried to add filler and had the exact length to tell it's story.


Also harem is great the other reviewer is just a stickler for one relationship. It grants happiness for all the women. So don't feel bad when you might think one woman is gonna be left out because the MC is possessive in relationships. Heh

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RiqRiq rated it
January 22, 2023
Status: c135
Interesting novel and has great potential, only it got ruined by the translation team they did awful job, most of the time I can't even understand half of the chapter, characters suddenly changing name, gender, etc
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January 17, 2022
Status: c106
I really like this novel - 4.5/5 for me. Other reviewers summarised the good and bad parts well for the most part. No point writing more about that. However I have my complaints regarding translation

The translation WAS pretty good up until chapter 90. Then something went wrong, the novel stopped being translated for some reason for half a year, but that's not the cause of my whining. I understand that there may be various reasons for a hiatus and I don't blame anyone for it - I was actually really... more>> happy when I saw that new chapters were translated. But I got quickly disappointed. I feel as though I am reading an MTL. Those 2 chapter were unbearable. Some passages simply don't make any sense.


"Ah... ... iced coffee... ..."

Tears flowed from Archibald's eyes, who had been controlled by Kang Yoo-sik with all the magical powers of his body.



Namgoong Ryun made an absurd expression on his smiling face and muttered dissatisfaction.

"A bastard."


That's why I don't want to rate the novel, because I hope the chapters will be edited in the future, or rather actually translated. Until then I will bid farewell to this pretty amazing novel.

Edit: After some hardcore training of reading chinese mtl novels I came back for the story. Weirdly enough, for some reason, when the text is partially understandable, and then something totally incomprehensible comes up, it's even worse than reading regular mtl. There the mistakes are consistent, here you're randomly forced out of focus.

The he/she pronouns get all mixed up for no reason. If somebody proofread this at least once and knew some basic english, they would notice this weird switcheroo. These weren't edited in the slightest. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: c84
Actually, pretty decent.

The MC is definitely willing to do what he needs to do to get things done, but he’s not completely devoid of feelings. He’s willing to change himself to change future outcomes and he ends up building a positive relationship with many others and a good reputation in contrast to his previous life.

The world setting isn’t anything special, but the story definitely focuses on the MC mending previous relationships and his second chance over actual fighting and killing. As for the dungeon part of the novel - the... more>> hunters in this case, are closer to mercenaries/criminals even over idols and celebrities.

As for the harem tag. Yeah, it exists, and from what I’ve read up to so far, it might even be pretty big (which I personally am ok with hehe). Though there isn’t much romance with the female characters so far, he’s developed a good relationship with many of them and I can definitely see it going somewhere.

Overall pretty solid, not many dull moments in the story and everything flows rather nicely. Only problem I have is that the start of chapters are rather hard to follow for some reason. Otherwise, decent Korean novel :) <<less
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Franzsilva123 rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: c300
It was such a great ride binge reading this novel. I don't many things to say except that it's one of the best Korean novel I had read by far.

Unlike other Hunter kind of novels, this one doesn't revolve only around the gate. The gate only got prioritize on the later part of the story. Which were seven gates The Seven Cardinal Gods.

... more>>
Ironically, the enemies are their past selves, or selves in a parallel world.

He married 11 women, though not much on the romance department but it has good development of each women, this is also one that has a good harem

The eleven women are (It might not be spelled right.

Cha Si-Hyun

Bark/Lee He-Young




Lee Mei





Kyouka <<less
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pomoli rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: c16
Classic second chance story, I almost recommend it.


    • MC isn't an angel, but definitely not an a**hole, and he seems interesting to follow as a character. He also doesn't seem to be behaving like a teen while his mind is like 40 yo.
    • I'm curious about the direction of the story, right now there is no big enemy to fight.

    • No romance as of now (ch16)
    • The translation needs a second editor: it's changing from first to third person and vice versa, sometime it's describing a scene, sometime we follow MC thoughts, and it's never consistent. Some weird English overall too. Don't get me wrong, I've seen worse, way worse, but this is just ok right now.
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Surey-Maon rated it
June 14, 2023
Status: c100
A prime example of a (very) good novel ruined by a (very) bad translator.

I know they mtl-ed almost all of their chapters, but one thing I don't understand is, their mtl is getting even more F-ed up with every chapter.

It's literally getting even worse, to the point where names, especialy guild names, aren't recognizeable anymore.

... more>> All in all, this is a good novel, totally worth my time reading this, but this is as far as I can go, chapter 100.

Past this point, it hurts my brain too much to continue reading this.

I'll go back to this only if there's other group translating this from, maybe chapter 80 or something.

Pearl necklace on a pig's neck indeed <<less
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promet rated it
March 21, 2023
Status: c98
Honestly, novel is around 3 or 3.5/5, but translation drags it down. I didn't believe it when others wrote the TL is garbage, but it is. Or rather, it's progressively getting worse, like one piece of garbage at a time with each chapter, and by 90s, it's a whole garbage dump.

I see it like this: the translators are incompetent, they have no idea about the genre-specific vocabulary (either in Korean or in English), they change every once in a while (otherwise there's no explaining visible downgrade every now and then),... more>> and they didn't bother reading previous chapters, so they have no idea about the context (for example, they don't know if X stands for a man or a woman, or which person did things Y and Z), so mistakes accumulate. Any non-Korean names (Western or Chinese, btw the translators clearly can't translate Chinese names, either) get progressively butchered throughout the story, sometimes to the point you aren't even sure wtf that is. Some things they didn't even bother translating from the start of the novel (some skill names).

Indeed, pronouns are horribly mismatched (I think it's due to a combo of gender-neutral Korean pronouns and clueless ass translators), but in chapter 99, I just saw something that took the cherry on the cake. When translating stats (you know, strength, agility, stamina, etc) they actually translated stamina as "horsepower"... I just can't lol. And that's after one girl's name was translated as literally "iced coffee." This is like an MTL, but the "translator" decided to edit every second mistake, and let the other 50% be.

Therefore, even though the novel is not bad, the translation is really a steaming pile of feces, and makes me heavily hesitate whether to read on. My take on it is, read this novel if someone better picks it up and retranslates it in the future, or just read it in Korean.

As for the novel itself, the setting is okay. Nothing special, very generic for a Korean setting actually, but it's solid. We could use some more details about things like places though because the novel feels kind of dry. Like, the world is clearly much different from what we know, but instead of at least hinting at some differences occasionally, the author only mentions it when it's directly related to the location of an arc (let's call it so).

The plot is okay. Nothing special, but it's not boring. It's a bit weird why the protagonist is so dense, but it's funny (maybe it's funny and not pathetic because he's not a bumbling buffoon like typical Japanese beta, but more of what people would call a sigma male, a scheming guy sure of himself).

The harem is apparently too big (according to other reviewers), but by chapter 100 there's no real problem. The love interests were introduced properly and the development (a bit slow so far given the proportion of the novel that 100 chapters constitute) is okay, neither hurried nor slow nor forced. It's just that, it doesn't feel like a big harem is suitable for the personality of the protagonist, and I honestly can't quite imagine it at this size.

As for other characters, they have significant presence (enemies or allies or neither), but their personalities feel a bit bland behind a colorful facade, if that makes sense to you.

I won't go into more details. Other reviewers did, and I generally wouldn't make a review at this point yet, but I'm heavily hesitating on whether to read on given the sh*t translation. If you have trouble with low-quality translation, I advise against reading this novel, because things will only get worse (much worse) with time. <<less
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oatesi rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c28
Its pretty decent and worth a read, it snot my favorite and it does have its own flaws that detract from the reading experience somewhat, but overall its better than alot od regressor/isekai/reincarnation type novels youll find, by no means a masterpiece but its decent.


The MC is decidedly a d***head, in the prologue he's one and just because he goes back intime his personality doesn't just change, you won't find him being a hero or pious goody two shoes because the author couldn't help but make him a marry sue... more>> type.

the MC is actually smart-ish compared to other mc's he has the type of personality and ability that lends its self to an intelligent protagoist.


the story doesn't flow as well as it could, some parts seem like they would have been better later in the story and other parts just happen too quickly in succession.

some depts are too easily earnt and the whole system seems too easy, it takes all the struggle that there could have been with a none combat-oriented MC could have had in the beginning, no struggle at all really. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c95
I don't know, somehow this feels bland and boring. I am usually a big fan of both villain MCs and magic users, but this one does not have any suspense. The MC is doing things, but there is no sense of urgency or even direction. The MC seems to be able to get "revenge" on his biggest bully in the first few chapters and afterwards it just feels like slice-of-life.

I don't see any obvious flaws (decent writing, a small cast of interesting chars, shady MC, magic), but there is just... more>> something missing. 4* <<less
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