Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex


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I fell in love. Her name was Shirasaka Yukino. I could only look at her from a distance. However one day I heard that she already had a boyfriend. Even if I love her, I can’t have her. The devil sent me an invitation. I can make her mine!

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Junai ✕ Ryoujoku Complex
Love ✕ Rape Complex
純愛✕陵辱 コンプレックス
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Phlegyas rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: c149
This novel is amazing. Every character has it's own story and are well made. The people reviewing it say it's slow paced, but that's wrong, because even if in 149 chapters hasn't past a week the characters have grow into something completely different.

I would give it 5 stars, but the antagonists and classmates are too stupid and the MC's s*x drive and stamina are superhuman. It makes no sense, besides that the novel is an emotion roller coaster, it will make you laugh, feel sad, disgusted, happy, so you need... more>> to be a little emotionally numb to enjoy it. <<less
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Littlegaint rated it
June 1, 2019
Status: c205
Well this is one of the best wn having bat s*x scens along with great plot

But I don't like the story where all the work of MC is complete by members surounding him. Well I do get it that he's trying his best but he should have his own individuality. His character is developing as the story continues and the plot is also getting very interesting to read

I never got bored while reading this one unlike others (road to the kingdom) where it covers only MC f**king his harem

Well... more>> it also got some ingesting research material hehehe (evil laughter)

Looking forward to where our Hero's development is going to


almost forgot about most annoying and interesting character Yukino Shirasaka. I don't know why the author is keeping her in the Story but I'm really looking forward to to wats going to happen to her (want to see her f**ked my our MC it'll the kingdom cum)

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EternalKing rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: c672
A great story that has s*x as a medium and a plot device. The characters aren't one sided and don't exist solely to be raped/fapped to. Four stars up until the timeskip, in which case I vote it two stars. It's a fun story and while the underground/criminal aspect gets even more absurd, it actually feels just fine. The very first girl and the MC also have the best relationship/interactions eventually, as all the other girls either one sidedly adore the MC or let him use them for comfort (like... more>> crying on them), meanwhile that girl is not only the person aside from the MC that realizes how stupid absurd the harem is in interactions, she's also the only one he has different types of interactions with and these two have the greatest amount of Trust due to what they see in each other, despite the horrible things they're doing to each other.

Unfortunately this story goes downhill after the epilogues as it throws away some of the development of one of the main girls, making her spiteful and alone, as well as being incredibly biased and unfair in how it treats it's characters because the author himself goes too far in making the harem. Before the epilogue,

all the girls are somewhat getting along, but also start up their own factions either purposely or subconciously, because of this the spiteful girl ends up having nobody on her side despite having both loved the MC and the other harem members of the "Family". This loneliness and lack of allies because of the author wanting to cause drama for the sake of drama, turns her from quiet and insecure while wanting to get better and deserving of her position to the MC, to selfish, loud, and too idealistic. Worse than that, because nobody is on her side, even when it's mentioned that the other harem members made some mistakes in dealing with her or just in general, it's always let go while the lone girl gets hit with the brunt of the heat and blame. And beyond even that, ALL the girls except for this one are always allowed to let their own selfishness and mistakes when dealing with others get ignored after one or two lines, while the lone girl is constantly sh*t on by the others.

The author is also forcing the MC after the timeskip to act exactly as the Family/Harem wants him to even as he keeps his innate traits and thoughts of devoting himself to the family. This causes things to feel even worse as it's clear the nobody understands what they should be doing with him and yet nothing is done about it. For example because the MC is too considerate of them, he never fully lets his lust loose upon them, and yet instead of teaching him that they want that, they instead force him to bang more girls (which, incidentally, makes the situation with the Lone girl mentioned above even worse) There's also a contradiction that the first girl who he loses his virginity with is the only one he can use to satisfy his lust, but after the first few times it's clear that he isn't one sidedly using her body like they say, but instead earnestly having s*x with her as he does with the other women. The second contradiction is that his body literally faints due to needing to fulfill the s*xual desires of the younger girls except the Loner girl, but not only is that swept aside, they never stop asking him for s*x (despite knowing he is literally unable to say no) and instead ask him to have s*x with even more girls. While he is eventually able to distinguish from having s*x with NonFamily Harem and FamilyHarem, that doesn't exuse the fact that they're forcing him to do something unnecessary.
One of the worst traits this has is the utter bias in attention. While there's the lone girl mentioned above who gets the absolute sh*t end of the stick as she has proper reasons for her insecurities and few mistakes but is always made out to be the bad guy and has the least amount of scenes (at least she has two lovey dovey scenes that are cute to read, but after that it never happens again because the author's purposely being a d*ck at this point because he's trolling the japanese readers who called him out), the ones with the short end of the stick are the older members of the harem, who either have their s*x scenes interrupted, skipped over, and connect with the MC so quickly that he only learns a single thing about them (as well as them always having one traits to their interactions, which is motherly, or are just super lustful mature beasts, so really they're actually boring when you read them), meanwhile one sempai love interest is not only specifically said to be the one he loves the most, she makes the most mistakes when dealing with others and it never feels like she properly reflects in comparison to the other girls, the other sempai love interest not only brings in more members of the harem (with this faction always working together to have the MC themselves, and these girls that were brought in steal both the position and the actions that the lone girl was trying to have) she's also given better traits than the lone girl so whenever she makes a mistake it's ignored as she is specifically called out to be very smart and thoughtful to her surroundings (even though these are also traits given to the lone girl, the second sempai has them on a greater level, making the lone girl's existence in the harem even more useless). Meanwhile all the girls younger than him are more or less just lolis (who have the most amount of s*x scenes unfortunately) and they all team up together (and as you guessed, leave the lone girl completely alone)

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D34TH rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: c1
Well, if you are man of culture.

This is good for you.

I want to tell you, this novel has pretty dark theme... Nope it's not dark, it's just the characters of this novels had tragic past and Heavy trauma.


Our MC will slowly heal the trauma of his harem and [family]. His [Family] too will heal his trauma....


Plot is not useless, The story is pretty detailed. Character development is there. World background is detailed. Learnings is there.
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Rozen88 rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: c350
Story is really good up until around chapter 200, then it falls of a bit in my opinion. S*x scenes are great through out the novel. It can get a bit unrealistic at times with the some of the story plot points and females reasoning and motivations for loving the MC. Lastly, I really wish the MC wasn't acknowledged by everyone in the story as a complete idiot.
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June 23, 2018
Status: c480
I thought that this novel is all about S*x and more s*x seeing that it has so many chapters I tried it.

At first it was irritating but as I read more and more it gets better and better...

Well there are some letdowns but that is part of it so nvm.

... more>> All I can say is even though this is a R18 novel the story is good and its not just about S*x and Ero stuffs.

So I recommend you to read it and dont give at the start cause the beginning is well kinda misleading xD <<less
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rakuha rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c83
First time reading this novel is like, wow this novel really dark and so many rape... And you seems to hate the MC in the first time but... Fck that! After the first arc MC will make significant development and the plot will be come more interesting, thats what I can say for now. Its really interesting novel you will never regret to read this.
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grimehound rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: --
This novel Is a masterpiece. This novel isnt just about pornographics, it also has a great story.

This novel is nothing without its story.


yuzuki sensei is not the one who made her 1st and 2nd Toy to be prostitues. As the time goes by, you'll realize that yuzuki sensei ain't like the kind of devil that you always thought. She's an angel to be precise

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ItsVulop rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c297
Okay so just 1 word


... more>>

when the synopsis said "The Devil" I thought it was gonna be fantasy sh*t... but I was wrong.. apperenlty it was just a girl who wanted to seek revenge I was already looking forward for the fantasy but meh I kept reading.


The story plot is new to me so its refreshing although it was dark for the few first chapters *ehem*Got Raped*ehem* and I thought it was gonna stay dark but not really, it gets light.. er? I guess well the thing that I recommend is that keep reading first till the 100 chapters and judge there.

From the first to 200 chapters its still good but past the 250 mark... it gets boring.. atleast for me. The MC gets WAY too many girls so friking fast. It kinda gets kinda boring.


like in the 270-290 chapters he gets 3 girls or 4 I dont know he just gets girls too easily.


BY THE WAY, the name of the girls that starts with a M in their name.. its way too many I cant remember who is who

Anyhow im just at chapter 297 prob gonna read more prob not it just get repeated over and over and over and over again with the girls and s*x sh1t.

Oh ya this is prob a hentai not an ecchi just reminding to not read this with ur parents its 100% not family friendly :3

Overall a nice novel to pass time not too good not too bad just enough I guess :D <<less
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Soren59 rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c240
This is a preliminary view, I might change the rating after reading further.

First of all, if you don't like rape or dark stories then don't read this. That much should be obvious from the title and tags.

If you're reading for fap material, well the s*x scenes are detailed enough but there's also a lot of dialogue and plot so it might not be ideal for you. Some scenes and dialogue can also be pretty cringeworthy if you're not prepared.

Next, the novel requires patience to read, because the plot is EXCRUCIATINGLY... more>> slow-paced. A week of time in the novel took more than 100 chapters, so that should give you an idea. This is also the reason I said this is a preliminary review, since 240 chapters really isn't enough to judge whether I think the novel is good or bad yet.


Most/all of the characters introduced so far including the main character have sone kind of dark or troubled past which leads to insecurities, and due to the MC's obliviousness to his own issues and placing everyone else's needs first, he essentially becomes a load bearing for the girls' needs (both s*xual and emotional).



Some of the girls become very annoying in their degree of reliance and clinginess to the MC. But seeing as this novel has decent character development that may change later on.


If those points don't bother you though then by all means read this. The story is well-written and all of the characters are given detailed backstory. The scenes are intense and make you feel like you're inside of them. Although the story is slow-paced the character development is noticeable.

Overall whether you'd enjoy this depends heavily on your tastes. Definitely not for everyone. <<less
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moneng85 rated it
March 15, 2018
Status: c392
For those trying to start the novel, they may expect something good from the massive 5 Star reviews (which I also gave), but this really is hard to start with where the first part of the novel is DARK as in stomach wrenching with no progress, at least until the 33rd chapter. (Not that dark but most readers quit within the first 33 chapters)

So my advice is to at least read until the 40th chapter and then judge the novel, whether to put down the novel or continue, or... more>> just read the part until you can read it anymore then try to read the future chapters first

In my opinion, the 30-40 chapter is the turning point of the novel where they discuss about their past and future (?), so that readers can know that they are doing those stuffs for a reason, not just some mindless actions


What I like about the main character is that the main character is missing pieces of his heart due to his upbringing and so the story will have MASSIVE character growth, another thing is that the main character greatly regrets doing the things he have done where it will haunt him for a good duration in the novel because he knows and accepts what he have done is wrong and doesn't run away from his past deeds


I started this novel thanks to Wuhugm for spreading it on many Animesuki threads so thanks for the masterpiece! <<less
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St.Agares rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: --
Dear friends,

I, myself, has honestly tried to steer clear away from this novel for the past couple of months. Alas, I was wrong, terribly so. This novel isn't what it seems. The title is already something that can be interpreted as a tsun romance title. At first I clicked the link because I thought the novel was some sort of romance with the added bonus of an adult tag.

Trust me, it took a long time for me to finally stop brushing nedt to the door of this great novel... more>> and open it. I hope it won't be as long for you.

p.s. This comes from a man who dislikes the dark side of hent*** <<less
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February 27, 2018
Status: --
ok, going to give a try cause the first few review all said the plot is amazing.

Usually I cant stomach jp novels, as of now I have only read Arifureta (till where the machine translation started), first half of mushoku tensei (till where the author kept talking about their day-today for more than ten chapters) and RE:Monster.

after reading, I will come back here and rate in case ppl like me find this page.
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LittleDemon rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c234
Nice. I enjoy how the MC is not OP to the point of being ridiculous. Currently on chapter 234 and I am enjoying the development for Yukino. On the other hand I feel like the author made Megu & Mana a little annoying. When I read the lines of each character their voices come into my head and when you add their attitude I just get a little sick.

But I hope that Yukino becomes Yoshida's woman.

But this is just my opinion, everyone else might like these two. I would definitely recommend reading this.
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Gleir rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: c63
This novel... is complex. I personally applaud the author for daring to write something as controversial as this; but that doesn't change that its story is... negative, at least up to where it has been translated (the beginning). But that said, its very well written (if you can read beyond the apparently disgusting first 30 or so chapters, at least until the underlying reasons are revealed)... and asks a lot of questions, as good books should. But I personally don't like the story as much because I disagree with the... more>> answers it provides. Bottom line, unless you're extremely tolerant and open-minded don't read this, even to ***... but if you're looking to open your eyes a bit more, especially to the darker aspects of Japan (and enjoy the exquisitely written s*x scenes), try it to see if it interests you. <<less
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VvvV1225 rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: c450
At first it was an adult novel with a deep story, (tough a classic story, borderline cliché, but the troubles each characters has mad it unique).

However the thing start getting horrible when the author included Loli in the MC's harem, especially with "rape play" being recurrent, it's mean it's time to stop.
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EmpyreanQing rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c647
well maybe on the first part of the story you gonna get annoyed by how Naive MC personality that even he never understand every single thing (Since MC is Introvert), how MC being treated like a s*x doll to fulfill his woman desire even MC alr being told that he can do anything with them but in the end he the one being played, and how MC try to settle something with his Naive though.

MC already Being reprimand by woman around her that his not alone anymore but everytime... more>> in some situation MC alrways act like outsider think that is he deserve this or not and sometimes MC think that the current situation in his life just a dream that make him didnt take the situation little seriously.

MC said many times about to bring happines and protect his woman that make this as his ambition but in the end MC always Hesitated to do something cause his weak will and no matter how many times his woman siad they loved him MC always think that if some good man try to take his woman then he just gonna let it go as long that man is a good man.

but along the progress of the story developed the MC starting getting more mature, calm, and resolve every problem of his woman. <<less
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Gyaryu rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: c589
Wow! This novel gave me a really pleasant surprise. When I started this novel I thought that it would be another flat story with only s*x and rape, but this novel really has a plot, and a very good one. I will divide my review in topics.

Plot (4/5) :

This novel has a very well written plot with depth, twists and of course cliffhangers.

There are a lot of references to really old movies and series, to artists and history, so you'll learn a lot of things if you are young, like... more>> me.

The relationships between the charecters are awesome, all of them have their well defined personality, hobby, fetish and traumas. While you read you'll know every one of them, some you'll realy hate and some you'll love.

Society in this novel is really realistc, apart from the gun parts, I live in Rio de Janeiro and at least every week a person is shot near here, but in this novel the gangs are using stick, fist and rubber bullet :/.

Another drawback is that this plot is hyper super ultra slow... one week was like 600 chapters...

So if you don't have patience and determination you'll drop this. But don't drop please! Later on it turns good.

Overall the plot is good, the author lives in japan a well developed country so there's no helping in it.

Charecters (5/5) :

No drawbacks here, all of them are well written.

The gratest part is that the worse character was initially the MC but his personality developed along the story.

It was a smooth and well written development.

Romance/Harem (5/5) :

Yeah man, this is a new concept of love hahahaha, the characters are too much croocked that they love is a "little bit" different that the usual.

But their relationship with the MC is really fun, I laughed a lot, and all of them are cute.

The best f**king part is that the MC didn't save the girls life or be badass for their fall for him!!! Thanks god!

He only save two girls, one love him, and the other I think she has a habit of eat sh*t so she hate him...

Comedy (5/5) :

As said, the relationship with each other is very fun. There's some parts with crooked logic that will make you'll laugh a lot.

Action (4/5) :

As said, the action is good, but hardly one will die.

These were the main genres I think.

Advise (spolier) :


The 100 first chapters are filled with crimes including rape, pedophile, and kidnapping. Actually they are really dark, so if you can't handle them drop it or you'll be angry.

After these chapters the story will get lighter and more enjoyable so if you really want to know why this is so good be strong.

Only a personal tought: You'll hate Yukino, she's the worse sh*t I've ever seen!!! WTF was that girl. You have just to ignore her...


Sorry for bad english... <<less
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Framee rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: c492
A story about a twisted affection, well, obviously stated in the title.

The story is circling around the MC which is psychologically... demented and desperate for a relationship or any kind of connection. Trauma and stuff.

Surrounded by various problematic women who also psychologically scarred as him.

... more>> Most of them also mentally unstable, including the MC at some point.

I feel like the main part of the story is about the MC and the girls desperately sticking a relationship together.

That's how I feel about this wn. Bunch of weirdos licking each other's wound by having s*x.

Sometimes it feels kind of forced and too convenient, but that doesn't mean I don't like it, I'm intrigued actually.


About.... <<less
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scooby1234567 rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c408
Ok I'll say this up front this is a great LN however due to certain issues it drags the series down for me.

For one the fast romance. Alot of times in these type of series they fall for the MC fast which is normal but from what these characters been through its strange on how everyone is in love and trusts the MC in like 2 days.

Another thing is none of the characters are good people. Which is understanding of a LN called love x rape complex however they're crazy... more>> too

. Like they would go oh I hate my sister because she tells me what to do so its ok to kill her. Another thing is they this goes along with the characters and timing but the MC doesnt understand how this one girl doesnt love him or their group even through they ruin her life (also in the span of a week)


As I said the story great but the timing and certain aspects makes it go down for me <<less
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