Ossan Boukensha no Jimichi na Isekai Tabi


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An old man who is tired of his slow body leaves the youngsters across the country in the dust as he transfers to another world.
But you know? It’s a little too late for that! What am I supposed to do!?
Just then, the god offered him a single lifeline. His one ray of hope is a skill that allows him to slowly grow younger.
And with this small hope, the old man begins his journey.

Associated Names
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And Old Man Adventurer’s Steady Journey through Another World
An Old Man Adventurer’s Wandering Journey in Another World - Surviving steadily with a rejuvenating skill
Ossan Boukensha no Isekai Hourouki - Wakagairi skill de jimichi ni ikinobiru (LN)
Ossan Boukensha no Jimichi na Isekai Tabi (WN)
おっさん冒険者の地道な異世界旅 (WN)
おっさん冒険者の異世界放浪記 若返りスキルで地道に生き延びる (LN)
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August 25, 2021
Status: c4
Too early to rate at 2 chapters, but I will say this is interesting so far.

The prologue starts out with the standard "my life is boring, oh look, a truck is coming at me", but then it gets amusing. It's like the author decided to use all the standard isekai tropes, but turn them slightly on their heads. I am OK with this - tropes are tropes for a reason, right? As long as they're done well I'll give it a read and so far that seems to be the... more>> case: as an example, MC cannot have appraisal or storage because they are ultra powerful skills (suggesting he will eventually get them at some point).

Second chapter he's dropped into the world and trying to sort things (also amusingly written). I would have said this has the promise to be a pretty good comedy, but the end of the second chapter has me wondering at the direction this story will take (MC watched someone get killed by bandits).

Definitely going to keep reading this one. Will re-visit review after more chapters/if things change drastically.

Edit: Sep 9, have now read chapters 3 and 4

This is still refreshing as compared to standard isekai (and still pretty funny). The bandit thing seems to be a setup to show he's smart enough to know he's not up to getting involved with that. He went the other way vs the normal "I'm OP so I'll just dive in here and somehow save the day even though I really shouldn't know how". There's also an amusing bit when a monster attacks him and he bends backwards (a la Matrix), but ends up on the ground on his back. <<less
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Hellscythe21 rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: c26
Pretty interesting. Makes for a light read with an easy to digest plot. Translation speed is slow and erratic so if you get hooked, you'll probably be left at a cliffhanger.
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Fluffums rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: c25
It's exactly what the title says. (And Old Man Adventurer's Boring Steady Journey through Another World)

"Slow life" stories need quirky characters and/or an interesting setting for the reader to slowly learn about alongside the protagonist. This one has offered neither so far, and any problems that have arisen have been dealt with pretty easily and quickly.

It's readable, and I wouldn't really mind continuing to read because I have no problem with any of the content, but I'd definitely forget the novel exists if I never see another update. It's... more>> that kind of story. <<less
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proton rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: c1
Very good so far. I like that the protagonists goal is simply to survive and slowly grow younger. Judging by some of the reviews for future chapters, I expect to get darker as things go on, as it's a pretty harsh world. And I'm quite looking forward to seeing that.
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