Best to Have Met You


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At a blood donation event, seeing a beautiful signature from one of the donors, she takes a piece of paper and copies it out of boredom. Suddenly bumping into a handsome guy, feeling a sense of familiarity, she thinks for a bit and glances suspiciously at the signature she just copied …… is it his?

A few chance encounters, she finally meets him again at a high school reunion.

Upon saying goodbye, intelligent yet quiet, sincere yet serious, coolly yet gently he asks a question: “I had written and given you a letter, do you remember?” An Ning’s mind is muddled for a long while, does this mean ….. she had turned down Xu Mo Ting?

People usually squander time in their youth, hopefully when looking back, there are no regrets ……

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Zuimei Yujian Ni
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nixxara rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: epilogue
Reading this gave me a very serene and calm feeling with a little dash of happiness. This story isn’t dramatic at all, and is about the peaceful lives of a couple who missed each other in their beginning stages of life but found each other in the end.

The couple were classmates in high-school, but didn’t officially meet each other. The male MC has a crush on the female MC but she doesn’t know it. Fast-forwarding to college, they meet again and the male MC decides to once again chase the... more>> female MC he couldn’t forget after many years.

4.5-5 stars! <<less
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June 11, 2020
Status: c7.2
You guys... What the f*ck is going on. Is my reading comprehension bad or?? The skips in scenes, conversations, and etc. are confuding the heck out of me. For example, she asks at some point: you really like me? And the next line is a scene change. Ok maybe it's the writing style but Jesus hello? Am I the only one bothered by the abrupt skips ? I have so many questions that have not been answered even to this point

... more>>

when did he ask her out? He didn't and she just became his gf? Is she accepting it? What happened to the letter? How did she reject him in the past? Why did he write it? Why do any of these meaningless chatter and conversations even matter at all with all these charaxterc here and rhere and who the f*ck is she talking to right now because is it me or is it always changing?


Honestly I want to like this for the "fluff" but my reading comprehension is like hello? Is it me, the translation or this author? Am I the only one confused half of the time here?? <<less
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JerryHatrick rated it
November 16, 2016
Status: epilogue 2
I am not fond of stories with lots of drama. When I read, I tend to connect to the characters/story too much and really feel it, so the constant up and down's really wear me out.

So, when I say, 'I wish this story had just a bit more drama', this is definitely the first time.

... more>>

The points that could/should have caused drama were solved far too easily, even abruptly. The uncle's situation was fine. It seemed to fit his personality. I just don't understand why the father suddenly changed his attitude. It also seemed like the story was setting the Xu family elder's to be a potentially strong obstacle, but that came to nothing.


Going through drama with the character's is what helps us connect to them. Whether it was the lack of drama or something else, I found myself not really connecting with Xu Mo Ting and An Ning. Though I say that, don't misunderstand, I really enjoyed the story and absolutely loved An Ning's character and enjoyed Xu Mo Ting not being as overbearing as some male lead's tend to be.

Big thank you to Hui3r. The translations I've read are very high quality. <<less
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KimiKazoo rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: --
Nothing overly dramatic, just a really sweet love story. It will warm your heart up.
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happydot rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c10
MC falls in love with the ML after a few months of dating. That sounds reasonable, but the author barely develops their relationship besides giving us makeout sessions, a couple lines of him asking her out to eat, and that's it. I literally don't understand how she falls in love with him when she barely knows anything about him and doesn't even bother to properly communicate her own problems to him.

For example, MC gets into a fight, gets a scratch on her cheek, and when he asks her what happens,... more>> she simply states, "fight, " and then he doesn't ask her anything about it. Later, when she finds out that he has to study abroad at the end of the year, she feels sad, but she chooses not to tell him about her feelings.

The girl is literally a robot who doesn't do anything besides spitting out random facts. The author thinks it's quirky to have a character like this, but after ten long, whole chapters of useless dialogue, it gets annoying pretty fast.

Also, with five chapters left of the novel, I still don't understand how he fell in love with her and had a crush on her for five-six years. If there was a good enough reason, which I highly doubt (unless the MC saved his life, but judging by her character, she probably didn't) then it should have been explained before they started dating. <<less
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tiffyisland rated it
December 19, 2015
Status: --
One of my favorite novel, It's such a sweet story.
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Junki Yard
Junki Yard rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: --

Male lead is so devoted.

Too bad he doesn't believe in reincarnation. I can only explain his feelings with "cultivated throughout many lifetimes"

... more>> I was hoping love-letter incident was something funny given the female lead's personality and short-term memory. Didn't think it would turn out as dramatic plot.

On the side note, I like the Little Uncle. I was hating him till the point where he gave Xu Mo Ting his letter back. Then I start empathizing with him when he drove away and expressed his inner thoughts. He faced his failure (failing to persuade Meow Meow and failing to get revenge on Xu family) like a bigger person. All previous offenses forgiven! I'm willing to read if someone decided to translate his epilogues. <<less
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Bkgksan rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: Completed
I just love this book. I have read it multiple times. It just gives you a happy feeling. Ah Ning is a very high IQ low EQ girl with a bad memory for people and faces. I love that she is smart and studies physics. She is beautiful, but is not overly concerned about it. Mo Ting (ML) and Ah Ning (FL) were schoolmates. However, Ah Ning has no recollection and at one time ML would have made a love confession to FL, but she has no recollection. For ML... more>> who is usually very sought after by girls, it hurts his ego a bit. It is later clear that there were other things at play when it comes to the love letter. When they meet again, ML decides to go after FL and for once, he somehow catches her eye and they end up together. He is very typical of lot of Chinese novel ML -- he takes over her whole life. But she is not someone who wouldn't go along with him unless she was ok with it (when you see how she easily rejects other suitors). I like it. Translation is good too. <<less
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Aster Anemone
Aster Anemone rated it
May 30, 2017
Status: Completed
It is a very good novel just that the ending is a bit dissatisfying. Not proper ending rather sounded abrupt. Showing so many strong willed and jade characters going all soft suddenly and happily making things easy for the MC's (while their character build-up was of jaded-politicians, uncompromising type).

But starting and the middle of the story was good very likable characters too. Humor was good too, some one lines really makes one roll around while laughing :D. Then there was this matter of FMC's forgetfulness about certain thing which was... more>> not solved (for FMC) though MMC came to know the fact.

Overall a very pleasant read. <<less
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SkySavage rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: Completed
If you ever watch cdrama, Love O2O, you will most definitely love this webnovel. It has the same vibe (campus love, devoted-intelligent-dry male lead, grateful-adorable female lead).

It also isn’t dramatic, peaceful and heartwarming story. Only with a bit more spice [R-18].
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Saphie rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Hmm. To think that I wouldn't get bored while reading this.... MC is cool, calm, and collected. ML is also cool and mature. Not at all overbearing. He managed to wait 5-6 years too, so that's a plus. MC definitely made me laugh and her friends too. ML made me long for someone like him, but I know that with my looks and temperament, I likely will not LMAO.

Just that, they just interacted for a few times and they're already dating? No courtship or whatsoever? The translation is also kinda... more>> messy. The site also doesn't have the 'next chapter' button so I had to go back, read and repeat which is tiring lol.

4.3 / 5. <<less
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AnotherBoredPerson rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Like tags saying, this is SLICE OF LIFE. For someone that dislike slice of life, please don't give this bad ratings. For me, this is a gem!! ♥ ♥ ♥ノ (º _ ºノ)

Actually I'm already read this till complete from ages ago. But I forgot make a review. This is must read for someone that likes heartwarming romance story w/o drama like me :)

This is college setting. Both are students. I love FL and ML. They are cool type of person. But that... more>> don't make the story not interesting. This is my favorite CN novel!! I hate dog-bloody drama, so this is my cup of tea.

I will say this again I REALLY LOVE FL AND ML. Even after some times after I finished reading this, I still remember their name. Li An Ning. Xu Mo Ting. They totally my favorite character!!! I said that three times lol. But they are so interesting for me. OK, maybe some people think they are bland and boring, but for me, they are just so cute!


ML fell in love to FL from high school. She is his first love. ML made love letter for FL in high school, but FL didn't know that letter existed because she is in accident. Poor ML!! But in college, ML determined to chase after FL. So, from beginning of novel, ML already fell for FL. (´∀`) ♡



A bit drama about FL's family. But that's not too strong to separate FL and ML. ヘ ( ̄▽ ̄*) ノ


Sooo, this is just FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF!!! SWEET SWEET SWEET!!! Drama? Go away. Angst? Go away. Heartwarming? Yess! Very recommended for readers that seek for light romance story. <<less
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FattyTabby rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: Completed
I love it! Although the chapter were too short~~ haish (I don't have enough of their sweetness in my life). Maybe because the background is campus romance, I find some of the scene in few of the chapters are eerily similar with A Smile is Alluring (Gu Man).

Don't be mistaken, I love both authors and their work. It's just that some of the scene... are the same. Only placed in different situation at a different time.

All in all, its a good read.
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mello-rine rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is one of the first CN I've read here -- and what hooked me in reading CN novels..

I've finished reading quite a while ago, since then have been re-reading this nth times. I don't know if I'm not paying attention at my past reads, but everytime I reread there's another charm that still excites me in reading though I know what will happen next.

It is really slice-of-life and no heavy plot to boast but the way it is written is REALLY GOOD! When I'm just starting to read... more>> cn novels I can't really appreciate that much this way of writing, but rereading it again - it is really beautifully written I could cry.. It's so short! Wish there's more. <<less
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amelyn95 rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is very disjointed. The writer likes to cut off the chapter abruptly and without ending

Ch. 7 in the FL is still blushing like mad. Hope this will go soon. ML is very monotone, they don't really talk lol

After chapter 8 the writing and translation improved so much. No more disjointed story. Also finally improvement in FL and ML relationship. All in all, sweet love story. Suitable if you want a light reading
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chande rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: Completed
What a sweet love story. I can't have enough of this. MC is An Ning, a college belle who is not only beautiful but also smart. While ML is Mo Ting, a college idol who is also handsome and smart (and also rich). MC and ML are a bit Mary Stu and Gary Stu because they always attract opposite genders wherever they go.

The drama and conflict in this novel are quite simple (mostly about MC's family) but it's still enjoyable to read. The story is not dragging and the ending... more>> is quite satisfying.


ML reminds me of Xiao Nai from Love O2O. Both are extremely handsome and smart, almost perfect. They are both college idol too.

I love MC's character. She's so cute and fresh. She loves blurting about random facts (mostly about chinese history) when she doesn't know what to say. Sometimes she makes the situation awkward but many finds that she's funny. I guess it's one of her charm.

I also love the fact that both MC and ML are each other's first love. ML loves MC at the first sight in high school while MC during her postgraduate.

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Ginko Biloba
Ginko Biloba rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: Completed
The translator says it focuses more on their courtship but actually there is no courtship they just dated each other straight away with out courting but nevertheless, I quite like it. Although the writing style of author can be a bit confusing, if you take your time and read slowly you can understand it easily. Although I am a bit curious as to what happened with the second male lead and the MC's friend in the epilouge the translator opted to not translate it.... though it doesn't matter cause I... more>> don't like the second male lead..... actually I loathe him for reasons I am going to put below:


The second male lead is the younger brother of the MC's step-mom and ML's (illegitimate) cousin. I don't like that he is trying to woo the MC in ways that I would call deceptive and keep her away from the ML just because the ML's family tried to keep his father away from her mom (well.. his mom already has another child and don't really look like she loves his father.) And to top it all he tries to make MC get along with him and go back to her father's house where his home-wrecker sister is. Can't he frickin tell that the MC doesn't like him because he is the sister of the home-wrecker bit*h and she can never like him because he is creepy and he invokes hateful memories of the MC. I hate the second male lead and also the MC's father. They are scums!!!!


About the ML


Some may say that the ML was too forceful in his methods but I think it was reasonable and the MC was never against it cause if she was really against it then she would have said something. As for the letter I think it was good that MC did not get to read it and even forgot about it cause if she have read it at that time she might have rejected the ML immediately because at that time she was occupied with thoughts about her parents divorce because her father got seduced by a home-wrecker and if the ML got a straight rejection then he won't be too hang up with MC and they might not end up together.

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Vico rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: c1
A cute and fluffy story. The female lead was awesome : she kinda lives in her own world, something that makes her fun to read but nevertheless, she’s very mature and cares very much for her loved ones (her background and relationships with her parents was very touching and showed a new light to this seemingly carefree student).
the male lead’s constant feelings for her are just adorable

... more>>

However, there is a thing I’m quite unsatisfied : her uncle-in-law is said to be the second male lead but didn’t really feel like he played an active part in the story : in fact, it’s like he wasn’t here. Maybe I missed something.

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mielru rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: c7 part2
Drama and slice-of-life. For me, the storytelling is a bit different than the novel I usually read so it's confusing and very chattery. So I read until ch7, get bored then skip to the final chapter part 3.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shasoo rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: c1
What else I can describe this warm fluffy story. Basically I just love the background set for this story. Ah ning and her friendship so hilarious and she funny tho xd? Make me miss my friends

We used to joke around.

Definitely on my re-reading list. Ning was kind of girl crush she so cool but at the same time cute

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