Reborn as a Prophet in a Horror Movie


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I’ve come back to life as a prophet in a B-grade horror film that bombed at the box office in the summer of 1999 and faded into obscurity.

Luckily, I managed to survive, not as the female lead who witnesses all the horrors, nor as the handsome male lead who you’d expect to survive but tragically dies. I’m not the sleazeball who gets offed in a particularly gruesome way after hitting on every woman in sight, nor the best friend of the female lead who shares a fleeting romantic moment with a lover in an obviously creepy forest. Nope, I’m the prophet.

As a prophet, I thought my role was just to warn the main characters and then exit the scene, but…

[Choking… Coughing… Wheezing…]

An alien creature, known only as Monster X, has taken an unsettling interest in me.

[Heavy breathing…]

And as if that’s not enough, a gas mask-wearing, knife-wielding maniac decides to skip heading to the cabin where the protagonists are and make a pit stop at the convenience store where I’m working.

What’s going on? Why is all this happening to me, a mere side character?!

Come for the romance, stay for the horror.

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I was reincarnated as a prophet in a horror movie
Reincarnated as a Prophet in a Horror Movie
공포영화 속 선지자로 환생했다
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New Themintykitten rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: c38
SO UNDERRATED ! Would definitely recommend, and I don't know why people aren't giving this a read. For a fun thematic horror slasher survival bl novel, that doesn't neglect the slasher thriller aspect with delectable sprinkles of romance and moments (can't wait to see where it goes, although it hasn't been fully fleshed out yet). Not sure how normal the ML is yet despite his puppy dog demeanor, but that keeps the suspense of things ;)

I'm a big fan of horror/survival genre, and theres honestly not a lot of... more>> good ones out there. But the premise of this is quite entertaining (could be abit cliche for someppl) although it might not be down everyone's alley- you can still have an enjoyable time reading it.

Definitely a great read if your needing a break or want something easy and lightweight to digest. And there is great tension and action as well.

I love the way the story is written, the pace and characters are consistent and well done. The lore is also quite interesting as we discover more, looking forward to seeing what we will unravel

And thank you to the translator for such high quality translations ! They make the story worthy of reading and allow smooth reading experience :) <<less
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October 10, 2023
Status: c105
The scenes (and gore) are described quite vividly. Reminds me of typical horror movie where MC and company are chase around by monsters and serial killers, getting wounded so many times that you would question why are they still alive, then finally survived. Good read for those that like horror.

Not for those that like OP MC.

Personal rant:

... more>>

If you've seen typical horror movie, the protagonist is suddenly thrown to horror situation (either by accident, nosiness, or s*upidity), then getting scared, being chased around, and somehow survived, then yes, this novel is like that.

I expected more of MC, because he's a "prophet". As someone who knew the future, especially someone who believed to be reborn to a horror movie, MC was without preparation at all when facing the movie scene. Sure, he believed he is merely an extra and won't join in the fun, but it's really frustrating to read in the early part where all he could do is run away in fear. He did not train his body nor did he prepare weapon, defense equipment, or anything at all. Author introduced MC as that typical unathletic nerd character, who sometimes got bullied. Made me wonder why author made him to be reincarnated, rather than just having "prophetic" power.

Maybe I've gotten too used to reading reincarnation novel where the protagonist became much better (almost OP) in their second life.

First arc (the movie scene) ended around chapter 55.

The next few arcs are small cases, in which MC traveled around as truck driver and ML chased after him. Author made it interesting that MC faced the horror situation first like an average person, then how ML faced the situation. Personally I would love to have the ML as the protagonist rather than MC. Cause when ML and the serial killers meet, you will wonder who's the real serial killer (but he's still a law-abiding citizen, if no one harms him then he won't harm anyone).

It's been 50 chapters and they didn't meet yet.


You know that situation when you facepalmed over a character's action in horror movie?


One of the small arc when MC travelled around alone. He rested on a motel, then rented some movies from a Video Rental Store. Sure, his hobby is to watch horror movies in his previous life, but after what he experienced (real life horror movie) and his strong desire to avoid supernatural stuff... WHY WOULD YOU STILL WATCH HORROR???

Of course, as a protagonist of horror novel, dear author granted his wish for thrill. Somehow there's an extra video called "Real Situation", which MC happily watch thinking it was a bonus. After realizing that the scene of the movie was his hotel room, he did not immediately stop watching--instead his curiosity increased.

... Yeah, well, it's the usual self-inflicted tragedy.

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Thisissofrustrating rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: c40
It's my first time reading horror bl novels, maybe it's uncommon for this genre. I was drawn on every characters personalities, and the story plot unveiling even more was quite a suprise for me, I was not expecting an even more facts and coincidence they faced on one night. Aside from minor anguish from not doing and that, I'd say it was a typical plot for a horror I guess haha. Overall, it's quite a good story so give it a try. Also thanks for the translators who translated this,... more>> it was good and easy read for your good translation, thank you. <<less
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annazofia rated it
October 10, 2023
Status: c6
Intriguing. I really want to read more chapters :)

At first glance seems like typical teen slasher, but there is going to be BL romance so... cannot wait for more to see how it plays out.

Translation - so far really good, looks like translator actually makes sure words in sentences have correct order and sentences make sense in English (not obvious thing for Korean translations).

I'm giving 5 stars for translation quality for now as it's hard to score novel after just 6 chapters, but I may come back to add... more>> more to review further into the novel. <<less
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