Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain


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I’ve reincarnated as the reverse harem game’s villainess, the one and only adopted daughter of the ducal Eckart family.

But the difficulty just has to be the worst!

Everything I do will only lead me to death.

I must be paired with one of the main male characters from the heroine’s harem before the ‘real daughter’ of the duke family appears!

Two older brothers who always pick a fight with me on every little thing.

The insane crown prince whose route will always lead to my death.

‘I only see the heroine and no one else’s wizard, and also her loyal s*ave knight, too!

‘First, let’s take some of them which I see no hope in, out of the list!’

“I didn’t know my place up until now. From now on, I’ll live as quiet as a mouse so you wouldn’t care the slightest bit!

But why do their interests in me keep on rising every time I draw the line?!

Note: chapters are not fully translated (missing scenes in almost every chapter that makes comprehension difficult), hence the ‘no’ for complete translations.

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Death Is the Only Ending for the Villainess
Villains Are Destined To Die
악역의 엔딩은 죽음뿐
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New WiggleTruff
June 16, 2022
Status: c143
Love the story so far, although it is a bit hard to follow along because of the translation.

I gotta say though, I ain't a fan of ANY of the ML's. The brothers are kinda meh. Vinter, is an enigma. The crown prince, is arrogant & pushy. Let's be honest, being a queen is just not worth it. Eclise is like a tiger cub, waiting to turn around and bite the neck of its owner. I don't trust any of them.
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New chicken_wings
June 9, 2022
Status: c177
Ok before I start let me say I get everyones complaints about her forgiving too easily or not forgiving and not taking responsibility and that she should have ended up with someone else etc but I just wanted to share my opinion.

The first is about the whole too forgiving topic in I actually think she did end up holding quite a grudge and didn't forgive easily I skimmed some of the later chapters and I don't think people really understand forgiveness. She choose who to forgive and I thought that... more>> was fine.

The next thing is the whole not forgiving topic which I wanted to share my opinion of.


. The first thing I wanted to say is yes ik about the brainwashed and yes ik about the curse, so does she and that does give reason for thier actions, but having reason for thier actions and having reason for forgiveness are two different things. I can tell that people writing comments have never been in a situation where they know someone did something bad to you not of thier reason, sure that let's u know it's not completely thier fault and they didn't mean it doesn't make it hurt any less. You have to know our MC was abused as Penelope and before and even if it's not thier fault a person can only take so many hits. Yes she used people but if u where in her situation u would too, she didn't treat them like real people cuz she didn't think of them as real people. To her they where game characters. It's like if u saw Naruto in ur room, u would think you where dreaming or that it's not real and people need to understand that concepts. Even reading now ik eldest bro is brainwashed but that doesn't make me feel less mad. Same with the the father and other brother with the curse. A reason for bad treatment doesn't make the bad treatment and it effects go away


Next is the whole taking responsibility thing


. Yes she is partially to blame for Eclise whole yandre thing and yes she could have handled it better but think about her emotions in that moment, her entire knowledge and opinions of someone she thought to be her escape suddenly fell apart. She was under alot of physical and pychological stress in that moment. She just wanted to go back home. Her life was getting better when it suddenly almost went backwards and she was back in a tr*sh situation. Plus if u found out someone thought about u like that u would be creeped out to. Idk about u but I would wanna get that person out of my life and stay as far away as possible. In situations like this u mist think of it from an insiders pov.


Now let's talk about a love interest I loved


. Vinter was great and def my go to till the hunting festival moment with Calisto. She lost faith in him after the whole testing her thing which I think is reasonable, he wanted to determine if she was a threat which was important to both his and the children's safety but at the same time I understand Penelope's reaction. Some she trusted betrayed her and she was already in a lot of stress, she definitely help a bit if an unessesary grudge but at the same time hey I can sorta understand. He was kind sweet and gentle, definitely a sweet man but not the one for Penelope. As much as I live him Calisto is a better fit personality than Vinter, thier dynamic was loads better and they just had more chemistry. I love Vinter too but it just wouldn't have worked out.


Anyways I would recommend this it's good and a rollercoaster of emotions, I'm not much of a cryer (to the point where friends and family call me heartless) but I was almost crying at one point. It's definitely not for everyone but if u don't mind stories where not everyone gets a redemption and where not everyone is forgiven I would definitely recommend <<less
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kyochan rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c108
In one night, I religiously read through 108 chapters of this novel and read the rest from spoiler summaries. If only my studying habits were like this... Anyways,

Omg. And here I thought Aristia (Abandoned Empress) had it bad.

All the sh*t Penelope goes through from beginning to end of this novel can only be described as unfiltered hellish torture. At least for other MCs, they suffer tremendously at the beginning and get their sweet happenings after volume 1 but misgivings are just constantly dumped on poor Penelope from beginning to... more>> end.

At least our current Penelope is kickass to deal with the bs thrown at her, but it breaks my heart thinking about what the younger and previous Penelopes had to go through on their own... all the unfair and constant harassment they received and more when they tried to protect themselves :' (


So with that said, I don't know if 200+ chapters of heartwrenching pain is your cup of tea, but I couldn't last past 100 chapters and had to speed-read the rest from spoilers and summaries. I really commend the author for having the heart (of stone) to be able to write this story for 200+ chapters and keep the storyline relatively coherent. Since a lot of the action happen in the latter half (which I read from summaries), I can't really judge how dragged out the story is. But despite that, I think the plot was very well thought-out and if not for the painful drama, the story does keep you glued to your seat from beginning to end.

Besides Callisto and Vinter, I really dont give two ants' sh*ts about the rest of them... Derrick had his chance to redeem himself.. and I was about to forgive Reynald until

the Eckhalts were speculating about whether Penelope poisoned herself on purpose to get attention (this happens late in the novel) and um..... wtf? Seriously???? Thank goodness for Callisto who called them out of their nonsensical bullsh*t because if not, I would've isekai'ed my own ass and jump-kicked some sense into their brains (are your brains just for show???). And don't even give me the baseless argument of fake-Yvonne brainwashing them. HOW COME CALLISTO DIDN'T GET FOOLED BY THAT WITCH HUH!? It all comes down to personality and whether they trust Penelope or their idea of her.

And about Eclis....... sigh.. if I had to summarise my feelings towards him in one sentence, it'd be.. I get that his character development was probably sacrificed for the plot but...... why (not a sad 'why', but an exasperated 'why')

2am edit: now that I'm pondering on this more, I actually really, really love the MC. Not just how strong and clever she is, but how cool-headed and collected she is dealing with all the bs thrown at her. She's badass from beginning to end and like she told Derrick, she can and does take care of her own problems. My role model. End 2am mini rant

Along the same lines, I think this was the only novel where I was completely content with the MC not trusting or relying on anyone else. When I read other novels, I'd sometimes think the MC should depend on and open up to others a bit more, but NAH not here. I stand 100% behind all of Penelope's actions. Even when my heart wavered a bit towards the secondary characters, Penelope never lets her guard down even once around them and thank goodness for that because besides Callisto, everyone else were just constant disappointments enveloped in their own self-justification and prejudice. I love how every time the minors fumble with their conscience in how they treated her, Penelope never softens the blow and spares no details in replaying all the harassment she got from them. None of these bastards are worthy (until later for the ML). I guess that's why I like Callisto that much more because he truly treats her based on who she is and only from what he knows of her. And it's not like he baselessly falls for her right away, but they actually have meaningful conversations before the ship sails!!! Honestly, besides Callisto, who else truly believed in Penelope (rhetorical question: no one. Oh wait there's Emily too)

Ugh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to write this much but seriously recommend this novel, the story is fantastic. I recommend reading it in sizeable chunks over days and accompany it with a super fluffy novel because I'm still suffering from the after-effects of second-hand pain even after 1 day. This story is just a tragedy from beginning until the end (again, WHY DID NO ONE WARN ME). Poor unsuspecting manhwa readers have no idea what's in store for them hahahahaha... <<less
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MonoJu rated it
February 14, 2021
Status: c231
I'm almost done reading the main portion of the novel and I'm left feeling frustrated by everything. Death is the Only Ending for the Villain was a joy to read at first. I loved the game aspect and how hard Penelope had to work in order to not die. But after a certain point I realized that while we got some semblance of growth among the male leads and the secondary characters, Penelope never really changes. I'm almost done and there's no change in her character. For a novel like... more>> this, that's kind of unacceptable.

I'll update this once I'm done the main story, but I'm bummed that a novel I enjoyed so much has now become a chore to read.


Even though it's been a few days since I've finished the novel, I still find myself trying to sort out my feelings towards it. My main feeling is disappointment. I went into this story with high hopes after finding out about it from the manhwa, and in the beginning it was fantastic. The middle was fun too... but there came a moment when everything fell apart. As I sit here trying to write this review, I find myself remembering things and getting more frustrated.

[Just a note, the translation found online goes from fine to bad to fine. The bad translation is a bummer, but it didn't really hinder my experience with the novel nor is it the reason why I have negative feelings towards it.]

Here are my main issues with the novel.

The first is Penelope, the second is Penelope and the rest of my issues stem from Penelope. Penelope's story is a tragic one and her struggles in SK and in the game world immediately invoke a feeling of sympathy towards her. Seeing Penelope take charge of her life and try to survive immediately endeared her to me. More than anything, I wanted to see her happy. She deserved it.

Penelope is someone you want to root for, even though she's still struggling with her own traumas. My issue is that the Penelope from the end of the novel and the Penelope in the beginning are the same. Everyone else in the novel change, except Penelope and that's a problem.

I do understand that her traumas are heavy and it's hard for her to open up, but if she is still the same person without any form of growth then what exactly changed for her?

Take Eclise for example, when Penelope first starts the game she realizes that her greatest chance at winning the game is to make one of the male leaders fall in love with her. Eclise is her best option, so she buys him, since he's a s*ave, and tries to make his like stats get to 100%.

[warning long spoiler rant coming up]


We learn later on that Eclise is angry at this situation. He's from a land that was defeated, he watched his family and his countrymen die and now he's a s*ave. There's this woman who tells him she wants him to be hers and gives him things, but her eyes are dead when she talks to him. She demands his attention, his love, his devotion without giving anything in return. Now think about this, due to the game that they are in his stats are starting to rise even though he doesn't like Penelope or this situation. But he starts to love her.

During his time with Penelope, he's left alone the majority of the time. Penelope breaks her promises with him almost all the time. Outside of one or two incidents where she helps him, he's mostly seen as a punching bag for the other knights of her household. He can't fight back, he can't speak out, he can't do anything because of his status as a s*ave. He's also the youngest character in this story, so it's kind of depressing to see him in a constant amount of pain just to prop up Penelope.

Prop up sounds weird, but that's exactly what happens. Due to a mixture of the game brainwashing and Yvonne's brainwashing, Eclise becomes obsessive with Penelope. He wants her for himself and wants to help her, since she's always has dead eyes whenever he sees her.

He ends up dying after Penelope casts him aside. The way she does it is meant to come off as a boss bit*h moment, but it's so cruel when you remember that he's a young kid who is desperately trying to hold onto the only person who is kind to him, even when that kindness has ulterior motives. He has no one else, because they're all dead. Then, he's brainwashed.

The way Penelope and the story treats him made me angry. Penelope is told on multiple occasions that she looks dead when she's talking to people and yet everyone loves her. Why? I get if they pity her, but why love?

.... And that is why I have an issue with the story. There's a scene where Yvonne just tells Penelope that if she told Eclise that she likes him, he would have calmed down. But Penelope says she wouldn't do something so hateful.... meanwhile I'm here thinking "If you knew that this was going to help you get to 100% you would have done it in a heartbeat, because you don't care about anyone in this story."

Yvonne calls her out on this and pretty much calls Penelope a hypocrite, but the story keeps hammering in the point that Yvonne is wrong and Penelope is right and that's the way it is. So tell me, why is it wrong for Yvonne to brainwash people, when the game allowed Penelope to do something similar in order to save the world? I get that Yvonne wants to destroy the world, which is bad, but if we ignore that part (LOL) what is the difference here?

The way she treats Eclise is manipulative and abusive. She reminds me of those parents who knows that the other parent is abusing their kid, but ignores it. Then they swoop in and say "I'm still here for you." While enabling the abuse to continue. Eclise is not only a s*ave, but a kid and that kind of power dynamic is ignored in favour of writing a yandere character.

Let's also remember that Yvonne is busy brainwashing everyone and Penelope holds it against them. I don't care for Derek, but let me explain why the story failed when it came to him and his family.

Derek and Renald were kids when Yvonne went missing. Derek felt responsible, since he was with Yvonne at that time. The Duke found Penelope and brought her home when he should have just take his kids and himself out to therapy. Penelope acts out and says, "I wish Yvonne never came back, " which immediately sours the relationship between Renald and Yvonne. Remember, they are both kids at this point and while what happens to Penelope wasn't right and I'm in no way justifying it, I also understand why Derek and Renald hate Penelope at first.

Penelope is then forced to bridge the gap between them in order to raise their favorbility stats, but because she's doing this with dead eyes and seeing them as bad people the entire time, even when they change and start to like her again she basically shuns them.

Then Yvonne comes back and Derek is brainwashed. He cares for Penelope (the book tried to make it seem like he liked her in a sexual way, but I never saw it), but Yvonne is back and no one seems to take into account that he's struggling with everything.

Derek bringing Yvonne to the party was bad. Eclise bringing Yvonne to the Duke's residences was bad.... but both were brainwashed. BRAINWASHED! Why are they now seen as bad people, when they were brainwashed and don't understand their own actions.

Penelope can't forgive them though, which is fine, but they were brainwashed and she can't seem to remember that. Why? Because at the end of the day, she never cared about any of these people. They were all a means to an ends and that's how she treated everyone. So why does everyone love her if not for the game?


The brainwashing and Penelope's never changing stance on the other characters ruined the story for me. I was rooting for Yvonne to win in the end, that's how bad it got. The moment you bring brainwashing into the story and then ignore it in order to justify your coldness is the moment you lose me.

Penelope is meant to be our heroine, but her traumas never allow her to grow and make her hateable by the end. If Penelope owned up to her bad behaviour, I would have liked it more, but she's meant to be seen as a strong and right.... when she's not. <<less
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soft goat
soft goat rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: --
being careful when talking to men cos they might get offended & get violent or angry w u wow some real-world shit. But it is sad, light novels like these r always anti-feminist & pro- oppression lol sorry.

the violent & abusive men r always redeemed without taking accountability & its so easy to give faults to women when their lives r miserable. The emotional scars she carry r no joke & the men in her life were truly abusive to her. I hope they wont approach that dismissively
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XxxMelanie rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: c231
I'm really conflicted with this one. Even more so when I read some of the reviews.

I started with really liking the fl. But around chapter 150 I think, it started to go downhill. I get that she went through a lot but I don't get how she has the audacity to expect genuineness from others when she hasn't given an ounce herself. She saw them all as a means to an end. (She never even saw them as real people)

I feel like she's really narrow-minded. In like how she... more>> can validate everything she does or Penelope did in the past but not from others. One thing I hate a lot is hypocrisy and that's something she showed a lot

Examples of her being a hypocrit:


One that is really obvious is: Eclise. She planned to betray him and his feelings from the beginning. In the beginning I thought it was still oke because she never said something ambiguous and everything she said was still acceptable to say to your knight without hinting feelings. But when she started to say "you're the only one I need" that's when that ambiguousness started. Plus she said "I will stay by your side" but NEVER EVER did she plan on staying by his side even though she promised him. She was planning on betraying him from the start but got pissed off when he betrayed her under the influence of brainwashing? Ladies and gentlemen, this is hypocrisy at its finest. If you don't see this as betrayel than you're just validating everything she does.

Then you have Vin who "manipulated" her to see if she is from Leila (wich I think is valid when you look at his reasons) but she's manipulating everyone too. Even if it is for survival, the fact remains that she manipulated Eclise. Less so with Vin but hypocrisy doesn't mean it has to be to the same person. Hypocrisy is when you condemn a person for doing something, but think it's oke when you do it yourself. What she showed here again


Actually, the whole Eclise development was a real turnoff.

Eclise's lousy development:


They started equally: he wanted to get away from her and kill her, and she wanted to use him and then throw him away. But the thing is, Eclise was in a lousier position from the beginning. He was a s*ave with no family or friends, his master only wanted to use him, everyone in the Dukedom hated him. Penelope was alone but he was also alone, plus a stutus that was worse than a commoner.

Of course his love for her will become twisted. Think about it: he understood that she didn't love him and only wanted to use him, but he kept on falling deeper and deeper. Plus he had no one else around to at least keep him a little sane. No brother or sister or father or friend. No one. Only a master who practically became his whole world. He being brainwashed, in this dependent and twisted state of mind, would be easier than a child. But at his lowest, instead of Penelope correcting what she did wrong, she gave him an extra push to the abyss by spouting venom and cutting him off. Eclise would have never turned out this way if it wasn't for Penelope. But NEVER did she take any responsibility. She tried to get him out of the abyss once or twice, but that was way too late. Plus the attempt was really half-hearted. Doesn't she see how she slowly but gradually made herself his world but then removed it viciously? Don't be surprised by how he became so twisted. Actions have consequences.

(Wich doesn't make everything he did oke. It's just really not that shocking when you look at everything that happened)


I feel like people that are hating on almost all of the MLs are missing the bigger picture. This has nothing to do with "feminism" or "oppression of women", because if that was the case, Yvonne would have the same treatment. But that isn't the case. Are you forgetting a important aspect of this novel?

What you may have forgotten:


Don't forget why she's being treated this way. It's easy to just say: "because the MLs are *ssholes." They are but why it is so extreme with her, isn't because of that. It's because of a really important fact that most of you are forgetting: she's literally cursed! And the curse is for her to get ostracized by everyone. Helloooo!! This is a big factor in why everyone treats her so badly when she didn't do much. Like yeah they are mean but why it's so extreme is because of this. Even you and I would unknowingly treat her badly because of that curse. Except if you're immune to curses.


One thing I didn't mind was with who she ended up with. I think it's pretty logical with who she ended up with if you think about it.

Who she ended up with and why it's logical:


Almost all the MLs were at some point not genuine with her. Except for Callisto.

Eclise= hated her in the beginning and even wanted to kill her.

Vin= Didn't trust her so manipulated her (wich I think was validated but that's not the point here)

The two brothers= well, I think everyone knows what I mean without explaining it.

Callisto= Almost killed her the first time they met but that had nothing to do with her. Like he said; he was in such a bad mood that he would have killed anyone that came close to him at that moment. But from the first time they talked, he was never not genuine with her. He didn't not trust her and he was the only one who put some effort in cleaning the old Penelope's name by investigating what really happened at the hunting game the year before. Nobody else even though aboit doing that.

So yeah, even though it's cliché, I think it's logical. I liked Vin the most because he was a real good-hearted person. But that doesn't mean I think he should end up with her. Personality wise, they don't match. While Penelope and Callisto do match


But the ending was just... disappointing.



The only one she cared about is Callisto. Although she did care what her father though about her killing Yvonne, she decided to distance herself from him. What I quite honestly, don't get. I thought her relationship with the Duke and Reynold got better but seems like I was mistaken.

Someone did say that they were angry at the Duke and brothers for doubting she did self play with the poison. Like come on! That was originally her plan! How can you judge them for that when she was planning to do that. Plus they were brainwashed. Like helloooo, wake up. Everything they did bad towards Penelope since Yvonne came was influenced by brainwashing. And why Callisto didn't get influenced is because Yvonne never even got the chance to do that to him.

I think the hate on Derrick is really misplaced. Although I liked him the least, he was influenced a lot by brainwashing. Don't forget that. Penelope experienced the brainwashing but never once stopped to think: how did it affect them? So the hate on Derrick was just too exaggerated in my opinion. He did many wrong things but not to the point to get treated like that forever because most of it was influenced by the curse, brainwashing and education on how to be a good Duke.

In a way, Yvonne and the Leila won: the curse and brainwashing worked and Penelope let's it have an influence on her thoughts of the people around her. I'm not saying she should forgive them right away after all of the bad things they did because they were under influence. But at least some understanding and opennes to the possibility of forgiveness in the future would be good. Otherwise, Yvonne and Leila succeeded in destroying relationships. It's not weak to forgive. It actually shows compassion and the ability to see things from different perspectives.


And I don't get how people in the comments say she forgave everyone. Because she did not! I honestly don't get why people are so hell bent on not forgiving. If you look at what they did (from the moment our MC took the body) they didn't do something that was unforgivable. Especially when you look at the reasons. For some people, she forgiving (wich she doesn't), is the reason they don't like this story. But actually for me, the fact that she doesn't even open up to the possibility of forgiving in the future, makes me dislike her. A LOT. Because she never treated them as humans either. Just look at it objectively before you make people out to be irredeemable.


Callisto: well the only thing that was f*cked up was almost killing her in the beginning. But that wasn't personal. Could have been someone else and ending up worse.

Eclise: yeah... that's just 90% her own doing. Even in the game routes where he was brainwashed, he wasn't as bad as here. That tells you a lot about how she f*cked this one up herself.

Vin: besides not trusting her and testing her, he really didn't do anything else. Even in the game routes; he was the first one to get brainwashed (even before the start of the game). So that's why he was an *ss in the other timelines. And that's also the reason for the d*ck move of him bringing Yvonne to her comming of age ceremony.

And now you have the family (wich is harder to forgive but still not impossible)

Father: never raised her as he should. Not teaching her what is allowed and never showing affection. Also not asking & listening to her side of the story when something happened. But this is mostly because of his inexperience as a father. Do you think Derrick and Reynold got other treatment? The only thing they probably got is that he listened to them. Also, the fact that he was so sad about her not calling him father anymore and then happy when she started again, shows that he never hated her and actually cared about her. When she started calling him father again, is when he started to try building a relationship. By inviting her to the hunt and so on.

Reynold: framing her for the necklace, saying harsh words and treating her as a pest. And like his father, never ask and listen, just assuming the worst. Well the first one is understandable when you think why. Your real sister just went missing and your father brings a stranger who's supposed to be her substitute and then hearing her say that she hopes the real sister will never come back. Like come on. Nobody would treat that person good in his position. He did go too far many times but never even thought about killing her. Even in the game it was because of a fork and not him deliberately killing her. And when he saw her eating rotten food he immediately got angry with the maid and wanted to fire her. If he hated her so much and wished the worse for her, he wouldn't have acted like that. (In comparison with Derrick, his was pure anger and not only because of her title als duchess) And from the moment she told the reason why she said those words about his sister, he tried to get along with her. He started acting as a real brother from that moment on. Clumsily but he tried. And old habits die hard so of course he reverts to them sometimes. Even when Yvonne came, he was more concerned with Penelope than Yvonne except for that one time in the garden. But that was clearly because of the brainwashing. And almost right after he tried to make it good again and apologize.

Derrick: well he is the least forgivable, even for me. But I think the biggest reason for that is because we haven't seen much from his side. Only a part when she drank the poison.

What he did wrong was treating her badly and like sh*t when she did something that was a disgrace to the family. Again, not asking and listening. He didn't even trust her and didn't care much when she did say something, like that time with the hunting accident. He was harsh and cold. That's about it. The incident of him taking Yvonne to her party, I don't even count that because that was 100% because of the brainwash. The way he acted after that too. You can still see the effect of the brainwash after the incident. Even though it went down because of Yvonne's "detention", he was really confused and couldn't even thing straight. It was like 2 voices in his head. And why he did those other things (before brainwash)... well he never wanted her there. He was the one with the most guilt about what happened to Yvonne so the "substitute" wasn't a good reminder. And he did have some weird love for her. That explains how he so stubbornly rejected calling her his sister. Besides the guilt, brainwash and weird love, another reason would be him being just a d*ck in general. But I still don't think he did something irredeemable. Just the least likable of them all. The treatment he got from Penelope right after he stabbed his own sister was really too much. She should realize what brainwashing can do when she herself has felt the effect of it. Plus she had some resistance to it and it was only 18% effective so she really should think how that could effect someone who has no resistance at all.

One factor that I discussed before that made them way more likely in acting in such a bad way towards Penelope (all of them) is the curse that she has. See it as a multiplication to their bad treatment.

This isn't about some "miscommunication" that some are saying. This is a unhealthy, toxic way of acting with each other as a result of inexperience, bad feelings for the other because of something that happened before, not an empathetic character... (and the curse of course). Later it became a twisted routine of handling with each other (Penelope included). Plain and simple: repetition of bad actions and bad responses

Miscommunication my *ss. There is nothing to misinterpret about a child hearing someone say she hopes his sister won't come back. Even if she had an understandable reason, would you be able to just let it go if you were in his place? Because don't forget, she did mean it when she said it.


Also. People saying her family started treating her nicely when she became useful: did you even read the same novel???? Derrick saying that she should act appropriately and she doing so doesn't mean that she became useful for them all of a sudden. Reynold started treating her better after Penelope telling him about her tragic past. And the father started when she called him father again. Get your facts straight before you say something <<less
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ArguingApples rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: c28
It's good. The chances of the villainess in wooing the capture targets are so steep yet so realistic. The game setting (with answer choices) added a unique touch to it. Looking forward to reading more
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panthecakes rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c34
At Ch. 34 and this novel stands out from a lot of the Villainess isekai novels that I've read.

1st: The translation is good and flows well. Its able to capture and deliver the story effectively making the reading exp a joy.

2nd: we the have the original villain who isn't just horrible because she is.

she starts out as a kid trusting the adults but turn out twisted because of circumstances. Honestly, a few chapters in, I can totally understand why she would throw tantrums. The amount of blame people throw at her is just unreal. Honestly it would be more surprising if she grew up docile and cunning. She shpuld be responsible for her own actions but also no one can deny that they played a roll in her personality


3. The MC now playing as the villain is very human. The story becomes more interesting because of her way of seeing things. She is an unreliable narrator for good reasons

She was also abused since childhood so any sort of good will towards her as the villainess, who she shares the same past with, she is suspicious of. The way she doubts everyone is something no one should blame her for. Imagine growing up to be made the villain each time even if it wasnt her fault (and everyone knows it isnt her fault) and suddenly having those abusers be nice to you.


4. We still have yet to steer towards doki doki situations BUT honestly I'm okay with it. The novel isn't that lighhearted because MC is on high survival mode. She is scared and it shows. It make sense that the last thing on her mind is to get distracted with humor or love. Honestly so many scenarios you will just symphatize with her because she takes the game seriously. Her determination to live and finally be away from everyone who ever hurt her is admirable.
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Animefan649 rated it
February 22, 2020
Status: --
I love this story!! Our female lead is basically fighting for her life in a very messed up game. She gets out of dangerous situations and she's soo funny about it. She's also very beautiful but it doesn't give her any advantage but hey still great to look good :D.

I keep waiting for updates and the translation is just great. This story has the potential to become part of the more famous novels, like remarried empress.

31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xmei rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c34
I was crying so much when I read the first 10 chapters and I thought it was going to be a really good novel BUT ... more>>

I saw a review saying that she ends up with the crown prince and it turned me off straight away...

can things get anymore BASIC? it would have been good if she got some revenge on the brothers/father and the staff for the abuse but I dont think that happens and it would have been a better story if the author wrote about the s*ave using Penelope and the dukes power to get fame/fortune and then stage a rebellion to take over the kingdom and get back the land he came from (while then falling in love with penelope and feeling bad for using her and then he could have also helped her with her revenge since hes so strong). Makes me think I should write a story similar to this, with my twists. <<less
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Gigz rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: c1
It's a rather harsh start. I can't say anything since there's only 1 chapter, but...


There are actual game settings into this. Like dialogue options that you are forced to choose. Well, it took some time for our MC to realize this... And she dropped down the favorability charts dramatically. F for respects.

23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Daniello rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c29
Dear God— I'm not sure if I was stunned due to how amazing this novel is or how horrible it is. And by horrible I meant the abuse and straight up murder attempt in the hands of not only the side characters, but also the goddamn male interests.

But boy, do I love and hate every second reading it.

And a lil warning for curious passerby who haven't read it yet: the story have the Mother Slowburn of All Slowburns. Seriously, nearly 30 chapters in and there is still no sign of... more>> even platonic interest, much less romantic. If you don't have enough patience (or spite) to bare with it, whelp.

The writing and translation is superb on point tho, big kudos to the author and translator! &Lt;333 <<less
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April 19, 2021
Status: --
I haven’t finished this yet for a few reasons that you should be aware of before you start.

Firstly, I LOVE this story. The injustices that the MC experiences are really heart wrenching and a it’s hard not really care did her.

HOWEVER, I originally stated reading this from a different translator on Wattpad who deleted their translations and page. I was really sad about it and I was excited when I recently came across this page of all of these chapters by another translator.

However I am beyond frustrated. The translation is... more>> good, at least so far. EXCEPT THAT HUGE CHUNKS OF THE STORY ARE BEING OMITTED. I can’t stand it, I’d rather not read it all and hope a real full version comes out than trying to read bits and pieces of a story, not knowing what happens during half of it. I feel like I’ve wasted a few hours reading only to be led on an incredibly disappointing goose chase.

It’s as if you’re watching a movie you’ve wanted to watch for a long time. You once started watching it at a friends and didn’t get to finish it. Finally you’ve found a copy in your language and you go to watch it and the translator just complete cut out scenes of the movie. So after spending time starting to rewatch the movie you turn it off because you don’t want to watch a broken pieced version of a movie you were really looking forward to.

At least warn readers you’ve taken big chunks out of the story. <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 8, 2020
Status: c1
Story's pretty interesting, but I'm dropping this cos the 2nd translator's pretty bad. First translator was great but the quality dropped too much on the 2nd and its just annoying to read now.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
habs rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: c48
Honestly a great story, loved the tension build-ups and the overall characterization. Unfortunately though, I will be dropping this one due to the quality of translation by the second translator. With all due respect, it is appreciated that they put their time and hard work into translating this great web novel, but it's riddled with many simple grammatical errors and the sentence structures don't follow clearly. Seems almost MTL. Either way, good read so far. Would recommend only up to the first translations.
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xuexin rated it
February 27, 2020
Status: c36
I just have to say... wow. This so-called villainess is just pitiful. She's put in very dangerous situations where she's close to death, because these capture targets are all crazy. They're all crazy one way or another. I read spoilers until the end, so she'll actually end up with someone. I'm not too sure how I feel about the story. In a way it's cliché, but also somewhat strange. I think it's only in the first few chapters where it seems as if she's on the verge of death every... more>> single time. Don't ship too early, especially since the love interests are all crazy so far lol <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aintania rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: ss 30
The most unlikely character in this story is the MC (PENELOPE).
At First. I quite like her. because I thought she was a strong character. but the longer I read it the more I realized that phenelope is not a strong character, but a Villain character just like the tittle indicated.

she is too indifference, selfish, hypocrite, manipulative, cold heart and she always behave like she never did anything wrong. She treats everyone not like a human. even though she herself felt hurt when her family in the previous world ignored... more>> her.

I know and understand that she feel her live is in similar condition like phenelope, but you know she is not the REAL PHENELOPE. The one who received abusive in that world is not HER. And although similar, their conditions is not the same. The Real PHENELOPE is behaving like same rich kid who lacks attention, so she always doing somthing extreme to get her family attention and Die without anyone knowing about it and the NOW phenelope enter her body. So why she never forgive them when they always apologized to her from around early story to the end 231 or side strory too?

You will know and understand if you read the story to the end or half the story just how miserable all the ML all by her how she treat them. She always she that she herself is the most miserable character in the story but I think All character except her is the most miserable one.

that’s a lot of think I want to point out and share of my thought about Eclis, renold, derick, vinter, duke, but I'm not very good at English so maybe next time....😭 <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
meggicchi rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: c158
Probably gonna drop it soon.

... more>>

Really frustrated with the way Eclipse's route was handled. I think he was truly a pitiful person and his circumstances were terrible, I found myself being increasingly annoyed by Penelope's lack of empathy for his situation. I mean poor boy was a s*ave, and of course he wasn't going to develop a healthy relationship with his 'master', so the culmination of the relationship with Eclipse becoming a Yandere was utterly disappointing and I would rather we've had Eclipse being in puppy love and Penelope aiding him later on... unfortunately he was only treated as a s*ave until the end. It's hard to emphasize and enjoy Penelope's story after Eclipse's ending.


Also this series has so much inconsistencies. First of all, Penelope is pressed by time, as in she must get 100% with any ML as fast as possible so that she doesn't die. After she notices her % going up at a faster rate with Eclipse you would think she'd try to spend more time with him? Well nope. Penelope is a rich girl with nothing to do all day and a noble but doesn't have any duties, which had me wondering, if she has so much time on her hands, why doesn't she visit Eclipse to raise his %?? So many instances in the novel there were moments of 'Days flew by' and I was like, , then what did Penelope do??? Did she try to make money? Or visit any ML to raise their %?? It didn't make sense. She could have reached 100% way earlier with Eclipse if she had put in a little more work.. Oh well. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Caszca rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: c33
So far it's really tense and I want to keep reading!

Normally I'd roll my eyes at a female lead entirely unable to notice a guys interest in her, but in this case it makes perfect sense. She's been abused for years and has no reason to think that they would change their opinion just like that because of a few instances where they weren't completely horrible.

Even if she noticed the change in attitude... she can't trust it, because if they can change their opinion this fast, they might revert back... more>> to thinking badly of her in a heartbeat. The maid is dependent on her, so she can feel slightly more secure with her. Her behaviour is entirely in line with all the traumatic sh*t she's been through. This is no lighthearted romance, this is almost literally a struggle for survival. And your survival depending on some dude's good will is scary as hell. No wonder she can't trust the people around her, even if they are suddenly super nice. Especially bc they are suddenly way too nice, without her having done anything even.

Stay cautious and don't die Penelope! I'm rooting for you! <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Penny Sparkles
Penny Sparkles rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Well... what is wrong with the reviews section? hahaha

First my short review: this novel was enjoyable for me. I liked how the game system operated and "the way to show affection" of each male protagonist. What can I say, I'm addicted to the novels of reborn or transmigrated villains <3

My opinion about the main characters:

... more>>

Penelope: I liked her way of being, it's not the common thing seen. In fact, I liked that her attitude did not change during the story, she was very true to herself. She wanted to survive and she did it thanks to that. I'm sure if she hadn't acted that way, she would never have aroused the interest of the male leads and would have died.

Callisto: he's an interesting male lead. He seems the cliche of the tyrant prince, but his personality makes him come out of that topic. His character is one of my favorites. He's aggressive but he's also a cloying lover, not to mention he's quite sarcastic.

Derrick: I like the way his trauma was treated but his attitude really leaves a lot to be desired.

Reynold: I like him so much. At first he had a really horrible attitude, but he only became a real brother to Penelope. Though he remained a noisy tsundere hahaha

Winter: honestly the MVP of this novel (even if he's not the player lol). I really like him. Also, I understand his actions and his attitude, although I would have wished for more interactions of him with Penelope.

Eclipse: honestly the sympathy I did not feel for him in the main story, I felt for him in the side storie. I don't hate him, but I don't like him either. For more than half of the story, his character is not relevant (is very overshadowed by other characters and circumstances). Then, when he becomes an antagonist (which makes sense. People who get mad about his evolution to yandere just never really understood the character. So sad...) his relevance was only to make some things more difficult for Penelope and BUM he "dies" but not really. His lack of weight in the plot made his character pass unnoticed for me. If his personality that he showed in the side stories had been the same as that of the main story, I would have loved him. Sadly that was not the case, F


About my first line: for me, webnovels are to enjoy. I mean, they were made for entertainment not to be over-analyze them in depth as some previous reviews do; of course you are going to find inconsistencies, since they are not to be studied lol Also, it's just fiction, you don't have to take it so personal wt*?

For people who really like the genre of DRAMA and the psychological, also who also love the stories of reborn or transmigrated villains like me, I totally recommend this novel! <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lola. rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I’m debating myself whether to give 4 or 3, tbh 3.5 would have been better.

So I was baited by the manhwa, as I found the initial story to be intriguing. A villainess as the MC isnt new, but the game setting, how she already locked on one of the ML as her savior was refreshing. I also love the world of the game, so many interesting and almost harry potter like well thought layered storylines. But halfway through my interest waned because of the MC

... more>>

I really dislike her attitude toward her adopted family. By all means she is entitled to either get revenge or ignore them, what doesnt make sense to me is that I feel like she’s projecting her hate toward her past family into the duke family. Everything she does is a projection. As someone who always think that it’s only a game, weird how she cant differentiate her feeling from the alternate world and the game world.

Other thing that turns me off is her manipulation of Eclise. She destroyed him. And got the gall to be mad at him for betraying her (out of love or obsession rather). Who was the one intercepting his plot line and made him a mere s*ave without the opportunity to free himself? Who made constant promise to see him but often failed him? Eclise was an abused war prisoner turned s*ave who latched on the only person who showered him with kindness, Penelope was very manipulative of him. Always reiterating that he is important to him, showering him with gifts but also neglecting him. For her mistreatment of eclise, penelope should have suffered


The only redeemable characters on this story is Callisto and his aide <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
candc2006 rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c90
Don't listen to the hate. This is a pretty unique concept compared to a lot of other reincarnations. I love all the characters and everything is pretty well developed.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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