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Egru was notoriously gullible.
Enough to accrue a huge debt due to being deceived by his only close friend.

“Damn, I don’t know what to do.”
“Tell me, Egru. Who signed the contract?”
“You did, with your ugly hands.”

Levian, who had recommended the investment, consoled a weeping Egru with a laugh.

“Who else would look out for you like I do, right?”

Six years later, still unable to pay off his debts, Egru seeks out his younger brother Dieliese, who had become the commander of the Holy Knights, to borrow 300,000 gold.
The response from his only younger brother, Dieliese, is cold.

“I’ll give you the money, brother. It’s not like I can’t spare that petty amount.”
“When you abandoned me, when was that? Now you live so pathetically? It’s heartbreaking to watch.”


Unable to repay his debts, Egru leaves his friend and brother, leaving only a letter behind.

[To my dear brother Dieliese, my precious friend Levian.
Thank you and sorry for everything. I’ll return someday.]

“It seems once wasn’t enough…”

Looking around the old house, Dieliese muttered to himself.
His voice was smooth and deep, like scraping a rusted piece of metal.

“This time, he’s disappeared without a trace.”

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Salim125 rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: c13
Wooh! Damn scumbags, go and roat in hell. I am just starting but the few MLs that I have seen so far- they r sooo manipulative, they are another level. I pity our MC. author u did him dirty🥲.. still I am here for supporting our pitiful MC.... thanks for the translation, dear translator!! Please let there be atleast one good ML.♡♡

I ll review again after I read more.
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