Mr. Earnest Is My Boyfriend


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A free spirit meets her match in all-around perfect bachelor whose humorlessness is his only flaw. When Xia Zhen reaches the unfortunate marriageable age, she is forced to go on a blind date where she meets Pei Cheng An. Her cunning plan is to pretend to be completely infatuated with her date in front of her mother, while sabotaging the actual relationship. Except Pei Cheng An isn’t the type to follow the script.


In Xia Zhen’s opinion, Pei Cheng An is a person whose way of thinking belongs in the last century and whose manner of speaking reminds her of her grandpa. But since he looks dreamy and has qualifications, she’ll just pretend that she has fallen for him at first sight.

Eh? Pei Cheng An also finds her good enough to start a relationship with.

Great. Now when he finds out that she’s not a suitable partner for marriage and dumps her, she can return home all heartbroken and request to temporarily go on a brief no-blind-dates period. This is excellent. However…

“I’m so unreasonable. Why aren’t you breaking up with me?”

“A man should be tolerant towards his girlfriend.”

“I’m so mean to you. Why are you being so kind to me?”

“Girlfriends are meant to be spoiled.”

“I’m not gentle or considerate. Why aren’t you breaking up with me?”

“Likely it’s because… I like you.”

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sofea A.C
sofea A.C rated it
October 17, 2019
Status: Completed
I decided to give this story 5 stars. Not entirely because this story had no flaws but sometimes what I considered flaws probably not matter too much to other readers. So my fellow readers, here is my thought regarding this story.


... more>>

MC was forced by her mother to go and had a blindate with ML. MC is a normal office worker and ML is researcher. MC's mother and ML's mother met at dance class. While chatting, they found out they had son and daughter who still single so they decided to arrange the blind date between this two. MC had planned to pretend fall in love with ML, made him dislike her and finally made him break up with her. However, ML who inexperienced in dating suggest for them to start dating. So, they dating and gradually they had feeling for each other. This whole story focus on how they grow from strangers to lovers. When MC realized her feeling for ML, she decided to write a letter to ML telling him about her initial plan to break up with him. She also confessed to him. ML suprisingly not mad and grateful because that plan actually made ML see the real MC. Not long after that, he proposed and they got married and had a son. There will be a few rival and obstacles when they're dating but those event only made them learn about each other and strengthen their feeling. Bonus! You got a sneak peek of ML POV on the last chapter. ML character is very opposite from MC so its good to finally know what exactly he thinks of her and how the feeling change.


What I like


MC character. I found her so likeable person. She is honest and naive. She act like wild kitten and so cute. She is a carefree person. And I love how she not make everything complicated. If she was wrong, she apologized, when she realized her feeling, she confessed. She actually act tough in front of others but somehow allow herself to be weak in front of ML.


What I dislike


The first few chapter is quite boring. ML character doesn't show much at the beginning of their dating stage. There is not charming point about him. So, I almost drop this story. But when he finally show some emotion during the scene where he fight with someone who grab MC at the club I am so grateful. And I made the right choice, his character is a late bloomer. When they move from beginning to the middle, ML is so hot! Hahahah! I cannot resist to swoon.


Would I recommend this


I would said yes. But I would suggest you bear with earlier chapter because ML is quit dull but don't worry because it will getting sweeter. MTL brain damage level? I would said bearable. Mehh.... I read worse.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RannSy rated it
October 21, 2018
Status: Completed
A simple but fluffy love story! There's not much up and downs but the interaction between the main leads are so cute and heartwarming. A recommended story if you just want to read something light and romantic.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Goldeneyeddragon rated it
November 30, 2019
Status: c12
The story seems pretty good, a bit slow for now but there's still almost 40 chapters to go~

I like interactions between MC and ML, and hope there will be more fluff later on!
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