Life: A Black and White Film


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Wen Han has arrived in Nepal on vacation and, as a Buddhist believer, also a pilgrimage. But very shortly after entering the borders, she runs in again into someone she had had one encounter with six months ago, hundreds of miles away on the far-off Tibetan Plateau. He, at the time, had been a monk. But now, when she saw him, he had returned to the secular life and carried a gun on him.

She inadvertently gets to know this man, Cheng Muyun, more, and each time, as another layer of him is revealed, she is both terrified and drawn to him. A rogue? A criminal? Or something else? Dangerous, yes. Yet, he can be so tender. But always magnetic.

With each step closer that she gets to him, though, Wen Han, an ordinary, 1/4-Chinese girl from Moscow, is drawn more into a dangerous, frightening world she had never before imagined. And with each step, as she understands this man named Cheng Muyun more, her heart falls more for him, deeper and deeper, until the thought of being apart from him is too hard to bear. But, they are fated to separate—from the very first day, he had told her that.

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03/03/18 Hui3r epilogue
02/28/18 Hui3r c16 part2
02/24/18 Hui3r c16 part1
02/21/18 Hui3r c15 part4
02/18/18 Hui3r c15 part3
02/17/18 Hui3r c15 part2
02/16/18 Hui3r c15 part1
02/15/18 Hui3r c14 part4
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02/12/18 Hui3r c14 part1
02/10/18 Hui3r c13 part3
02/07/18 Hui3r c13 part2
02/03/18 Hui3r c13 part1
01/31/18 Hui3r c12 part5
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New Snoweee rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: Completed
this story is actually interesting it gives you a way to solve some mystery on your own and if course enjoying some lovely scenes.. But what I love the most is that this story is connected to MBFB story “my darling”.
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Miumiu rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c2
I really don't understand who these people are who keep giving modern romance novels a rating of 1. Come on guys, if you are only into reincarnation and transmigration novels, isn't the summary already telling you this isn't one if them?

anyway I'm only on chapter 2 but the ML Cheng Muyan is an extremely intriguing character so far. This isn't a simple boy meets girl novel and it would be interesting to see how this turns out. To early to tell where the story will go, but the ML's intriguing... more>> character and the fact that I have liked all the translators novels so far makes me given this a solid, hopeful 5 Will edit as I read more <<less
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Phoenix2001 rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: --
It's really different from the previous novels I read, it's really unique and mysterious with full of romance am waiting for more chapter but even if your only on 3 or 2 chapter you will surely love it from the start to the end but there are many upcoming chapters to update but I'm already loving it I guarantee it you will never be bored reading this novel but there's will be updating more chapters but I'm already loving it till now

I love the MC she became my favorite... more>> female protagonist, she's brave, innocent, cute, she's a god believer like myself but not the same religion but still love her

the ML identity is still a mystery but slowly I'm getting to understand him too actually I kinda like those kinds of ML the most his really cool not like other novels like the male lead fall in love first or the female lead first, I think in this novel they both MC & ML both start to fallen in love at first sight but they both don't realize it yet or aren't admitting to it,

It's just very dark mysterious Beautiful story I can't describe it but it's amazing <<less
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maiha-sama rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: epilogue
This was a great read, so much so that I happily marathoned it overnight. This is hands down my favorite book by the author. The plot is engrossing and it draws you in from the get go. I like how a short, mundane meeting between the two, just a one-line exchange, just transformed into what I can only call an epic romance.

The book is intriguing, action packed and the story keeps moving forward without getting tepid or dull. Although some of the factual details were skewed, if not incorrect, the... more>> author manages to paint a very vivid background setup. The descriptive setting makes it easy to imagine exactly what the FL is feeling - from the dingy hotels, to her reactions to animals and cultural differences. Compared to all MBFB female leads, I like Wen Han best. She isn't one of those 'swept by the tide' leads. She's got a head on her shoulders, common sense despite being young and her action-reactions are very relatable. In fact, I think even Muyun might be one of my favorite MLs. He's brooding, intense, complex, flawed, all while being true to himself and just... RAWR! Goodness, just seven shades of yummy. The chemistry between the two is palpable from very early on.


MuYun was particularly refreshing to read as a character. I love him! His expectation setting was on point. Right from the laundry room where he goes all I'm attracted to you but this is only a ten-day thing, savvy? He flits into different faucets with ease: the charming bad boy, mysterious monk, badass boss man, passionate lover, brooding loner to man from hell - all so believably. I appreciated how despite everything, he never lied to her and repeatedly gave her 'outs'. In the end, I'm glad the author changed the print version from the web one. Having him become a monk again and re-enter the secular world a second time would have been too much. That kind of thing shouldn't be something you can walk in and out of at will. Afterall, it is a vow you're taking.


The characters are really the winners in this one. They are all multi-dimensional and meaty, even the sides make you feel for them. Are the villains, villains? Are the heroes, heroes? I felt a myriad of emotions over the course of the book. The storytelling was rich and thought-provoking, emotionally charged yet aloof, s*xy but restrained. A full 5 from me. <<less
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NightEmpress rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: epilogue
So mysterious, so thrilling. Really loved this novel.

What a strong and realistic female lead.

As for the male lead, he was so mysterious, so hard to understand that even now after I've finished it, I still don't know just what kind of person the ML is. He was truly so mysterious.

I think everyone should read this novel and just see how different it is from the author's other works. It's not your typical romance story. Trust me, you're in for a ride.
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