Night of the Abandoned Duchess


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Every night, in the elegant duchy, there was only the sound of scratching and biting each other.

“You have to keep your hips straight. Why don’t you put my seeds in properly?”

“Duke, ple, please…”

He hated his wife.

Kyle couldn’t possibly forgive her for smiling so innocently and saying she’ll be a good wife, along with having a cruel father…

Even more so to himself, who covets her like that in heat.

“To be a good wife, you have to do what you have to do. As well as having my child.”

But, the wife, who had always spread her legs docilely, dared to go against him.

“What I want is not children. It’s a divorce.”

No, Rosalyn…

You are my wife.

Your thoughts don’t matter.

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버려진 공작부인의 밤
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Ukitake123 rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: c20
The ML is just straight up abusive. Neglects and emotionally abuses and r*pes her. Like sociopath vibes (but not in a hit villain way). He hasn’t shown any good qualities and hasn’t changed his behavior. FL is kinda dumb and madly in love with him even though he’s never done anything. S*x scenes aren’t even hot
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February 14, 2022
Status: v1c5
I read upto ch5 and the ML is the literal definition of human tr4sh. I cannot continue reading this bc it's really making my blood boil, the FL will end up with that b4st4rd anyway even though, I really wish she didn't after all that abuse.

... more>>

He's constantly verbally abusing the FL for every little effort she makes to express her unconditional love to the ML. She made him an embroidery and all he could say was "Did I ASK?!??!" I NEED A GUN ISTG IM K!LLING THE ML, TAKING THE FL, AND RUNNING AWAY- because the FL is just an angel. She really hasn't done anything wrong, the ML only hates her based on him assumptions that he made based on her appearance and demeanor which is just nonsense. Just because she's pretty and smiles innocently doesn't mean she lived an easy life?? And is spoiled, knows nothing about the world?? She was abused physically & verbally by her father for standing up to him, who constantly cheated on her mother. She hated her father and that's all I need to know that she's a she's amazing. But the ML didn't even make the effort to know her. He automatically started treating her like garbage just because of what he witnessed Marquis Baron (fl's father) do to the people of his homeland when he was an ugly little b4st4rd until a Duke took him under his wing for the eye color. He was getting mad at FL for falling for him now but if he was roaming the vacant lands of his homeland she wouldn't spare a glance =| like??? Make it make sense please cuz she is clearly NOT responsible for that. When the marquis started sending him marriage proposals for FL (without her consent) he thought this is his chance for revenge. Dude is this all you could think of?? Is that ALL you came up with?? Clearly that Duke chose the wrong person to raise. Dude's a whole pu*sy for even thinking of using the woman for revenge, he coulda done some sh*t like investigating what crimes FL father committed but he's a clown. I'll admit the FL's dumb for putting up with it but I can understand regardless. She's holding onto the inkling of hope that this relationship might get better and she just might have that happy, loving family she so yearns for -- if she gives birth to his child. She believed she might get treated affectionately by her husband all the time instead of it being limited to when they're in imperial balls and stuff. Her ideal type is a kind man and she only experiences such with him when they're in public. (.... even though every time he compliments her to others, it has to have some insulting undertone to it.........) But she can't since she's infertile. She doesn't know that yet as it seems. Watch that disgusting pos blame her for it too.


I really wanna see that motherless little f*ckface twist up with guilt but I really don't have the patience. I'm only willing to read spoilers but other than that I'm done. <<less
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Mutsugami rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: c57
I expect to read nice revenge plot of MC meeting new and better husband, but this novel clearly a copycat of 'Abandoned Empress'.

Here the brief summary: ML married a noblewoman from arranged marriage whom he hated. He treated her harshly due to his misplaced anger MC's father.

... more>>

I already warned you, if you love emotional abuses, marital r*pes, gas lighting and toxic husband, then, this novel is for you. If you loathe this kind of tropes, stay away from this novel.

Kyle disliked Rosalind due to her father. He was quick to judge and quick to pounce. He was making an assumption without knowing who she is. He thought if the father is evil, then the daughter is evil as well. He trampled on her dignity like stepping on ants. Even if she was sincere in her smile and cares for him, he hated it and making horrible presumption.

This tr*sh Kyle r*ped her on her wedding night, ignoring her pain and embarrassment. Every night, he forced violence and rough s*x on her. Not only that, he humiliates her in bed.

In public, he maintained a facade as a sweet and doting husband, but at home, he humiliates, insults, emotionally abuses her. There is no single day she was spared from abuses. He tortured her emotionally and sexually without caring for how she feel or she really deserves the bad treatment. He frequently gas lighting her, besides treating her like a s*x object.

She once making a nice accessory to be worn on clothes for her husband, but he chides it wasting time. He insults her for wanting to have a s*x while he clearly whom approached her like a beast. There is no shortage for his horrible behaviour, he brought his distant cousin or bit*h Olivia to stay at his castle. Guess what, Olivia severely throws a snide remark and tortured her emotions, making her feel unsure of herself and feeling inferior.

Rosalind snapped when Kyle cheated on her with Olivia. She asked for a divorce and fled to a convent. Kyle chases after her after she sailed on board to far away places. She gave birth to Leon and when Leon grew up, both Rosalind and Kyle met again. Your guess is correct. They will remarry because our Rosalind is dumb. She loves him dearly, even if she denies it, she will keep coming back. Kyle regretted his past behaviour but it doesn't excuse anything to me.

I dislike this type of novel. I hope she will be meeting much better husband, but she will come back to embrace her former husband.


There is a trend for a new wave of author keep writing this type of abusive relationship and Stockholm Syndrome, then the writer making excuse for abusive behaviour of male lead as Tsundere and misunderstanding.

I rated 1 star for translator. <<less
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honingzoet rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: --
i don't know what kind of brain damage you have to sustain to write utter bullsh*t like this. The male lead is a colossal dumbass who assumes that just because the fmc's dad sucks, she herself sucks (???) and repeatedly r*pes her because of his misplaced hatred. He constantly humiliates her and shits all over her kindness and has the GALL. THE SHEER GALL. TO CHEAT ON HER. Then when she runs away it turns into your generic tr*shy korean medieval romance novel where he's like "omg: (I feel... more>> kinda bad: (come back baby" and after some push and pull she sees past all the abuse and runs straight into his arms. WTF <<less
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