My Players Are So Fierce


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“Give me a group of adorable little players, and I can effortlessly overturn the other world!” – Revnor Murphy Lessenbra said.

Mr. Murphy holds titles including but not limited to: Fake Vampire, Renowned NPC Impersonation Artist, Virtuous and Artistic Dog Planner, The Sole Savior of Transia, Benefactor of the Old Continent, Defender of the New Continent, Brave and Valiant Good Count, Hopeless Sister Admirer, Immaculate Blood Saint, Alpha Guardian of the Long Night, etc. (Omitting 108 other nicknames here). He is truly the fourth calamity’s homebody traveler, an indispensable old friend for killing and silencing. Therefore, all test participants of《Reality Realm》should stand up immediately upon seeing this line! Let us pay the highest respect to Lord Murphy!

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05/25/24 Wook’s Teahouse c70
05/24/24 Wook’s Teahouse c69
05/23/24 Wook’s Teahouse c68
05/22/24 Wook’s Teahouse c67
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05/16/24 Wook’s Teahouse c61
05/15/24 Wook’s Teahouse c60
05/14/24 Wook’s Teahouse c59
05/13/24 Wook’s Teahouse c58
05/12/24 Wook’s Teahouse c57
05/11/24 Wook’s Teahouse c56
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