Only I Am a Necromancer


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It was just one of those ordinary college class sessions when all of a sudden, texts and quest cards started popping up in the air.

While everybody is flustered by the strange situation, all the lights go dark and the lecture room is engulfed in pitch darkness. Panicked, everybody is afraid of reaching out and taking the quest cards, but not the main character, Seong-woo: He instinctively realizes that he has to pick a card to survive, and he chooses to become a necromancer.

Soon after, a tutorial quest appears, and the entire school turns chaotic. Suddenly, goblins pop out everywhere and start slaughtering people. Survivors find it hard to adjust themselves to all the sudden changes, but Seong-woo overpowers one of the goblins by using his necromancy skill and starts to complete the quest given to him.

Seong-woo continues to grow his power and so does a number of his followers. He is surrounded by the forces of death that vow loyalty to him, as well as talented followers and trustful colleagues, but he is challenged by numerous villains in addition to a system that threatens to degenerate all of humanity.

In a world that is facing a change that it has never experienced before, a necromancer destroys everything with his committed forces

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Solo necromancy
나 혼자 네크로맨서
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9 Reviews

Feb 24, 2023
Status: c304
I have a few warnings. Firstly, if you were drawn to the novel because of the manhwa, please reconsider. It's a good story for a comic adaptation, especially given how well the artist is doing, but the novel itself is poorly written. You're going to ruin your image of the story because the original author is a mediocre writer. Secondly, you should understand that South Korea is a country with a complicated past, and if your idea of it is based solely on K-pop, you are in for a rough... more>> ride.

Now, on to the novel. Yes, the story's premise is good, but it's not particularly original. It's a fairly standard take on the Korean "game in real life" trope, albeit with a Battle Royale twist. At this point, it's a cliche, but it's not about towers, which is already a plus. MC gets a job as a necromancer and acts maturely and responsibly. He quickly seizes control of the expanding territory and attempts to stop the game. That's it

Unfortunately, the author struggles to keep such a large-scale story under control.
He's attempting to depict a global war for survival, but all that comes out is MC did this and that, and then it repeats. The author is overly focused on the main character; no one else gets a chance to shine or develop.
MC is barely growing either.

Another major issue is that the author portrays enemies as cartoonishly evil, and he oversimplifies foreign affairs to the point of making it impossible to take seriously. The external countries are entirely based on ridiculous stereotypes, and every time the author brings attention to other countries, he makes the same mistake of making them small and insignificant. It's a novel about the entire world and more, but the events take place in a small area of Korea, making you feel claustrophobic.

I believe the story's scope is too large for the author's abilities. It's a good story that is severely limited by the author's writing and worldbuilding abilities. Better read the manhwa, it's great. <<less
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Dec 25, 2021
Status: --
The WN can barely be enjoyed by a novice reader let alone someone who's experienced in the apocalypse/system genre. The novel lacks the 'umph' to hook the readers in within the first 30 chapters. It just straight up dives into the you're 'f*cked' now try and survive without any background or incentive that makes the MC want to survive.

The characters are either forgettable, detestable, or just straight up inapplicable to readers outside of Korea. Doesn't bother to explain nuances that only pertains to South Korea.

In most WN written by Asian... more>> writers, there's always some nationalism; the good writers can hide it well, but the bad ones are so explicit that it just leaves a bad lingering aftertaste.

Do not recommend. <<less
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Apr 03, 2022
Status: Completed
So somehow I finished it and feel empty. I regret reading it, to make long story short it's unsophisticated tr*sh. No character growth, supporting characters are tedious, no twists, lazy writing, dao of word count, the list of things I have against this thing is very long. I would be embarassed to recommend this to anyone - my honest feelings.

Trust me, you have read this story already (:
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Apr 20, 2023
Status: Completed
A decent novel coming from WB. I quite like ending arc. Makes me want to sigh and tear up a bit.

The novel is fast-paced, and blood boiling. 5 stars because I enjoyed reading it despite its cons.

At the last chapter, I thought there'll be romance happening but looks like there's none at all.

If you like the synopsis/description, you should probably give it a try because I was also drawn by it.
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May 26, 2022
Status: Completed
its kinda decent at first, then it become just ok to kill time, then kinda tr*sh and at the end become a totally tr*sh.

First issue I have with this novel is the power balance. Many 5* cards but most of their users are not worth mentioning. So only very few people (99% are related to MC or MC main enemies) shine in this novel. Even hanho and jisu who pick 2 1* cards and 2 3* cards can become top players so the lack of competition really put me off.... more>> I thought those athletes, martial artists, soldiers will shine bright in this world but sadly no, which is kinda illogical.

The Japanese villain is ok, the world eater dead is 🤮, the Chinese king is a joke that need many explanations, the demon king is meh, the GM is absolutely ridiculous. The final boss, the ending is just nonsense to me. I expect much more from that.

The god system, the synergy effects are also full of holes.

This novel hide its plot amor pretty well but in the end it make you feel even more disappointed than reading typical tr*sh web novels. I got hooked into this novel because the manhwa art style is just really good but it end up like this, sadge. I would still recommend you read it but only the manhwa version, at least it has good art style and kinda funny <<less
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Mar 13, 2022
Status: Completed
*This is a review for the proper full translation I found on another site, I don't know why this website only has 40 chapters*

This series is one of the good ones. The MC is not super unique, but still likable cool. The biggest factor for me is whether the MCs thought processes make sense and stay consistent, which most tr*sh authors fail to achieve. This series however, succeeded. The MC did not really ever contradict his own behaviors or anything, stayed consistent to himself, and was a solid 8/10 MC.

The... more>> story itself is sufficiently interesting, I never felt bored while reading the entire thing. I liked the power system, even though he gradually becomes op it stays consistent and the progression has a good pace. I also liked that other characters were useful and relevant through out and even in the end, unlike where in Solo Leveling everyone was useless canon fodder except the MC. The MCs allies in this one develop along with him (though obviously not as quickly as him cause hes the MC), so that's nice.

As for relationships/any romance...:


I wish the MC and main girl would get together. There isnt enough after story to be sure on how they spend the rest of their lives other than continuing their role as world leaders/protectors or whatever, but I wish the author put something there. MC and main girl shoulda hooked up by the end. At least after everything settled down. I find it a little hard to believe a man wouldnt have any interest in that sort of thing especially once hes accomplished his goals already. As of the end of the story, there hasnt heen a single shred of romance and they're still allies working together just as they were in the beginning.


Theres basically nothing in terms of romance. Its straight action and adventure pretty much all the way through. No one ever hooks up with anyone else, though I imagine they would eventually, the author didnt feel like including anything like that or writing about it. I'll just imagine everyone eventually got married and had kids after the end of the story.

The ending was alright. Not my personal preference (I have specific tastes, so if anyone reads this dont think it's bad or anything), but it was good and a satisfying conclusion to the story.

Overall, good story. Definitely recommend to anyone who likes the genre. <<less
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Feb 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow.... This was a truly great novel, one where you finish and just sigh happily after you finish the last sentence.

5 Stars, no question! And as such, I have very little to comment, as you tend to want to talk about the bad things more than the good. Only small niggling things, but overall they don't impact my enjoyment of this. Such as the Dragon Race at the end not really having any meaning aside from the fire resistance.

The most major problem I would say is the pacing. It never... more>> really has any down time, it's just one incident after another that keeps increasing your tension without periodic relief. Although, you could say that this adds to the feel of an apocalyptic setting that this has, and for the characters, this helps you better relate. That's not to say there aren't villain/incident arcs, its just that they happen right after the previous one has ended, with no time skip usually.

A worthy entry on my 'MC is an OP necromancer' 5 star list, alongside Solo Leveling, Rise of the Undead Legion & Kill the Hero. Anyone know any others similar to these, please let me know.

P.S. Already read Seoul Station's Necromancer, I'd give it 4 stars. <<less
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Sep 25, 2023
Status: Completed
The manhwa is decent, but the novel not so much, after 250+ chapters the novel goes downhill and it gets worse and worse at each new chapter, it's a worldwide story or at least it was supposed to be, but reading it you will fell that the whole world is of the size of a small town and this gets even worse latter when it starts involving other worlds because it just feels like instead of other worlds they just added a link to other small towns, also the ending... more>> feels very bland and lacking it has no human interaction at all, the ending of this novel feels like watching the credits roll when you beat a game. <<less
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Jan 05, 2022
Status: c519
Finished this after reading it for almost a week straight. I remember picking it up ages ago but dropping it before they left the campus however I decided to pick it up again after reading the manhwa on flamescans and it was a great decision. I highly recommend this novel and even though it doesn't grab your attention immediately soon after it does hook you and you'll keep reading

After the vampire Lord arc it especially gets better

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