Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game


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After struggling to survive for three hundred years in another world, Yang Qiu finally returned to Earth.

However, he was shocked to find that only one day had passed in Earth time. More surprisingly, his own sister didn’t recognize him…

And what’s worse, he hadn’t escaped from that terrifying dark magic plane at all!

To save himself, he has no choice but to take on the role of a savior…

[Fourth Crisis: Influx of Gamers] A deranged black mage disguised a magic plane as a game, deceiving even more deranged Earth players to rush into this other world and wreak havoc.

Starting with just a skeleton frame, equipment is obtained through plundering… and confiscation!

Undead, bandits, calamity—a trinity of a storm from another dimension engulfing the continent of Navalon, bringing both terror and the potential for peace, justice, order, and enlightenment.

Elder gods resurrections and the void encroaches—the battle for the end of the world begins. Since the three major calamities have gathered, the only ones who can stand against them are the fourth calamity!

Simple-minded Earth players, heed my call and take up your weapons to save this dark and magical OtherWorld!

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New lefinensis rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: c51
Almost every chapter you will read self-gratifying descriptions that praises and worships China, Socialism and the Party. It's also amazing how they can cram so much propaganda and r/sino circle jerk thoughts into these chapters. This novel is clearly not for foreign readers, and many non-Chinese who would read this will not just be turned off by the novel, but will bear resentment and hate against the shameless self-indulgent (almost masturbatory) nationalism written by the author that insinuates that only Chinese people are good/deserving/worthy, over and over.
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New Morfzine rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: c132
If you like infrastructure genre (basically kingdom building except it would not always be kingdom that were 'build') where the protagonist will change how the world he currently resides in to the better, then I highly recommend this. An equivalence to this would be "The Virtual Character I Personally Raised Wants to Marry Me" except in this novel, the world is an 'isekai' rather than an actual game world (also that novel is a BL and unlike the MC in this novel, he could not freely travel to the other... more>> world cuz he had essentially become an NPC at the game). Anyway, if you really like what that novel offers, then you ought to read this.

Of course, like the top review had said, this novel has some nationalism in it. Like, I cannot comprehend how someone who had only spends 16 years out of his 200+ years life in a country could ardently love said country to the point of what can be said as a blind worship. His 16 years in earth gain him unbreakable nationalism. I could excuse it as him obsessing about his somewhat peaceful and safe homeworld compared to his chaotic and hard life in other world. Yet somehow, he IDGAF about his actual, biological, family who had raised him since birth??? If China was person, I would've thought it was the one who had birthed him rather than his real mother.

BUT, here's the thing, the author previous work "The Wolf King" (another great infrastructure novel that had hold jjwxc top 1 ranking for quite some time) does not have this problem! So what does this imply? Like many other webnovel author, they were forced to insert the whole nationalism shebang. You got that right, writing nationalism was an actual 'working procedure' that has been enforced to many authors. Not only doing it would avoid 'forced ending' or even direct removal of their novels from the sites, it might also promote their work and gave them that sweet-sweet social credit. I'm not pulling things out of my ass here. Many times I've seen how author would normally write their early work excellently, and then do a whole 180 from so on (this happens more often in infrastructure and quick transmigration novel, idk why).

What I want to say is, please do not take the nationalism in this novel seriously cuz there's a high chance that the author was forced to do it. I suggest that if you do read this novel, just skim the nationalism part tbh. And also, the nationalism part was mostly concentrated on the first part of the novel, the rest on novel would focus more on the exploring the world and the actual story.

I assure you, this novel is worth it. Worldbuilding is great, characters is well developed and not just mobs to make MC stronger, MC also have some mysterious past that was not just disclosed at the beginning like the usual webnovel (no, he did not unintentionally hide it, he did not have amnesia or sealed his memories as far as I remember, he just didn't want to casually exhibit his wounds for other to see per the author writing direction.) Some things I would like to highlight:

  • Players would eventually gain 'human' form except the form that they would take was that of the person which skeleton that they now has resides in. So you would see how a macho male players having a petite girl appearance etc XD
  • One of the earliest jobs or advanced 'quests' that become available to players is being what essentially to be ghost busters lmao.
  • A possible dead lover of MC?
  • The acquitence priest that MC would invite who finally decide to stay after MC introduce him to soap opera lol. Btw I kind of ship him with MC because of the amusing dynamic that they have, and the sort of rivalries history they used to have.
  • MC actions leading to the abolishment of sl*very, the suppressions of forced prostitution, and the introduction of education and s*x education for non-nobles.
  • Scientists freaking out when they discover how the 'game' might not have advanced technology, but rather an actual other world at the time when MC expand the "maps" to region with high technology.
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pane rated it
November 12, 2023
Status: c53
I've read nationalist and socialist garbage within the first 50 ch at least 8 times already. Everyone believes in logic and science and not in gods. Why? Because socialism. The MC gives free headsets to researchers who are spying and investigating him. Why? Because they are also chinese and he wants to advance china's technology. A chinese soldier is capable of choosing the best way to fight against monsters. Why? Let me quote

"Despite being only 16 years old when he first transmigrated here, Yang Qiu had great confidence in the... more>> Chinese military. On Earth, no, including this magical other world, only Chinese soldiers could truly live up to the standard of being soldiers"

"Elevating Ji Tang, a disciplined soldier, to the position of commander made perfect sense.

The players didn't know that Ji Tang, who had undergone systematic training and had practical experience in executing military missions in the real world, would definitely find a way to organize their combat power and do everything possible to preserve lives, given the premise that they were rescuing real people."

The novel is about a VR MMORPG. That's it, that's the whole novel. Magic is only there to make anything happen and the elder gods in the description are the excuse to create the game.

Every chapter is about characters, who barely have any background because of so many POV changes happening in a single ch, grinding quests for currency and reputation. It's extremely repetitive and boring.

0/5 do not read <<less
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asianscension rated it
July 28, 2023
Status: c28
The basic concept does remind me of Game of the World Tree (GOWT), but I feel like GOWT is more conceptual and narrative-based, while this story goes in-depth into how an OP mage sets up a game to transport players.

For example, he has to source food and buy motorcycle helmets to magically modify into VR equipment, and then the authorities on Earth are actively on his tail to research this magical game.

Very thought out, which is fresh and funky compared to other stories where the little details are all solved by 1 point of divine power or whatever
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tarrence12 rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: c18
So far it's funny and interesting! The concept is novel and the execution is solid!

I'm super curious what's to come
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VetX rated it
July 21, 2023
Status: c26.1
This novel is a very good read.

It has an interesting idea for the plot, but also doesn't neglect the importance of plausible characters. The people introduced so far feel alive, everyone with their own circumstances and worries. Every introduced person has their own part to play and does not feel obsolete. Natural comical moments give the story additional flavor, especially when the players comment on the "game" unaware of the truth.

The most unique part about the plot so far is, that the MC is more on the passive side. He... more>> only sets up the framework and direction of the "game", but does not intend to involve himself further. His actions are mostly driven by his desire to live in a safe environment and unite with his family. Only due to the corruption of the Elder god's tentacle he is forced to create the "game" OtherWorld with the meager means available to him. Otherwise he risks to go insane. This forced "game" creation turns out pretty interesting an I'm looking forward for what is to come.

Furthermore a thumbs up for BeetleBarker, who does an excellent job as always with the translation. <<less
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gg_wp rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: c42 part2
A series with the concept of "people from earth go to another world thinking they play a game". This series has a solid world building and make a lot of sense in how things go. The MC is a strong person with a vile reputation but a unique sense of ethic's and world view. He keep himself determined and don't forget his goal. The side characters are also developed well with a personality, desires and goals of themselves and not only there as decoration. Recommended for those who love the... more>> concept of "people from earth go to another world thinking they play a game" as this is a great story built on this premise. <<less
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Zaroff rated it
July 24, 2023
Status: c27.1
The writing is a little clunky, and as of yet the plot hasn’t picked up too much where our MC is concerned.

My only real gripe is that we spend a LOT (just a bit too much) in the perspective of side/tertiary characters.

Besides that, I find this to be a very interesting perspective change on ‘vrmmo’ novels, and it makes me exited to see the conflicts between “players”, “NPCs”, and the “Game Dev”!
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Zonezero rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c28
The concept is a little shaky with its black technology motorcycle helmets; but here we are on NU looking for something that suits your sense of fun. The author seems to have a good sense for storytelling so I hope to be as engaged as the MC tries to make the Players in his new "gameworld".
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