Rebirth of Poisoned Empress


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Shen Liang was beautiful and cold like jade, he was extremely cruel to his enemy. Pei Yuanxun who killed his whole family in his childhood was handsome and unruly, but he hold thousands Iron Guards in his hand. This was a story about two people, accidentally intertwined in their hunger for revenge. Shen Liang who was reborn again, he wouldn’t held back, blood will be paid by blood. No one will have peaceful life until he drown all his enemy.

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7 Reviews

New bluedrop
Mar 15, 2023
Status: c76
Honestly I'm going to put this out there lol but I really think this is just a BL fanfic of "The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage."

Certain events match up. While RMEML is an absolute classic, this is turning out to be a fun read. I like the face slapping and the quick decisiveness of establishing a relationship between the MC and ML.

In RMEML, it's really mostly centered on the MC and the romance develops more like a subplot but in an achingly good slow burn way.

Here, I... more>> still appreciate the MC and ML coming into an agreement and being able to trust each other almost immediately. <<less
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New Miyuki_Asami
Mar 01, 2023
Status: --
I'll just put this first but everyone saying that this story looks like another straight story but for me (I didn't read the straight story) it looks like "Poisonous Peasant 'Concubine' ", like a literal sequel for the story specially the part of the medicine, modern knowlodge and poison. EDIT: ""Just saw that it's from the same author both of the stories so yeah I wasn't crazy lol""

First of all the face slapping is nice, and the plot twists are good too and till the middle of the novel the... more>> story is really good but idk what happened after shen liang marries yuan lie the author suddenly makes EVERYONE confess their love/feelings for each other, like all their friends and subordinates marry and then it's time to have babies and get revange, but way more focused on having babies, I mean even their elders marry again and have babies lol I usually like children in novels but c'mon literally every person that has the capability of giving birth should get pregnant? idk about that, but after the middle of the story this is the central of the plot only on the chapter 520+ that they actually come back to conquer Qin and the author just spend maybe 2 chapters for Qin Yunshen and the dog emperor... Multiples times I almost dropped this because the revange parts are really cool and all but the moment the author focused on 20+ couples marrying and getting pregnant the story just lost it's spark... I'm not even gonna mention the part of the original Wei god of war whatever having transmigrated from modern times and they just putting nonsense medicine in the story cuz I'll be sad for losing a week of my life reading this :'v Also Qin Yunshin deserved more suffering in the end, really disappointed... Also the final was really rushed and since the extras are not public but paid you can't event have a kinda of satisfatory ending. <<less
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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy
May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
One of my favourite novel.. Even though there is many chapters it is very intresting and we will not feel bored.. The plots, twists and story is simply awesome..I really enjoyed reading it.. The children in this novel are so cute.. The love between MC and ML is very touching..
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Jan 09, 2023
Status: Completed
Before anything else, I am reviewing as someone who has not read the aforementioned novel the others are talking about. It seems few people have read this maybe because of the length? But anyway. The face-slapping? What a super long historical faceslappings in epic royal proportions. I like how it's clever and tricky each time. Very exciting. And MC goes haaaard when it comes to revenge. Hard as in never hold back both in all kinds of punishment from decapitation to destroying social life.

Each arc is entertaining tho. I wasn't... more>> bored reading as there is something new every arc. I actually expected for the novel to turn fluff halfway (According to another reviewer) but was greeted with vicious faceslaps especially at the Qin Kingdom arc. I'd say the story is balanced. It's not all the time MC was doing revenge but there are also subplots about second chances, friendship, family and buns. And lots of them.

Personally I appreciate that us readers are reminded every now and then that gers are also men, not women. (Due to majority of ger-verse novels making the gers as replacement for women). But what set this novel apart is that the gers like the MC and his friends are all aware that they are men too and they are still technically different from women which exists in this novel. Another thing that I like is that there are also quite a number of good women around MC aside from the token female villain. My only problem is that it has too many casts. I had to go back to check which one is which LOL.


As for mpreg, almost each and every ger beside MC had or having a child except him in the first arc. He usually takes care of them as a doctor but it will be a long time before he get his own as his relationship with ML is slowburn (not to mention the lengthy faceslaps inbetween) Later on, MC will get pregnant twice and the couples around him continuously conceive which resulted into an army of radish heads. It's fun seeing them swarm around.


The bottom line is, it paints two different kinds of gong. The first is the usual male leads found in other novels that is the scum gong which manages to hurt the shou everything despite his affections (proclaimed or unproclaimed) the second one is the seemingly unreliable and cold gong but ended up pampering the shou to death. Mc's contrasting reaction to them is so cathartic. Especially at their last confrontation.

I know its intimidating to tackle this behemoth but it won't hurt to try for the sake of the ML. He us such a green light gong and they are a wonderful couple.

And yes, I do agree that it has that shoujo-esque feeling as it has a lot of common tropes with popular shoujo faceslap novels. Still, I will rate it a full 5* for a good plot pacing and staying true to it's original purpose. <<less
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Aug 09, 2022
Status: c397
Just like what @CasBrin said in her review, the novel is similar to "The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage." The difference is, RMEML is a BG novel and Rebirth of Poisoned Empress is BL.

I agree of what @CasBrin said that the punishment is a bit too active in the novel. But what can I do? I can only bear it and quickly skim thru it.

But if you want a really ruthless MC with the RMEML settings, this is for you. It's not as good as RMEML but... more>> it's still nice.

I'm still at chapter 159, might edit this later after I finish the novel.


In the mid of the novel, the ruthless tone and mood mellowed down. Maybe because the family/inner courtyard scheming arc was done, and the novel moved on to the throne arc. The middle part of the novel was also surrounded more with family, friends, weddings, birth, and children.

Although it's nice, the warm tone is a bit too much for a novel centered with the word "revenge." I mean–! It's good we have fluff after that tiring family drama but it's too much to continue the fluff after having this tone and mood for numerous chapters already. Can we please continue the ruthless mood? The novel is unbecoming of of revenge. [Sigh] I won't say anymore, I'm afraid I'll get more angry the more I write.

While reading, I feel the ancient setting wasn't really that well-made. The novel comes off as modernized to me, even some of the characters came off as a modern person. The settings is really messed up to me. I'd like to think why its modernish is because a transmigrator came there in the past (which is true, he's already dead tho) and influenced the era, one way or another.

I wish they used the terms like di, shou, jiejie, gege, biao mei, and other terms for different things (like for structure/buildings, people in palace, officials, wear/clothing, and etc.).

Still not finish, might edit this again later. <<less
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May 09, 2021
Status: c213
Very similar to Malicious Empress of Military Lineage, in fact early on I often wondered if it was just a yaoi mpreg fan fiction of it. The punishments feel a bit too active sometimes. The romance was way too rushed.

Theywere deeply in love within a month of meeting in this novel.


All in all, felt very shoujo-esque
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Feb 12, 2023
Status: c551
I like it. The MC and ML are OP.

There were so many buns. As in ... more>>

multiple babies


The story, location and flow was detailed. Super detailed to the point of my eyes getting tired from all the revenge plots they did. I like all the couples. They are cute and it's like the author had fun playing match maker for all their characters.

The only downside for me was that the story was dragging on after the MC gave birth. They had multiple birth scenes, multiple curing the patient scenes and multiple speech stuff scenes. I get that it's needed but they could've just glossed over them after having it twice. I MTL'ed this so I might've gotten some details wrong but I loved the Brother's love story. Plus their Daddy's

(their birth mother)



I loved it cause he didn't get back with their s*upid Father. I get that he was gaslit but he was so spineless that I wanted him to die but him becoming a monk was fair enough.


Most of the villain's were s*upid and arrogant and I love face slapping so I didn't put my phone down for 1 month just so I can finish this novel. I don't know where to read the extras so I'll look for them some time.

It's a good story if you like OP couples and revenge. And babies. <<less
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