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Xiao Luo and his girlfriend had been in love with each other for four years when she proposed a break up. Because of this, Xiao Luo sped his car in the night and ended up in a car accident. But it was a blessing in disguise as he unexpectedly fused with a high tech system that originated from a universe hundreds of billions of light years away. From this moment on, the entire world started to run amok…..

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The Genius System Without Equal
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Eishun rated it
July 3, 2019
Status: c584

Your typical weak-to-strong story. An average salaryman broke up with his girlfriend, got into an accident and died. As his compensation, he received a System, which worked by awarding points based on the amount of awe or anger or fear the protagonist inspired in others.

And using the accumulated points, the protagonist bought skills such as Constitution of the Mercenary King, Sinew Metamorphosis and Dragon Subduing Palm from the System.

At first I liked the story and empathized with the protagonist. He was humble and mild-mannered unless someone provoked him. Just like myself in real life. And using the skills bought from the System, he punished evil-doers. If you like face-slapping scenes where arrogant a**holes get their comeuppance, then there are a lot of such scenes in this novel. Very cathartic.

And then, after chapter 300, Nationalism reared its ugly head. I put up with the evil Emperor-worshiping Japanese MLM agents and the racist Navy SEALS soldiers because the author did not go overboard. For example, instead of portraying ALL Americans as Chinese-hating racists, the author made a clear distinction between American civilians and military personnel. And he explained that the American soldiers tended to display hostility towards Chinese soldiers because the Americans used the PLA as imaginary enemies during their drills.

Fair enough. It's more acceptable than the usual crap where every single white person in a Chinese novel is a Chinese-hating villain.

But then around chapter 584, the protagonist did something unforgivable.


Both the protagonist and the female lead were involved in some business rivalry you see. And during the business meeting, the female lead correctly deduced that the protagonist was the real backer behind her business rival. So he lost his temper and r*ped the female lead, who was also his wife-in-name. AND benefactor. The female lead had helped him earlier when he was getting defamed by an online celebrity.

After the r*pe, the female lead truly fell in love with him and handed over her company.


At this point, I thought that the story was too s*upid for me to continue reading. I gave up and stopped there. The end of the road for me.

Later on, there's supposed to be some fighting in Japan where, no doubt, more nationalistic bullsh*t can be found.

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Jadeite25 rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: c2
Attempted to read this a few times as the premise sounds good but completely gave up as the tl likes to add a random comment in after every couple of paragraphs. I wanted to read the novel, not the tl's thoughts on the novel. Really appreciate the time and skills of tl's but don't understand why some feel the need to intersperse their random thoughts throughout the chapter like this.
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Epicstaar rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: c640

It's tolerable for the first 150 chapters, I read 150 - 400 chapters simply because I invested time into the story and didnt want to drop it. Chapters 400 - 640 was pure sh*t and 640 is where I dropped it because all it was for the last 250 chapters was Chinese nationalism.

From chapters 400+, the MC was supposed to work with american soldiers to save a journalist. After the MC saves the journalists, it is just american soldiers shitting on china and the soldiers using derogatory terms towards the MC. After the mission to save the journalist was over they decide to kill the MC because he is Chinese (ofc). The MC kills all the American soldiers and goes back to china.

The next mission is going to japan (you should know where this is going). Same thing as above. Chinese people abducted by Japanese people. Japanese people say sh*t bad sh*t about Chinese people. MC kills people for being evil.

Next mission MC goes to america and fresh off the plane, people he knows are being bullied and insulted for being Chinese. I dropped the novel right there because all this novel became was some sick hate driven garbage.

Im over it.

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GenXel rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Hello, I'm the translator for PGS and I am here to admit that it is my fault on why the early chapters (up to c200+) are bad. This was my first ever attempt in translation and I know that it took me long to adjust the quality (only starting at c230 and along with the other dropped novels I picked up) but trust me on this one, this novel is really great. The MC is its strong point, plus the comebacks and face slapping are good. Yes, the formula is... more>> the same like other novels but this is still a good read.

We are looking to redo/pr the early chapters for future readers so that they would be able to enjoy this novel right from the start!

Thank you to the readers who stuck with me in this journey. <<less
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RatingEmperor rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: --
To explain why a part of me vehemently despises this novel requires spoilers but for those not too far in i'll just say its a generic power trip fantasy filled with third rate dudes main character can dunk on. Nationalist themes throughout which kind of makes you question why he's so keen to kill his fellow countrymen. One of those stories which is best enjoyed in autopilot apart from an awful conclusion drawn from an incident that occurs which I will explain further below.

The incident in question is about a possible love interest that enters the story. At first I was pleasently surprised as she was a co-worker of his sister and not some jade unattainable beauty. A career nurse with a far more normal outlook on life than the majority of wuxia princesses. The sister introduces them and its kinda clear early on, that nurse likes him more than he's actually interested in her but the genuiness of her rubs off on him and he then decides to date her. Of course, there was a little bit of a love rival to push the story forward but thats just common. The problem is that it turns out her hospital director has been getting her and a few of the other nurses addicted on drugs to sleep with them and I think prostitute them but I can't remember correctly. He asks her out having fallen for her, but she rejects it not feeling worthy of him as she finds out he's now a company ceo. At this point she commits suicide after another night with the director and the MC uses that as revenge fuel to get back at those who were involved. A sad twist to what was looking promising if looked at in isolation but taking the whole novel and wuxia genre in consideration the reason for her death is kinda sickening. Time and again the MC is able to save all his loved ones from mortal peril and this happens in all of these novels. At the time her death bugged me until I realised she was only killed because she was no longer worthy of the MC.

Sounds harsh I'm guessing but its what I truly believe. In this novel and wuxia in general virginity is prized like the holy grail and all love interests must be untouched. This is the reason you often come across women that initially appear difficult due to some hatred for men until our intrepid hero is able to conquer them. Women are not treated as individuals with their own minds but goals to be achieved. This is already a bad mentality but the mentality of this novel is even worse than that. Suppose for a second this girl which he truly connected with had survived, the MC would of course have had to date her as abandoning her at that point would look badly on him. Instead she is killed off for quick revenge fuel and the story can continue. The genre is a form of wish fulfillment which I accept and I don't often take it very seriously so chase as many beauties as you wish but even the suggestion of r*pe tainting the victim goes too far for me.

To clarify I don't believe the author has sexiest views or anything of the sort that is something only he will know but good art needs to communicate its themes and concepts well which in this case it doesn't hence the 1 star.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Einy rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: --
I've read the raws for this one a while back. It was one of my favorite under the genre, some parts can be a drag and some are extremely cliche, but all in all a fun read. The ending was a bit more on the disappointment side, still it was a fun read, one of the few novels I've read from beginning to end without skipping a chapter.
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logan3 rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: c244
The main problem I have with this novel is that the author doesn't actually take advantage of the system. Instead, he completely casts it aside for large swathes of the novel, where the MC would have normally used it. What we get are story arcs that have little to no meaning or engagement because the system could have greatly helped to resolve them, yet the author suddenly 'forgets' that it exists. For example, in the early business arc, the MC could have redeemed points for business acumen, accounting, leadership, speech,... more>> negotiation, etc. But none of this was done.

A couple of other points.

(1) As reviewers and commenters have pointed out, the author's norms are outdated by several decades (even by younger Chinese persons' standards). Additionally, he refers to social, psychological, biological, medical, historical, and more ideas that have been debunked for well over 60 years.

(2) Characterization is awful. Everyone acts like an a-hole to everyone else for no explicit reason and it's nearly the only way the author knows how to initiate action scenes and plot progression. Any character who seems like a genuinely good person the author will eventually find a way to write them out, transform them into a bad person, or reveal some hidden background or personality trait that brings them down a few pegs. It seems that the author cannot stand genuinely good people.

(3) Many characters, story beats, and actions scenes are strongly inspired by mid-1980s to early-1990s Hong Kong hard-boiled action and, occasionally, comedy cinema. (It's easy to imagine a young Chow Yun Fat in several of these roles.) This may provide better insight into the story and author.

(4) There's no moral center or consistency. Characters may do anything for any reason at any time, other characters will blindly accept it like cardboard cutouts, and the author will use exposition by characters in a poor attempt to rationalize it to the reader.

(5) Non-stop racism and jingoism begins around Chapter 300. Justifying r*pe and r*pe-victim falling in love with rapist begins around Chapter 580. <<less
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Makeshift01 rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c456
So, like everyone else is saying.

There are illogical fighting, pretty much everyone has connections to the government so there's pretty much no crime they can't commit. For example, bringing over a hundred people to come murder some guy (MC) who beat up some low level minions.

As for the netorare, it can't even even be considered that in the first place imo.

... more>>

The girl was forced by the hospital director to take drugs and have s*x with him. This has been happening long before the MC met her and they never actually got into a relationship in the first place. At most they just went shopping or eat together before he made up his mind to officially ask her out, where she declined him. She ended up being freed from her addiction and MC used hypnosis to make her forget all the bad stuff before they separated


The racism is pretty bad once the author starts introducing foreigners and the MC goes outside of China for missions. I'm seriously thinking that the author has a severe persecution complex since every one the MC meets outside of China is a racist as*hole towards Chinese people. This leads to the MC being righteous and killing all of them and returning home satisfied. How they portray the Japanese is especially bad.

This is a system novel. It has system in the name so you would assume he would actually use it to redeem useful skills that can help him overcome his problems. This is what a modern day magical realism system novel is about, redeeming fighting skills, enhancing your body, and increasing your intelligence so you can make your life great and make the readers feel good about wasting time reading about the process. The system stops showing up at all. It's like the author forgot about this being a system novel. He doesn't redeem things that can help him deal with the problems he encounters and only remembers he has a system after a story arc and even then it might not show up. It's just frustrating that the MC has a very valuable resource that he doesn't make use of.

About the r*pe the MC committed, I don't know about that but apparently it's a pretty bad scene that triggers people.

Overall, read the first 250 or so chapters and then drop it to enjoy this novel unless you're supporter of racist chinese nationalist genres. <<less
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Oofwa rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: c314
So I've been reading this story for a while and the translation I think is just horrible either that or the author just doesn't know how to write, another problem is the amount of cliches in this story and how pretty much every chapter has a bad thing going on, and why can't this pu*sy of a man say 'no' for once godamnit like when in college as a bodyguard mas the chicks fall in love with him he can't say 'Stop following me I dont like you' just easy... more>> come on people say don't blame the victim but come on you had it coming, newest chapter or most recently translated he says he's an intern at a hospital and the a f*cking person asks for help with her grandmother what the f*ckk just cuz you don't want to give her face and wtf is wrong with people and face in China like on gawd please do they have face fettishes or some shit <<less
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anirudgoud rated it
December 20, 2019
Status: Completed
The beginning and the middle were the best parts. The end wasn't terrible, it didn't fit.

This story has a few plot lines that seemed cliche in the beginning but broke the trend surprisingly.

He didn't marry the girl he was a body guard to, nor did he date the woman whose life he saved. There were many instances where the story could've picked a mindless harem to satiate fetishes—nurse, flight attendant, CEO, doctor, you name it. There are almost all potential female characters, but the author never gave them chance and... more>> I'm glad he didn't.

The story was more grounded, more realistic and because of it, more enjoyable. It doesn't jerk off your ego, but it definitely let me think back to the fantasies that are near delusions which are written in these books.


Despite the polygamy at the end, I'm satisfied with where it left me. (Though the ending chapter could've been better, seriously.)

And yeah, I wanted him to pick some of the girls who madly pursued him. It just didn't feel right. Maybe it's just me, but hey, that's an opinion.


The MC of this story is different from other MCs and in a good way. He doesn't depend on System. Nor is he a horny pervert who wants to get under every beautiful woman's skirt.

What I really loved in this book is his relationship with the Main Female Lead. Though the last part was awful, it was satisfying overall.

Give it a try. I hope you find it to your liking. <<less
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Xire rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: c184
I wouldn't recommend this. At first I was enjoying it... the system is kind of cool in a wish-fulfillment sense, the MC gets a system that basically lets him buy skills (like he masters all foreign languages for 500 points, or obtains Mercenary Kings Constitution which gives him elite fighting skills for 1000 points). These things happen right near the beginning of the story so it's not really a spoiler.

Read spoiler for why I don't like it; tldr - NTR, bad writing, dumb MC, waste of a godly system.

... more>>

MC goes on after getting the constitution to protecting this daughter, giving him connections to some rich mafia dude named Chu. Then he acquires a company and becomes the boss, and there's various fights at different points where he beats people up. I thought the fighting was done decently well; MC is very ruthless without being evil. He generally protects innocent people from mafia type thugs. But he won't hesitate to destroy anyone who goes against him, this includes beating up women in his way. I liked that because it's not sexist like most authors.

The big problem for me comes when he meets this girl named Su Yun or something like that. She is super sweet and nice, he basically falls in love with her, they go out on some dates, etc. You absolutely get the feeling that they are going to be a good couple together and so on, and then seemingly out of nowhere the author throws a curveball at you that makes zero sense; this girl, who has always been super bright, cheerful, innocent seeming, etc. is revealed to actually be cheating on MC with some slimebag fatso at the hospital she works at. And the reason is that this guy has drugged her and has been raping her in return for giving her drugs. MC finds out and rushes to the hotel where she was spotted with this guy, she tries to kill herself by jumping off the roof, MC catches her, then goes and kills the fat dude.

Okay, well the point is the author set this romance up and then completely ruined it for no reason, it's not believable, interesting or satisfying on any level. I figure the reason it happened was that their romance got to the point where they would actually start dating, having sex, whatever, and the author decided that sounded like too much effort, so it's better to just turn this sweet girl into a drug addicted who*e and remove her from the story. Worth pointing out MC's initial girlfriend in the opening of story also cheats on him and is a degenerate b*tch.

So that would be why the netorare tag is on this story I guess.

That's not the only problem with the story either. The translation is done by a guy doing it as a hobby. It is adequate, but not exactly great either. Some chapters and dialogue are pretty bad. I don't know if this changed for later chapters.

Another major problem I have is with MC himself and his lack of intelligence or motivation. He has been gifted a godly system of cheats that could enable him to do literally anything in the world he wants. What does he choose to do? Basically become a mob boss and beat the crap out of people constantly. Gather up money, yes, meaningless money. Why do I say it's meaningless? Because before power, money is meaningless.

MC could have learnt advanced science skills thousands of years ahead of his society, invented infinite energy devices, FTL travel, anti gravity, space ships, cured aging, completely uplifted and transformed the entirety of humanity. Instead, he becomes yet another crappy mafia boss. His biggest ambition seems to be to kill this s*upid Dragon gang, which is pretty much just 99% tr*sh filler mobs who he can 1 shot.

If that was the only thing, I could accept it. But even as a mafia boss he is crap. He doesn't use the system AT ALL until he needs to solve a current problem. He never plans ahead. He had over 200k points saved up, knew he could spend 100k to buy a super upgraded combat ability, and just ignored it for like 40 chapters. Then he got shot and the system drained 100k points to heal him, only for him to then buy that combat ability for 100k points, leaving him with nothing. If he'd bought the combat ability he could have dodged or stopped the bullet.

He never once ever thinks or plans on how to acquire more points, even though it's shown that he has a massively scalable ability to do so; he gains points by shocking people, so a televised court case he is involved in where he awes everyone is what gives him the 200k points. This means he could just make YouTube videos of crazy shit, or go on TV, or do any number of things to rack up millions of points. He never even considers this and instead is incredibly, super stingy with any points he gets, only ever using it as a Dues Ex Machina to solve some drama that pops up.

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May 25, 2021
Status: --
This is what you get when you combine all the bad aspects of Chinese webnovels.

You get a system, plenty of arrogant young masters, mob characters that exist only to make sure that you get the feeling that the MC is awesome. Then there's racism, nationalism etc etc etc.

Chinese novels would be fine when the story takes place in another world. At least they can't poison you with nationalism....
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q00u rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a solid 3/5 story.

It has nothing amazing and unique that isn't in other stories. Likewise the terrible things in it are things that appear in Chinese novels too frequently.

It's both too long and not long enough. Towards the end, it's just endless chapters of battles. And then it just ends abruptly. The pacing is a mess.

There are WILD shifts in tone throughout, as if this were several related novels forced together. Despite being a supposed "System" novel, the author didn't seem to want it to have a System... more>> at all, so that moves further and further into the background over time.

There are some satisfying face-slapping incidents, if that's your thing. However, almost all of them could have been avoided entirely if the MC made better choices, which takes some of the satisfaction out of the sails.

In the end, a middle of the road, solid 3 out of 5. Not the best, not the worst, just meh. <<less
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nobelvampire1071 rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c305
Read this to pass time and switch off your brain. The only way to enjoy this.

This story is filled with unreasonable characters holding utter disregard to everyone else. Everyone belongs to some gang or the other and almost each and every character introduced is a r*pey a**hole.

Everyone acts as a third rate ruffian. Doesn't matter if they are so called "shrewd" Business men or gangsters. These guys will see MC performing clearly inhuman feats of strength but will still go provoking him openly like 2d cannon fodders they are. This... more>> creates a ret*rded cycle of revenge which the Author takes full advantage of. If you like unlimited face slapping then this would be right up your alley.

Illogical gang fights happen all the time. For ex; Some Five dudes offend this Dragon gang. Their response is to send 200 men armed with rods and knives to kill them.....

As the story goes on, it becomes clear that the Author is just pulling random plot out of his ass. Right from the start we get a forced university arc with all the cliches associated with it. MC suddenly becomes a emo pseudo Susuke, acting like a complete as*hole to girls who are confessing to him; saying sh*t like "We are from two different worlds (???) " rather than simply saying no.

From other reviews its clear that beyond 300 its just racism and bullsh*t propaganda. So I am not gonna read ahead.

As for the netorare part..


I woudn't call it netorare as the this girl Su Yi was forced into s*x due to drugs and shit. All this was happening before the MC met her. Later on he clears her memory of it and distants himself from her. I have heard that she marries to someone else so even if it is not netorare in pure sense it does give the same ugly vibes.

In the end its upto the readers to decide.

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GoTheHell rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c675
I doubt that Chinese nationalism is considered in China a religion... Years have passed since the Japanese occupation ended, but they cannot forget this... And their hatred of America because it is capitalism.. What? China may be promising economically, but it is still military that does not compete with America... So I suspect that this kind of narration deludes the Chinese people as the strongest and created a world in another dimension to them.
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bob_the_building rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: --
Absurd levels of nationalistic racism ruined what otherwise would have been a so-so novel, the type to read when passing the time.

Save yourself the trouble of dropping it halfway through and skip.
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introparadox rated it
September 26, 2019
Status: c63
Not superb, a decent story nonetheless, way better than most of the popular novels in an adult eyes (don't get me wrong, ahem!), or at least me. An MC with great personality which is really hard to find. The pace is not fast nor slow witch keep it enjoyable. Though the translation kept dropping until about 60 it became unreadable machine translation witch is really a huge disappointment, I had to reluctantly drop this novel.
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Master Fish
Master Fish rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: c710
Uh, pretty good as a novel in my first month of novel reading. The face-slapping was good for me and helped me get into novels better. But, all good things must come to an end, and face-slapping has lost its satisfaction for me. I liked the story plot, and I don’t understand why people are so triggered about the nationalism and stuff. For me, the nationalism was alright. I just dealt with it as it came and I don’t really understand why its so unbearable for some people. Sure, its... more>> a drag but I just muddle through as I always do and suddenly, I get to the other side. After chapter 680 or so, the nationalism basically wears off, and a brand new arc starts. I’m beginning to see the harem genre start to shine around chapter 705 or so so if you don’t wanna see that, then you should stop early. I never skipped chapters, and that’s probably because of who I am. The novel has some good parts, bad parts, but I always walked through them, and I thought that it was pretty good. Then again, it could just be my brain filtering out all the unnecessary information and only passing me the fun stuff.

Overall, if you want a good novel, don’t read this. I only read it because all the novels I was reading weren’t updating. The face-slapping can be fun, but sometimes, you really have to wonder why the MC does what he does. The system becomes basically non-existent other than to get a quick power up to face some kind of enemy, and although the narration states he tries not to use it because reasons I forgot, he still only uses it about 5 times throughout 700 chapters. Nationalism isn’t a glaring flaw for someone like me, who doesn’t really care unless things get really uncomfortable. Basically, don’t read it, but if you’re willing to accept it’s flaws and treat it as a meaningless face-slapper, sure. <<less
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kamisusano rated it
February 28, 2021
Status: c580
The title is Peerless genius system but Peerless ret*rded system is more suitable imo. Yo yo yo The system is supposed to make him a succesful genius but no it turn him into an hypocrite arrogant s*upid ass that use violent on everything offends him. After all the evil deed he done, he justified it with his own justice and blamed socialty (and America and Japan and etc... You know the rule of every single "good" Chinese novels right?)

... more>>

The system made him high on power. It can change his personality, aura, mood and shit. And it can even turn him into mad killing monster for 1mil points.


"Even if without the system, he can still build up his business, albeit it may cost him 20 years or more" (yeah in the novel author litterly said that). Scratch that bullshit, author. Before he got the system, he was just a normal salary man who graduated from a slightly reputed university (he wasn't even the best). Can a normal person can learn martial arts to grand master level than can destroy a whole army, invent new medical method, hacking back team of pro hackers, become pro gamer and can still build up billions dollars business? Doubt x. And that Su Li with her yee yee ass cool demeanor would care for a normal person? The logic must have been thrown into the tr*sh can. And no plot what so ever. You can't deduce what his goal is even after reading this sh*t hundred times. But I know : Get money f*ck b*tches. Simple.

Oh and talking about get b*tches romance. Damn it totally fustrated me.


With Su Li, sh*t can be sloved in one or two chapters was stretched to 200 chapter with unnecessary misunderstanding between 2 glorified idiots. It only needed one person to speak first but no, the MC was male chauvinism sturborn childish f*ck wanting her to admit love first. And typical r*pe victim become lover is the biggest bruh moment from the author made me dropped this shit. Dude you r*ped her in the first night. She was traumalized. The second time it was still r*pe, with people near the room they f*ck. And bam she felt so good (dude just have s*x like one time yet he become gigolo level) that she admited she loved him. Bam national goddess of Glorious China turned into tropy wife in a single chapter. This unloyal bastard also kept a side bit*h too, just with reasons were his parents liked her.


I am sorry for swearing too much, but for this novel I must. <<less
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January 17, 2021
Status: c586
Okay, so I actually really like the premise, having read superstar, valiant life, etc, I love the modern era cheat/ability/system novels.

I read a lot of this, but after chapter 400 it was straight downhill. The nationalism is there but it gets more and more as the story goes on to the point it's a sad joke; the author writes American Navy SEALs saying things like 'What a great country with thousands of years of history and spectacular martial arts' etc and at one point even criticizes an american citizen for... more>> being brainwashed regarding the iraq war (pot calling the kettle black, I literally rolled my eyes, multiple times in that single chapter)

I dropped this at chapter 586 because

the MC has come across tens of women who were great partners and has a mutual love with literally the perfect woman (Ji Siying) who has met his family and told all his relatives that she's his girlfriend, yet the author strong-armed the MC into marriage with an absolute frosty bit*h who is constantly actinse tsundere (which is gross btw, I can't f*cking stand hypocrite characters who share a mutual attracton with someone but push it away because of their own ego or pride) so eventually in chapter 584ish the MC literally gets pushed to the brink and complains (FINALLY after 150 chapters) about how she's always being a bit*h for no reason to the point he literally says that if she doesn't give up the attitude, he's going to kill her, after which they have s*x in a conference room and there's a great change in her character, she's out and out more womanly and open, telling her best friend (who she has constantly badmouthed the MC to as an ambitionless bum) that she loves him and is willing to stay by his side as a good wife to look after his children-- BUT literally that same evening, he goes to her house and she's straight back to being a bit*h when he asks her why she's being cold and she says “I’ve always been like that. You can leave if you don’t like it, ” - like f*cking really? That was it for me, I was pushing myself to read after chapter 520ish (I got past the nationalist anti-american bullsh*t because there was constant action and bad assery) and in chapter 586 he hugs literally the perfect woman (Ji Siying) then Su Li is back to being a c*nt. Author ruined the romantic/harem aspects- EVERY WOMAN HE'S INTERACTED WITH (besides Chai Zhiying (Su Li's agent?), Mina (the SEAL) and Zheng Mi (the girl who cheats on him at the start of the story and eventually becomes a literal hooker because she regrets cheating on MC once he gets the system.)

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