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I received my test results, where two words stuck out in devastating clarity.

[No Talent]

It was something I’d already known, but it stung a little more than usual today. Was I lacking in effort or talent? Or both? Was it my fault that I was living like this, or was it society’s?

In the years since Players, Streamers, Guardians, dungeons, and monsters became a part of our everyday life, my sister died from leukemia trying to support me, and my mom passed away from a disease we couldn’t afford to treat.

I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning to continue my futile life, I found… that I had somehow gone 10 years back in the past, to the day the world changed.
While going through the Tutorial, I realized something.

Everything’s too easy. Was I really talentless?

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Talented Player
재능 만렙 플레이어
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New GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: c200
This series presents a fairly common premise for Korean novels, but executes it in a somewhat interesting way. It's set on a version of earth where all of a sudden deadly monsters and dungeons start popping up everywhere but it's okay because at the same time certain humans start developing RPG class abilities to fight those monsters, all the while unimaginably powerful higher entities are watching the whole thing like it's twitch. Tv but for massacres, and occasionally even help out their favorite humans with sponsorships and quests. Our protagonist... more>> is clever block of wood Kim Hyukjin, who because of reasons was told that he had absolutely no talent as a Player, but then for plot reasons is transported back in time 10 years to the very first day that the RPG magic sh*t hit the proverbial fan and finds out that actually he's the single most talented person in the whole entire world.

In many novels with a "clever" MC, they often portray the MC's cleverness by having them concoct elaborate schemes that, if you stop to actually consider the plan, involve a lot of guesswork and rely on uncertain factors such as other people behaving exactly as the MC predicted, but because they always go off without a hitch it's assumed that the MC is highly intelligent, rather than just always nailing their weirdly specific random guesses because the author decided they would. This novel manages to avoid that pitfall fairly well. The MC not only has 10 years of information on future events, but their plans are also made to be flexible, and can be modified as the situation changes.

One last thing, this novel is borderline harem. It's like if you made a eunuch into a harem protagonist. As of chapter 200, there are several heroine candidates that clearly have feelings for the MC, but the ones he has noticed he has outright rejected and the ones he hasn't noticed are problematic.


  • His 6 years younger adoptive underaged sister
  • The only normal choice, his swordswoman teammate, also the only one that has openly asked him for a date and the only one to actually be openly rejected
  • A poison-using promiscuous woman from another team
  • His stone-faced exclusive angel live streamer for the higher powers
  • The rehabilitated future mass-murderer from a broken home that

    lost her body and is now a building

  • Depending on how much of a degenerate you are, his actual blood-related older sister who would without hesitation sacrifice her life for MC's happiness
  • A sword. A literal, actual sword with an ego that has declared the MC to be her bride.
I don't know how the series will develop in the future, but as of now, it's looking like the "romantic subplot" tag is just referring to his teammate constantly pestering MC to go on a date with her and him outright rejecting her, EVEN THOUGH twice by this point he has made a deal with her where he agreed to go on a date with her but he has yet to make good on either of them. Dude borrowed her sword for a duel in exchange for a date and then traded a jewel she had for a promise for a date, and I'm not saying you have to become lovers with someone you aren't romantically attracted to, but you gotta make good on your promises dude, especially to a teammate that you genuinely respect. It's no skin off your back to just hang out with her for a day, and yeah, maybe she'll be making passes at you the whole time, but you're the one that made the deal so you can live with that level of discomfort. It's super cringe to keep trying to weasel out of a promise you made, dude. <<less
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hawlol rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: c37
Another cliche Korean monster portal regression novel with a Mary Sue MC and s*upid premise.

Guy spent first life as underachiever because famous Young Master was jealous. He didn't know though, he died without knowing he was talented at all. The player association told him he had no talent as sabotage and he bought it, for years, even when his Mother and Sister were dying.

He NEVER went to a dungeon to try to make money, or get a second opinion, or find a job at all, even when they were slowly... more>> dying in front of him. The 20+ year old guy didn't even bother finding a job to stop his sister from getting leukemia at her factory job while he studied for a civil servant exam. Which this Young Master also blocked, btw, somehow, with nothing but a s*upid personality and arrogant attitude.

Also an entire player corporation bending over the will of a single young master and forfeiting an S class talent just because the brat was jealous while he wasn't even the boss... that's just dumb, even if he was the descendant of a president-like authority.

Now, on his second life he was thrown at the tutorial even though he wasn't there the first time and awakens as a true Mary Sue. Strength, intelligence, charisma, he can do it all. Although he does tend to be edgy and let people he could save die because 'he's smart and careful', but most times it comes as being selfish and coward since he gives up before even trying. Pretty girls get saved, though, of course.

The streaming thing is similar to Omniscient Readers Viewpoint and although being a loser the previous life, the MC can still bend streamer and constellation viewers alike to his will because he's smart and studied all about them before for the civil exams which somehow worries about player history and not everything else it would normally require.

This is a cliche story, with a dumb premise, derivative setting, lack of originality and a MC that manages to be an edgy Mary Sue and a coward at the same time.

Read anything else in the same genre and you'll be better served. <<less
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Mangikop rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: c15
I don't know why the first reviewer thought it was a rip off from ORPoV. All those things about Guardians/Constellations/Sponsors/Patrons are old stuffs and have become a genre on its own and not exclusive to 1 novel.

Anyway, sure there are cliches but those are expected. All that matters is the execution. In this case, I can't say it's done well as the main character sometimes switch from being cautious (hesitating to fight a low level goblin) to being bold (challenging a boss way higher levelled than him) without proper character... more>> development in between.

The setting is the usual dungeon theme with the aforementioned transcendental sponsors.

Nothing of interest so far, plot is just him plowing through challenges and occasinally shocking high dimensional beings with knowledge obtained from the future. I don't know if the fact that he was not aware of how talented he was counts as well, not for me though.

I read too much of these so I have shallow interest in continuing. Good translation though. <<less
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bozakir rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: c11
If you haven't read any other korean dungeon hunter regressor novels it's mediocre. Otherwise it's a cliche copycat cash grab. Setting has streamers/guardians/players so that's likely ripped from Omniscient Readers Viewpoint. MC is an overpowered regressor. Even though it makes zero sense for his character to be that way he is still your regular calculative arsehole who lacks empathy who is trying to improve lives of his mother and sister in this life. I am not saying this to be judgemental of his character. It's just another super cliche archetype... more>> that's lifted from more successful novels. <<less
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Valquist rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: c30
My current impression: cliched, but enjoyable enough to keep me reading. There is some things with the MC's mentality that annoyed me at first, the whole 'lacking confidence for no reason' crap that you occasionally see, but he seems to be swiftly growing out of it, so in retrospect it becomes more like self disbelief than an annoying character trait. I'm willing to give it a pass.

I'm also willing to give the set up a pass, I've seen it in tens of other novels that I've personally read, which is... more>> fine, but a problem you see with these settings is either a poor setup, or too much time stagnated in one place. Fortunately it isn't floundering too much in one location, other novels I've read took 50+ (if not more) chapters to finish the 'tutorial, ' but this one managed to be out before chapter 20. Thank goodness.

My suggestion is to read the first 16 or so chapters to get a feel if you like it or not. If you don't want to read something similar to Solo Leveling, Everyone Else is a Returnee, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, or SSS-Class Suicide Hunter: don't bother, you won't like it. <<less
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Hapachlaena rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c153
It is a solid time waster. The protagonist has a more unique fighting style because he does end up relying on his party members sometimes, but overall he's another sword wielding protagonist. The world building and setting isn't anything special. Just another modern day portal/constellation setting. Most reminiscent of Omniscient Reader.

And despite there being no Harem genre tag, this is without a doubt a harem. At the chapter 153, every single female character is romantically interested in the protagonist. Currently there are two exceptions, but I sincerely doubt they will... more>> last.

A nitpick/retcon rant below. It might seem minor, but it kind of undermines the entire setting, maybe others wouldn't be bothered by at as much as I have.


In the beginning it's said that the protagonist was told he was talentless because of some rich kid who took the test at the same time he did, which the protagonist doesn't know. This in turn kind of implies that both the company the kid is a part of and his family that enables him is completely f*cking ret*rded. Throwing away a top tier talent that could either help protect people (or be turned into their dog) because to an adult's tantrum should be considered treasonous. It makes the company seem completely evil.

And yet this never really comes into play, instead the grandfather of this kid is implied to be some super intelligent business man and the company instead just serves the protagonist instead. This plotline seems to be completely forgotten. I don't know whether this is resolved later, or is just a retcon on the part of the author. The rest of the story doesn't seem too exceptional so far either, so I'm guessing the latter.

There is one thing where later he takes the test again and he's shown to be talentless because his talent is so high, but that wasn't the case in the beginning of the story, it showed his as the max their machine can handle which is still an absolutely top of the line talent. And still they threw him away.

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rhianirory rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: c71
OP MC who was clueless at first. Its nice that at least the author gave us a basic reason he knows all this information, instead of imply the MC has the memory of every little thing that happened in ten years just because. His taking care of his family is basically cleared in the first several chapters after the tutorial ends and this MC is not the usual loner.

... more>>

with his class now, party play is even more important to his leveling. On the other hand, he could gain a necro or summoning skill and still not directly fight, so I'm leary about it atm; it would be interesting if he ended up in a strategist role rather than a typical necro/ summoner.


interesting enough read that I'm willing to give it a 4 for now and will come back and rate it again once it's finished or I drop it. <<less
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omegadir rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: c25
Another regression novel with zero original ideas which you could find by dozens on this site. This work has ZERO original concept or ideas and just copy whats popular. Protagonist regretted about his life goes back in time with super fast grow rate who also get pro in all what he decided to do. (In brief another Mary sue) He is nice to his closest people, manipulative to neutrals, ruthless to enemy. (Standard for all Korean protagonists) World building is for sh*t with typical game system and youtube-god sponsors (Omniscient... more>> reader's viewpoint rip-off) Before his regression he had a hobby of looking how other player cleared dungeons and since he apparently got perfect memory he know what will happen in next 10 years by days so he'll never be at disadvantage. All antagonists is cartoonishly evil a**holes who can't buy groceries without killing somebody. All characters who isn't player is just static prop to just die or show how awesome he is (even his family shows for grand total of ONE appearance). No mystery or intrigue about why he regressed or why system suddenly appeared (he just go to sleep and awakened 10 years ago).

This novel is just another copy-paste work where protagonist bulldoze everything from his path with no challenge at all. He has no major flaws so there is no room for him to grow as are person and any other aspect of novel is either boring or non-existing. If you want read good regressed novel go read Second Coming of Gluttony. At least there you will know from the start why hero regressed (sort of) and protagonist is human with major flaws (and not perfect-at-everything-remembering-all gary stu) who actually struggle to get strong and become better human being. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: c55
Average among the similar types of novels (korean modern day dungeons with streamers and godly viewers and OP protagonist).

The previous life just serves as an excuse for him to know all the major events and many small details. That's the first "cheat" and even if it was all he had he would still be OP, but like many similar novels the author just piles on extra cheat abilities and items like he's afraid the knowledge cheat would be lonely by itself.

Personality is standard for Korean protagonist.

... more>> Setting is standard.

Story is standard.

This review might not seem helpful for people who haven't read this kind of novel before, but in that case you will probably enjoy it if you like the tags. For people who've read the better novels of this genre it will seem lacking, and for those who've read the worst novels of this genre it will seem good. Despite saying it's standard, it's not like it directly copies other novels aside from the genre traits of constellations, dungeons/monsters in modern setting with game mechanics, streamers, etc.

I'm dropping the novel here because it lacks a spark to make it really stand out, and I tend to dislike the "standard" of this genre (protagonists too greedy, setting too much like MMO, story too wish fulfillment). Especially the protagonists. I can't really understand how a guy can cheat literally everyone he meets aside from blood-related family but including adopted family and friends... and no one minds. Or rather, everyone else feels guilty because they think he hasn't cheated them enough. It's common to many Korean protagonists so I don't lower the rating for it unless it's excessively gratuitous, but it still makes me dread the character interactions I usually read a novel for. <<less
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BxG rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: c690
First things first, the story is given a 4.3/5.0, it was a very good story.

The things which made me give this a star of 4.3, the ending was quite good but the story in the last part was rushed which made me cut off 0.4 stars, there was another thing which made me cut off 0.2 stars in the story which happened when the MC ... more>>

had his level removed etc...

, and lastly there were parts which we had to remember from many chapters etc, which the readers had to recall from previous chapters (thankfully the author had written notes at the end of the chapters (each chapter) where we can re-read the parts which we forgot etc), and final villain was a bit rushed too (in my opinion tho), so due to that I had cut off 0.1 stars..

This story was full of cliches etc etc and the romantic part wasn't bad nor great but it was quite good, but I wasn't happy with MC getting too OP in the end quite rushed as I said before..

Maybe in my personal opinion there could have been a little more chapters too where MC could slowly climb up to power or so by extending this novel to around 740~750 chapters too.. <<less
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Mustakarhu95 rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c24
I cant fathom how the main character can be as unlikable as in this one. He had max talent but did not know it before he was reincarnated and now hes back, but has a chip on his houlder for some reason ??

He acts holier-than-thou and keeps "joking" about letting a 14 die for him (it's not a joke) takes advantage of her abandonment issues to use her as a meat shield.

And most of all he somehow was so interested in "playing" that in his previous life he read all... more>> the guides for the dungeons and everything about "playing" and guardians and how to bluff them and so on. If youre so interested why did he never go into a dungeon? No talent does not mean can't awaken.

Have you ever heard of a human that liked to read game guides but wont play the games, or read car repair manuals to the point they can remember every car in the worlds engine parts by heart, how to fix them and likes cars but never tried to fix one ? No I think not <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 18, 2022
Status: c149
It's better than I expected, it's not amazing but it's fine and well done.
The only downside I see is how many repetitions are inserted in the story, pretty annoying and clearly there for padding, though not at the level of a typical Chinese story.
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