Please Give Me the Pacifier


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Betrayed by my most trusted companion, I was banished. I closed my eyes as I vowed for revenge, so how come I became the child of the Duke of the Empire of Heiron, which has been at odds with Cillophia?

The problem was…


“Ah, it’s really annoying. Keep on biting your pacifier.”

My eyes widened as I sucked on the pacifier in a reflex.

‘What did I just do?’

Has my brain been filled with water and ran off because of the pacifier?

Even without the pacifier, I have completely become a newborn with a head full of flowers.

This was the biggest stain in the life of the Sorceress Hella.

‘Since it has already become like this, then I’ll just steal some top secret and go back.’

I have to be unnoticed and covert!

Today too, Celina’s been crawling desperately between the pillars and trees.

“That… Whose child is that? Who’s taking care of the child like that?”

An angry roar resounded behind her but it was none of Celina’s business.

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쪽쪽이를 주세요
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3 Reviews

Kawaii Panda
New Kawaii Panda
Dec 31, 2021
Status: c1
It was indeed enjoyable. *Sob* I cried a lot about the north duke knowing the truth and what happened to him.
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Rena Rain
Rena Rain
Feb 05, 2021
Status: c12
Okie dokie, so first of all, LOVE IT!!! And thanks to the translators for picking this up!

I wanna write a review for this because I perceive it as a potential novel. The MC has been betrayed (and don't know why yet tho but I guess it'll be uncovered later) and got reincarnated into a baby. And guess what kind of a family she ends up in.... A villain-like ffamily. Well, they're not the nicest and warmest bunch but ya know what I'm saying. This is a cliché, yeah, I know.... more>> A baby who wins over her family's heart but this one has its own flair and charm. It's DEFINITELY cute, I assure you.

How about the family? Well, they're the type who you wanna smack some sense into, ya know? Including the staff (ㄱ-ㄱ)


Can you believe that they'll just leave a baby in a desolate place full of dust?!! And just feed her once or twice a day?! And then they just left her all alone for 2 DAMN WEEKS! And she had to procure food on her own too!!! She had to crawl out of the room, down the stairs and through the garden, getting dirty, and get scratches, calluses, bruises and who knows what else. And yet, that dude ("what's its name" I can't remember) just let it all go by and not doing anything!!! He's incredibly inhumane or ya know, he just has different views, I guess. BUT STILL! Anyways, enough ranting.


It gets frustrating sometimes (or more frequent than you think depending on your temper) but it's a good read. Give it a shot. It has potential. And I usually trust my guts like on "Why are you so obsessed with rejecting affection" and "The Baby Raising A Devil." They both turned out pretty cool.

This has a few issues (like the characters, plot and all that) but it's good. I hope you give it a shot <<less
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Apr 03, 2021
Status: c14
It's very nice so far. MC is a baby but still has her past life knowledge as a mage, which kept her alive. I'm at c14 and there is no fluff (i doubt the adults are gonna go complete "uwu my baby I will pick the stars for u luv luv"). But it is cute (and sad) to see her baby self struggle to ... more>>

survive after being left to die from neglect.


What kept me hooked is the MC's POV of how she doesn't give a damn about others (she doesn't cling to them for love). Since almost everyone in the household are

complete a**holes anyway. One of them even thought about killing her, if it weren't for his father's disapproval.


Her character doesn't frustrate me, and theres a good amount of story (not too many useless details to describe every little thing). Really really hope this novel doesn't die because I have hope for this. <<less
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