Best to Have Met You


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At a blood donation event, seeing a beautiful signature from one of the donors, she takes a piece of paper and copies it out of boredom. Suddenly bumping into a handsome guy, feeling a sense of familiarity, she thinks for a bit and glances suspiciously at the signature she just copied …… is it his?

A few chance encounters, she finally meets him again at a high school reunion.

Upon saying goodbye, intelligent yet quiet, sincere yet serious, coolly yet gently he asks a question: “I had written and given you a letter, do you remember?” An Ning’s mind is muddled for a long while, does this mean ….. she had turned down Xu Mo Ting?

People usually squander time in their youth, hopefully when looking back, there are no regrets ……

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Zuimei Yujian Ni
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New 12150901J rated it
January 3, 2020
Status: Completed
A nice read, no heavy dramas and annoying third party. I just wish it was longer.
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New Suranchan rated it
December 31, 2019
Status: Completed
No major conflicts, smooth sailing relationship. A little boring, skipped heaps of filler episodes
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nixxara rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: epilogue
Reading this gave me a very serene and calm feeling with a little dash of happiness. This story isn’t dramatic at all, and is about the peaceful lives of a couple who missed each other in their beginning stages of life but found each other in the end.

The couple were classmates in high-school, but didn’t officially meet each other. The male MC has a crush on the female MC but she doesn’t know it. Fast-forwarding to college, they meet again and the male MC decides to once again chase the... more>> female MC he couldn’t forget after many years.

4.5-5 stars! <<less
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JerryHatrick rated it
November 16, 2016
Status: epilogue 2
I am not fond of stories with lots of drama. When I read, I tend to connect to the characters/story too much and really feel it, so the constant up and down's really wear me out.

So, when I say, 'I wish this story had just a bit more drama', this is definitely the first time.

... more>>

The points that could/should have caused drama were solved far too easily, even abruptly. The uncle's situation was fine. It seemed to fit his personality. I just don't understand why the father suddenly changed his attitude. It also seemed like the story was setting the Xu family elder's to be a potentially strong obstacle, but that came to nothing.


Going through drama with the character's is what helps us connect to them. Whether it was the lack of drama or something else, I found myself not really connecting with Xu Mo Ting and An Ning. Though I say that, don't misunderstand, I really enjoyed the story and absolutely loved An Ning's character and enjoyed Xu Mo Ting not being as overbearing as some male lead's tend to be.

Big thank you to Hui3r. The translations I've read are very high quality. <<less
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KimiKazoo rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: --
Nothing overly dramatic, just a really sweet love story. It will warm your heart up.
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tiffyisland rated it
December 19, 2015
Status: --
One of my favorite novel, It's such a sweet story.
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Junki Yard
Junki Yard rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: --

Male lead is so devoted.

Too bad he doesn't believe in reincarnation. I can only explain his feelings with "cultivated throughout many lifetimes"

... more>> I was hoping love-letter incident was something funny given the female lead's personality and short-term memory. Didn't think it would turn out as dramatic plot.

On the side note, I like the Little Uncle. I was hating him till the point where he gave Xu Mo Ting his letter back. Then I start empathizing with him when he drove away and expressed his inner thoughts. He faced his failure (failing to persuade Meow Meow and failing to get revenge on Xu family) like a bigger person. All previous offenses forgiven! I'm willing to read if someone decided to translate his epilogues. <<less
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Bkgksan rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: Completed
I just love this book. I have read it multiple times. It just gives you a happy feeling. Ah Ning is a very high IQ low EQ girl with a bad memory for people and faces. I love that she is smart and studies physics. She is beautiful, but is not overly concerned about it. Mo Ting (ML) and Ah Ning (FL) were schoolmates. However, Ah Ning has no recollection and at one time ML would have made a love confession to FL, but she has no recollection. For ML... more>> who is usually very sought after by girls, it hurts his ego a bit. It is later clear that there were other things at play when it comes to the love letter. When they meet again, ML decides to go after FL and for once, he somehow catches her eye and they end up together. He is very typical of lot of Chinese novel ML -- he takes over her whole life. But she is not someone who wouldn't go along with him unless she was ok with it (when you see how she easily rejects other suitors). I like it. Translation is good too. <<less
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Aster Anemone
Aster Anemone rated it
May 30, 2017
Status: Completed
It is a very good novel just that the ending is a bit dissatisfying. Not proper ending rather sounded abrupt. Showing so many strong willed and jade characters going all soft suddenly and happily making things easy for the MC's (while their character build-up was of jaded-politicians, uncompromising type).

But starting and the middle of the story was good very likable characters too. Humor was good too, some one lines really makes one roll around while laughing :D. Then there was this matter of FMC's forgetfulness about certain thing which was... more>> not solved (for FMC) though MMC came to know the fact.

Overall a very pleasant read. <<less
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FattyTabby rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: Completed
I love it! Although the chapter were too short~~ haish (I don't have enough of their sweetness in my life). Maybe because the background is campus romance, I find some of the scene in few of the chapters are eerily similar with A Smile is Alluring (Gu Man).

Don't be mistaken, I love both authors and their work. It's just that some of the scene... are the same. Only placed in different situation at a different time.

All in all, its a good read.
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introverted_girl rated it
November 30, 2019
Status: Completed
I love this a lot!! I don't know why but when it comes to webnovels/ online novels, I prefer fluffy and not overly dramatic ones. This really suited my taste. It's worth a read. Okay? Where can I found my own Xu Mo Ting???? *Cries in single life*
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pandawithacause rated it
September 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Short sweet uncomplicated story with devoted male lead and smart cute female lead.
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Hanokaayumi rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Very poignant/nostalgic, slice-of-life story. Nothing over the top, written perfectly in the 00s setting in Taiwan from perspective of postgraduate students. The female lead is extremely quirky and makes everyone speechless with her responses. The male lead understands the female lead very well, in fact, even better than herself like soulmates. Both of them are clear on what they want in their relationship and are the type that can live without romance.

Shout-out to their awesome groups of friends who provided humor in the story. I find it amusing that Mo... more>> Ting always buys food for An Ning and paying for her expenses (when she eat out with her friends, uncle, etc) in secret which could comes off as unsettling imo [It is a must for males to foot the bill at all times when dating.] The first date was honestly abit creepy when An Ning agreed to go out at night with an unknown number (Mo Ting). Writing-wise, the story flow switches between scenes abruptly and some crucial dialogues are left unsaid. Characters' emotions are not explored well as compared to modern literature. Both leads are people of few words. It reads like a snippets of scenarios in the characters' lives as the sequences are not well-connected. However, this in turn, brings about a sense of calmness and serenity. <<less
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December 28, 2018
Status: Completed
A heart warming story. It doesn't have much plot and even the conflict was resolved in an almost lack luster manner. But the entire point of the story isn't about the mind numbing plot, but about the story of 2people falling in love. I loved their interactions and even the humor of the side characters. Honestly, I was left confused most of the time because of the translation. I dont know if it was the translation of if the novel itself waa created that way.

Having said that, I thought it... more>> was still pretty good. I kept thinking their interaction is similar to my high school life. Lol. <<less
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zenriu rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: Completed
This is ultimately a lovely and romantic novel. I looked like a teenager love struck the whole time I was reading this😊. FL and ML both have lovable and humorous character. Plots and scenes are full of romance no heavy drama. This novel is definitely something u must put in your reading list.
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: Completed
Calm and serene. Just enough slight drama to keep it interesting, but still very much slice of life. Love the side characters of the FL and ML's two groups of friends. The FL is high IQ low EQ, but not in a horrible way. For some reason, despite her usual dazed and confused attitude, I didn't really get too frustrated with her. Maybe it was because half the times she talks she's really hilarious and the other half of the time I'm totally confused. Love the ML's patience and dedication... more>> as well, you gotta be having a hard time with such a dazed FL. I would have liked to know more about what actually happened during that accident though, which seemed really dangerous. Overall, a chill and adorable story. <<less
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