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Jeong Tae-ui, who considers himself ordinary, is a former soldier and the younger brother of the genius Jeong Jae-ui. His life begins to take an unexpected turn when he starts working for the United Nations Human Resources Development Organization (UNHRDO) for six months, at the not-so-subtle insistence of his biological father and uncle, Jeong Chang-in. His life becomes intertwined with that of Ilay Riegrow, a crazy guy with pretty hands. This leads him down a path he had never considered before. This story involves modern setting, battle romance, professional work, jealousy, foreigners, serious setting, incidents, a cold-blooded ML, a strong ML, an obsessive ML, a beautiful ML, a crazy ML, a black-bellied/strategic ML, a chaebol ML, a scum ML.

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Jan 09, 2024
Status: Completed
This work of Yuuji-nim truly is my obsession and 'Passion'

the author's writing is just so great

The Passion series has four novels in this sequence

... more>> 1. PASSION (the main story, it has 6 volumes) 2. PASSION: Diaphonic Symphonia (6 volumes) 3. PASSION: Suite (5 volumes) 4. PASSION: Raga (2 volumes)

I love Jeong Taeui, I just love him so much, he deserves the world. this novel also has the hottest, prettiest, most handsome deadly crazy Top aka Ilay Riegrow.. this man is just something else😇

Iltae are my absolute favorite couple rn

the story HAS plot and the romance is slow and it's definitely not the fluffy type...


Passion: Suite has all the fluff and sweetness tho so you should definitely read it, you will be missing alot if you don't


the story is very long and detailed, you might find it boring at first but you should definitely read it until the end because you will change your mind (many Kr readers complained of that actually but they said they were glad they didn't drop it), honestly if you like the characters you may not find the details unnecessary (I love Jeong Taeui so I don't get bored with his thoughts lol), especially since the author's writing is spectacular and literary (ofc it's impossible to convey this aspect like in the original language through translation or mtl)

⚠️trigger warnings: there are many actually so make sure to read the tags😃 the Top is a red flag who kills ppl as easily as breathing (I find him the most endearing red flag for some reason), you might find him too insufferable and unlikeable in like.. the first three volumes lol *sigh* he is such a prick idk why I like him, but he gets better. There's r*pe, a lot of it.


also Tay gets taken advantage of and used alot throughout the story by ppl around him and by ppl who are closest to him so it can get so hard to read sometimes, my poor baby T-T so it's not just Ilay who hurt him although he played a big role


This is definitely not everyone's cup of tea

You can buy the novels on ridi or bomtoon (you can at least mtl them on bomtoon while ridi doesn't allow you to do so since it is an e-book so I recommend buying it on bomtoon) please support the author! <<less
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