Please Give Me the Pacifier


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Betrayed by my most trusted companion, I was banished. I closed my eyes as I vowed for revenge, so how come I became the child of the Duke of the Empire of Heiron, which has been at odds with Cillophia?

The problem was…


“Ah, it’s really annoying. Keep on biting your pacifier.”

My eyes widened as I s**ked on the pacifier in a reflex.

‘What did I just do?’

Has my brain been filled with water and ran off because of the pacifier?

Even without the pacifier, I have completely become a newborn with a head full of flowers.

This was the biggest stain in the life of the Sorceress Hella.

‘Since it has already become like this, then I’ll just steal some top secret and go back.’

I have to be unnoticed and covert!

Today too, Celina’s been crawling desperately between the pillars and trees.

“That… Whose child is that? Who’s taking care of the child like that?”

An angry roar resounded behind her but it was none of Celina’s business.

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Gimme That Pacifier! (Manhwa)
쪽쪽이를 주세요
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koco2018 rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Well, I have my ways so I've finished the novel. Still basking in the glow of the ending... It left on a good note, I'm happy I finished it. I'll leave spoilers below since I'm one of those sin seekers lol.

Sharina Clown, Hela, our MC. This life is a rollercoaster haha...

I loved reading about her fights with Charent Clown, those two bicker about everything lmao. The relationship was awkward at first due to the situation, but Charent began to care more and more about Sharina and eventually started to break... more>> down her walls and give her the affection she didn't know she craved. It is hilarious to read the scenes where she completely dumbfounds Charent.

Short Introduction:

Hela, the King and Archmage of Silopia, was executed for Black magic and was reborn as Sharina Clown, the illegitimate child of the deceased youngest son of the Clown family. Surviving neglect as an infant by using her black magic, Sharina ran into the Clowns one after another who began to care for her. After many bumps along the road, Sharina's situation improved, she gained strength and teleported away to an orphanage. She was caught within a week by Charent.

Sharina worked hard to increase her magic power to take revenge on those who betrayed and killed her. While preparing for revenge, she uncovered more and more of the magic tower's dirty secrets and eventually Sharina carried the crushing weight of her sin of ignorance.

Ugh, I don't know how to write it properly. This is Hela's revenge story.

Long Introduction:

Sharina is an illegitimate child of the Clown duchy, she was born to the youngest son of the family who ran away and had a child with a commoner. Sharina's parents died, and she was brought to the duchy as a newborn orphan. The Clowns, incredibly prideful and proud of their bloodline, hated having an illegitimate child in their bloodline. They assigned some maids and provided basic necessities, allocating the bare minimum to raise a child. Sharina was alone.

Hela was the owner of the Magic Tower, the King of Silopia, and the strongest Archmage. She transitioned her magic into Black magic during the war on witches to gain the power to protect. Hela created Silopia, a country of mages, to end discrimination against witches. The magic tower, the center of Silopia, was run by Hela and the Senate. Hela's disciple, Meline, teamed with the senate and executed Hela for being a wicked black magic user. Hela was alone in her life.

Hela died and woke up as Sharina. Having an adult's mind in a child's body was difficult, Sharina would suck her pacifier when she felt her concentration slipping to regain focus. Sharina planned to increase her power asap to get revenge on those who betrayed her, but as her affection for the Clowns grew, she eventually didn't want to leave.

That's as much as I'll write for that. Of course, the novel isn't dry. Little Kaishan Clown got into his 'big brother' role as soon as he saw baby Sharina. The Clowns, Charent and Desar, began to realize that an illegitimate child wasn't any less lovable than they had thought. Sharina's intellect and troublemaking side bridged the gap for these emotionally ill adults to intervene in her life. Grandpa began luring Sharina in with quality magic stones, and Charent... well he said he didn't care, but his actions showed he did. You'll like him.

After 176 chapters I kinda forgot what spoilers were important. Just send me a chat if you have questions.
Now for the fun part. Where should I start?

Do the Clown's find out Sharina is Hela?


Yup. Only Charent and Desar find out. Along with a few other non-clown members.

But don't worry too much, when it is revealed it's nothing too earth-shattering. Charent already guessed something similar and was basically confirming it. The family isn't torn up, Sharina isn't scarred for life. Basically the whole thing is accepted when Charent realized that Hela took over a dead body, and Charent and Desar's previous neglect of Sharina is what killed the original Sharina.

So, it's sad in it's own way, but to Charent, his Sharina has always been Sharina even with Hela's soul inside. So the relationship only deepened from there because Sharina released the huge secret of 'I am just a monster in your niece's skin'.

That secret was eating at Sharina since the Clowns became precious to her.


Illegitimate forever?


No. Charent Clown eventually adopts Sharina as a daughter when she is 5-6. Of course Sharina said she didn't want it, but later she was grateful and they grew close enough to say Dad. Only when she was near 17 did she say dad lol.


Male Lead



He is one of the magic tower's test subjects, subjected to countless experiments and daily abuse from tr*sh, he grew up in a dungeon hearing "this is all training for the archmage hela". Hela had no idea that experiments on children were being completed, it was a lie told to motivate the children who heard great stories about Hela.

Dantalian's love story... He first met Hela when he ran from the underground dungeon, she was hidden in the backyard hitting the ground trying to suppress the rampant black magic in her body. He wanted to help her. And he did, by taking in a bit of her rampant magic on himself he helped her contain her magic.

Next was when Hela died. He hated it. So he corrupted her magic relic (a tool with an ego that chooses it's owners) with his black magic and revived Hela into "a place she can live carefree and happy". He didn't want to drag the newly born Hela back into Silopia's troubles, it just eventually became like that.

Well, he chased baby Hela in the Clown's home, cute for him and scary for her lmao. He wanted to take her if she was being abused.

Then... let me see. Read for yourself?


If you want it, I guess. Hela's Dad:


It's not important at all. Well anyway.

It's Asmodeus, Duke of the North. Not the demon, just a human bathing in black magic. He does eventually train Cerberus (the demon dog) for Sharina though lol. Funny connection.

Asmodeus and his wife were expecting a baby. His wife was weak in general and Asmodeus had great magical powers. So while carrying Asmodeus's baby who had great magical powers, his already weak wife was being drained of her life. Asmodeus chose to keep his wife alive and proposed to kill the baby, his wife wanted to keep the baby at any cost.

Eventually, the baby was born dead. His wife went crazy, took Asmodeus's black magic book, and summoned a monster to revive her dead baby. The monster ate the wife's soul as the price, and never revived the baby. Asmodeus buried both his wife and baby.

The place where Asmodeus buried his family had a lot of black magic and evil spirits, and Hela's 'revival contract' was finally completed. Hela's first memory is at age 6 when she climbed out from being buried.

As you can tell, Hela is the child Asmodeus didn't want for fear of killing his wife. Hela was revived one day and Asmodeus had no idea she was alive. Hela lived as an orphan.

It's unknown when Asmodeus discovers Hela is his child (the author doesn't say), but we see Asmodeus wanting to destroy the magic tower over the 'child' they killed. He experiments with children trying to create an existence that will drain the magic powers of residents of the tower. He ruthlessly uses hundreds of orphans with magic power to conduct these experiments. Losing interest in the world and ethics due to his blind rage against those who killed Hela.

He meets with Sharina a few times in the novel, trying to kidnap her for his experiments because he thinks she'll be a great test subject. Great parenting right.

He teams up with Dantalian to destroy the magic tower over Hela's death. Dantalian doesn't tell Asmodeus that he revived Hela.

Asmodeus finds out Sharina is Hela after... well it's in a sticky room filled with blood and corpses of orphaned children that he experimented on. After fighting a bit he eavesdrops on Sharina's conversation and overhears that she is Hela. Then he just freezes like a punk and runs away.

He later adopts Dantalian and passes on the duchy to his prospective son-in-law. Hela also finds out about Asmodeus and the conditions surrounding her birth.

Are you happy reading this? I'm not. If only Asmodeus wasn't such a tr*shy being and burned life like a pastime. Maybe I could've emphasized.


What's up with the Pacifier?


The pacifier is the relic that revived Hela.

HAHAHA isn't that some heavy information! LMAO

But fr.

She sucks on it to regain clarity, without knowing that when she sucks on it the relic calms and restores her fragmented soul.

Oh and the relic was given to her by someone. That someone put the plan into place to revive Hela, so it's not a coincidence that she's Sharina.

Relics can change shape to suit whatever the owner likes, and this one is in pacifier form for a baby


Is anyone dead?


Ummmmmmm. I don't think so.

Besides the background characters and petty villains that Sharina offed. No main characters died.

Ah, Hela's biological father died, but that was a mixture of his own fault, Sharina's fault, and natural causes. The dude must've been around 70 already, and he wasn't a good person until the end when he was nice to Sharina. So it's not a loss. In fact he should've been killed, but maybe I think that because he's killed hundreds of orphans painfully and being a basic black magic villain his death toll is damn near thousands. But yeah, sad. I guesssssss ¯_ (ツ) _/¯


Spoiler Rant about Meline, Hela's Disciple


I wanted Meline, Hela's disciple, to die. But nOoOooo, dude gets off with a light consequence you can't even call a punishment. Hela just had so much guilt thinking her unstable parenting was the reason Meline was forced to choose his actions.

Bit of background. Hela grew up under her mage teacher who was horrible and had an inferiority complex. He did not teach Hela or answer her questions, she needed to watch her teacher and learn on her own. When Hela learned spells, her teacher would be disappointed and silent. When Hela failed to learn, her teacher would beat and scold her, lock her up and starve her. And later her teacher tried to kill Hela, so Hela was forced to kill her teacher.

Hela never wanted to treat her disciple like she was treated, she gave all the things she lacked to Meline; food, warm shelter, and an open teaching method. She never thought about the emotional support needed to raise a child, such as love, compassion, and rewards.

Meline grew up feeling alone, worthless, and fearful. He never received a compliment, never had a parent-child bonding with Hela, and felt unprotected and unheard in some cases. Hela never knew until after her time with the Clowns, she never knew how important those emotions were for raising children.

That's where her guilt comes from. She feels guilt for not properly supporting Meline.

But the dude was an adult, clear headed, abusing and experimenting on others. So I still want him to die. Especially after what he did to those three kids. Hela's 'punishment' was too light for a man who devastated the lives of hundreds.


Final and Last Spoiler. The future of Silopia.


Destroyed and taken over by the empire.

Thank goodness, at least there will be proper management in that hellhole now. Things went to crap fast when Hela died. King Hela was a hyper-independent dictator and was self-learning how to create a country as she ruled it. The senate was made up of greedy old wizards who hated feeling inferior to Hela. Once Hela was out of the picture, Melaine was chosen as a puppet King and the senate played golf with the heads of the weak.

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Rena Rain
Rena Rain rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c12
Okie dokie, so first of all, LOVE IT!!! And thanks to the translators for picking this up!

I wanna write a review for this because I perceive it as a potential novel. The MC has been betrayed (and don't know why yet tho but I guess it'll be uncovered later) and got reincarnated into a baby. And guess what kind of a family she ends up in.... A villain-like ffamily. Well, they're not the nicest and warmest bunch but ya know what I'm saying. This is a cliché, yeah, I know.... more>> A baby who wins over her family's heart but this one has its own flair and charm. It's DEFINITELY cute, I assure you.

How about the family? Well, they're the type who you wanna smack some sense into, ya know? Including the staff (ㄱ-ㄱ)


Can you believe that they'll just leave a baby in a desolate place full of dust?!! And just feed her once or twice a day?! And then they just left her all alone for 2 DAMN WEEKS! And she had to procure food on her own too!!! She had to crawl out of the room, down the stairs and through the garden, getting dirty, and get scratches, calluses, bruises and who knows what else. And yet, that dude ("what's its name" I can't remember) just let it all go by and not doing anything!!! He's incredibly inhumane or ya know, he just has different views, I guess. BUT STILL! Anyways, enough ranting.


It gets frustrating sometimes (or more frequent than you think depending on your temper) but it's a good read. Give it a shot. It has potential. And I usually trust my guts like on "Why are you so obsessed with rejecting affection" and "The Baby Raising A Devil." They both turned out pretty cool.

This has a few issues (like the characters, plot and all that) but it's good. I hope you give it a shot <<less
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Grizellle rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: --
Okay, so umm, I was binge reading the manwha adaptation actually and sadly, I ran out of chapters so, I tried to find the translated novel version but couldnt find some anyways (well there was but I think I already read them). So I was just looking around and bumped into some spoilers (lucky me, and thank you very mch to that person who posted it!٩ (๑❛ᴗ❛๑) ۶). And I just finished the spoilers and I've just really gotta say, its f*cki*n good! It was not like those over-the top-to-much-fluff-ropans... more>> (the interactions between the characters kinda cute actually) theres also not too mch possible male leads so there no second male lead syndrome. Its also not the typical obs*ssive kinda sh*t family members (well they may have been a bit, but its the good kinda way (?)). Tho I felt bad for ‘Hella’s Dad’ (you guys will find out who and why anyways (its asmodeous anyways, by the way im not sure if I spelled his name right)). Well anyways this is the first time I wrote a review actually (?) cant remember if I did a review before already, so please pardon me if I said anything offending. <<less
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April 3, 2021
Status: c14
It's very nice so far. MC is a baby but still has her past life knowledge as a mage, which kept her alive. I'm at c14 and there is no fluff (i doubt the adults are gonna go complete "uwu my baby I will pick the stars for u luv luv"). But it is cute (and sad) to see her baby self struggle to ... more>>

survive after being left to die from neglect.


What kept me hooked is the MC's POV of how she doesn't give a damn about others (she doesn't cling to them for love). Since almost everyone in the household are

complete a**holes anyway. One of them even thought about killing her, if it weren't for his father's disapproval.


Her character doesn't frustrate me, and theres a good amount of story (not too many useless details to describe every little thing). Really really hope this novel doesn't die because I have hope for this. <<less
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