The Sickly Beauty Substitute Called It Quits


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Shen Yu was sincerely in love. For that person’s sake, Shen Yu ignored his illness-ridden body and plotted to overthrow the tyrant. It was only after Shen Yu died that he learned the truth. He was a character in a book, and the man he loved only viewed him as a stand-in for the protagonist. To pave the way for that couple’s happiness, Shen Yu lost everything.

After he was reborn, the sickly Shen Yu was so done with that.

As for that man, whoever wanted him could have him.

Shen Yu took his half-brother’s place and became the male concubine of the tyrant. The tyrant didn’t like men anyway, and Shen Yu didn’t have much time left. Since he was going to die, he might as well go to the palace to sit around and wait for death.

After entering the harem of the tyrant everyone feared, Shen Yu ate and drank without a care in the world.

The tyrant, with long black hair on his shoulders and crimson eyes, didn’t hide his hostility. He grabbed Shen Yu by the neck. “You’re not afraid to die?”

Shen “Just get it over with” Yu felt a little excited. “Are you going to kill me now?”

Tyrant: “? ? ? ? ?”

Shen Yu entered the palace expecting to die, but he waited and waited and waited. In the end, the officials petitioned to make him the empress, and the tyrant cured his deadly illness.

Shen Yu: “…”

Shou: jumps frantically up and down on the gong’s bottom line but never dies

Gong: all he can do with the shou is lower his bottom line again and again

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New RavensChrome rated it
May 24, 2024
Status: c179
First things first, I see that some reviews addressing the non-con aspect of this story. While I do not condone s*xual harassment or s*xual assault of any kind, having the non-con scene does not make this a bad story to read. I like to use Game of Thrones and its book series as an example of having this while still being vastly popular to the masses. It's a tool to enhance the reading experience not in a s*xual stimulating way but a way to develop the relationship between MC and... more>> ML.


Plus, later in the story, the MC even states that he's not against or dislike being s*xual with ML. Just that he doesn't have the stamina to keep up. And the author purposefully keeps the s*xual scene short, vague, and abstract to leave it up to reader imagination.

This is also in a setting of ancient China where concubines, which is what the MC is and is the only one, are expected to relieve the s*xual frustration of the Emporer whether they like it or not. It's a duty to fulfill, not a relationship built upon emotions. If anything, ML is very lenient to MC throughout the beginning of the story. Then they start indulging once they start to actually like each other.


With that being said, this story is very easy to read in my opinion. This is one of those self-indulgent stories where MC is an overworked office worker that doesn't give a f*ck anymore. Literally. He doesn't care about the consequences as long as it doesn't affect his quality of life but he cares enough to where his actions doesn't affect those that don't deserve it. He's not one of those MCs that want to save the world or fight fate with a machete, he just want to sit tight and live life.

It's there that MCs character development blossoms. Beaten down like a stray dog and with no expectations for the people around him, MC learns what life can be and it's like reading a coming of age story. MC learns to love life again.

The ML is almost like an accessory to MC's development to learning to love life again. Yes, the ML has his own character growth, but the main focus is the MC. The ML is literally there to play the good supporting husband for his wife. It seems shallow to describe him as such but ML's character growth is just the typical 'melting the ice from his heart' type of guy. Standard stuff.

Of course, the setting is ancient China, so there will be epic face slapping, ans dog-blooded drama. That balances so well with the romance. It gives reason for the MC and ML to interact at the beginning of the story. In turn, their budding relationship help drive the plot by giving solutions and uncovering mysteries surrounding them.

I think what this story does really well is that they don't drag out an issue or lead on the reader for no reason. There's always a clean resolution without dragging out the details of it.


Example, there are a few points in the story where someone f*cked around, gave us a good foundation on how'd they went about it and why, and kept the interest there. And a clean break from those issues were simply stating that they either got punished accordingly or straight up killed. No extra details and moved on to the next plot point.


The one thing I will complain about are the scene transitions. This is more on the translators. It's not a problem with the current translator but the initial one that started on this story didn't have a line break to indicate a scene transition like the current one does. While this story is easy to read, it can be a little disorientating because a sudden scene change. But it's not enough to knock a star off.

5 stars!! <<less
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Qwex rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: c41
I am actually currently reading this novel, so imagine my surprise when I saw that it is now translated!

So far I really like this novel. It is too soon to say anything about the plot (look at that chapter count. Just to think: I read the first 30 chapters that were written at that time and decided to wait till it is finished thinking it would be a short novel of 90 chaps max, lol), but there are some hints of big conspiracies.

But the main things that draw my interest... more>> are MC, ML, and their relationship.

MC is living his life a second time. The first time he was heavily involved in everything for the sake of his lover and ruined his health further. This time his plan is to take it easy. The summary makes him look like a frivolous person, but actually, he is very calm and level-headed (though a tease sometimes). In the first time he ruined also his reputation and got his hands dirty, so this time he does not bat an eye at the bloodshed. He also has some people loyal to him who he kept in secret and who spy for him, so he is not just a poot abandoned son this time either.

I was initially worried about ML, but he is not your cliche tyrant. He is a man of few words and does not explain his actions, but he is a smart person who only punishes those who broke the law. And I am talking about real law, and not "he said something I don't like so no he is dead". His "tyrant" reputation comes from a) aforementioned not explaining his actions (ppl doesn't know that his "victims" are not lawful citizens) and b) smear campaign by another prince.

What I enjoyed most about their relationship is their camaraderie. ML respects MC as a person and respects his knowledge and nearly from the start discusses work with him. So far my fave moment was when ML needed to interrogate a concubine of a previous emperor, so MC orchestrated their meeting and pretended to be a spoilt and jealous concubine and ordered her arrested for trying to seduce ML. There are some other moments when they ply along without discussing anything in advance.

In conclusion: so far I feel like this novel deserves 5 stars. I really enjoyed reading it and can recommend it. I will probably rewrite this review later, but not soon (over 200 chapters, this is insane!) <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.

Premise is MC is reborn after discovering his world is a book. He is forced to be married to ML. Due to plot magic MC is fine with ML and then begins a long period of boring court drama.

However the reason this novel is bad is that this court drama never ever EVER ends. Yes, this is the entirety of the novel. Countless rapists, corrupt officials, evil secret members of ancient countries, adulterers, and all sorts of crazy BS nonsense happens. And it only gets worse... more>> and worse the future it goes.



So you start with evil scumbag prince trying to fool MC into loving him. This upgrades to a further conspiracy of the prince breaking people out of jail. This then continues with the scumbag guy cheating on multiple groups of men and women. Then it escalates further and further with daring prison escapes, crazy sorts of power plays, mystical drugs that instakill and are colorless and odorless and so on. There's even a part where it turns out the old emperor was long cuckolded by tons of people! Whom MC and ML promptly have killed.


All in all, novel is full of tr*sh. If you take a moment to examine the story you realize how full of complete and utter holes it is. There's nothing to continue reading on about except for maybe the mystery of the Mc's mother's family which author refuses to give answers on for over 150 chapters (over half the novel). It's pathetic. There's no real threat to the MC or ML except for the sudden stuff author comes up with. Example: everything is fine. Suddenly: MC sees a figure they find familiar! Oh no, there's a new random villain who was always around and simply not mentioned before! Now repeat this for 200 chapters.

Oh, and the romance is a whole lot of questionable events. That's a whole another can of worms. At least MC and ML are sort of okay together and there's some buildup. Authors really can't write a romantic portion where both sides are fully consenting, but instead gotta make the ML grab the blushy MC in every story smh. Just disturbing.

Overall though, the mediocre writing, endless fodder appearing, haphazard sudden new villains, and lack of any threat lead to a mediocre and weak novel.
-900Quintillion/10 Beyond nonsense story.

P.S. the weirdest part of the whole novel is how little the country itself is described. With all these crazy and evil characters how in the actual world did this country survive? Must've relied on the insanely OP dark guard that mystically teleport out whenever plot needs stuff done. The person who said this novel is realistic really needs to take a good look at the novel and all the crazy stuff going on lol. I don't think there's normally mass cuckolding of the emperor occurring over revenge romances... <<less
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Wintercreeper rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: --
The "fake" non-con was extremely off-putting.
MC tried to get away, told ML to let him go, struggled and defended himself. ML had to hold him by force.
For me their "relationship" ended in that moment, it was very uncomfortable to read.
You can see it as MC being shy/hard to get (he makes light of it the next day) or it's going to make you nauseous.
It happens a lot in real Asian p*rn/the s*x industry, somehow it's seen as arousing when your partner acts like he/she doesn't want it. I don't have the mindset for that but I think that's what the writer was going for.

Thanks to the translator for warning about this at the beginning of the chapter, I tried to continue but it seriously ruined the story for me.

Just leaving that here as a warning, up to that point it was quite interesting so try it if it sounds good to you.
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April 25, 2022
Status: c94
I dont wanna write much since other 5 star reviews said it all.

But I have to correct some people that there is no non-con for 94 chapters, the MC only used his hands or his thighs and only almost got stabbed with consent but since it hurt him too much the ML stopped immediatly. The ML respects and loves him very much and would never do something the MC doesnt want to. Its just the vague description is difficult to decipher wether they have done the deed or not but... more>> later it says that they havent done it all the way.

Please dont give judgement in this regard if you havent understood the vague description, since it will scare away potential reader. <<less
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vralis rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: c123
Reading all those "r*pe" comments I get really confused if we've read the same book. Like, it's chapter 123, MC and ML just had their first s*x and... It was initiated by MC.

Also, see the quote: "Shen Yu didn't resist, put his arms around the man's neck and pulled him towards him. He has never resisted Shang Junlin's kiss, or in other words, he is very addicted to this kind of intimacy." This is straight out of text MC's opinion on the non-con.

Let's start from the beginning - MC decided... more>> to enter the palace himself, he had ways out, but he wanted to be salted and mighty fish.

Once he noticed ML is into him like for real, he started flirting like he's on mission.

Yes, their first intimate interaction was not entirely consensual, but MC kinda went with the flow.

And ML is the emperor, MC being his husband - according to the rules of the time ML had the right to do MC on their first night without anyone (including MC) thinking he's a r*pist. Like, they are husbands and MC agreed to the marriage.

But he didn't and he cooked this frog in very warm water. Like, MC is constantly fangirling over the fact his hubby is the mighty emperor, and the only time they actually quarrelled so far is when ML forbidden MC to leave the palace. Which is, like, against the law first and foremost. But ML changed his attitude pretty fast.

Like, the palace servants, the officials and even passer-byes all notice the mighty emperor is totally under control of his husband. Like, ML never forbids him anything, gives him all the best, pamper him etc.

And the only thing he asks for is intimacy. MC isn't frigid nor is he an ace, he does get aroused by their intimacy from the very beginning, it's just because of his illness he doesn't need s*x very much. And ML does hurt him, but that's because they are both virg*ns. MC due to health, and ML due to the family issues. So they learn together.

And after I rambled for so long about s*x, I'd like to say I like their non-s*exual interactions, how clever they both are.

P.s. I think the annotation is wrong. ML never had any bottom line with MC from the beginning. Except for leaving him (but MC was totally on board) <<less
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Suigintoh rated it
October 6, 2022
Status: c140
Let me tell you - there are tons of non-con in this novel.
I think many people do not assume that if someone wants to stop in the middle of encounter, not the beginning, it is also classified as non-con?

Currently I am on chapter 140, and I read through three or four of MC and ML bad s*x encounters, and a couple of okay ones.
Almost all the time MC in the middle starts to cry, refuse and beg to stop.
What does ML does?
He continues until he is satisfied.


Encounter 1: MC outright tries to leave, and is physically forced by ML to have intimacy.
Has pain all over his body.

Encounter 2: (first penetration)
MC feels great pain the first time, also tossed for the whole night despite begging and crying for ML to stop.
We were also told that ML was very fierce cause it was their first time.

This is the one where ML afterwards asks if it was pleasant, and MC says it was pleasant but tiring.

Encounter 3: ML doesn't stop no matter what, on the opposite, he tosses MC as long as the latter makes a sound, making him afraid of talking at all.

Encounter 4: MC is tossed for the whole night again, again his pleas for stopping are ignored.

Don't get me wrong, they also have one or two encounters where ML coaxes MC and those do not end like this terrible mess.

I think probably it could be that author just sucks at writing MC being coquettish, cause most of the description in the novel is outright borderline r*pe, with him being reluctant, unwilling, begging to stop, being scared, etc., etc.


Considering MC having a weak body, this is kinda weird and a bit sickening, frankly.

Albeit, MC is always checked by doctor afterwards and all, but I sincerely don't get it, why is getting yourself off while your partner is uncomfortable is considered "manly" in those books so often?

Also, yes, for anyone wondering, if MC wants to stop after couple times, and openly expresses it, when ML continues, it becomes non-con.
Borderline forced, actually.


The most iffy part for me was, I think, when MC asked ML not to be so overbearing in bed, and ML answered "get used to it, you will have to deal".
He is also like "we have to be intimate, it is your duty as a harem member".

So romantic *sarcasm*


I think part of this one being so uncomfortable to read is that author cannot make up his goddamn mind - the first time MC and ML went all the way, MC at first was described feeling great pain.

The next morning we were told by ML "wasn't it pleasant? I researched a lot, and it should be".
MC then replies that yes, pleasant, but tiring.

Why then was he described as having pain all over his body, begging to stop?

He also asked before they started: will ML stop if MC doesn't want to go on?

ML says yes, but apparently that was only before they started altogether, because afterwards he never stopped despite being begged.


Also, to anyone who thinks this one is remotely realistic -


we have rebirth and two transmigrators, with other shenanigans.


Realistic? Please.

I actually have a feeling the author initially wrote this novel with female MC in mind, and changed to male to get more exposure.
Most of those novels have similar things, with same pattern - shou is married off to someone in power, and wants a quiet life, usually immensely beautiful, sick and kind.
Sometimes scheming for adding spice, but it is always cause others just won't let him and ML live in peace.
ML is always portrayed as cold and cruel prior to marriage, and everyone pities MC.
But only MC can make ML want to have sex fall in love with him.


Also, there is this borderline abusive habit of ML being all like "why did you talk to or ask about that person?", hating when others look at or gift MC anything, etc.


It was intended to come as romantic, but actually comes off as obsessive, creepy and disturbing.

MC always talks about personal borders, but never does anything when they are being invaded. When he tries to, he is forcefully oppressed by ML who is physically stronger most of the times.

All in all, this all leaves off a bad aftertaste instead of cute romance.

I usually don't do this, also, but let me tell you about another novel with lots of similarities, but much better written relationship between ML and MC:


"An Empire as a Betrothal Gift".


Also, to any people who think that it is not good to judge because intimate scenes fade to black.
Even though actual interc**rse does fade to black, we are told of the MC unwillingness rather explicitly, with him begging to stop and all.


Once during the night, as I mentioned, ML would continue to have s*x as soon as MC said literally anything.
By the end of the night MC was afraid of making any sound at all.


Again, it should come off as playful and teasing per author's idea, I bet, but comes off as oppressing and scary.

Basically, author kinda wants to get both readers who like non-con and those who like consensual romance, but in the end it all just feels weird and incomplete.

It's a pity, cause outside all that the relationship between MC and ML can be nice and full of care. If author did not make their intimacy so unappealing, there was a good potential for a nice light story.
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 24, 2022
Status: Completed
You kids gonna love this, ML treats MC like his precious treasure.

And who doesn't like to read about an emperor doting his ultra mega out of the world coveted beauty (sickly too!!)

Go for it! Hope the translator will relase few chapters in a week, coz its 200 chapter.
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Ghost_of_a_Witch rated it
December 8, 2022
Status: c141
I picked up this novel at random to read again and based on the first few chapters I was very surprised to see it was in my "Dropped" list, so I went to check my notes and the reviews to see if I could jolt my memory. The endeavor proved successful but I kind of wish it wasn't as I have to thank the more negative reviews, highlighting the dub-con, for it.

Before I say anything else, the making or breaking of this novel depends on whether you like/can put up... more>> with the dub-con (borderline non-con) like elements when it comes to the intimate relationship of the main characters. There's no r*pe or anything of the like, but the author is very partial towards the ML's excessive desire -- as par the course in most Asian webnovels --, often making the act feel very one sided: MC is pestered until he agrees with the ML, and later he's made to be okay with whatever happens on the bed by the author either because he's in love or it felt good, even if he was uncomfortable before.

I mtl-ed up to ch.141 before dropping the first time and the storyline itself was okay, quite typical of the reborn ancient times MC vs transmigrator from modern times theme. What made me unable and uncomfortable to continue on was the ML and the romance part --- all the more so as I was the person who went to talk to the translator at the time about their misunderstanding of the ML after a certain bath scene.

At first I was hopeful the ML would be different as he seemed to care about MC a lot, but all of that pampering evaporated pretty fast after their first time, and ML became the typical high-cold, previously abstinent virg*n turned into a h**ny-all-the-time s*x maniac who only cared about their own gratification regardless of their partner's wishes. Even if I wasn't tired of the trope, the change in attitude would have still been very disappointing. It was very off-putting to see how MC at first was treated as a precious, fragile glass flower in the palm of the ML's hand as the latter was afraid the former would die if they went all the way due to his bad health, but later on these health concerns didn't matter anymore until ML was able to scratch the itch of his precious dragon rod (and no, MC's health didn't improve magically).

Another mark against the ML is his possessiveness, he is possessive to the point of it being stifling. He would be happy if the MC was a pretty, sickly bird in a gilded cage only for his viewing pleasure, because of which MC's plans have been forced to a halt at the last minute many times. Ofc, after working himself to death one time already, the MC wants to be a salted fish when he can, but ML's wish for him to not do anything doesn't come from a good place, nor concern. At least I felt almost suffocated by ML's attitude while reading and due to that the 'romance' part made the entire story a drag to continue on.

In the end, I'm giving this 2 stars because, although very trope-y, the plot part is okay, but I wouldn't recommend this if questionnable consent and a super possessive ML are not what floats your boat. <<less
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Omniscient Couch Potato
Omniscient Couch Potato rated it
September 30, 2023
Status: c81
I never comment without reading the whole thing but I had to...

This novel isn't as bad as others make it look like.

People made it look like its dark romance thingy where ML forces MC, its clearly not. Damn I almost dropped this book because of the comments.

Lastly if u like drama go ahead... there are lots of it. Kinda cliche but good cliche
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singheat rated it
March 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Picked up this series because of the love interest falls in love first tag, stayed for the plot.

I really liked the MC’s character. Since he was going to die anyway, he should do whatever he wanted. He knows his position’s power, used it for revenge, for the country and for ML. MC knew how vicious rumours are, and so advised ML to release information on why he decided to punish certain people. I liked how MC build an information gathering units to see what happened outside the harem.

For the ML,... more>> my only complaint is that he forces MC to be intimate with him (borderline non-con?). I know that the author kind of explained that MC is the only one ML falls for, but given the sickly nature of the MC, isn’t it fair to wait until the MC’s body to be out of dead zone? Otherwise, the ML really fitting the doting male lead tag.

The flow of the plot was good, except on the arc on solving the country’s border crisis. The author made a good job on including the MC and ML discussion, and then the tense and nail biting tension on solving the crisis was killed by the intimacy.

Also, it makes me warm when the ministers kind of looking for MC’s suggestion for making the country better, and then trying to give MC better position beside ML. And ML just upstage the ministers by giving MC more higher position.

Haven’t read the extras yet, looking forward on the side couples developments. <<less
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dday0425 rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: Completed
It's quite a struggle for me to finish the story tbh. The story is too long and boring, especially in the later period.

For me, I considered this story quite fast-paced. The couple get along and fall in love very fast. The face slap is also done in the very early days.

with so much identify difference, the concubine and half-brother couldn't struggle to fight against the MC at all.

Originally, with how competent MC is, and the fact that this is his second life, I was anticipating a fierce political and power fight/struggle, but nope. The plot is so underwhelming and cliche. 😔 Just by reading dozens of chapters, I can more or less guess the entire plot and the special origin of the MC (although I don't know the specific, the trend can be seen as clearly as day). The joy and excitement was lessened by half at this point.

At around chapter 40-50, I was always wondering how tf this novel has 250+ chapters, when the narrative is this fast and the throne is stable. Turns out, there are so many filler plot & romance, resulting in the story to be so lengthy, but with barely any substantial storylines. Like after a while, there will be scenes of the main cp hug and kiss and being clingy and jealous and make love (which many times, took up 80-90% of the texts), while there are only tiny bit of progression on the political side. It's okay if this happened just now and then, but instead, the author chose to add those portions in almost every chapters. Although I also enjoyed the romantic protagonists, when the pattern becomes repetitive, it's less appealing and more annoying to me.

For the characters, the ML is a typical tyranny emperor, who is only good and sweet to MC, and is extremely clingy. While, the MC is a frail and intelligent beauty, who happens to have a mysterious maternal background. Having the golden finger of rebirth and some of modern technological knowledge, we don't have to talk about the story's trajectory anymore, do we? I mean, it's what to be expected from the synopsis in the first place, and I'm not mad at it.

What disappoint me is that the antagonists are so weak. All of them, besides being well hidden, are arrogant and careless af. They can barely deal any damage to the MC and ML, and were actually countered by the couple in no time. Damn, seeing that they have such a grand and long term plan to deal with the ML, I expected more wisdom and resistance from the mastermind, especially in the final fight, which should be the climax of the whole novel. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Isn't he supposed to be calculative and cautious? Where is his epic moves against the emperor like what he did in the previous dynasty? How anti climatic. It's so underwhelming that I'm speechless from the disappointment.
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cleocries rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: Completed
this novel is about rebirth, a second chance at life and doing things differently. An emperor x consort story. Review:

mc: very smart, intuitive and beautiful. He was mistreated by the one he loved in his previous life, so now he wants to change his fate. Shen yu is also sickly due to his chronic illness, but he is emotionally and mentally strong despite having a weak constitution. Love that for him:)

ml: he is very doting, gets easily jealous, and loyal to our MC. He always treats shen yu with... more>> alot of care, but doesn't hesitate to kill anyone his way. I wouldn't say he is the wisest emperor, but our MC nudges him in the right direction that allows ML to make correct choices.

what I like: MC and ML were not written as super OP characters, because it makes their personal growth much for fulfilling as the story progresses. And communication! When they argue or have any misunderstandings, it's lovely to see them working out problems together, it shows how much they respect the other. Another thing was also the plot, there are certain twists that were unexpected, such as

the idea of transmigration for not just one, but a few certain characters, as I had never really seen such a common of it in one novel


what I didn't like so much: the non-con interc**rse that happened quite at the front of the novel; it was not explicitly explained, but there was ambiguity hinting at the possibility that it did indeed occur. Actually I am not that surprised because in chinese history, consorts and concubines have always been expected to be accepting and submissive to the one they serve. And as an emperor, shang jun lin has a domineering nature in the first place ("as the country's ruler, he does not owe anyone an explanation for his decisions" type of mindset) so that part was quite a realistic depiction of how emperors behaved in ancient times. I guess I was just put off by the sudden-ness of it. The rest of the scenes after were always consensual :)

overall, this is a slice of life kinda novel. There are plentiful additions of cannon fodder characters that may seem important at some point, but are really just one demensional villains. It's not a deep political plot, so you may read this with an ease of heart! <<less
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Severe rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this novel to the fullest.

This IS a slice of life "farming simulator" styled novel. But it is the best slice of life novel out there. Because there were always action scenes rather than boring everyday routine. Though the main couple is extremely Mary Sueish, it correlates with a genre - you shouldn't expect major emotional changes in it.

The story is interesting and easy to follow, quite satisfactory to read.
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Adelina92 rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: 60??
... MC is good...

ML is okay

But the villains are too easy to defeat. They were defeated in the early game that it became dragging already...

Well maybe there's more on the succeeding chapters but I'm too lazy to continue...

Good luck to other readers..

Maybe if I felt like it.. I might read this again... Or not ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯
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Kassandra rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: Completed
It's actually okay, the premise is interesting and it was done quite well.

Only thing is, when the s*x scene was described it always feel dub-con. The thing that irritated me the most is when ML tells that he will not do it again, but repeats it. Like wtf, can't you see he's not very healthy and you're still pushing it? I skipped those scenes because of this, my anger issues are just gonna go I just know.

For the side couples, I'm happy that they have their own little story! Happy... more>> with them because it's been hard for them to get this. It is what they deserved.

Other con for me is, from politics suddenly a fantasy element came in without any warning. The memory erasing, controlling thoughts, saints, precepts, etc.

Overall, 3/5. <<less
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March 15, 2023
Status: extra
In all actuality, I like everything... but what bugs me the most is that the Imperial Physician Gu (mtl made me forget his name) actually coupled with Gu Huai, whom which he raised since he was a child, at the end... I mean, it is truly author trying to force it... Suddenly, just because Gu Huai confesses his feeling and acting a bit pitiful, that Imperial Physician Gu suddenly feels like he could return the feeling...

That aside, Jiang Huaiqing and He Chengyu (I think that’s his name) also feel... more>> kinda forced... Can’t they just making the main couple gay and leave the other guys alone? <<less
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bluedrop rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: c88
I loooove it when the MC is smart and also pretty shameless. Also reading MC and the ML and their companionship gives me so much mu*derHusbands vibes lol.

Hope it continues to get updated. The scenes are also gorgeously painted honestly.
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cinlky rated it
January 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Loves the MC And the ML. Their story is full of action and the normal imperial throne fighting. Unavoidable I guess.

MC is reborn.. to say he is OP...I don't believe so as they say a single action can also change the course of history. To say he is weak.. nope. after all strength can come in many forms.

ML... well I'm glad he get what he deserved after so many sacrifice. Throne of power can be lonely.

For those who have problems with the non consensual.. well the ML do need to... more>> fix it a bit, however I don't think it's enough sin to condemn him. It's their relationship, just leave it to MC to judge the relationship him. <<less
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Ymihere rated it
November 4, 2022
Status: c83
Honestly glad I gave this a chance. Dispite some of the terrible reviews.

Main couple only has one really dubcon bath scene so far and honestly their interactions are so beautiful. Mutual respect and care for each other. A slow burn and build up of love so far. ML really cares about MCs health too. When the scenes depict him worried and caring for him it's so cuteee.
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September 29, 2022
Status: c25.3
The translation is not finished, so I decided to just take a peek to see what the novel is all about. From the first 25 chapters, my thoughts are... The focus of the novel is mainly only political intrigue. The MC is the eldest son and the legitimate heir of a Marquis. At the start of the novel, we find out that he had actually been reborn. In his previous life, he had done all he could do in order to raise up his lover and enable him to take... more>> the Dragon Throne. However, he ended up being pushed aside in favor of his illegitimate half-brother (who said his lover had taken him as a substitute for -- and oh, is a transmigrator!) In this life, after reading a book that lets him see the course of events from his half-brother's perspective, he decides that he wasn't about that life and decides to gain power by aligning himself with the Tyrant, AKA the current emperor, AKA the ML.

The length of the novel implies that there are going to be quite a few conflicts sparking up along the way, otherwise, I'm not sure how the author could have created so much content! In my opinion, this novel is a good casual read. The pacing is slow, so you can get to know the characters a lot, and it's amusing when they win (though a noticed some reviewers say the MC and the ML win too easily in later chapters.)

I decided not to do a full review for now, since I didn't get very far into the novel. But my opinion of the novel is slightly positive at the moment. I like the banter and chemistry between the main CP. Though, as for the plot, it didn't keep my interest for very long. <<less
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