Non-Human Workplace Strategy Guide


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Title: “Red Dust Intention / Non-Human Workplace Strategy Guide”

Author: Gu Yan【CP Completed + Extras】


“Don’t pray to the gods, pray to me.”

Sheng Zhao found a new job as a property manager for a standalone apartment building in the new district.

On the day of handover, his predecessor solemnly patted his shoulder and explained his main job responsibilities.

There were specialists for plumbing, cleaning, and security, and his main task was to deliver meals to the big shot living on the seventh floor.

Sheng Zhao: Huh??

Xing Yingzhu was once tasked to wait for “opportunities” in the mortal realm. He waited for thousands of years until the world changed, thinking the other party was deceiving him. His opportunity appeared so ordinarily.

Sheng Zhao didn’t expect that by simply finding a job, he would not only get through this lifetime but also connect with Xing Yingzhu for thousands of years to come.

After three months on the job, Sheng Zhao: “I am a materialist, don’t fool me.”

After three years on the job, Sheng Zhao: “Honestly, I’m a believer in Xing Yingzhu.”

[An otherworldly, seemingly cold and indifferent top with a love for bubble tea and unpredictable mood swings X a brave and self-strategic human bottom with the courage of Schrödinger’s cat] [Xing Yingzhu X Sheng Zhao]

Tags: Mutual love, Fantasy, Modern, Alternate Universe, Sweet Romance

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New joytothewild rated it
February 21, 2024
Status: c58
I've caught up with translations and would like to leave a review here to recommend this story. Simply put, it's fun, read it.

Many authors struggle with the first chapter, and I considered dropping this story a few times since I took forever to get through the first chapter and thought it was going to be even more boring after this. But boy was I wrong. After the tedious introduction of MC finally getting hired for his first job, what followed was a brief period of adjustment to this new "world"... more>> of supernatural beings, even if MC is unaware of it at first. The pace picks up from there, and to my pleasant surprise, it's not like the synopsis at all. This is defnitely an adventure, mystery tag, and while there is a very cute romance built upon comradeship and healthy communication, I feel like it's the sub-plot compared to MC and ML's supernatural missions.

On the topic of characterization, both MC and ML have plenty of personality and are both endearing. The ML appears cold and haughty, but he is actually easy to appease, especially after MC learns how to handle his surprisingly childish boss. Despite the thousands-year age gap and difference in races, ML will protect those he considers under his responsibility, even if he appears reluctant. MC, on the other hand, is a bit of a klutz, often imagining strange things and commenting weird and funny stuff, but he seriously pulls through during important events. Despite MC believing he's a normal human, his innate abilities start to manifest even before he realizes the tenants are monsters, and him slowly realizing the source of his power makes an interesting read.

Translations are fast and also good quality too. TL;DR: those who like taoist/exorcist themed action stories will love this. <<less
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