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After an ‘Elf Rebirth Project’ game was forcefully installed on a movie emperor’s cell phone, he suspected it to be a virus, so he moved to uninstall it!!!! (╰_╯)#

The cute little interstellar prince reborn in the game said softly and waxily: “No… don’t…. I…. I eat very little, don’t uninstall me, ok?” (ó﹏ò?)

The movie emperor who was so hit by his cuteness that he almost vomited blood pretended to be calm: … ( ̄TT ̄) Bleeding from the nose

Since then, the life of the movie emperor: Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy ~ and raise my little cutie~(≧ω≦).

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New Lala-Chan rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is great!!!!

The only thing I didn’t like was:


Its was to short!!!!
I need more ; (


MC and ML

The MC is so sweet and adorable!!!!
The ML is so sweet with the MC and treats him so well, and he would do anything for him.


Thank so much for the people who translated this awesome novel!!!!
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Melange rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: Completed
It's cute, I'll give it that. But it was far too short to make a complete novel and man, the plot is holier than a piece of swiss cheese.

There was so much novel magic going on, the author had to go through great lengths to make the whole thing work. I'm not convinced that it even did, because what the hell, there are so many goddamn holes, it was like stepping on a rural dirt road after a rain storm.

... more>>

MC was supposed to be trapped in the game for the rest of his life or go back to his original world, but... somehow he brought ML with him and they lived there for hundreds of years? And then they went back in time? ?_?

Friend of MC was an elf dog but also a man and who knows what happened to him. Or that other elf who was a poor kid but got taken in by ML's friend. Or that elf who was a BL writer.

Something about MC acting in a movie but then it went nowhere.

ML's brother was an elf suffering from progressive face blindness but 'love cures all'... I guess?

Random grandma and grandpa who have no real purpose other than to show off MC's weird interstellar medicine. But he only cures grandpa and not grandma, hah. Oh and grandpa came from a time after MC died?

MC brought a real life dog with him into the game? But what about his friend who was an elf dog?

All these converging timelines yet everyone's elves happen to be raised in modern day China.

There was showbiz but this isn't even showbiz.

ML and his friends being great detectives, showing up in all the right places, even faster than the police. They just be barging into restaurants, hospitals, abandoned buildings, dog kennels, everything.


If you want to read this uhhh... Maybe just don't think about the plot. Or think at all. <<less
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Cler rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: Completed
A light novel with a cinnamon roll MC and a pampering ML. The plot isn't too heavy, and you don't have to think too much while reading.
... more>>

Short summary:

The prince, Yuan Suo, is reborn into a game system where the "elves" (ones who are reborn into the game) are taken care of by the players. His player is Mo Yi Cheng, and Yuan Suo is basically being raised by him.

Other aspects:

Yuan Suo's naiveness is similar to childlike innocence. Although he may easily believe what others say, nothing serious really happens as a direct result of his naiveness. He learns from his mistakes and develops over time.

Some drama is sprinkled throughout the novel, and becomes a bit more condensed in the later half when a villain is introduced, and the side characters are given a bit more depth and screen time. There are a few ups and downs, but most events usually don't get dragged out for long.


Overall, I had a nice time reading. <<less
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bingpupschewtoy rated it
June 26, 2021
Status: c53 part2
Very cute story with an interesting concept. I adore Dudu and his relationship with Mo Yi Cheng. Generally quite a healing webnovel except for some moments of angst. I see loads of comments about this story having no logic etc but tbh I don’t think it’s that bad. Would recommend if you like sunshiney, cute MCs.
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MofuMofu rated it
December 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This story' is so beautifull. Its light hearted but addictive. When I just try a few first chapter, this novel totally hooked me, who already read so many novel. Though the story' is predictable, the character of MC and ML is your usual cute MC and cool ML, BUT!! The story' is so good to read! Just try a few chapter, and assure you Will love this!!

I actually Amazed how much this novel hooked me. Though the story' is nothing that truly rare, but after I read it, I cant... more>> stop myself.

Each character of this novel is so vivid, so detail, and so lifealike. I feel regret and think this novel feel to little. Because I just that much love for this novel! 💖 <<less
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melonbabyReader rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: c40
So far, from what I’ve seen... it’s a cute story!
I think it’s cute at least, creating a little chubby-like dumpling character. Though, since it is a gay novel, and there are hints to our little MC coming to reality, I might drop because of that. ((Simply because kissing scenes make me uncomfortable))

If you’re similar to me, or you’re not, doesn’t matter, this is a cute read that you can browse through in your free time. The translation is pretty clean, there isn’t really much of a plot,... more>> just sweetness :) <<less
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Nokiyoh rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: Completed
The more I read the weirder it gets, but it's cute so.. It's okay, I'm not looking for anything great anyway so my expectations is not high to begin with.

Just be satisfied with the cuteness and fluff, stop looking out for logic because there's none.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maiasia rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: Completed
It's cute. Plot is simple, not THAT complicated. I admit there are plot holes but nowhere that bad. No dogblood drama. No overly dramatic rivals. It's a cute and simple transmigration story to read in between your heavier novels.
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