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A car accident that made her lose her memories sent Xia Xinghe into a state of destitution. A shell of a woman married the cold and rich businessman, Mumbai. She gave birth, but she was still lost and clumsy in everyting. She couldn’t tolerate his family anymore, so she divorced him and left. She went on living an empty life without knowing what’s missing inside her. However, a car accident later, she recovered her memories and returned to her old self, an aloof and cold genius, a professional hacker who could earn in mere hours more money than she could ever spend.

All those that have belittled, bullied and laughed at me, please line up, I’ll show you what the meaning of face-slapping is! Wait, wait, wait. That guy over there, the ex-husband that I no longer have any relations with, don’t cut in line. What, you want to help me face-slap these people? “Not only that I will help you face-slap myself!” The wickedly handsome man with billions of dollar in estate raised his own palm to slap his own face without reservation! But this isn’t enough to make the woman blink.

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Vex rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: Completed

Well before I began, I would like to say that this story doesn't belongs to romance genre alone.

Romance makes an incredibly small part and simple background in most of the plots.

After chapter 200+ the story starts focusing on sci-fic. A badly written one.


A man who wants to dominate the world. He has a base on moon with few top scientists. He threatens the earth by closing to drop satellites on them. MC stops them by hacking into their computer and destroying all sats. Similarly you have Bio-Tech like artificial. heart, memory trasnplant etc.


The MC and her Deus ex machina are prevalent throughout the story. Except few logical decisions, most of them are info she got through hacking. Sometimes she will find another piece of important data while finding a different one. In short, a chain of coincidences, chances and bullsh*t luck.

The ML is a love struck fool. In earlier few chapters he is shown as a ice cold statue. A 100 chapter later, simply touching MC head puts him on cloud 9. And trust me, the transformation is anything but smooth. It's forced, it's fast and it's abrupt.

They have a son. Earlier I was hoping he would have more screen time or play some important role. But the only role he plays is during first 100 chapters, when MC wants his custody and wins a challenge by create a prosthetic arm.

MC is shown as a genius computer sciences. Especially hacking.

The author knows nothing about hacking. All his knowledge is from common media. That is, not a ounce of truth. Hacking is shown as an important part, but at the same time it's sidelined. This is incredibly frustrating. Plus simply learning about computer doesn't makes you a hacker...

The author could have handled romance similar to Hidden Marriage, which focused more on crime rather than science. But their the author knew his priorities and got the romance most if the time right. Although the crime was a bit more than required. But here the author is writing a bad science fiction and suddenly realising that it was suppose to be romance! So he goes and adds a kiss scene or two with a bit if one sided sweet talk.

Plus as the structure progresses the science stuff gets incredibly frustrating. It's hard to describe it but it gets simply boring.

The enemies are Xianxic. They gate MC for s*upid resins, and then you have a blood feud. Which ends when MC destroys their while house. Funny thing? They only know how to murder. Most if their better plans are accidents, kidnapping, and sending assassins, all with the goal to murder her. ughhh... at least come up with something different.

But overall it's a good read, if you ignore the above crap. :p

Finally, I am ending the review...a rather bad one at that.

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addictiontofiction rated it
October 27, 2017
Status: c40
This story is really interesting about its development so far. For those who are looking for more background than just the description, it's about a young woman who was schemed by her stepmother and got into a car accident.

Because of the car accident, she lost her memories and kind of lived in a vegetable like state for the next six years. During those six years, she got married to a wealthy husband (our ML) and gave birth to a son. However, she soon got a divorce because of a jealous... more>> woman who wanna marry her husband for wealth.

our ML at the very beginning remain very emotionless, while there isn't very much written about the son (his name is Lin Lin, maybe he'll have a more definite role as the story developed), the son is at 4 years old at the current timeline of the story.

Anyways, once our MC recovered her memories through another car accident, she turned out to be a computer science genius and through her talent she's able to make a comeback for those who have schemed against her in the past. There are so many things happening in the first 40 chapters yet I can't wait to see how our MC will rebuild her life.

Also a side note, I also really like MC's cousin and her uncle because they are nice and honest people who helped her through hard times.

I highly recommend this story to people who like revenge and romance. <<less
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Hundred Lilies
Hundred Lilies rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: c742
Give me my Spirit Stones back! This novel started out really really good, but after chapter 742 it just went completely wrong!!! The author started to pull all kinds of genres into the novel - sci-fi, mystery, crime etc., just to keep the novel going - completely disregarding what gave base to the novel in the first place. Why write a novel about a broken family with a loving kid, only to almost never mention the kid or work on the protagonist's relationship with her estranged ex-husband? I felt the... more>> author is just writing for the sake of writing and not staying true to the actual story! Anyway, I kept reading up until ch. 900 or so, using tons of Spirit Stones on Qidian, hoping for it to get better, but no... it only got worse, seriously worse! I feel cheated. : (


After chapter 742 the mystery regarding the disappearance of the protagonist's mother intensifies. After destroying the initial enemy in Country R, the real enemy appears. The enemy threatens to destroy the entire planet if the world's governments and population don't submit to him. The MC, of course, saves the day and then travels to space and saves a bunch of people while travelling to the moon (or something). Then she opens an academy and whatnot.


Like I said, the novel is a mess. A mess! <<less
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SimonsaysLOL rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: --
Sometimes I can't stand when a author just dumps 'genius' hacker/programmer god of computery magiks and cybercyber key making ultimate amazing skills on a character and get so much of it wrong. honestly it feels like the author didn't even take the time to google how hacking and programming works, just dumped computer skills on MC for cheap effect which is worsen by how much the MC uses those skills. other than the computer stuff the story is generally mediocre, it's readable so.... you can read it?

Read some more of... more>> it... oh man I take back the mediocre part, it go worse, really goes on to be pretty shitty. I stopped reading right at the moment the author brought in a apocalyptic event that has ties with the MC. this story is just spinning out of control <<less
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Bkgksan rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c50
I like the story so far. She was involved in an accident (attempted murder) which left her with amnesia to the extent that it made her into an empty she'll of a person. In the six years since the first accident, she has had to marry the ML (arranged marriage - her father's dying wish) and get pregnant and give birth to th ML child. From first few chapters it is hinted that she had to give up her child during divorce (ML seems to care about the child). She... more>> is involved in a second accident which returns her memories and abilities to her. She as well as the ML are computer science genius. She seems to be even better than him. The ML is emotionless and does notice her change.

It is fast paced and filled with info so far. It is like a modern transmigration story without the transmigration.

Translation is good. <<less
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xmei rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: c321
First few chapters are really addictive...

Why is there no break between all the drama, like seriously, I feel like I'm gonna lose my mind from all the anger I get from the side characters, A BREAK IS NEEDED! I had to play a farming game to help me calm down lol

The story is actually quite interesting but it seems to use the same plot over and over (but with a TWIST!?!)

The author lured me in with Lin Lin andddd what do I get? no Lin Lin--i guess the author... more>> had to have a goal of some sort for the FL other than the project... Lin Lin, I will see you in chapter 992... probably not ಗಾ ﹏ ಗಾ

Lu Qi is one of the characters I hate the most just because he wanted to do "medical" research he did something really unethical, my inner psychologist is coming out, it says he feels guilty a few times but I dont feel the guilt, I feel like he's only fixing mistake because he has to...


"she was to pretend to commit suicide and bet and see whether the man would take her out with a shot or send her to the hospital, " --- this plan is so funny because I dont think a real kidnapper would actually go to a hospital.

"Regarding why she woke up so early when she was supposed to be dying [...] perhaps it was her main character's plot armor, pure and simple." --- wtf her "plot armour" PLOT AMROUR? are you kidding me


is there no female I can like in this book, it's so frustrating.. <<less
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crystallize rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: c276
Honestly, it's amazing. One of the stories that can keep me following it, which is really rare. I suggest you read it. Updates has both quality and quantity.
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Mavsynchroid rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: Completed
What an absolute cluster**** of a novel. This is honestly the only way I can describe it. Sure, the first quarter of the novel or so is exactly what you'd expect; a once useless / now amazing female MC who goes around face slapping her petty enemies while the Male lead quickly falls for her and backs her up in any thing she does. Quite a generic novel at that, too. That is, until the author went nuts, turning it into some weird science fiction novel. I'm... more>> going to write the rest in as spoiler so those who want no spoilers won't complain, but I'll still be somewhat vague in them because I feel like people should know what they're getting into.


so, it goes from the female MC face slapping other women, to her waking up in the body of another woman..... just.. what?.. then, later towards the end of the novel, we see our heroine taking a spaceship to the moon! What the **** is going on?? Wasn't she doing everything in her powerto get custody of her son? Well, of course since she's the main character, we all know she ends up getting custody. Sad thing is, the kid has next to nothing to do with the novel. I think maybe he makes 5 appearances in 5 chapters, total. Lastly, the female MC goes out with a bang by using technology to time travel...... Really?.... Mr. CEO, spoil me 100% That's the name of this novel?.. Now you can see why. While I don't want to spoil things for people, iv want them to be aware that this novel is completely different than what they think. I'm guessing the author just couldn't control themselves, coming up with ideas for novels in general, and instead of staying on task and finishing the novel they were currently writing, they got over excited, jamming all these mismatched ideas into one novel. It's an absolute mess of a novel, with multiple characters disappearing from the story all together.


So, I can't really recommend this novel as all these mismatched genres being forced together does not mesh well and makes the novel feel very amateurish. <<less
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AlmaKarma13 rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: Completed
Well romance is really not the main line but the MC growing and got more "famili member" (people that she care).

Sci-Fi and Mecha seems to be the main line... with her hacking and high IQ (like an computer).

Main plot is that she want to finde her mother that goes missing a decade ago.

... more>> But she got amnesia and forgot everything.

Luckly she got her memories back and form then on, everything has change.

With little annoying antagonist to big crazy antagonist und the end boss who know what he want, where you think what the hell is wrong with them....

She has to climb up, crush the annoying flys and solve riddles to finde her mother.


her mother teach her and gave her an heritage, like a high teck desing from an human like android so that she can save the world

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ARRIESSB01 rated it
August 27, 2018
Status: Completed
Disappointing. I just finished the novel in one whole swoop, it’s currently 5 am and I haven’t slept. Took me 2 days of non-stop reading and in the end it’s unfullilling. Made an account just to rant. This is also my first review here.

Starts off well, but the genre meshes of romance/family/corporate/sci-fi/supernatural/political and who knows what else was awful and the pacing near the end was non-stop conflict cut and paste over the overreaching plot of Sci-fi. There was no time to settle, the conflict one after the other was... more>> so abrupt I got whiplash and even while I admired the MC it all seemed bland.

The characters mother that was the mc’s backbone was a caricature, the ending didn’t resolve anything the romance started strong then got taken out of focus (we didn’t even see a wedding described) and I didn’t feel attached to anyone in the end. The sci-fi was the WORST Much akin to eating bad junk food that had awful aftertaste but I was compelled to finish after reaching chapter 700 and I could not jump ship.

The first couple hundred chapters underlying reason was family but the conflicts that happened gave more and more danger that shifted her focus from her family to her husband clan to the country to the world? From establishing her own company to presidency to going to the moon to other dimensions in the past??? Anyway, it went out of hand but the worst part is the ending arc’s focus didn’t go back to her family and she was technically used as a pawn by her mother due to an overreaching conflict that was never deeply explained nor resolved. The whole story was a passing arc. Sort of cheapens everything the MC went through in my opinion.

Pro- translation is fab, it’s completed, the beginning couple hundred chapters a fun cliche.

Con- abovementioned rant

2/10 will not read again.

Ok, Review and Rant over! Everyone welcomed to their own opinion and may peace be with you! <<less
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Narutolvr rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: c420
It's... honestly, I'm not too sure how I feel about this novel. I'd hesitate to call it good, as the backstory (and genre) seem to jump around as soon as the author decides s/he has an idea to make it interesting. We've got the ML who went from cold and callous to a love-sick puppy in the most awkward way possible. ... more>>

Literally, in one chapter, he mentions that he might like her a bit and then BOOM! He's head over heels. So, sadly, a lot of the romantic thoughts by the ML are awkward and forced.


Also, I believe some readers have pointed this out before, but most of the cannon fodder villains are just plain unreasonable. However, unlike those readers, I'm not particularly turned off by murder being their action of choice, especially against someone talented enough to work her way out of abjection. It's clean, easy (with enough money), and the most assuring. It is "similar" to Hidden marriage in the sense of a modern day romance filled with face slapping, good looking CEO, and a son but Hidden Marriage was outrageously predictable while Mr. CEO is just outrageous.

Overall, it's really not a good novel. Actually, it's plain bad. And I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to get worse as the author seems to be straying further and further from the original purpose, plot, and genre. Reading it, you can feel the author's lack of knowledge on programming, and attempts at making the story more interesting, more often than not (so often, in fact, you'd think it was purposeful) at the expense of making sense. BUT, I love reading it. It has an inexplicable charm about it that overcomes my dislike of these "wish fulfillment" type novels. So I'd recommend reading it if you want something interesting, unexpected, and shallow. I do wish I could downgrade to 2 stars- it only escapes being 1 star because I find that I'm currently still enjoying reading it. <<less
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eksentrysyti rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c291
I started this novel with expectations that it would be similar to Hidden Marriage. The novel indeed starts out similarly, with the female MC separated from the man she has a son with. She starts out from a position of disadvantage and using her recovered technological prowess, comes back to reclaim everything that was once hers! So why do I rate Hidden Marriage a 5 and this just a 3? Let's compare:

Female lead: Both Xia Xinghe and Ning Xi (Hidden Marriage) are powerful and confident female MC's that dominate their... more>> enemies with their abilities. However, personalitywise, Xia Xinghe is portrayed as cold, calculated, almost robotic in her interactions. She is very one dimensional in that every arc, she doesn't display emotions, only a drive to win. Even in front of her son, there is little description of her being affectionate, only a "reluctant aloofness". Contrasting that, Ning Xi is multi-dimensional in that while she's dominating against her enemies, she's charming with her friends, affectionate with her Little Bun, sarcastic with her flunkies, and silly in front of the Big Boss.

Story: This novel is genre confused. Unlike Hidden Marriage (which starts and ends with modern day romance, scheming, family slice-of-life), this novel starts in the same genre, then switches to transmigration (in the middle of the story), then to sci-fi (body swapping "black technology"). At the point that I've read to of this novel, this is what it's limited to, but I hear it becomes supernatural/cultivation genre later? Honestly, what major CN novel genre did this novel NOT get into?

Villains: Every villain in this novel is identical. Firstly, they all hate Xia Xinghe because they (or someone they're related/married to) covets her ex-husband. Secondly, their only major tagline is "I'LL KILL YOU". Thirdly, none of them have any strategies besides using a gun, using a knife, or sending assassins to run her over with a car, use attack dogs, or breaking into her house with a baseball bat. It's extremely boring and repetitive and not creative in the slightest. The villains in Hidden Marriage attempt other things like framing for attempted injury on a movie set, affair rumors through social media, audition rigging slander, and other more creative (and less felonious things than murder) means to harm Ning Xi. The villains in this novel go from not knowing who Xia Xinghe is to having a death grudge with her over really nothing than someone else saying "I don't like her". You could label all the villains in the novel as sociopaths because none of them have any qualms about committing murder in broad daylight and saying that there's nothing wrong with their actions and that they're justified. You get tired of it really fast.

Romance/Family?: And finally, the genre suggests this is a romance story. The summary posted makes the reader expectant that it is a reconciliation story between the MC and her pursuing man. You hope that their son plays a major part in the story. Alas, there's no romance in the story. Xia Xinghe turned into an ice queen and basically says "no" to romance. The son has almost zero face time but is name dropped sometimes to remind the readers there's supposed to be a subplot of Xia Xinghe working so hard to regain custody of their son. The male lead at this point is more of a butler that drives her around and gives her status to do things. And from what I hear, it only gets worse from there (supposedly after the first few hundred chapters, the ML and son are dropped completely from the story and we go full blown sci-fi/supernatural). What did I just read?

I'm going to finish this novel because I've been riding this tiger, and it's hard to get off. The translator is an absolute beast, pumping out 3-5 chapters a DAY. I would give this translator a 10 out of 5 stars if translation quality were part of my novel rating. <<less
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December 6, 2017
Status: --
It’s not selling me on the computer science aspect. She’s using 1s and 0s in this day and age. That’s the only technical phrasing that was used related to programming. She made a web game in 45 minutes under the incredibly vague prompt of “make a web game” without any request concerning the type of game, and she was only like “look at that and tell me if it’s correct.” And it was genius. Am I supposed to believe that she drew out a ui and programmed it in 45... more>> minutes, but didn’t ever run the game? Also, one does not just look over someone else’s code. My second immersion problem is that somehow the plot is going exactly like a reincarnation plot with a “hacking competition” where the protagonist is most likely to show her medal, which is honestly my last straw. <<less
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Fictionaddiction rated it
October 24, 2019
Status: --
This story was going great, up until I realized it was written by a toddler.

let me give you an example:

So the FL lost her memory for 6 years, And she is this genius programmer. But before she got her memory back at the very beginning. She was doing odd jobs, getting fired all the time coz she was antisocial, and unable to afford medical bills for herself or for her poor uncle who took her in. The she gets her memory back, and discovers her stepmom tried to kill her... more>> and BAM all that programming knowledge kicks back in. She takes over programming jobs from her cousin who has always been a programmer and lives in the same house as her (but never knew she could also program of course) . And she gets the money needed for her uncle's surgery in 1 day.

Then she decides let's take back my house from my evil stepmother. So she just waltzes in and the step mom tells HER bodyguards to throw MC out. That's when the MC tells them, you guys are new but I can prove to you that this house belongs to me. So the bodyguards whose salaries come from the stepmom's pockets stand still. They also demand the step mom to get out her proof of owning the house, otherwise they're just gonna have to throw her out instead. It's like the new bodyguards have now become the owners of the house and they act as referees. Then MC takes out a box which has the ownership deed in her name and bodyguards are convinced this is the real deal and not her stepmom's!!

Another time where the white lotus disses the MC in front of her programmer cousin. The guy is like, I'm gonna get her for this. So he goes back home, hacks her computer..., So how did he hack it exactly? Can anyone just meet someone randomly and decide they could hack him? Are we common folks safe, from powerful protagonists with awesome plot armors?

The ML wasn't interested in the FL bec. she was like an empty shell before she got her memory back, but after that again BAM he's very intrigued she doesn't care for him and looks all nice and confident.

I didn't hate the whole thing, I actually loved her genius programmer moments and the fact that the ML is also a genius programmer, but I just couldn't continue. I thought it was written by an amateur. Like how did this get past the editor?. <<less
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solyana116 rated it
January 31, 2019
Status: Completed

To be honest, I started reading for the face-slaps, though I've read so many face-slap novels it was kind of unsatisfying and predictable. Too many scheming lotus-faces one after another. I found the beginning generic (and the plot boring), and I despised all the characters; literally everyone except MC has something wrong with them. Especially ML?! I was hoping he wasn't ML for the first hundred chapters because he's EQ is negative. He doesn't give a damn about anything to the point he's aloof and taken advantaged of, but he どえsん't EVEN CARE he's being taken advantaged of. He brainlessly goes with the flow even though he's supposed to be a cold and calculating guy. At the beginning you will definitely hate him. It wasn't until like chapter 230 something that I started liking him. In the first place, I don't really like divorced people getting back together esp. if it was a loveless and mutual decision so I definitely wasn't rooting for him. As for all the characters they are so 2D. Everyone is dumb - good or bad (I didn't even like Lin Lin, I got a 3 yo baby bro and Lin Lin is nothing like him. He's expected to be wise beyond his years, so unrealistic). I feel like author felt the need to write them in such a way that they were nothing so that MC could outshine everyone, even though her number-one-hacker-FL-halo is already way too OP. But she's well developed and rounded with a mysterious past and her attitude towards herself and everyone is strong, fair, and ruthless so I like her. She's a dignified queen -


especially when her memory implanted into Xia Meng and proved quiet confidence was everything.


It's the first for me to read an MC leave out of her own volition because she cared about her own well-being. She's upright and values herself - doesn't want pity from ML, or ML's family, or her own family and friends. I mean if someone offered me a one hundred-million-dollar cheque that actually legally belonged to me, I would have just taken it lmao. I liked how MC became a new person/reverted to her old self, not because of reincarnation/transmigration - a plot too easy and common, but rather because she regained her pre-amnesia self. She's also intelligent - not just the show-off-y way where she schemes against people, but her passive yet manipulative speech when talking to people reminded me of some irl criminal interrogations.


When she was captured by FS and said "if you have suspicion in your heart, then every truth I say will sound like a lie" that really hit me.



I do think the first hundred chapters or so is worth skimming over unless you live for the endless face-slapping. But the arc where MC meets Xia Meng... that's some Illuminati shenanigans there. Made me think of the Harry Potter 3rd movie where Harry saves his past self from the dementors. I totally didn't expect that sci-fi twist and the plot kept on getting more and more complicated and interesting from what originally a novel I thought was going to be about how FL face-slaps her way to glory and falls in love with ML. The change was quite nice, and definitely unique. Also she starts genuinely reciprocating his feelings ish around chapter 700 lol...

It's an interesting mix of modern-day-romance-sci-fi-drama-mystery with countless plot twists and conspiracies.

I'd personally rate it 3 stars, as it's not on par with my favourite novels, but it's unique and worth a shot.

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May 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Tbh, the only thing I liked about tye story was how the MC was not portrayed as 'good but not as good as the ML'. The MC is even shown to be more capable than the ML when it comes to computer skills. That part was quite refreshing.

But not a fan of the story in general. The face slapping moments though fun were quite repetitive and got old very quick. I came for something like HM but got fed mouthfulls of apocalypse and doomsday stuff.🤷🤷🤷
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xuexin rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: c845
I am giving this a 2 star, because although at first it was going great, around chapter 400-ish, it started going downhill and weird. I didn't think it was going to be that kind of sci-fi... it was very strange and disappointing.

FL and ML both have a child, but it seems as if they don't see their child at all even though they express how much they love him. This just got suuuper weird when they started talking about outer space and stuff like that. Plus it's like all villains/villainess... more>> in the story are dumb af with a recycled script.

Idk, I guess if you like sci-fi you might like this, but hard pass from me. I couldn't stand it anymore and dropped it. <<less
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November 16, 2018
Status: --
The moment when I reached the part where her soul swaped to another body or something, that's when I drew my line. I mean this premonition thingy just because she has brain tumour is already over-the-top which I commonly saw in cheap soap-opera drama. Yeah right, this novel is extremely dramatic. So I decided to drop before I wasted my time more and read the spoiler which is a blessing. Cause what I really hate in most novels are nonsense plotline, strayed from original plot, filler chapters, excessive characters.

Talk about... more>> excessive characters, throughout reading this, I kept wondering (always) if.. is there any antagonist in real life that was over-exagerrated like those in this novel? Those antagonists have same characteristic which I can't differentiate between each antagonists, I almost convinced they are all clones! They only thing they do is hate too much that makes them mad and they're 1D. *shakes-head. What are they? A robot without any other emotions than wrath? I know, this is a common trope, should not asked.. I just tired of it.

Romance?? Nah, although I really like MC's indifference toward ML and I really want to read their progress more, but what can I do, she has swapped to another body... Hurray, I was at lost, another arc has begun.

I don't know what happen next, and I don't plan to continue. For me, it's ended before she swapped to another body. The rest, I depend on spoiler which save my time. <<less
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Ao.May rated it
May 13, 2018
Status: c214
Uh... What?

I came here to read some similar stories as Hidden Marriage.

First, the story didn't have a break time such as the time MC finally met her son. No, it didn't tell the moment they talk.

Second, I never thought the story turned into artificial body and galaxy!

I need another fluffy childcare moment, not a sci-fi. Anyway, thank u for the translator whose work hard to translate it.
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Otwentyfirst rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c487
I can understand why some people would not like this. If you can't stand stories that seem illogical and with that too "oh so perfect" solution happening all the time, you will hate this story. HATE it!

The content seems like a slap dash mash up of a bunch of things: hacking, world destruction, body swapping, and so much more. It sounds like a total joke of a novel. I usually can't stand stories like this but the humor and romance in it allows me to over look this defect. I... more>> can even over look the constant villain recycling.

If you can ignore the improbabilities of the story and suspend your disbelief, then I think you too will enjoy the story. If not just walk away, don't waste your time.

It's very soap opera-ish. It's got fun dialogue, face slapping, and a great romance. MML is just too wonderful. Seriously, the romance is a tease that has a slow build up then just wantonly inserts itself all over the story. It's great! I whole-heartedly recommend this.

Not sure when things start to really get fun, as before I got hooked I was only reading it off and on thinking it was pretty s*upid, but hey I needed the daily points on Qidin so... I think it must have been in the 200 chapter area (don't despair, chapters are short).

Anyways enjoy! <<less
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