Reborn Into A Wealthy Family To Tease The Villain


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Lin Liang transmigrated into a sadomasochistic novel called “Love’s Greatest Damage” and became the most tragic cannon fodder in it.

Not only does he have to rely on his own wisdom to reverse his destiny, but he also has to find a way to save his brother and family business from going bankrupt by the male protagonist who came for revenge.

As a result, without breaking or standing, he fell into the arms of the villain boss of the book, the legendary overbearing president Gu Hengsheng.

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Transmigrating Into A Book To Tease The Wealthy Family Of The Villain
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16 Reviews

May 18, 2021
Status: c220
I wasn't able to read the extras. I can't find it in the mtl.

The story is dog blooded, exciting and with characters that are witty and scheming. There are times I question how the characters treat each other. Truly conniving. I can't really explain it unless I spoil the story.

For the MC, he is smart and scheming. He won't treat others badly unless he is maltreated. He is loyal to his family and his friends.

For the ML, he is cunning and overbearing like the usual MLs I've read. He did... more>> not understood fully how to love. Like he is very possessive to the point that he can harm the MC and his family in order to get what he wants. But later on, he will be much better.

Overall, I give this a 5 star because there are many twists and turns that I did not expect. Mostly in other novels, you can tell how the story goes already and thus eventually skip some parts. But in this novel, I read it very carefully so as not to skip their scheming, faceslapping tactics. <<less
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Jun 09, 2021
Status: Completed
Unlike a lot of novel-verse I've read, this one felt like the book is alive and is actively trying to get the plot back as it should be (no system).
What I find interesting is that ML is the book antagonist through and through. Aren't you guys bored and tired of the same old helpless shoujo heroine-is MC getting numbingly pampered by the ML? I'd recommend this story just for the MC alone. This MC isnt a soft persimmon but has a temper and is very cunning. ML is a consistent vicious businessman and I like that he didn't became immediately OOC/lovestruck or conveniently rehabilitated after meeting the MC LIKE THE GAZILLION NOVELS EVERYONE'S READ. ML still acted like a villain and that's the charm of it. Them plotting against each other is exciting, kind of felt like "sleeping with my enemy". But they never targeted each other tho, just the people around them (ones made the other jealous lol). And a fighting MC is so cool! Wait a till the MC teaches the bad ML a lesson on two. Let him "try" taking Lin stocks LFMAO. The problem is that MC is too much of a gary-stu as the previous reviewer said but personally I do not mind since I ofter see a Gary-stu ML in other stories so it's kind of refreshing. This MC doesn't rely on his gong nor a fragile flower waiting to be saved he HE DOES IT ALL IN HIS OWN. It would have been better if the last 7 chapters are available for public view! (* Sniff T^T) unfortunately those were not fanwai at all but is the actual ending of the story and it's chapter locked. Hope any of the translators have a way to access those locked chapters.
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May 29, 2021
Status: c62
Same sentiments with the previous review!! Common but entertaining since I like the MC schemes. The MC's goal is to get a lot of money. It's funny how he keeps pestering the ML in a variety of unique places XD

This is good if the ML is not the typical overbearing president and if he is not easily fell in love with MC. It's good if the ML a calm and collected than a childish pe*vert overbearing president. I really hate him for persistenting to acquire the Lin's family stock
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Jun 07, 2021
Status: c20
Their first meeting: MC was waiting for the taxi, ML saw him from his car. MC did not notice ML.

Their second meeting: in the tailor shop, MC checked out ML's figure and whistled right in his face. This was the moment when I stopped caring about MC. And it is not like MC didn't know how awful that is. When he was told who that was, he was horrified. He was totally ok with humiliating someone of a lower standing. What about ML's reaction? Somehow his analysis of what happened... more>> was "how curious, he is not scared of me" and now "this as*hole has no idea who I am".

Their third meeting: on the dinner party. Some actual dialog here. ML forcefully kisses MC. This was the moment when I stopped caring about ML.

This is not a joke or exaggeration. This is literally the "development" of their relationship.

What I am trying to say is that this is not a good written story.

Another thing is how unrealistic MC is. Before the transmigration he was sick. So sick that he could not finish playing a song on a piano. After transmigration, he was able to win a fight against a gang armed with baseball bats (bc the original owner was often fighting. But the whole gang? With baseball bats? Come on!). He is able to manage a big company, knows how accounting books work (and was able to find inconsistencies), knows how to distinguish real antique from fake, plays a piano and a violin like a pro, a real smooth talker who knows how to get people to his side and who knows what else. Also he is 18 years old and goes to college.

In conclusion: a poorly written story, not worthy of your time. Not the worst I've read, hence 2 stars and not 1. <<less
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Mar 08, 2022
Status: c112

The start was pretty okay, then bad, then it felt great. But it was too long.
It kept me on hook on the next plot development. But sometimes I felt that MC and ML are so powerful, yet they don't do anything against the Oriprotagonist (Pro) even when MC knew he was going to harm his family. Too many plot scenes left unfulfilled. Like the one with the fashion designer arc, the MC knew that Pro was cheating but he didn't tail him and get any evidence. Later on something else comes up, he forgets the whole fiasco.

And even the MC bro OriML (Bro) for him to be the ML with his level of eq where he basically is a virg*n Mary and never doubts anyone... It felt so forced. Initially I loved the 2 brothers interactions but later on it felt like the bros IQ was nonexistent. He felt like a dead weight. And MC could have easily solved the Pro's scene with him just talking to bro and telling him that Pro and him are not friends and Pro is digging trap for him. With how much the bro loves MC he could have solved the misunderstanding easily. And things could have been dealt with pretty easily. But no! And this happens just after a few chapters when MC says the original owner could have spoken to bro properly, then without communication gap the pro wouldn't take advantage of their brothers. But No, pro does take advantage in the same way. Right under ml, MC, and bros lover eyes while sitting with them

What I liked about this novel which kept me going was one of the reviewers told that ML stays true to his character as a villain and MC outsmarts him a few times.

Initially I didn't find it anywhere coz ML falls way too easy for MC. And so did the MC. And start was way too disgusting as in cringey. I didn't like it one bit. But the duo dynamic really improves kudos to that.
It took many chapters to realise that ML was still the villain. He loves MC so much and he wants to acquire the lins so that MC couldn't ever get away. And I really loved that it was taken up by the MC in such a mature way, he says he still remembers that ML is a villain and still guards against him and ends up turning the table on him. It was satisfying to see how they try to outsmart each other and still keep being crazy about one another. It was amazing that they knew each other's faults and always accept them and never think of leaving one another. It was always described the ML was the one who is going to be a threat for them and use the MC's family. But throughout the novel it was always the MC who lead him by the nose.

The complaint:
- Too long
- too many side characters
- too much with plot like a drama
- Gary stu MC
For 18 year old in sick bed, he knows to play piano, guitar, violin, sing, goes on variety show for the first time and is constantly on hotsearch. Every little details where he is wrong, gets brushed over way too easily
- Oriprotagonist
Ah! This c*ckroach!
That's exactly what I felt towards him, and none of the arcs gave closure anytime. He would come, brush up his existence and frustrate me to no end. And then when I wait for counterattack, nothing. Nothing for a long time. Agh!
-Amnesia plot
Really did you have to do that? Our ML was fine AF but you have to put something like that and say, look even if he doesn't remember MC he still loves him and crazy obsessive over him. He becomes s*upid and jealous. He felt like MC's jewellery. MC would wear him whenever he felt like it. I mean we know how much he loves MC, no need for it to be forced. I mean throughout the novel I never once doubted his love for MC. He was so pampering, doting, and had no bottomline for MC.
- Mc
The later development felt like he became s*upid, he would be smart when ever convenient and s*upid whenever he felt like it.
He had so much going on with so many characters that idk if this was a harem or not.
But I knew he loved ML very much but screentiming of ML became little in the middle of the novel. Well It was okay

-other characters
They all had their quirks and though they were many they were actually remeberable

- Development and character relationships
Our MC is a walking pheromone.
It was really amazing how every second character loves MC so so much wow!
Given the miserable fate of our ORIGINAL cannon fodder
Let me name a few
Bro - he loves MC but for CF never really there even if he loved him, he gets totally used by people which caused drift
Han xi - loves mc
The 2 big boss villains - obsessed with MC. They were pe*verts, deserved to die. Abused the CF leading to his su*cide.
ML bro - loves mc
Reason: no reason
Oh no one ever talked to me like that.
Cai grandpa
Qiao grand pa - oh our little boy is so cute and deserves the world. Eye rolls
They were like so many character who MC be friends but when a problem arises he really couldn't handle it easily. I mean you say most of the people are so rich. But they really couldn't take care of Pro well at all. Idk what I should make of this. And many times to offset it new characters were revealed more powerful than the previous.

- su*cide.
The original store because of the original protagonist, so many people commit su*cide. I mean that's their only ending.

Our CF
Bro ML
Hang (Bros spouse in this life?)
Su (the chara who feeds the pro aphrodisiac)
The son of their butler
The list goes on, and our MC be friends most of them and most of the time he says it's because they didn't deserve such a fate, and fellow CF, fellow villain. It was beautified many times. Their wrongs were not wrong. They were just pampered and arrogant.
No one deserves death, I know that. But don't glorify their deeds.
Its not okay for r*pe Or giving someone aphrodite at all. Don't tell me in the original work that su chara if he successful corners the protagonist, he wouldn't have r*ped him. You can't BS that he is young and doesn't know much about society.
Like what!

But the protagonist wasn't a virg*n Mary at all. He used people so well that there were so many Spare tires. Like they keep appearing so many times. Like what!! And he would use them. He was so petty and took revenge on several of them so many times in the most petty and gruesome ways.

Well over all an okay to read, I wish it would have kept my interest till the end.
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Jun 12, 2021
Status: Completed
The novel is alright, not the best I have read nor is it the worst.

Some things I like about this is how the MC isn't so crazy for revenge or anything mainly besides making money (he wouldn't treat you badly as long as you treat him either as a normal stranger or good), at the beginning ML is quite overbearing to the MC and his family in order to get what he wants, but it does get better later on. The ML doesn't OOC right when they first meet and... more>> The MC doesn't rely on the ML that much.

There are parts in the story where it just doesn't make sense to me.

for instance,

during the fighting scene at the beginning of the story, it talks about MC getting into a fight with a gang of people that have baseball bats. Now the original owner of the body can fight a bit since he gets into a lot of fights and the MC got that skill from him, but to beat a whole gang of people with baseball bats without getting any injuries or any bruises just sounds unrealistic to me.


another thing is that

before transmigrating it also mentioned that MC has really poor health and that he couldn't finish playing a song on a piano, but after transmigration, he could play both the violin and the piano like a pro even though he barely touches the piano in his previous life and probably never even touched/learned the violin (it doesn't mention about the violin in his previous life).


MC being able to manage a big company knows how accounting books work (and was able to find inconsistencies) and knows how to distinguish real antiques from fake. Sure he's learned about them in his previous life, but he was only 18. In his first year of college and he can already know how to do all this is a bit unbelievable (there are some that can do this, but just not a lot and I don't think MC is one of them that can).

Overall, I'll give this novel 3 stars since it was a little entertaining, but I just can't help but wonder "how" during some parts of it. It might just be me, but feel free to read this novel for those that are looking for MCs that don't rely on the ML very much, MCs being in a relationship with the villain (ML). <<less
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Dec 26, 2021
Status: c17
So so plot, not hoping much from first time read, only to pass time.


There is no coherent descriptions in the storyline, only a little straight forward narrative that somehow seem carelessly written.

The characters are written very shallow, just the type of being there for the sake of being there.

There is one thing that I make me can’t help but drop it: each scenes not only like a stand alone but jumping around. You will feel it when you read it as a continuous whole story.
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Omniscient Couch Potato
Omniscient C
Apr 19, 2022
Status: --
This story is very OUTLANDISH. ML falls in love in almost in first sight.

Relationship developed faster than you can say hallelujah.

If u are here for 'realistic' book trans then u should just leave.

... more>> BUT

I'll still recommend if u want to have a good laugh. This story is so freaking funny. I haven't laughed out loud for a story for a long time. But this made me crack like a mad person.

U can read this story for the MC alone. Their is drama, dog blood but everything is worth it for the COMEDY and TL's NOTE... Both are v funny. <<less
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Aug 21, 2021
Status: c61
this is a fun little read as long as you're able to shut off your logical mind ꉂ (ˊᗜˋ*) it honestly feels more like a parody than anything. MC is an independent and OP Gary Stu while ML is a domineering, villainous CEO. A lot of details feel super exaggerated that it breaks any opportunity to immerse yourself in the story. At least, that's my experience so far!

I agree with Gumamela's review, the characters are truly conniving. It's not my cup of tea though so while I don't particularly enjoy... more>> this, I wouldn't mind binging on it when I'm out of reads <<less
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Jul 14, 2021
Status: c61

At first, I really liked the beginning of this novel, both the MC character, the plot, and the side characters. I think that the MC character is really very good to enter this bloody novel. As it is said that the MC is in a sadomasochist novel

Let me tell you at the beginning that the author describes that MC is very clever, brave and domineering. It was also explained that the MC seemed very aware that he had many enemies, it was said that the MC had planned what... more>> he would do in the future. Even so, I feel that the MC is not very aware of other people's eyes when looking at him with other intentions, but it is acceptable because the author explains that the MC in the first life and in the novel is only an 18 year old boy, let alone has an unhealthy body so that he can It was also understandable that he was too out of line when it came to having a healthy body.

I really like the initial character of this MC BUT...... This writer totally ruined all my thoughts towards MC!! it's totally destroyed!!!!! (╥﹏╥)


The beginning of the chapter was really good, but the 50's chapter, my love for MC is starting to decline, I feel here that MC really forgot to take care of his family first, at least give them a really good warning before destroying them, let alone against Wen yuqing. The MC knows that he is the mastermind behind every incident but never retaliate for every incident that the MC experienced even the MC himself didn't investigate thoroughly, ask people to follow or collect evidence, no, the MC can't even take care of himself The prefix when the MC was so domineering sent people to collect evidence, evict, and reorganize the company. it really is very domineering, but it's just nothing more. Furthermore, MC only thinks about raising his brother, accompanying his friends to play, playing with ML, and only thinking about MONEY.

I'm still holding back on reading and hoping that the MC will reply back soon, but I've been let down again and again. The more I keep reading the more I discover that MC is really just an 18 year old boy whose thoughts can be influenced by the environment.

I doubt the MC doesn't even remember that he entered a sadomasochist novel

MC is really lazy, and doesn't think too much about his behavior towards his brother, I don't know the state of MC's body (seems special) because MC is like a snake even it is said that MC likes to hibernate. And because of this his brother even changed the MC's clothes!! And I thought 'even though you're 'Hello!? MC's age is 18 years old doesn't the MC think that it's so unreasonable!?? Where is the trait that wants to protect his brother? no, on the contrary, it is his brother who takes care of him, isn't he smart?'

When he met Grandpa, it was very clear that MC's logic made sense. I mean maybe this is where the various holes in the nonsensical story start are completely different from the beginning. really 18 years old

When the MC saw Sun yi (MC's intern secretary) the MC was described as having a good intuition (but then again I can't help but think that if she has good eyes, how can the MC not see other behaviors and stares towards her!? I'm frustrated by this) Moreover, when the MC was saved by Han xi from the falling light bulb, here it can be seen that the MC just remembered that he had many enemies who wanted to kill him. I really can't stand it here.


So I decided that I could no longer bear to read it, and only until chapter 61. I was no longer interested in reading, because I was worried that I would hate this author so much.

sorry writer and translator, I wanted to give 2 or 3 stars at first but I can't (ugh-)

For those of you who really like and give full rating, you are really amazing to be able to withstand human emotions. You all are amazing. (◍•ᴗ•◍) <<less
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Dec 09, 2021
Status: c17

Qwex said exactly what I wanted to say in their review. This is so poorly written.

Also one thing I've noticed and usually ignored but found it utterly disgusting is that scenario where protagonists take revenge on a cannon fodder by drugging them and doing all sorts of disgusting things. (This happened with the original owner btw) I hate to read that, , what kind of sick protagonist is that I just can't.

Then there's this MC who whistles at ML - MC wasn't aware of his identify. BUT he was... more>> basically catcalling? Pathetic. Not only that but he's made a lot of comments about others looks like "since he's pretty I'll talk with him" - (not actual sentence but he gave those vibes)

ML forcibly kissing MC twice and saying "you seduced me" just because MC was pouting and his lips were swollen?? Yeah I'm out. <<less
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Jan 10, 2023
Status: c100
Rating: 2.8/5

I rarely give a star rating below three stars as it is the threshold where I decide to drop a novel. Okay novels are four stars and very good novels are five stars. So once you drop below three stars there must have been some major flaws that hampers the reading experience to the point that reading on would be a torture.

So let me point out the issues I have with this novel:

  • Too many plot holes to count that the characters seem to not see or deliberately ignore. This makes the characters look s*upid and the plot illogical
  • The MC keeps being portrayed as smart, but his actions speak otherwise. Dude lets the antagonists roam free without supervision when he could easily find incriminating evidence against them if he tried. But he doesn't and it's infuriating.
  • The MC's bro isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He just believes the ori. prot., no questions asked. It's a miracle how he survived in the business world until now with how gullible he is.
  • All the feelings are so superficial. The ML fell for the MC because he saw him from afar looking all innocent while splattered with blood. "Oh the gap moe~ He is sooo different~" And the MC essentially fell for the ML because the other is good-looking. The side CPs fall for each other following the same superficial trajectory. I can only imagine their thought process when they first saw each other "...*cricket sounds*... I am in love...*brain farts*"
  • A lot of the characters' actions simply don't make sense. If they even had an ounce of braincells left they would not act the way they did. I am especially looking at Qin Jiaming (MC's friend) when I say that. He is a brainless firecracker who doesn't get that actions have consequences and you should really choose your opponents.
I will stop here. There... more>> is more to complain about, but I am getting a bit agitated. The more I write, the stuffier my chest feels. Basically, this novel stresses me out too much so I dropped it. <<less
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Jul 21, 2022
Status: c22
This story has A LOT, and I mean A LOT, of plot holes to the point where I question if it was written by a 12 years old. Many times I feel like the author is either suffering from short term memory or is just straight out thinking that the readers are as slow wits as the author is.

For example, in the beginning the MC beat up a gang of people without even a little effort, including his cousin. BUT the problem is the MC was a sick person who... more>> died at 18 on his death bed because his body is so weak he could barely stand and just one week after he transmigrated into the novel he suddenly know how to fight based on the original character MEMORY???? Lol, if this works then my memory of Jet Li fighting would make me fight like Jet Li already. It just doesn't work that way.

Another example was how he suddenly know how to play piano and violin when it was mentioned that before he transmigrated he never have many chances to play... and the original character apparently stop playing piano when he was like 6 so no idea how the MC suddenly became OP at musical instruments.

Also, somehow after MC transmigrated into the body of the original character ALL these people started to fall for the MC as if the MC has a golden finger/halo over his head that makes characters in novel fall for him... actually it would make more senses if that was the case that MC gain some kind of golden finger/halo because I doubt an 18 years old can suddenly outsmart a businessman who has way more experience than him. MC died at 18 and has never work so him suddenly becoming business smart and know exactly how to draft a perfect business plan is just too s*upid in the beginning.

I dropped this too early and has no idea where the MPREG tag came from and no one in the comment also mention it too so I'm not sure about that. I only read this novel because of the mpreg tag, lol. Not going to spent my time reading this 200 plus novel that did not make sense since chapter 1. <<less
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Feb 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't know why this novel has a low rating, I mean MC in this story is really good.

Both are scheming against each other. Every time the ML (yep, ML) is trying to bring down MC's family, MC stops it right in front of him (ML).

Give it a read, it's definitely not bad!
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Aug 26, 2021
Status: c36
I hate it. Dropped on 36th chapter. (Read to the end which current translated chapter to honor the translator hard work).

I'm a person who like to finished all the novel that I have touch, good or bad the plot I will keep reading even the novel not completly translated, I will run to read the raw novel. But this novel... I just can't. It is to much for me that I want to change into Hulk and smash things. So angry and I don't know why.

The plot is okay. Got... more>> some plot hole and undetailed things. I don't know it will explained in later chapter or not. So far its good. The main issue makes me drop it because of ML behavior. What a phyco and creppy person.

This novel give me the negative vibe because of Ml. The ML so quickly like the MC. Love at first sight bullshit! To much hyperbole!

Also I feel like ML forcing or planting mental pressure on MC to like him. ML jealous of the interation of MC and his brother. What??. Make me want to do ちゃぶ台返し (“Chabudai Gaeshi”)

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I want to curse so bad but this kind to this not good for my mouth, heart, brain and inner peace.

Too possesive, too obssesive. I hate this kind of person the most. I has seen this things happen in real life, reality shown the partner can develop ptsd, stockholm syndrom ect. Aiii.. why some people still like this kind of behavior.

MC quite good character witty, cunning but not to smart to stop ML advance.

The translation quite good. Kudos to the traslator.

Read if you want but for me this is a big meh from me. <<less
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Apr 29, 2022
Status: c24
You must utilize your suspension of disbelief with regards to the ML and MCs almost instantaneous relationship. Just know that it is silly and definitely fictional. My favorite part of this novel so far are the translator notes which fully capture my feelings at those outlandish occasions. I am really enjoying this book so far. It has witty internal dialogue and interesting characters. Don’t read if you want a realistic story. If you want something fun, silly and a joy to read, I highly recommend this. Happy reading!!
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