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Yin Shuang Shuang, a regular girl who grew up in a conservative family, who never even had a boyfriend at the age of 25, suddenly transmigrated in a world where s*x is all that matters.

In a world where value was skewed. Where s*x is expected, glorified, and a fight for the world’s survival. How will Yin Shuang Shuang adapt and survive?

Follow her as she navigates the entertainment industry in an attempt for survival and defiance to the world. Would her journey to the top give her the freedom that she really wants? And would love be able to blossom under the society’s heavy repression of it?

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Katra1212 rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: --

First and foremost, this is a smut comedy novel. The premise of the novel had accurately given us the context and world view of the people living there. It was a crazy world where your body practically does not belong to you. It belongs to the state so you have to contribute to the country because the world's population is in danger.


This novel's tension was also very straightforward. The world's fertility problem was so worse, even their highly technological science cannot address their problem so the government was forced to... more>> implement mandatory s*x in selected public places, such as, public transportation, public toilet, function hall, and so and so forth. But that does not mean that their world is s*x crazed. s*xual engagement in the public, except for selected places are prohibited. Underage s*x (minors of 17 and below) are strictly banned from having s*x, they are severely punished if they broke the law. No in*est, and other deviant acts are restricted, they must be done in a safe and controlled place. There are boundaries in place which the author cleverly skirted, tested, and brought to limelight to ponder about.


Since this is a smut novel, I'm sure readers would like to know. Is it hot? Yes, extremely hot. So hot it can burn you.

This novel took s*xual emancipation to another new level. Since this novel has such a premise, it's expected for it to be wild. If you are turned off with multiple partners, then this novel is not for you.

    • Multiple s*x partners:
      2P and 3P, and every kind of P was explored.
    • Exhibitionism and

      because she is a celebrity and her job is to portray the sensuality of her every play/persona. Some of which are kinda similar if you've watched Japanese s*x shows. It was ridiculous, fun and just plain hot.

    • Risk aware consensual kink:
      aside from her first interc**rse, every bed scenes are consensual, even though some of them would be "r*pe play" or "gang-r*pe play" those are connected to the scenes she played as an actor. There are a lot where the author cleverly skirted on, never making me comfortable even if some of her works were a bit darker in themes.
    • erot*c humiliation: MC is a very innocent girl so she really shied away from s*x, being called a out made her feel shame, but know that the characters of that world does not have any demeaning qualities to that term. The more le*d, the better- that's their belief. Later, she will adapt, revel and use "innocence" to her advantage. That world never had any innocent woman. They grew up so used to s*x, that being obscene is the norm.
    • Scene play: as you know this is a showbiz novel, so expect a loottt of scene plays. Majority of which are very funny.
Our MC's goal in this world was not to find love, it was to survive and to reach her goal for freedom. She had to sacrifice, compromise, but still enjoyed her life. The moment she embraced herself, was the moment the novel explored the moralities of her new world which the author would show in a funny yet hot, sometimes cynical way. But that does not mean there is no love development. Her work as a star let her play many personas and personalities. This added different flavors of bed scenes and bed partners to her life. Majority of her co-actors are her MLs.


This novel focused on our main character, Yin Shuang Shuang as she navigates her new world. Deeply afraid and entirely out of her bounds, she must do everything to survive. Her character development was one of the most interesting MC's I've read in a smut novel. She abhors s*x, was afraid of it, and she was even traumatised when she transmigrated. Given that she had months of buffer to slowly get used to her new life before she turned 18, she did not, but that did not stop her from meeting life challenges head on (even though majority of the time she wanted to run away).

The novel is realistic with the way it portrayed her, she was just your normal unfortunate girl who suddenly found herself in a world that completely distorts her understanding. You will pity her circumstances. She was forced by the situation to adapt. And boy, did she adapt later. Her character development of how she will slowly accept the status quo, fights back in her own way to the world's view, and rises to the top to attain her most important goal, freedom. Because only when you're at the top, can your body truly belong to you.

Her character is extremely witty, street smarts and knows how to hug thighs. After she had adapted to the world and became celebrity, she was extremely professional and headstrong. Although this novel was involved with multiple partners, there are only a few men who will be the focus of the novel.


Yan Lie: Taciturn and overbearing president of her agency. But he shows his care for MC using his actions. He had endless support for her decisions and would advise her when she was troubled. He knew her aversion to s*x and gave her the goal to overcome it. He is her rock. The first person she contact when she is happy, troubled or panicked. The only rare man that ever feels jealous of her other men. (This is extremely rare.) He is not possessive, nor did he despise her relationships with other people, in fact, he will even give her to other people to have s*x with, as with the norm to them. But when she's with him, he wants her to only focus on HIM. He is just the type of person who wants to be baby-ed, yes! In rare times, he's just so cute.

Du Sheng: Top actor, MC's first male partner in a TV commercial. One of the most famous actors of his generation. Outwardly gentle, inwardly a scheming blackbelly. This man really knows how to scheme. Out of all her men, he is the first to pursue MC in desiring a monogamous relationship. This will lead to a lot of conflict in their relationship later on.

Mu Ye: A-listed actor. The most beautiful man in their generation of celebrities. MC's best friend. He is the "playful bro type" of character. He supports her endlessly, carries her (to stardom) up when she needs it, and is the type of character you can't say no to, because he's extremely lovable.

Qi Heng: A-listed actor. The one and only man who MC often bully and actually wins a lot. Their bantering is one of the most amusing segments when they do a work/play together.

Qi Han: A-listed actor. He plays the abstinence character, but was actually a h**ny man who was starved of s*x because he had to keep up with his brand image. He is the firm and solemn type but can get really wild when his restraints came off. He plays a lot of "immortal" characters. The kind that is cold, and was often forced by his meimeis.

There are also "extra" men. Not as focused as above but equally memorable. Probably because these men are not celebrities. So they don't really have much screen time, because the author really focused on the MC's character development through her works. The different works she played with, the different character she portrayed, the morality or immorality of the play's context that she had to ponder.

Extra (Special Mention) :

Yi E: The always prim and solemn yet would always surprise you with his funny side agent. It would appear surprisingly on occasion you never expected. The only word I can use to describe him is, he often looks languid. He is confident on his skin but does not show it off. He is involved (w/ sex) with her for the first part of the novel when he focused on accompanying her as her agent, or when MC needed some advice on acting.

Luo Kaichao: A military commander. Grandson of a general. Her first neighbour. He is a rascal type of man. He is just like a big dog.

Chen Huan: Her number 1 Fan. Previously an underground boss but now a successful Oil Businessman. Sophisticated and mature. But when in a fan meeting,

he will wear his pink ShuangShuang'sNumber1Fan T-shirt inside his suit blazer.

Si Li: One of the most wealthy people in the country. Owner of the country's biggest s*x workshop/manufacturing. A professional craftsman of s*x toy maker. He desired to create a model of MC's p**sy. Her rejection became his obsession. Has the weirdest and biggest monster c*ck. He developed a unique c*ck genetic evolution, where ridges formed on his c*ck, somehow like an alien c*ck.


Ending Thoughts and Spoiler:

    • This novel explored the concept of women's empowerment.
    • The right to say "no" to s*x.
    • The concept that vulgar words does not and should not have any demeaning context.
    • The repression of monogamy and their society's worldview to love and exclusivity was an interesting conundrum in this novel.

Where did I found such a concept in this novel full of sex?

Later on, MC's thoughts and small action to go against the world's constraints on her would be the answer. The world view would probably not change, not yet anyway. But the MC is changing those close to her. Little by little, they dance to her tune. They have to, they are like bees trapped in honey. And she is their bee queen.

Why did the world turn like this?

From the time the MC started to dig deeper to the society's culture, rules and expectations, and see the similarities from her old world, that question will recur in her thoughts. She would repeatedly tell herself not to put her (previous world) standards to this world's beliefs because she cannot be biased/prejudiced. Since she knew and had lived with a different worldview, she can question and have conflicting thoughts about it, but the people around her did not, so she should not have any expectations. That's the main reason she never wanted to find love in the first place. But that doesn't mean she wasn't tempted, but the world's law against monogamy became her wake up call whenever she felt that she would fall.

That is, until she found out, there's another transmigrator beside her. A man who was now a director. Who actually filmed (Kingkong=>Kingkong The Dirty Version), (Superman=>s**en Hero), (The Hulk=>Giant Man) Ya know what the "giant" in that film pertains.

Oh man. MC puked blood when she read this in the internet. She was just a popular budding actor when she heard of him.


Fun and more comedy pls...

The author liked to put MC in hilarious situation. A lot of those are her reaction to her ridiculous situations. Even as a reader, you won't be able but lament that such a distorted world exist.


I am Mary Sue...

This novel is very much a Mary Sue, where every man will take an interest in her. Either in her big breast, her tight pu*sy or her personality. But the majority of the time, they will always be conquered by the former two, then only later would they be interested in the latter. Only her MLs would dig deeper on her personality and be attached to who she is as a person rather than a hot body to conquer.

More smut than plot...

Because the novel focused on her character development by using her work to the industry, it is very hard to notice her change of development, it was often overshadowed by the s*x and more s*x. But it was amazing s*x nevertheless. I came for the smut but it gave me a plot, so I was just nitpicking here.

Men and more men...

Don't get me wrong. I like this novel, and I like the way the author gives her men to play with. Multiple partners, the consensual kind, was a kink of mine in novels. But as the number before the P got more and more, although the hotness is appropriate to the number. But not many would like it as much as I do.


I really enjoyed this novel. The MC's upfront and optimistic personality kept me engaged throughout the whole novel (it's still ongoing in raws). She's willing to do everything to strive for her goal. I just fell in love with the comedy and smut. The ridiculousness of the story while the MC tried to "rationalise" it on her thoughts was the winner. This novel breaks every logic that you know and turn it into a comedic erot*c scene. The fact that I was never bothered in any scene plays she acted was the most important part. There's few dark themes chapters/scenes but maybe because it's a play, not her reality, that it gave me another film/layer of cover, beside the novel to soften the blow of the scenes so it doesn't seem as dark. The author is also very clever on where to stop to put her dialogues or thoughts to break the stifling tension.

Finally, if you guys just want to be hot and bothered. Throw away any logic you have and read it! <<less
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IrisEllings rated it
November 27, 2020
Status: c270
I loved the review by Katra1212 and I strongly agree with. The author is extremely eloquent and is very well-thought-out in her craft. The choice of having it to be a smut novel is one that is extremely interesting and well-woven into using both the smut that she describes between the person/people that Yin Shuang Shuang does the deed with and herself.

At times, you see how the aftermath of the sensual act between YSS and the male character causes them to fall deeper, other times, you see how it causes... more>> YSS to feel something deeper which she knows she shouldn't or even for the men themselves. They realise how deep they fall for her/captivated by her charms despite the intrinsic rules of their society.

(You can fornicate with many and enjoy endless pleasure all for the sake of the chances of increasing pregnancy rates, but you can never never fall in love with another. This is also an even more deeply set rule in the entertainment circle and one that YSS dislikes since she comes from a world of monogamy and love like ours; this also builds up the subtle plot in which she wants to become the exception to that rule at the top echelon of society. So she'll call the shots and not get punished for this since those in the entertainment industry are supposed to exemplify the values in which the society/government requires.)


Basically, go into this novel looking for smut, go for it. Stay for the plot and the slow-rending changes the YSS causes in a butterfly effect on her partners and the world around her. I've stopped reading the RAWs till chapter 270? But it has been an utterly gripping tale despite the many, innumerable chapters of s*x in her work and her (lesser in variety) life.

You soon realise how much the characters shine beyond the smut when they get better developed down the line, in between those shallow-like character tropes we usually see or the exciting scenes that happen in the chapters, the little touches to them, just like the author's writing, glimmers through.

I've been so glad that I finally picked this up and I've regretted not picking this up earlier~ I almost wished that there would be a pairing, in the end~ I've got a soft spot for Yan Lie, her president or Du Sheng, the heart-throb actor and I'm rooting for either of these softies~ <<less
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Vee_97 rated it
February 28, 2021
Status: c539
Can I read smut and then start laughing out loud?

It turns out, I can!

When I saw some reviews and said that this novel contain comedic material, I though.. Really? Yes! It's really scarce for novel full of meat scene every single chapters but funny at the same time.

MLs also interesting and have their own personality. So far my bias is Yan Lie

... more>>

on the latest chapter, shuang shuang finally got pregnant and 5 daddies ready for her (Yan Lie, Mu Ye, Du Shen, Qi Han, Bill)


So far, I like it~ (-c523)

Update after finishing to c539 (3 side story).


still like it~ 😂 surprisingly the first baby was won by Bill

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Ellie44 rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: --
I came for smut but instead I got comedy. Ahahhahahha. Its very good, it has real plot and I really like the MC.

Im sorry I forgot to fix the stars anyway. Ignore the one star its 5 stars for me
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tarese rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: --
First of all, I would like to give a big thumbs up to the author and the translator for the superb writing and translation.

Honestly speaking, I literally just came here for the smut. But surprisingly, this novel gave me more than what I came for. In addition to the good ol' smut, we also have an extremely likable MC with an actual character growth throughout the novel. Here comes Shuangshuang who transmigrated into a world where population is in danger and reproduction is the top priority. You'll see how she... more>> slowly adapts to a foreign world with its beliefs and principles going against the ones etched into her bones (eg. Monogamy). It was extremely fascinating watching her how she maneuvered her way to the top of the entertainment industry and how she conquered the audience (and her men!). So expect the plot that comes with the smut. On top of that, there was also the comedic tone which made it all the more enjoyable.

As a smut-slash-reverse harem enthusiast, I dare claim that this is certainly one of the best out there. This might be second only to (or even on par with) Returning. Whatever your kinks are, this one got it all covered. From vanilla to voyeurism, from exhibitionism to extremely kinky stuff, fret not, the author was really creative in this field lol (and I loveee it). Give this novel a try, especially if you are also an adventurous reader like me (lenny face) and you're open for a whole new level of smut. Definitely 5 stars.

This novel has a lot more good points, and they were all pointed out in user Katra1212's review. Do check out her review as it was spot on.

I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I do. <<less
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Aaaaryah72 rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: c525
I loveeeeeeeee this novel. Obsesed!

I love how Yin Shuang Shuang's journey to become a famous artist. Her relationship with the people around her- Her romance, family, fans and society in this alternative universe.

Apart from this story is full of s*xual scenes, but the growth of each character is very rational and relatable.

... more>> Really, I'm looking forward to the next novel from this novelist. XD XD

Note : I can say that the story actually finished already, the author write an extra chapter with plot story in another alternative universe. But he kind of stop the extra- probably lost his passion. But overall Yin Shuang Shuang story is done really nice. "She overturn the entertaiment circle and become a legend." <<less
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yumiko07 rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c24
So far im still in chapter 24... I wanna mtl ahead but unfortunately I can't find a site to mtl it...

I like it so far. As of now I'm not sure who will be the ML or if it will end up into a real reverse harem. I think the agent is a pretty good candidate though. He seems hot, collected and a very reliable person in bed and in his work :, -) . He is mysterious which is an added factor.
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amandant rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: c416
This start as a mindless meat text. One that don't have any plot, just countless meat, change partner and meat again.

But moving on, because I don't have any stock to read, yup this became much more interesting after a while. Although kinda vague, the plot start to appear. And the character became more 3d.
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