My Darling


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Chu Jian and Jian Bianlin are childhood friends and grew up together almost from when they were old enough to remember. Since long ago, Jian Bianlin has loved Chu Jian, and that has not changed even now that he is a highly popular idol singer and actor. To Chu Jian, though, Jian Bianlin is just Jian Bianlin—her good, good friend, like family, but nothing more. She knows about his feelings for her and feels guilty (for various reasons which you’ll read about) about not returning those feelings. This has put a strain on their relationship over the years. Eventually, her heart softens and she gives in, promising to be his girlfriend, to give him an opportunity as well as herself a chance to open up her heart to him. And so begins our male lead’s journey of winning over the heart of the girl he has always held in his own.

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My Mandarin
Quan của tôi (tình yêu của tôi)
Wo De Man Da Lin
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Novelplease rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: --
I really can't understand the hate of readers to the FL. So you guys saying that because he's the f*cking lead, means she has to inevitably fall for him just coz he's unrequitedly inlove with her? Man that's so sick. Sorry but that's some dumb sh*t perspective. Put yourself in her shoes, like if the freakin ML, is not hot, not popular, not genius, not OP, then that guy start forcing his feelings onto you, wouldn't you feel repulsive? Especially when you made it clear THAT YOU DON'T HAVE ANY... more>> FEELINGS FOR HIM. This is the FL we should be proud about, coz she didn't give any false hope to anyone just because she feels pity/guilt towards him. We should commend her that after the ML was selfishly forcing her to be bind to him, she was still kind to him.

I kinda like the ML, sure im a fan of childhood trope, tho disappointed on the first half of their relationship mainly coz he can't quite express himself fortunately their relationship gradually became better. <<less
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NiQuinn rated it
February 27, 2019
Status: epilogue
I found this novel a chore to finish. For those who loved it, don't throw stones, please. I love Mo Bao Fei Bao novels but this one just doesn't sit well with me. I tried reading the other reviews and I just couldn't relate to their love for this novel. I find the ML somehow unintentionally manipulative and the MC's tendency not to pursue the issue just frustrates me to no end.

Maybe I just feel like their chemistry is forced? I had no giddy feelings during their 'romantic' scenes.

Still, NOTE,... more>> that's MY opinion. Lots of people love it and for that alone, I'd recommend this for anyone to read. <<less
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Nostalgia21 rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: Completed
It's honestly such a sweet and heart melting novel. The story has it's own conflict which is pretty much the progress for their feelings for one another (or atleast the FL's feelings for the ML). While it doesn't have an intense plot, and the conflict can be considered mild, unlike other novel's intense plot for revenge or sth, it still manages to capture the reader's interest and you can't help but wonder how the characters progress.

... more>>

My heart honestly broke a little everytime the FL rejects the ML. And it was heaven sent when she finally agreed to start a relationship. I like that she didn't do a half assed job about it and she did really try to be a good gf to him which finally made her realize and intensify her feelings for him.

I like that she wasn't wishy washy with her attitude at all. When she rejected the ML, she really did reject him with no hope for relationship whatsoever. She didn't let him on, and the only interaction they had was only out of guilt, which the ML knows. And when she finally did try to have a relationship with him, she really did try her best.


It's honestly a 4.5 for me because the ending felt a bit rushed and I feel like there were a few loose ends.


Like what happened to his health? I know he had a surgery but it didn't say what happened to the tumor, if it was malignant or benign.

I also felt unsatisfied that there weren't more chapters of sweet moments AFTER she realized her feelings for him. The build up felt so long but the consolidation of their relationship was so short.


Other than that, it was honestly so good. Maybe i'll read it again after a few months when I forget some of the plot so it's like a whole new read again. Lol.

PS: huge props to the ML for his patience and dedication to the ML, that it made the hurdle higher for normal guys for me. Lol. His love was so intense for the FL, and made me yearn for a true love like that.

I feel like people who have rated this 3 star or less were not really judging this for what it's worth. While rating and tastes are subjective, you can't just have one criteria for all novel. A plot with more action and revenge will be obviously more interesting than a novel that has a simple and stable plot. I feel like that's the only thing that dragged the ratings down. For a novel category with a simple plot like this, it'sa very good read. If you expect for something else other than the aforementioned, then you really might not like it. This novel has a josei/shoujo feel to it, for a lack of a better comparison. So if you enjoy novels like that, then look no more. <<less
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karwasama rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: epilogue
I have very mixed feelings about this novel.

Let's start with the good, shall we?

First things first, the translation was excellent. Perfectly worded, explained in detail, kudos to both the author and the translator for such beautiful writing. (It is a bit of a shame that I found this translator too late, as they have just decided to quit translating, but I wish them all the best regardless). It was like reading a published romance novel, even in terms of plot. I liked the pacing - not too fast, not too... more>> slow, and there was a relatively decent balance of world building, side character development, and personal growth for the protagonist. Of course, that was all still very minimal, but considering the genre of this webnovel, I would say it was acceptable. It didn't hinder my reading experience, at the very least.

The bad.... well. It mostly just came down to one thing, which was the ML.


It's masked by his overwhelming love for the MC and his reticent/stoic personality, but if you look a little closer you find out he's so... immature? Childish? He was just frustrating overall.

I personally hated the whole reveal on what drove them apart. Finding out about how he beat the sh*t out of MC's boyfriend in high school left a bad taste in my mouth, especially since it's not even written in the text if the boyfriend did something wrong. All we know is that the ML was super jealous, MC walked in on the scene of her childhood best friend breaking her boyfriend's limbs, and she (reasonably) freaks out. Red flags already, but it gets worse. After the incident, it is the MC who has to beg her boyfriend and his family not to press charges against the ML, even though this is in no way her fault. The ML, as with any ML in a romance novel, has good looks and good grades, so no one thinks badly about him, the person who literally caused this entire thing. Instead, the school population decides to shun the MC, which causes her to lose all her friends (the ML included, because obviously she doesn't want to associate with him anymore) and also causes her to become more timid and shy.

So what does the ML do in all of this? Apologize? Be genuinely remorseful for what he did? Of course not. He decides to pine over a girl whose life he literally ruined (and no, this isn't an exaggeration. She purposely scores badly on her exams so she can go to a lesser known university (and get away from the ML), and even in university she's scared to make friends because of her high school trauma.) and then continue to pester her into dating him.

He gets worse as he gets older, actually. Using his illness and impending surgery, he guilts the MC into dating him. It's hidden under layers of "wooing" but it's basically straight up manipulation. That also felt vaguely disgusting to read. The ML doesn't learn from his past mistakes (in the middle of the novel (which is when they're older) the MC's high school boyfriend calls her, and the ML goes through a whole jealous episode that made me want to slap him. Like seriously? You didn't f*cking learn from last time? I mean, don't even talk about how he's being unreasonably upset at the MC for the boyfriend getting her number from someone else, is he a child?) and the ML is so prideful he can't even apologize in the rare moments he recognizes his s*upid behavior. Really, the more I'm writing this, the more I realize he's a crappy person.


Anyway, that's all I have to say on that. Overall, a 3.5/5.0 stars, leaning more toward 3.0 now that I've vented about the ML. <<less
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love-cutter rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: Completed
Meant to press 5 stars.

I wanna cry. It was soooo beautiful. Guys, don't hesitate. Just read it. It's dramatic (without being over) and the guy is possessive (he has his reasons) and honestly, just love this couple to death. Soooo cute. If you like childhood stories, you'll like this one. It gets fluffly later on~


The main female lead doesn't like the main male lead at first, which could annoy you at certain points, but trust me, it gets better. When she falls for him, she falls hard~

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shoujoenima rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: prologue
This quite a promising rom novel. Especially for the Mo Bao Fei Bao fans. Though the translator did say there is not much fluff in the love development. (Like the Stewed Squid with Honey). Anyways, since there's still no synopsis above, the story is about a male superstar pursuing his childhood friend. That's all I can say, just click "prologue" and read the TL's words. (づ ̄ ³ ̄) づ
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rageouss rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: --
by FAR the worst ML of all time. ML is basically emotionally torturing the FL for the whole novel
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earlgreyt rated it
March 4, 2019
Status: Completed
I have a soft spot for childhood romances. This hits it all. It's about an actor ML chasing his childhood friend, the MC, who couldn't think of him as a romantic partner for the longest time. The author writes those feelings and the transition from those feelings of platonic friendship to romantic relationship very well and very realistically.

... more>>

To be honest, the MC is a very typical CN female lead. She's super shy, doesn't want attention, and very self-sacrificial. The ML is also the very typically stoic, uncommunicative, and struggles expressing himself type. Despite all this, the author was able to touch my heart. There aren't enough childhood friends romances out there, I almost couldn't bear to take off a star.


The translation is a rare and fantastic 10/10. Very very well done! <<less
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Rampaging Dragon
Rampaging Dragon rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't like it at all. The translations are immaculate and the story is fine but the author made the ML a bad guy just for the sake of a ret*rded shoujo drama BS. If the story was even a little bit realistic, then the ML would have moved on a long time ago due to how good he is but no.

I found it hard to read cause of how badly the author wrote the ML.
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tedy2004 rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: c3
Honestly, from three chapters I understood more things clearly:

... more>>

1. In ML's family, divorce happened, his mother and he moved to another place, which it's near FL's apartment and both of their families became very close as friends.

2. In middle school, ML and FL were considered as a couple, since they were actually friends, and FL told ML that she does not consider him in that way. ML doesn't say any word, but yea silence means something and the description says everything.

3. ML is a famous star and because of both Ml's and FL's family connection they can still meet and "kinda must" be as "friends". Maybe because of ML's appearance over time, FL's Guilt over rejecting ML, (Well FL kinda has really high EQ, realizing that ML likes her), STILL did not go away, which is frustrating, because of FL's guilt it gives ML a chance? Author???. Even the description is annoying: "To Chu Jian, though, Jian Bianlin is just Jian Bianlin her good, good friend, like family, but nothing more. She knows about his feelings for her and feels GUILTY (for various reasons which you'll read about) about not returning those feelings".


4. The FL is really an alright character, but the author's plots are not that logically thought and the world details are not that much detailed, gosh where is FL meeting ML in c2 (<*I think, or c3), note, this is only my opinion.


P.S. 1 star for translation, 1 star for FL.

Good night. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: Completed
The MC is quite stubborn and made me frustrated with her decisions, however, the ML's sincerity and patience won me over and making me sympathized him due to MC's uncaring treatment for him through the years.

Anyway, this is a good read but not memorable.
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klaxir rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c5
Enjoying Hui3r's translations as usual! The translation is good and easy to follow. Despite the underlying tension between the characters, the story is sweet and I'm really liking the main characters.

Can I just say that I love the main character?? Can't wait to see more of their interactions!
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_Ako_ rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: epilogue
Mhhhh, I'll try to sort out this shitpost using several works of MBFB, but I'll try to limit it only to God's Left Hand, Together Forever and Road's Home because those are MBFB's works that I've read thus far. Aight, also I'll put a huge spoiler tag because, I might not be able to shitpost on this WN without saying specific scenario. Aight, let's begin shall we?

... more>>

I do hope, that this will be the last I'll ever read a work with a mute or self-insert MC. It's tilting to the point that I'll have heart attack. Think of it this way, I'll rather have a f*cking MC with every single monologue he has in the work about him being depress because the one he love is like the idol of the HS he's attending and he's like the f*cking background character. MBFB hasnt thought that dialogues are the essence of novels. It's like the backbone of every single phrase and monologue you have; it's the heart of novels like it's the heart of every human being that's alive. God's Left Hand is so f*cking autistic because of this fatal flaw that, regardless of how the novel pans out, I still felt that I'm not reading the entire thing. I do not f*cking like a work with a f*cking 200k words and the MC have like 1% of that.... That's like saying statistically, you're not even the MC. This is why I like Together Forever for which the blend between scenarios panning out and the dialogue are richly engrave, when every single layer of MC's circumstances are revealed, it doesnt just stop at the """"act""" it still continues, to the point that the character itself, are engraved within the story; to have the dialogue-- to speak everything about it that engraves the life of every single shite that has written. I WiLL REPEAT THIS f*ckING SINGLE f*ckKKKKKK CONCEPT ON THIS BULLSHITTRY WHY I'M WRITING THIS: MBFB, PLS f*ckING STOP WRITING ABOUT MUTE MC. IT'S LIKE READING AN ALIVE WORK WITH A DEAD CHARACTER. f*ck OFF. I just dont feel complete finishing the WN... It's like when I finished, 100 Things I Didnt Know About my Senpai, where I feel like the series is just the prologue of what's to continue, in My Darling, I feel incomplete because the essence every single novel is not present here. I cherished every single dialogue in novel, for it is the point where the character themselves move, they breathe as a human being should, and the point where I feel a vacuum sucks every goddamn life I have every word MC spoke... For me, a MC's dialogue with a richly written description and narrative so vividly wring out, is worth more than Elon Musk's net worth, because there is a point... and there will forever be a point where a dialogue is worth f*cking every single narration... I just firmly believe that, it's like even tho heroine's dialogue is present and focal point where it ought to be what magnified... I just felt incomplete that the MC is MUTE. I cherished every single dialogues in WN/LN I read, weather it's small or continuously long. What I cherished here the most is, how heroine bare dialogue is beautifully vivid that for me, a self-insert MC doesnt deserve it, she display an emotion in every single word she spoke and for me that's something I dearly like, her worries and her insecurity displayed carried very vividly in her dialogue, there's that complete mixture of every thing that's good, and at the end, when she said "hubby" was when my heart just melted. It displayed that affection, that love that everything, in this world offers.

Ok, to tell you the truth, I do not believe in unconditional love... Except Familial love that is... there is a gap between familial love and romantic love and what separates that is the fact that one is unconditional and one will never be, unless it got to that certain point, wherein; the end of romantic love is marriage and that; at least; for my pure heart, believes that marriage is unconditional love. God's Left Hand displays romantic love, sadly, MC is f*cking mute. we see heroine develop this romantic love. Road's Home, is the transition of familial love to romantic love and the same with My Darling. I'll f*cking get this out of the way. OSANANAJIMI ROUTE IS f*ckKKKKKING HELLLLLLL BULLSHIT. It has to end not with the romantic love for it purely, logically, and realistically impossible to do. I still strongly believe in this concept. Yet, a story that is against this principle is something I heavily desire. Think of it this way. I'm an incel but like, it's not to the point that I condemn romantic novel that ever exist. For me, My Darling is the only series that tragically ended not because it's melodramatic, it's purely because it ended in a good way. I like how the heroine and MC relationship became, the beginning demonstrated the tension between the character that displayed because of their relationship that got estranged through time, They got separated, and that is something well you know... displayed their awkwardness and that is one of the best moments in the novel... It's like, they dont even know how to talk to each other despite knowing one another. It's like that moment when in Road's Home, MC and heroine met again in that gasoline station and, the overwhelming emotion of the past just rushed through their veins and reinvigorated the nostalgia and their awkwardness to each other displayed is just very subtle.... vividly magnificent and, yet at the same time, I can feel the nostalgia... This moment in My Darling is something subtle and nostalgic. It's something that I dearly loved reading. when MC disregarded his pride and just showed his bare feeling, for me this point has to be like "why did you not bother f*cking TALKING ABOUT IT!" it's like at the beginning I thought MC's the one that deserved a second chance, but at the same time; I firmly believe it's actually the heroine that got this "second chance" because, theoretically, and purely logically speaking, the MC here is like the omnipotent, the ever-loving, the ever-knowing GOD that we all know. It's like, EVERY SINGLE f*ckING TIME.... EVERY SINGLE f*ckING TIME heroine's feeling of familial love to romantic love changed when it should have ended at the f*cking past! But ohhh well, that's just me rambling about the point that, well; how My Darling ended is like how How Beautiful You Smile should have fantasy tag because the heroine is actually in Esport pro LoL. Just saying.

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XxmeacxX rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: epilogue
Definitely plus points for the translation. I cannot stress how good they are (all the notes here and there that help supplement the novel and lead the thinking process, also the amount of references be it places, things, songs, etc.) and how they truly love the novel. Also! How they interact with us readers. Just reading their notes make you feel you have someone to share your reactions with for each chapter (and if you want to rage or could not understand, they're there to explain and/or guide you). 2.5/5... more>> 💙

The novel is fulfilling from start to end (Adding the extras, they sure know what to show us lol I find the tidbits in the extra lovable. I'm glad this wasn't a case of child scenario cliché. They felt like a literal/irl standard family). We were able to see both sides in the novel. And everything felt natural (no icky at characters and situations), there wasn't even an antagonist or if there are just tidbits of it then I just didn't feel it lol. What I'm amazed at is how they realistically portray the places and able to draw a line between characters that should be focused/given names and characters that are just there (they don't bombard us with information overload). In addition, how the novel is able to bring explanations or words in the world building or the story (with a little example on how the actors are called and the goings in a set, and how the marriage registration goes). With such a novel, I was able to smoothly finish it in one sitting lol. Moreover, we are able to see the words and actions of the main characters given their characteristics (Though with the focus on them, although I did not feel any cardboard chara feels, some of the cast I felt that they were only there to support or bring more light to the couple lol). I'm a little oof at his personality though, some of his actions (trying to cave her in) and for being a man of few words (IF THAT SITUATION WITH UNCLE DIDN'T HAPPEN, HOW WOULD THEIR RELATIONSHIP PROCEED, I WONDER) (I'm a lil oof too yet felt cute at the same time how thin skinned our MC is lol). Hmm nevertheless, he makes up for them in some places.

It's an okay short read. I was really able to feel the love of the ML for the MC all these years and felt a lil envious (That ring and those "all of them are not females except for you" (not accepting cps and romance roles) or how "I'm not interested in anyone except for you" or "I show another side to you" or the numerous proposal attempts lol) I laughed at how accurately she stated how she was blind before for not accepting him, though I could understand them. I mean, he was literally felt like family or childhood friend. Everyone's so understanding and I felt their age or mature-ness or clamness (Truly clapping at how calm and accepting they are despite the ML being so famous lol making us feel that he is also just like us besides his famous side. I felt the lowkey needness when you have a celebrity fam lol). I didn't feel annoyed at the slowness and/or misunderstandings. I'm okay with the pace and their decisions. I'm happy for their outcomes and future. Thank you. <<less
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LunaAmoreuse rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: Completed
My thought right after finished this story, I need to find me someone who loves me like Jian Bianlin loves Chu Jian.

On second thought, JB love CJ to the point of destroying himself is quote scary. To say that misunderstanding that lead them to their separation (initial part of the story) is not quite right. Its JB singlehanded destroying her trust in him. His stubbornness caused her misery. I would hate him if it happened to me. Luckily, CJ is a softhearted girl.
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[email protected] rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I will be entirely honest, and say that the first time I clicked this novel, I hit chapter three and went "mmm maybe not" and dropped the novel entirely. Re-visiting this novel was 100% an eye-opener since the remaining chapters of the novel are so sweet and endearing. The first few chapters are definitely a bit difficult, because the FL is always re-visiting what her relationship was like with Jian Bianlin before everything. SPOILER: he's screwed up a few times. but, the story overall was beautifully put together.

I also have... more>> to thank the translator, Hoju (-H) for doing such a great job, going out of her way to do these translations and references, and adding such depth to my experience. In one of my recent reviews, I mentioned how a translator can really help the novel and make-or-break the experience of reading, and Hoju went into this translation and totally owned it. Props for Hoju!!! As for this book, I totally recommend it, it's a beautiful story about love and youth, the two things deemed irreplaceable in a human heart.

“Do you still remember the dreams of our youth? They are like a flower that shall never wither.” -My Darling

x0x0, MiRA <<less
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aeralockhart rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: Completed
slice of life. Josei. Not overly fluffy but sweet

it’s very heartwarming after the awkward beginning.

amazing translation. I love reading their opinion on the story
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Lyn Hitsugaya
Lyn Hitsugaya rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: epilogue
Really good.

At first its is a little bothersome the interaction between the MC and ML but, as the story progresses, it becomes soo fluffy.

I honestly liked how realistic it was, even if it is frustrating as hell all the awkwardness.

The MC is good so far and the ML is cute as hell (being a really grumpy/possesive/cute Male god).

Thanks Author and Translator!!

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owlzeyes rated it
August 4, 2018
Status: epilogue
This novel was just soo beautiful! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! If you're looking for a really beautiful, fluffy, innocent, first love kind of romance novel LOOK NO FURTHER. Pretty much ML and MC are childhood friends and he's been in love with her ever since they were kids. MC is aware but doesn't reciprocate. At least not yet (hehe).

ML is the quiet type that doesn't really express his emotions that well. But gosh he really does love MC so much. And even though MC does know of his feelings, she never... more>> truly realizes how much he loved her until she started falling for him too.

One of my favorite moments that showcases how beautifully innocent and pure the couple is:

Eventually, Jian Bianlin detected her stare on him. Unable to move his head, he flicked his eyes in her direction. Nibbling on her lip, she smiled. When Jian Bianlin saw her smiling so beautifully, he could not restrain the curve that was also turning upwards at the corners of his lips. Chu Jian caught the expression on his face, and blushing slightly, she turned her head away to look out the window.

A quote from a character in the novel about the couple:

“Are they especially lovey-dovey, like the ‘you gaze at me and I gaze back at you’ type? You know, just especially innocent and pure?”

AREN'T THEY JUST SOO LOVELY PEOPLE?! Haha Anyways please read. You won't regret. <<less
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maiha-sama rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: epilogue
This is a simple, unassuming story about childhood friends turned lovers. I have to say the second half is much much better than the first. I found the initial chapters extremely annoying owing to the MCs attitude and actions. Luckily it picks up and I even started to care about what she felt by the end.

What really shines through is the MLs sincerity and the author does a great job of introducing those tidbits from time to time. All of this in less than 10 chapters.

I enjoyed reading this quite... more>> a bit. A nice break from malicious scheming and what not. Great translation from hoju as usual. <<less
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