My Childhood Friend Loathed Me, So I Decided To Stop Living In The Shadows And Hide


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I loved my childhood friend, but gave up on my bottled-up feelings for ten years so she’d be happy… I’m not the one she loves, after all.

All I want is a peaceful life with a few precious friends… So why are you getting close to me now? You loathe me, don’t you?

This is a story about unrequited love, romance, and the quarrels that plague them.

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My Childhood Friend Loathed Me, So I Decided To Live In The Shadows And Hide.
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Delirious rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: --
"Award-winning". How little that means today.

Edit: Lol, apparently others agree and the tag no longer is up there.
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Jake1230929 rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: v2C1
I've read a little bit of the raws and the translated chapter and I can already say I hate the childhood friend. Jesus Christ she reminds of the one from the girls who traumatized me

... more>>

so basically she's this beautiful girl everyone likes her and our MC is a sickly guy who's thin and gloomy since he's always sick. They both graduate and she's starts dating people and always talking about it to the MC. My theory is that she knows the MC likes her and wants him to confess to her. That's exactly why I f*cking hate her already I hope the other person is the main heroine or someone else it better not be f*cking her


edit: it's really nothing special it could satisfy people with the regret of the other girl but I'd give 3 stars at most the other titles translated soafp like girls who traumatized me are just better.


I want to kill the childhood friend eri or emi I already don't care. She f*cking confessed to MCs friend and was with another guy so on her quest to get MC to confess to her she broke someone's heart and made him scared or rather traumatized of girls pretty ones in fact. Jesus is she terrible.

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June 18, 2022
Status: --
This is just a fewer dream that somehow took a physical form and now just exists like a pile of sh*t on this mortal plane

Went from good ol' *me traumatized and sad to grappelerbaki* (it's a dope ass fighting manga or for new generation, it's like kengan ashura or record of Ragnarok)

It's really a good jerkof for both MC and his friend, like

... more>>

MC and his friend despite being weak and skinny af somehow took down godamm mma fighters and know sh*t like wing chun and chi shit. Bow just wanna see 'em turning super Saiyan and busting sh*t with kamehameha.


MC is a cuck or is on the verge to pull a will smith and his childhood friend is an ass. <<less
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