My Exclusive Dream World Adventures


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“A Virtual Dream Device? What the heck is this?”

“Is it used for daydreaming? Nope, not interested.”

“What? It could simulate reality at a hundred percent? I could live out half a year in one night’s time and bring in a replicate of a real person?

Hmm, pretty sweet I must say.”

“I’ll be the only one left in the world while the others are all gone in the first dream?”

“Uhm, I’d like to bring in a female celeb at the pinnacle of her glamor, could I?”

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Dreamland Adventure
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6 Reviews

Aug 25, 2021
Status: --
The story is pretty good, kind of slow pace but it's very realistic kind of story. If you didn't include the system that grants him dream this story is nothing but a slice of life of a guy who's entangled with his harem relationship.

The MC is very pragmatic, although he's a bit pe*verted at first he do grow up. Especially at first he wants to bring beautiful girl in his dreams so he xoxo them in the future, soon he realizes the consequences of that which is really good. I... more>> mean, bringing a girl to a post apocalyptic world suddenly? Of course they would end up crazy by that.

The heroines in each dream:

1st: For me she's a bit irritating at first but she grew on me. I mean, what would you expect from a rich girl to be suddenly drop to a post apocalyptic world right? She's the most cliche character but what makes her good is her character development. Especially after the dream or in reality.

2nd: this woman.... Is fcking scary AF! She's the most yabai in this story. She's my favorite tho.

She manipulate everything, everyone or whatnot on her finger tips. Her only weakness is the MC as she's head over heels of him. But the rest, man she's scary. She has a grandma that she said that she loves but I'm pretty sure the reason that grandma is in comatose is because this girl made her into it. She is bat sh*t crazy. Literally crazy. I'm not into crazy woman, but she's my favorite so far. Not because she's crazy but because she's so god damn good at manipulating the scenario she wanted. No one knows the MC's system but Im not surprised if she knows it. That's just how fcking big brain she is. This woman is the Thanos of this story. Don't worry tho, her end goal is to be with the MC. And also, with the other heroines state of mind, a harem or polygamy isn't an option. I'm not far yet but I think this woman is the key for the harem end. She's also the reason the why MC passed the 2nd dream, and the way she does it is crazy


3rd: This girl is the adorable type. But that's not her real charm. Her real charm is her time with the MC on the dream. The first 2 are a bit irritating at their introduction and both are the same cold rich woman vibe. On the other hand this one is the character who's so clingy and scared for their life type of irritating because you thought they're just a baggage. But in the end, she's proved not to be useless. I think she has the least chapter compare to the other two but her time with the MC is very significant for the MC's growth.

That's for now <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 03, 2020
Status: c39
It’s realistic, slice of life. Not the OP type, but gets stronger as we go on.
I like it, the main character has a deep personality.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 25, 2022
Status: c428
A novel that I had enjoyed reading until when the author stopped. It's actually one where I forced myself to read machine translated (MTL) version of this, but luckily, it's a gold mine. The MTL isn't as bad as others, and this novel was worth the read.

I'll try to make the review as spoiler-free as possible.

My Exclusive Dream World Adventures (MEDWA) is a story about an introverted and tired salaryman who one day obtained access to a 'system' that allows him to delve into a dream world; which is essentially... more>> a parallel universe with it's own history and development, and he has some objectives he has to accomplish per world to complete it.

MEDWA has a really good setting and character development for all the characters involved throughout the novel. The MC developed throughout the novel as an iron man, to a guy who grew to care to the people he got involved with. The female characters are well-written, and their development (s) are no less spectacular as the MC's. Their initial interaction in the dream world and eventually in the real world was a joy to read, even the dramas involved and I usually hate those kind of stuff.

I especially enjoyed reading his delving in the dream worlds and trying to get as much benefits as he humanly could. The MC is normal guy trying to get what could benefit him most, but unfortunately, he could not get it all. And this is what I like most about the novel. The MC isn't as overpowered, smart, witty or cunning as other MCs; and he knows and acknowledges it painfully well. But, with his opportunity, this 'golden finger' system, he tries to make his life a little bit better than what it previously was.


until he achieves BAMF levels of cheaty-ness that is.


Overall, a great read, EVEN as MTL. Would recommend for others to give it a try as well. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 05, 2020
Status: c370
More of a slice of life than anything, the MC is really average and is basically happy to spend all of his time alone but drags women into the dreams with him to basically take a shot at getting with them

The dreams have risks but it's not really action focused

... more>>

as the story progresses he gets more talents and abilities as rewards from the dreams, but it's still not an action focused story

MC changes as the story goes on, which is what its focused on for the most part personal growth and interactions with the "harem"


don't expect an action story, the fights are few and far between with more emphasis on learning and developing than anything

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 14, 2020
Status: c60
It's something similar to "48 hours a day", but from the bare 60 chapters I've read, more grounded. The character reaction and development exists in this novel and so far it's pretty good. The MC is somewhat of a psycho but the only times I've seen him act like that is in his "dream" and I mean come on, aren't we all a bit crazy when we have no restraint over us? If anything it made him feel more fleshed out for me. I'm interested to see how this turns... more>> out, but this novel hasn't been updated for a few months now and I'd like to see it being translated again...

Talking anything more about the novel just seems redundant to me as 60 chapters when it comes to Chinese Novels mean nothing, and this novel is definitely going to change. So, I'll update this review if this picked again (since I'm probably definitely gonna read it if it does get picked up). <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 02, 2021
Status: --
Good, but not flawless. Especially starting from 170+ onward, you will notice some flaw like plot holes and character action that inconsistent with their personalities.
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