Monster Princess


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‘I am the greatest.’

‘I’m the best.’

‘I am the best!’

Superior lineage, superior ability, superior appearance, superior popularity.

Arbella, who lived in her own world as a perfect princess, had a strange dream one day.

Her half-sister Judith, who is born from a s*ave, is the heroine of this world.

That she is destined to lose everything and have a miserable end after touching forbidden magic!

‘It’s ridiculous that I’m a loser in life!’

Seeing the future, Arbella decided.

‘From now on, I’m not going to live a good life… I will start preparing in advance to succeed in forbidden magic, which is going to fail in the future.

“Gerard, if you want to get out of this place, take my hand.”

“Judith, tell me what you want to do, I’ll take care of it all.”

Wouldn’t it be better to have my younger sister beside me who will become my enemy in the future?

However, it makes me proud to see the kids while they’re growing up.

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괴물 황녀님
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c1
TLDR: The chapters are short you should just read them and make up your own minds at this point

Details: So far it looks like a very refreshing take on the villainess genre. The MC isn't a naif or a Saint. She's a god damn princess and damned if she will let some random guttersnipe destroy her life. She has the skills you'd expect from someone in this cut throat environment an I really want to see her deploy them.

Notes: The translation so far is well done and very readable
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Tobe rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: c15
This is just full of potential.

We got this OP princess who has a terminal illness that only the King and her mother knows. She doesn’t act pitiful at all even when her parents more or less are trying to use her immense magical power to solve the kingdom’s problems until she dies. Her mother used to favour her but when she found out about the MC having that illness, she gave birth to son. And well the easiest way to describe him is that he is literally a son of... more>> a bij. After finding out about what her future in the story is (basically becoming a monster n getting killed) , she tries to fix her own illness.

Read it if u like strong and smart MCs. She’s unique coz she’s pitiful but doesn’t need pity. Oh and if ur tired of reading FLs who are treated badly by lame side characters, then read this coz she is treated as a proper First princess. She has this villainess younger sister who is a literal Fangirl for her which I never expected I’d like. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
J Doe
J Doe rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c5
Interesting start. A villainous character from a story becomes self aware due to a dream encounter with a novel- in which one of her half sisters is the protagonist- and she's forced to re-evaluate her life. Changes begin in her personal life and in the world around her as she takes matters into her own hands. Looking forward to more!
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Meowly29 rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c18
MC is strong, she doesn't change and stay true to herself even though she knows her end, but of course her conscience change her personality a bit, and I like that to the OG MC she is a good sister even if she said otherwise, her words and action are contradictory but it isn't bad. I was wondering who the ML is, but I am guessing it's

I like it hahahaha

Waiting for the new chapter
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
iriaasteria rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: c60
10/10 the plot is fantastic the characters are interesting and the plot keeps you intrigued. The relationship development between Judith and Arbella is heartwarming and fluffy plus the translation by ywnh is just clean and worth looking forward to they never disappoint.
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