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“I fell asleep while playing an adult game recommended to me by a friend, who said, ‘It’s really addictive.’ When I opened my eyes again, I was in another world…?!

In the 19-rated adult romance simulation game ‘Break the Daffodil,’ I, who took on the role of ‘Del Narcissus,’ the protagonist with the most beautiful body in the empire, I find myself in a struggle to captivate and tame five men.


[Favorability +1!] [Favorability +3!] [Favorability +5!]

Is affection supposed to increase like this?!

“Just hold hands and sleep… I said. Why on earth…”

“We’ll keep holding hands.”

I have to somehow preserve my precious innocence from these crazy guys who keep chasing me, no matter how much I try to escape!

But… is it possible?


“Hey, Del Narcissus. Do you know you’re the most entertaining among all the prisoners we’ve had so far?”

I don’t know.

Swiftly scratching my head, Khan grinned coolly, making sure the intense chill in his gaze was visible. He got up from his seat and came to stand in front of me, turning the table around me.

“How about having the rest of the meal in your room? I really want to go to my freezing room right now.”

“My mother told me to eat at the dining table.”

“You’ve had good manners education. But anyway, you’re a prisoner now, and I’m the master of this icy prison. Whose words do you think you should listen to?”

As he said that, he effortlessly lifted my chin. My body rose so easily, as if it were weightless. Perhaps surprised by my sudden rise, the maid standing beside me exclaimed, “Oh my!” and stepped back.

I sensed it in that moment. This must be the ‘Lucky Seducer’ event.

Sure enough, as the maid, who stumbled and fell while backpedaling, kicked my chair with her foot, the chair hit the back of my knees. At the same time, my knees bent forward, and my body toppled forward. Khan, taken aback, released my chin, and I…


Ended up with my face in Khan Alexis’s c*otch.

[Due to the ‘Lucky Seducer’ event, Khan Alexis’s affection has increased by +5!] Damn it… I don’t need this kind of event…”

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New manapopoi
April 11, 2024
Status: c76
Hi yall. I will start this review with my honest opinion. It might contain spoiler so I will put it in spoiler tag. And pardon my messy review.

First of all, translator did a good job that I have a wonderful experience with a roller coaster feeling because

... more>>

the plot especially the chapter that I am currently at (c76). The MC's action is understandable since I think I will do the same thing if I were him. His goals are clear but I don't see any character development in progress except for the Love Interests that are different from the game that MC used to play (their action are different due to butterfly effect). MC keep running away from the problem to the point that I can even call him being coward though I like the way author describes the MC's emotion and expression. Other than that there is no issues yet that I want to pointed out.


Second, it's about the Male lead. I mean by who is the end game. I know who is the ML even before it confirmed in the chap that I am currently reading. Well this one more like my personal personal honest opinion ^^


I like third male lead the most. BUT the reason why I am having a hard time reading because I don't have a heart to face the fact that he is not good enough to be the end game (real male lead) . Third male lead is the definition of RIGHT PERSON AT THE WRONG TIME. YES he is the right person but MC is in love with another male lead and I can understand why. While the third male lead is my choice, the REAL one that MC choose is a standard that is better than third male lead. I think you need to read it in order to understand what I am talking about. LASTLY, I HATE SECOND MAKE LEAD, NAMED ALAN BATES he is the worst among all.


Okie bye ;D <<less
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Kvan rated it
January 28, 2024
Status: c62
I like the story but the translation sometimes annoys me a lot. Really. Don't know why one of the four kings is referred as "she". Sentences that are the opposite meaning obviously and copy paste of the same paragraph in the same page... This is spoiling a bit of the fun.

I still put 5 because the story is good (but tends probably to more angst) but I am sorry for the translation
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fluffy gangster
fluffy gangster rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: Completed
So far so good, it's somewhat cliché like MC not wanting to be bedded, there is also a sad part that he ditched hunter and alan. If you ask me I don't really get angry over the fact that he ditched the lord of ice prison as that lord himself let him go. MC just changed his course of direction. But with Alan, it was pretty bad that he left without saying goodbye and any sort of farewell when Alan himself betrayed the church by taking him out of there.... more>> The same goes for Hunter, MC worked hard for his favour, but when Hunter's feelings for him turned into something sexual, he made a run for it by cheating him. If you look at it from one perspective then cheating is bad, but from another perspective he is not required to reciprocate feelings, so he tried to escape by his own means. The novel is right and wrong, but you can glimpse that they are designing such a character for MC because it's a harem novel and mls need to be so much in love that they are willing to share the MC. So in the beginning MC is portrayed as a chaste man who will do anything to keep his chastity making the mls more interested. So far the writing style is good and there is plenty of comedic undertone. I will update it after I've finished it.

Happy reading!

Edit: after completing reading I'm in awe of the author. She delivered this novel with precision. There is no extra plot, no extra character. And specially it's NOT a HAREM. Though I started reading after looking at the harem tag since I never read korean harem before. But hey 1v1 is also pretty cool.


the final male lead is actually the assasin guild leader. And man he's such a cutie. Author could somehow depict cute and handsome synonymously. The magician stayed as mc's master. Spoiling him endlessly. They end up having somewhat of a father son relationship even though MC is older. Hunter felt guilty as he once tried to touch MC is his precarious state. Alan stayed true to his god and didn't stray away from priesthood which is a good as in the first few chapter MC told that in the game Alan suffered from depression since he left priesthood for the female character MC played. And that duke man he's such an ass. He tried to r*pe MC. Tried bondage without consent and he was unremorseful. By the end he was converted to a villain


It's a good novel please give it a try.

And in the end thank you translator-sama for this novel. You updated so fast that you left others miles behind. Thanks again.

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Lekyea rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: c111
Really good and surprisingly nuanced. This novel feels more like the development of the MC and the mls all guiding him to be the person he wants to be. People are annoyed at his running away, but that is a mental block that's clearly defined as a fault. As ironic as it sounds coming from the title, not wanting your ass to get pummeled by randos all the time is a valid want... he doesn't give consent, and if the world still forces it on him, it's valid to run... more>> away. All mls are also different, and it's pretty interesting. I expected it to go stale but somehow their personalities are unique and don't get old. (Mostly)

nuanced mc:


I also really like how MC desires to go back to his original world, and that goal is what also motivates him to "run away" from these mls. Him forgetting about the things he loved that made him who he is is surprisingly moving and sad. I feel a lot of these "isekai" stories don't touch on that, even though it's devastating to leave behind your friends, your family, your passions, and even your own name: your home. Simply, the world forces a destiny on him leading him to be astray and unsure of himself. Each ML shows something about their perspective or life that has him thinking a different way he might not have initially come to. Because he seemed to have a rough time at his original world, he has some mental blocks and shadows which fuels his decisions. He doesn't do or think something for no reason, I rather think that he's a little complicated, which may be why his character is misunderstood.


people brushing aside mc's desire to return home, sense of self, and consent by summarizing him as "running away"/a hypocrite that doesn't know what he wants miss the point. His actions don't take place in a void, he was his own person before he was isekai'd with flaws, and things he loved. He just wants to go home and he's being thwarted in that goal; he's trying to distance himself because this is NOT his home, but the mls touch his heart and he also can't deny that. Despite what I said, this novel is unashamedly silly. It's a nice contrast though, there will be moments where I'm raising an eyebrow at the absurdity and then moments where I sit back and appreciate the uncommon truths of the story that would normally be left unsaid.

also, smut in latter half is pretty good. Give this a try! <<less
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Vaniaka12 rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: c75
Honestly, is interesting enough just like the synopsis - ngl I read it because of the synopsis lol. So far I also liked all the ML. But I guess I am just a bit irritated at how indecisive the MC could be sometime. I mistook the stars as 3 but it should be 4 simply because of the MC.

From all MLs honestly I wished MC would end up with Hunter or Cain if this follow 1v1 route. But I also won't mind if they ended in 5v1 with MC. Albeit... more>> I kinda not sure for Andrea since what drive him into action is that MC possessed the body of a person he liked, so if he liked MC is more on because of the body and the original one which I would felt bad for our MC to be subsconciously regarded as substitute.

My annoyance reading this is probably the MC. I get it that you want to protect your chastity but again, the body MC possessed is like a famous sl*t if I may say. If I am in his shoe, I won't care if I got laid. But again, I am not MC. Especially he kinda scummy with Hunter, like he proposed the marriage himself!! It was himself who made the deal hello?? And then it's also him who run away just because Hunter liked him romantically and worried that his chastity might be in danger? Quite funny and s*upid move ngl, why tf he even consider marriage other than because the game say so? More often he claimed that Hunter are a perfect ML for him earlier and then he just run without any respomsibilities.

I also quite dislike the run and chase from MC to MLs, even though I did anticipate it for a harem tagged novel. After all MC have proposed into one of the MLs. Moreover I am a bit disappointed when MC are so close into understanding that he shouldn't keep running away from his problems but Andrea words makes him stuck in that stagnate growth. Then in the end he escaped again, from the problems he himself have raised. Probably indeed, this is how he have survived in his original world, so I might have to re-evaluate again once the MC past are open in story.

Overall, the plot and the MLs are interesting enough, so give it a try. <<less
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rocca.linne rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: Completed
I think this novel could be split into 2 categories, before chapter 70 and after chapter 70. The pacing change was so abrupt it kinda left me with confusion. Before chapter 70, MC was on an adventure meeting all potential ML so the pacing felt kinda rushed. But after chapter 70, after meeting the main ML, the pacing was very slow. If before chapter 70 we saw 2-3 events in one chapter, after chapter 70 it became 1 event in 2-3 chapters. The flow of the story became kinda weird... more>> too.

The events that happened in the story were weird and so out of nowhere. So when you read, it will be better to lower your expectations for the plot and just enjoy the story as a very fictional non-serious BL comedy.

The premise was harem but it was clear who was the ML so there’s no more excitement when MC interacting with other characters.


And maybe in author spirit’s to avoid cliche, author introduced the main ML in the story last, so for you who read spoiler, don’t get attached to any MLs in the beginning.


In conclusion, this is a non-serious harem comedy adult BL novel, and if you want to read it, you better just treat it as such. No need to demand logic or plot cohesion. Have a good time reading. <<less
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Pudica rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: c138
First, I would like to thank the translator, very much! for delivering this novel TvT

It's really good, the story telling, the pacing, I love it! I thought it would be a smut novel, but it wasn't, the R-content wasn't much, except in the later part of the story.

in the middle, I was annoyed by how kind of 'manipulative' the MC was to the MLs, but I'm also the type that would set my sight only on the goal once decided on something, so oftentimes I would missed what happened in... more>> the process.

I think this also happened to MC, that his goal was to avoid the R-19 content, just as the title stated, because he doesn't want to get attached, it's normal.


hence why, once he forgot everything due to amnesia penalty, he decided to follow his own heart and actually choose someone. I'm still bothered by the knight that was separated from him in deserant, they haven't met again since they got separated


About the MLs, all of them, each has separate characteristics and personalities, all was interesting in their own way.


at first, I thought the Northern duke would be the main ML since he was the first to appeared, and was hoping for the cold ML trope... but no.. aside from Andrea, they all are pervs! They only think about their own satisfaction, they don't really sincerely care about MC. To sum it up, Northern Duke is S&M route; Alan is the corrupted priest route; Royal route is the Crown Prince (ML was actually decent until he actually got enticed by the Northern Duke for a threesome -facepalm-, and I actually forgot his name, lol) ; Cain is the platonic route, lol, he's like an adult child (but I think it would escalate if MC were to stay longer in the magic tower), he's not exactly a perv, more of an eccentric, he couldn't really understand how people's emotions normally work; lastly, Andrea, the assassin is unexpectedly the most normal, the only truly sweet candy amongst MLs; Crown prince is like a sweet candy on the outer layer, but the taste will become sour once you got to taste the core part of the candy, it's sour, not bitter since he actually can reflect upon his mistake and was honest about it to MC. That part was really commendable of him

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Hurin rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: c2
The MC is hilarious, and he tries his absolute best to fend up any 18+ scenes.

Personally, I quite liked his personality while reading the novel, and I can't wait for new chapters :)

(Thank you for translating)
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LoveLoveLovers rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: c66
I like the pacing in this, when I first started I was expecting a kinda no plot smut noncon kinda novel cause of the title and smut genre but up to chp 66 no smut stuff really happened there was mob characters being pervs but they havent really done anything other than SA verbally there was another that did touch the MC but he didn't really do anything more than grab/touch cause of the cliche ML saving MC thing, there was also a wet dream which was detailed but overall... more>> not too bad other than really embarrassing stuff happening to MC,

The MC I really like him super existential crisis

as he found out hes losing his memories the more time he spends in this body like his name and the friend that introducedhim to the game

he's really funny sometimes, he wants to protect his chastity and dignity very much and runs away alot when he meets something he doesn't like cough* the mls liking him, his body sensitivity is set at 200% so it's no surprise he's like supeerr reactive when he's touched or in pain, the system really wants the MC to be papapaed so it really stops at nothing to embarrass or humiliate him to make the mls favorability higher so they'll wanna papapa,

the 3 Mls that we later meet are my favs they are green so far cause they don't really do stuff that the MC doesn't like most of the time and other times were either just accidents or the system, the first 2 though 🗿 I did not like them,

the 1st MLthe north Duke was I guess was not that bad his first appearance was very sexually harassing much asking the MC to sit on his thigh and kept asking even though MC said no 🤨 but I think that was it the other time was an accident like in the description the ML didn't do anything he just ran lol

the 2nd ML was a priest but was anything but holy omg


he doesn't really have much of a personality other than praising MC for being holy and being a prodigy I think can't really remember forgot him so fast.

The 3rd ML the crown prince my fav my child my baby boy, SO GREEEEEN kinda cautious at first but after the MC does a favor for him

save his tiger and then the MC asked for marriage cuz he thought this dude was the safest but in reality his favorability went up faster than the others

he turns so nice later omg I'm not gonna say anything more all I know is that I love him and he's my fav

The 4th the mage dude I don't really see him as a ML and more of a teacher so far, I like him alot though just a very magic addicted dude cause that was the only way to recieve attention when he was younger

The 5th assasin leader I like too sugar addicted dude at first I didn't really like, he didn't hurt the MC but later turns super nice

he was inlove with the og body and at first didnt like the MC just wanted the og owner back but later as they get to know each other more as their trying to find a way for the MC to go back he starts to like the MC for his personality


After reading spoilers
Welp I knew who he was going to end up with which is why I dropped lol

obviously the assasin

watevr not the first time haha. <<less
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monokumafallen rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: c39
Ok first time reviewing stuff but overall I like the whole BL transmigrated to a story/game stuff especially if it’s bl.
although there’s some nsfw its mostly ok since there isn’t much s*xual tension but just groping and a bit of lust, I mean you’ll be surprise when the MC wakes up a notices someone is doing a certain thing 😂, that caught me off guard, also what I don’t like about the MC is the cliche mind set he has, he doesn’t want to do it with a man and isn’t into that stuff and doesn’t want the protagonists to fall in love with him and he avoids doing such stuff but the thing is, the whoever he interacts with a protagonists or other character they all seem to really enjoy him because of his attitude and the way he socializes, honestly if he had just not shown any emotion as well as talked in a neutral voice or was the type to not care a lot he wouldn’t have much problem with the protagonists love meter. But that doesn’t mean I hate the protagonist rather I enjoy the ideas he has in finding ways to get back home by rising some of the meter bar for most of the protagonist, and honestly I wouldn’t mind reading a what if story if the MC was into men and and basically had his fantasy come to life in which he can do it with all the protagonist, since it’s an r19+ game, as well as how his lustful personality would conflict with most of the pure yet neural protagonist. I would recommend this if you just want to read more BL isekai, so far the story plot is the MC trying to get home while also trying to make sure the love meter for all the protagonist doesn’t get over 50 or more otherwise the s*x scene starts to take place
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March 18, 2024
Status: Completed
I really like this story, the pacing is nice, I was expecting a lot of smut here and there but I really like how things ended up!

I won't say too much to avoid spoilers, I will say that im very happy who the MC ended up with, yes this is a 1v1.
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creambun rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: c70
It's a good novel with an incredible world building. Beautiful MLS and........ more>>

with some explicit scenes which are in poor contity till now... like only two times or so from what I can remember

• the second taget Alan bate m@styrbated on our MCs face when he was sleeping

• MC bottom got a wet dream of 5th target Andrea doing something naughty to him in the bed while sleeping Σ ( ̄ロ ̄lll)


● what I like abou this novel is its protagonist aka the MC being kind of a straight guy and running away from the MLS 19-rated plots/bed sences.

but now it kind of become an irritating thing for me.... MC is jsut always running away from them.... leveing them behind and not thinking about their feelings.

• at first he just perceive this world as a game world and think the people here are like game characters without feelings but later he feel guilt and felt that this world is real but only for a short time............[. his is just childish].

• after knowing their feelings are real he felt guilt for leaving the past targets behind but he was too cowardly that he did it again and leave the 3rd target hunter with an fake excuse of mana deficiency and fled with the 4rd target it its tower and become a magic vessel

• AND later got tangled with the 5th target 'Andrea' who already have the favorbility of 75...... which he gained from the previous owner of our MCs body..... the 5th found out about MC not being del the original owner....

it was kind of a Rollercoaster and I am writing this review in midnight at 1:31 O' clock ⏰️ there were dissatisfactions but it can be overlooked if you like to deal with second hand embarrassments which you can find like nitrogen here 😀 you can already guess from the summary of this novel. I was planing to give it 3 stars but it really entertained me and make me laugh from embarrassment 😳 🫠 😅 🤣 my experience was similar with these emojis..... ( ̄□ ̄;) !! I have many other things ti talk about on this novel but it would be too much of a spoiler dump so I gave up..... anyway the main thing is to enjoy so you can read this novel as it can provide you that <3 (^з^) -☆ <<less
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