Queen of Flowers


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Yong Ruo was a sensible and tough girl. She transmigrated into ancient times, into a poor, weak flower girl.

But she got a strange system for healing, beauty, birth control… and many more.

The problem was that the system was powered by contraceptive drugs.—” Contraceptive drugs system.”

Born in ancient times, she no longer fantasized about love. She just wanted to have a rich, stable life.

In order to collect the contraceptive medicine, she became a concubine of a prince and thus began the love that was destined to be broken.

She did not expect this Prince not only favored her- a mere concubine but also he refused to marry a real wife. He wanted to live with her for a lifetime and vowed not to marry anyone else.

‘Stressed! This is more than I bargained for!’

‘Won’t you marry a main wife when you became an emperor?’

‘Won’t you empty the side chambers?’

‘Can you live with a single person all your life?’

‘Can I not get pregnant? I don’t want any kids.’

Would the flower girl counter-attack to become a queen?

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Mài Huā Nǚ De Huánghòu Lù
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25 Reviews

Apr 08, 2020
Status: c100
For me, this is like a cup of hot chocolate during a cold winter day. I drink a hot chocolate cup often and yet it never loses his appeal and always manages to warm me up. Like this novel, it isn't original or mind-blowing, but I like it because it's fluffy and it makes me smile often when I read it. The story is simple: a transmigrator woman meets a young man, he falls in love with her and she accepts to become his concubine. What follows is the usual... more>> drama for our female lead to be accepted and respected in her husband's rich and powerful house.

What the story lacks in originality, it wins in the the characterization of the two leading characters. The female lead, Yong Ruo, was a normal woman and after transmigrating into a poor and unfortunate family, she strives to keep her family fed. She is very rational and pratical and, thank god, kept her adult mindset, that means she doesn't act as a teenager blubbering mess any time the ML is near her. She knows that love is a fleeting emotion and can't rely only on the ML's love for her whole life, so she thinks and plans for the future. I usually hate the magical system inserted into the story as a cheap and quick way to make the MC special and strong, but here I find it is dealt with well as it is used little (at least for now) and it requires contraceptive drugs to work that are difficult to find.

The male lead is also well characterized. He is a powerful noble but he at the same time he realizes he has little control over his life. He falls in love pretty quickly with Yong Ruo and he learns to respect her and admire her not only for her beauty, but for her useful advice and open mind.

Other reviewers lowered their rating saying that the translation is poorly done, honestly there are sometimes some weird word choices but they don't affect the overall reading experience. Honestly, I prefer a not-perfect translation with steady chapters coming out frequently rathen than perfect chapters released once every two weeks. <<less
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Feb 17, 2020
Status: Completed
A nice, romantic, palace drama transmigration novel.

... more>>

Main character (mc) died of cancer in the modern world and transmigrated into an ancient Chinese imperial power setting world. She has a system as a cheat but cannot use it until she gains points by absorbing sterilization medicine. Although MC starts off in poor living conditions, she soon meets Male Lead county king, who falls for her through a series of short encounters. Because of constraints to her low origin, she is only taken in as the ML's concubine first (even though ML wants to marry her as his wife).

ML works hard for the emperor so that MC can obtain the title of wife. Through many scenes, the author reveals mc's cleverness and intelligence. Of course, the author is also adept at describing their loving and cute interactions together. After several downplayed drama scenes, MC eventually becomes the Empress and ML the emperor.


The best part about this novel is the lovely interactions between the MC and ML, the non-antsy palace drama is second.

A strangely sweet but smooth plotline. <<less
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Feb 14, 2020
Status: Completed
This was an amazing read. it was sweet and the drama was just right. The fun part for me was the MC... we get those women in the novels who act like they are still in the height of puberty with the absurd hormonal storms that are IQ deficient and it is always baffling to me. Then we get an awesome, realistic MC like this one. The love between these two was amazing... very fairy tale kind and I would definitely put this among my top female MC novels.
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Hundred Lilies
Hundred Lili
Mar 27, 2020
Status: c74
Sweet couple no doubt, but that's about it. The novel is very cliche with a sick mother and younger siblings as a burden, a cheat system and as always, since the setting is ancient times, the couple has to fight for their love through schemes, s*upid filial piety (one of the reasons why I dislike modern China as well since that custom still exists and is exploited by many parents and elderly) and hierarchy.
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Jan 23, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was a personal journey to me. I made a review on the same day I decided to binge it, with some hopes when I was 70% done.

At first, I thought about giving it a 4 because of the main couple (there was no overbearing or saint-like ML and the FL was a reasonable person), but then I realized the setting was a bit lacking... How do I say this? They never stuck with one problem, they solved it in a very lazy way... for example: one chapter... more>> things were this way where MC would probably have to face the world with ML to change her status despite her weak background, next chapter she suddenly receives a higher position.

This is lack of consistency, now, let's talk a bit about the system trope...


When the story started, despite the system gold-finger and the cliched setting, I felt it was going through a more rational route and the character was going to have some troubles putting her hands into the "coins" of her system in the form of "abortive drugs" or "contraceptive drugs", but suddenly she has this ability to suck them out of people or things just by touching them (it would be more interesting if she had to consume and later spend some points to fix her body or she was immune to the drugs from the beginning).


About the romance setting....


I didn't have much of a trouble with the ML's reason for liking our MC so fast, because it fits his nature: he is a kid, he is still rather naive about the people around him although he is a prince and her words just happen to ease the things that have pestered him his whole life - his relationship with his mother.

Her feelings for him, developing slowly also make sense. I would have liked a bit more of background on MC's previous life, but some of it is exposed: she died from cancer, she had a troubled family relationship and she was a criminal psychologist. Therefore we know, she is much older and mature than him (and we can see from the way she always advices him). But of course, he seems to be her first love, and when her feelings comes... well, they are exposed more in the last 15~20 chapters of the story, and the author wrote it like it was some sort of dog blood drama.


About the translations...


In the beginning the translations were relatively good, some mistakes but nothing major. But as the plot progressed it looked more and more like it was machine translated and crudely worked over. The mistakes in the translation were off-putting too, some parts became rather confusing, for example Su Mingjian's name was sometimes translated, like they put it into a machine translation and just copy pasted as Su "Famous Sword" (if you don't know your 101 chinese -> Ming - Famous, Jian - Sword.


But honestly, all this mistaked weren't enough to make it give something less than a 3* evaluation. What broke me was (1) the ending and (2) the realization that besides the supporting characters that they needed to become "villains", no other character that was supposed to have some voice or personality had any. Let's talk about the superficiality:


The ML has some powerful friends, as he states to her when he first reveals his identity, but they have almost no screentime. And more than that, they have no opinions for themselves. Anything the prince does, even when it is a bad decision, they just go with it... and when the FL says or does something, she is always right.

I would be ok if they didn't like her that much at first and later on the story they developed a good relationship, but... nothing is mentioned!!

Girls, Boys. If someone broke the heart of your friend or he was about to drag himself into a situation that might be harmful to him, wouldn't you try to defend this friend?!!!

And even if, they were by his side just for his power as a Junwang, wouldn't they be even more keen on stopping this romance? But no, they might just be deadwood in the BG.


S o, I was very unhappy when I was delivered the last chapters. Happy ending or not, tears or not. I was unsatisfied. I want to be satisfied even when I cry in sadness. This story had no indication it would become some sort of dog blood drama!!

So, in my previous review I said: "But cute, nonetheless. I think its worth reading if you like to read romance novels." But now... well, read at your own risk. At least the first and second half of the story are not bad.

Now, let's talk about some attitudes of the FL I found nonsense.


The FL is clearly very smart, except when there's this part where they go to another county and decide to go against a group of bandits nearby. Or MC is smart, and slowly gets hold of the situation. When she has an idea in her head, she opts not to tell ML (i understood it was because she wants him to grow and figure it was a trap by himself)... but, oh gods of horror, next day she is just telling everything, and not telling... but saying it was some sort of dream sent by spirits. Girl, everybody knows you're smart... just use your logic as you have always been doing! You don't even need to reveal the system, cuz you thought it all by yoursef!!


So, I was a bit desperate for their country in the end.


Dear ML is not so fitting to sit in the Emperor position if he doesn't have FL by his side. I honestly prefered the second brother Feng Shi (he is also a Di son and he is not plotting to kill his brother), to sit on the throne. He didn't get much showtime but he seemed reasonable.

Instead of trying to go for this position that would make MC and ML have to accept more women in the backyard (which was emphasized SO MANY TIMEEES, they didn't want), they could have supported this supporting character to get the throne and demanded a stable but relatively idle position. But I guess the author thought that if she didn't put Huanghou (empress) in the title it might not sell, uhn?

Anyway, because of the obvious contradictions our ML was still pushed to the throne and ofc people were against him only having a single woman. Ok, so... let's compare a good idea with a bad idea just for the drama.

The bad idea, in the novel: MC fights till the end, goes against the emperor and opts to drink some poison that will make her ugly and incapable of ever appearing together with ML (albeit she does have a system to detoxify). The ML is so s*upid that he just goes angst and makes the emperor even more angry. Later, he even destroys several ministers of the court that had daughters fitting to be his partners.... its not wise!

An idea of this random reader (for the scenario were ML has to be on the throne) : Make him take the women (only people that have high rankings but their families have no power or very reasonable women - such as women that are considered old or have problems going on in their families... and trust me, as the story told us: the prince is very good at investigating), fake their loss of chastity. Then in private negotiate with them to be fake wives, while giving them a good life: food, clothes and helping their families. See? That way this women would be benefiting and the emperor or the court would be unable to say that the ML was going against regulations.


Anyways. It gets a 2 star, because of the first part of the story.

If anyone read my rumbles, haha.... maybe you are just as angry as me :P <<less
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Mar 11, 2020
Status: c48
Reading the description I was really hesitant on reading this. But seeing as there were no weird tags I decided to see what's this all about.

And damn im thankful I gave this a try.

The story itself is the usual with MC getting transmigrated into ancient times and gets a system, even though the purpose of the system is kinda weird.

... more>> What truly shines in this novel is the MC and ML personalities.

It is such a rarity to get an actual adult MC. So often we get MC that are said to be adult in age, but act like clueless teenagers. The MC here actually has her sh*t together, thinks and acts logically. She understands the world and people around her, and acts accordingly. She doesn't expect a knight in shining armor to come and save her, instead she plans and takes precautionary measures to protect herself and her family.

Of course considering the times she lives in and the mission from her system, there are limits to what she can achieve.

So here comes the ml. At first glance it seems like the usual op prince who falls in love with MC at first sight/encounter. But there is so much more to him.

The ML has all the makings of an op ml, yet he's still young and a bit immature. He's confused about a lot of stuff in his life and has yet to find a path that is his.

Its the MC that sheds light to his path and helps him understand what he truly wants from life. Helps him understand that he doesnt have to follow what others wants and can choose his own path.

Their personalities and interactions just feel so real. Its awesome!

If you like this genre of novels I really suggest giving this one a try. <<less
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Jun 26, 2020
Status: Completed

He's a naive crybaby who throws tantrums like a kid to get whatever he wants, but yet still so sweetly dedicated to MC. It's so refreshing to read this kind of ML between all those overbearing emperor archetype.

And our MC, she's so brilliant and realistic. I get what ML was trying to say when he said MC's like a plum blossom flower, pretending to be tough and unshakeable all the time. I just want to give her a hug.

Overall this is a very interesting read.
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Mar 25, 2020
Status: c70
A good fluffy story between MC and ml. No unneeded drama between the two of them as it was already love at first sight for ML towards MC. MC here is quite realistic as she doesn't have some sort field of expertise like medical, etc etc. Whereas for ml, he's not highly ambitious and just want to have a carefree life (for now) I like how these two can connect together well enough.

Translation wise, it is 6/10 for me. I felt the tler just mtl some part, not putting more... more>> effort on researching for an english word to phrase it. For example, they use the word "assassination" on a certain chapter when it is not suitable at all for the sentence and does not connect at all for the story. Next, using the word "round room" which shows that they literally translate from the chinese word 圆房 (meaning: to consummate the marriage aka wedding night). The other one which I spotted would be "hua dio jiu" which tler said it means "red daughter wine" or some sort when actually it is not. "Red daughter" wine is just a name/kind of the wine which in chinese is女儿红. (Pronounce as nǚ'érhóng).

I hope tler can take this constructive criticism and correct them while improving his/her chinese language. Thank you again for your hard work of translating. <<less
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Sep 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Now this is what I called a protagonist with a brain! I really like the FL; how level-headed & smart she is. She feels real. Although her maturity feels incompatible with her current age, but I guess that's what it is, considering it's set during ancient times.

ML is also likeable, he's childish even though he's 3 years older than her, but it is also because he lives in a cozy environment where everyone pampers him. He's around the age where teenagers usually rebels but gradually, his growth is superb.

I don't... more>> have much to say about the story since I forgot most of it (after reading this one, I read other novels lol) but what sticks to me is the sensibility & determinity of FL. Gosh I gotta say I like her a lot. Her growth isn't that important since she is an adult after all. But her decisions, although heartbreaking, is wise. She knows her place. And everytime she mentioned 'it's okay, im going to leave later anyways' made me sob lol

Oh anyways, this novel doesn't really have those b*tches (except for the existance of ML's effin sister) & face slapping dog blood dramas, so it's pretty nice to read. The drama mostly revolves around FL & ML's love.

Well, that's what I feel about the novel. Though I gotta say, MTL-ing is kinda hard, especially when I really dislike reading historical/ancient chinese setting since the usage of 'names/nicknames' is just too incomprehensible imo lol <<less
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade
Jun 14, 2021
Status: Completed
One question for this book?

If contractive were so rare that only some aristocratic families, that were trusted to keep this contraband business quiet, were the only customers.... then what the heck were the brothels in the red light districts using?

Those girls in brothels had to be using something otherwise they will all be preggers. On that note, I won't bother pointing out all the other plot holes in the novel.
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Dec 02, 2020
Status: c40
  • Chapters are wasted. 32chapters in a novel of 113, the feeling is that I read 1 ou 2 at most. Not in a good way " good things make the time fly". Instead the feeling is that you haven't seen nearly enough for 32 chapters.
  • Without cohesion, In one chapter the author is rambling about misoginy, and in the same chapter she/he is victimizing the man because he was (politely) rejected. In another chapter one betrothal gift was shabby and then soon after MC described it as a lot of precious jewelry and a LOT of money.
  • Poor excuses for MC's choices and behavior,
Like, she couldn't accept money because it would attract bad guys, when her brother said they could take the money and live somewhere else, she said the money... more>> was too heavy ??? I AM NOT KIDDING! I'm not saying the money wasn't heavy, but seriously, couldn't you think of it any other way? Her brother once again said "we can rent a carriage" and she responded by saying that hiring a carriage is difficult (??) And that they couldn't live in the wild? BBut why would she need to do that? She could go to other cities, right? Or staying in the same City as her much smarter brother, said, but she replied saying people would suspect... SO WHAT ? THEIR MONEY WASN'T STOLLEN ! She used a lot of s*upid excuses like "we would be kidnapped", but before SHE told the others, no one except the people who gave her the money knew. My god this author is lazy! He/she really didn't want to think of a decent reason! If that kind of reasons were real, nobody would do anything, everyone can get kidnapp any time, especially in this kind of environment. Seriously, read chapter 36 and you'll see the author trying to pass it off as common sense, and trying to make MC look like a sensible and smart character, which, until this chapter, I thought she was.

I don't know why the author chose to introduce this ridiculous dialog between MC and her brother, maybe was to show how smart MC is, but only made MC look extremely dumb.

By the way She could've use this money to buy the medicine to get points in her system which could save her dying mother BUT NO, " money is heavy, "so there's no other way.

*eyes rolling exorcist style*

  • ML fell in love in the blink of an eye, even though he started out as an idiot, in a quick date he was already captivated and couldn't let her go. I thought that even if he was interested in her, the author would make slow, steady progress, as this was not supposed to be a "love at first sight" thing, but with two more fast meetings he was already madly in love to the point of crying... She kept rejecting him, and at some point he said he would think about the reasons she gave, but soon after, without any explanation from the author, he chased her again. I was like, How did things get to this point?? I missed smething ? But no, it was just the bad writing
The author can't even convey feelings, or he simply likes to change his mind about the direction of the plot and doesn't give a damn about the cohesion of the entire novel.

  • The MC seemed smart, but after that s*upid dialogue mentioned earlier, she couldn't even save herself after some people came looking for trouble at her house, with the most lame excuse ever, so I gave up on this novel.
It would be ok if this wasn't supposed to be a smart and intelligent protagonist, but as it was, there is no excuse for this to be in the plot. I don't know why people here are singing such high praises for her, I'll admit that in the first chapters she looked more inteligent and composed than other MCs, but soon author used the common plot tool of making MC weak to make ML look better.

For me this novel tried to do what those 5000+ do, only that with much less room, as this novel only have 113 chapters, so things got messy and nothing seemed right, the romance, the plot, the nonexistent progession (as things just pop up from nowhere), random acts that don't fit the context... I don't recomend this. This don't even reach the quality of those simpler novels made only for face slaps. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby
May 12, 2020
Status: Completed
I could say that this is one good novel that I am extremely happy to enjoy.

The plot great, the all characters of this novel described nicely. The pace of the story was not dragging.

The FL was wise and smart. She knew how to analyze problems and find the solution. Although she has a system and could solve many problems, she was low key and not openly solved the problems to avoid limelight.

The ML was a very good one. He was cute and loyal. There was not many cute and lovely... more>> ML in other's novels.

The Main Characters make a good team and they completed each other.

Although the translation is not great but it was not hard to understand. The Translator's note that this is her/his first work, so base on that the translation is not that bad actually.

I used MTL but it's harder to understand than Translator's work. So my suggestion is, if you are not used to MTL, better wait for translation to avoid headache.

This is one of the novels that I enjoyed and I am so happy to discover this story. <<less
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Mar 25, 2020
Status: c1
This story is among the best, comparable with To Be A Virtuous Wife, Eight Treasure Trousseau, The Beloved Imperial Consort, The Job of an Imperial Concubine, Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise a Dog Instead, Chongfei Manual, etc. The translation might not be as detailed and dazzling as some of them, but it can still harmoniously put across personalities and events in a way that charms the reader into making it a page turner.
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Oct 20, 2022
Status: c113
It was so great. FL was so smart, realistic and calm. She is one of the best heroine ever. ML was so cute when he spent his time with FL and he was so patient about heroine. One of the best hero of historical novel🥰🥰
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Jul 04, 2022
Status: c20
Sigh, another potentially good novel dropped because of poor translation.

I couldn’t get past the indecipherable sentences. Here are some examples:

  • When she got used to it, she swam to the sinking point where she saw the silver ingot fell according to her memory. After two laps around the landing point, remembering the parabolic trajectory of the silver ingot in the air, the location of the five silvers ingot in the water were automatically generated in her brain. The position of the silver ingot was roughly delineated, and she recovered from the cold water.
  • The girl was so poor and mad, so she asked for money and died (This is the main character so not sure how she died?)
  • In that short meal, Yong Ruo played a swindler with entertaining spirit, and told Feng Liao a lot of jokes about “public suffering.”such as: When an old man died, his wife felt more embarrassed
Once again, life is too short to try and painfully decipher bad translations.
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Jun 10, 2022
Status: Completed
the MC was so realistic it was refreshing. however, the ML was truly the gem in this story. he was a man far more advanced for his time. He's feelings were sincere from the very start, unlike the MC who wanted to get the most advantage but had still been attracted to him. After reading this I know that a major quality to find in a partner that will cover his/her all-round character and your future is simply sincerity.

if you are sincere you are- honest, kind, loving, trusting, willing... more>> to put in the effort and willing to understand and willing to work for a better future.

the ML's attitude to learn and accept her advice was so admirable. and ill say, it's the first historical novel that hardly pays attention to describing the character's appearances.

I do think that some things towards the ending bit could be changed, the romantic scenes between the couple could be increased, the MC and ML as rulers being described... the children growing up to be shown, how the two brothers grew up to be etc. but all these are minor.

recommended, light-hearted and not a politically stiff plot. <<less
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Feb 12, 2022
Status: c1
Poor storytelling.


FL got transmigrated into poor family with a sick mother. She has a system that collects contraceptive drugs but since she is poor, she cannot gain points. One day she meets the ML.

... more>> - I wish more could be said about the story but that is it.

Why the story is bad:

The story makes no sense at all. Whenever she uses the system or modedrn knowledge, she always uses the excuse of having met this wandering god doctor. She uses this excuse so often that it becomes ridiculous. Furthermore, how does no one realise that she just suddenly remembers something super important just now? Because it doesn't happen just once but continously throughout every 5 chapters.

Instead the MC is like, oh no, it wasn't me, I just gave them some milk to drink- oh no, it wasn't me, I just rembered something from the old doctor- oh I think I got a divine dream that this person is a spy?!

Just as well, the system makes no sense at all. After she saves her mother, there is no reason for her to keep absorbing contraceptive drugs. She barely uses the points to drive the story forward, except the bare minimum to save the ML but nothing more. No cheats, no conflict changing devices, nothing. Honestly, the story does not move forward with the system. You could take the system out of it and it would be the same story, so what is it if not superfluous and/or s*upid? <<less
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Pristine Xia
Pristine Xia
Jan 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow, love the witty side of MC!

A quote I admire from MC who tried to reject a potential suitor from upper class family (and will likely make MC a concubine or mistress due to MC's poor background) :

"I can survive on my knees, but I don't want to be on my kness all my life."

Way to go!!!

... more>>

After finishing the story, overall, I think the story has a unique dynamic between ML and MC that I enjoy reading. Some of the side stories are pretty sad or leaving a bittersweet feeling, but I'd still say that this novel has an HEA because MC and ML finally became the empress and emperor in the end. This novel is really one of a kind.


Thank you author and the translator team :) <<less
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Dec 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Loved the story. It’s a short read (about 100 chapters) and the amount of drama is good. No major plot holes or plot inconsistencies. Female lead is strong headed but smart and considerate. Male lead is far from perfect but he has only the female lead in mind and don’t allow for misunderstanding. He also treats the female lead right.
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Aug 02, 2021
Status: c60

ML and MC seem too good to be true. MC acts like an adult but she is in a 14 year old body so it just makes it a bit weird. I find it hard to believe that ML fell for MC after meeting her once and wants to marry her as his wife. Also I'm not sure what the purpose of the system is, and what it wants to achieve.
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