Boss, Please Don’t Be a Manic


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A year of psychotherapy and cohabitation. A confrontation between solidity and tenderness.

Fang Ru – a psychotherapist who hides his true profession and disguise himself as an assistant of a dangerous character, Yuan Che.

Yuan Che – a bipolar disorder patient, a workaholic, a doer, an imperiously tyrannical man with a strong possessive and controlling desire.

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BOSS, qǐng bùyào kuángzào
Boss บอสครับ! อย่าคลั่งรักนักเลย
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New Psychoutre rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: c25
Oh my goodness gracious, how can I cleanse this sin of a novel from my memories...

It's like I went back to the days where we only had the 90s and early 2000s yaoi manga where r*pe was heavily romanticised or brushed over.

I love the MC, he's quick-witted, intelligent and charming. I am very much into possessive semes, but only those that have learnt CONSENT.

My threshold was actually so high, I turned a blind eye to the unwanted kisses, physical contact and fondling but WOAHHHH BOY this ML has not only... more>> drugged the MC and attempted r*pe, he literally r*ped the MC not once, twice, nor trice... AND the man did it while MC was under drug influence (given by another party, not ML). I'm getting secondhand trauma!

I know ML is written to have some sort of complicated mental illness, but the lack of compassion and understanding is killing me. I was so happy to find an MC that isn't so feminine and wallflower-like but he simply gets treated as an object. I'm sort of thinking the MC started a butterfly effect by actually not terminating his contract and leaving the ML for good... there's been a handful of sexual harrasments and all MC considers is that he feels bad for taking the money, and that it looks bad if he didn't finish the job. My man, where is the self-care?! Thought a psychologist would see the signs of this arrangement going to a dead-end.

Let's not forget how the ML tricks MC into signing a 50-year contract with a 30mil penalty to make sure MC doesn't leave him...

I'm done!!! Next!!! <<less
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chrstefx rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: Completed
my first time writing reviews! >~<

The first two first chapters made me mtl the rest (btw I hv the patience of a saint, I normally dont mtl shit) but this one caught my interest

Easily one of my favorite bl stories! The twist was unexpected (regarding shou's past and gong's past that you thought was obvious in the beginning) , they solve the misunderstanding beautifully (and tearjerkingly) , the shou is rational and gentle (did I mention they didnt hv s*x until the 23rd chapter? The shou isnt weak nor s*upid and was able to stop the ml's advances) , the ML is your typical possessive ML but better... everything is just *chef's kiss* well done! Give it try, see if you'll enjoy it like I do
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dekadai rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Whenever I read these Chinese novels where a mental illness is a character trait, I always ask myself, why don't these authors do actual research on the mental illness they're referencing. Like it just pisses me off so much. Just couldn't suspend my disbelief for this once even though I am a fan of yandere characters.
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