The Return of the Legendary All-Master


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The first virtual reality game, New World.

This was the beginning of the catastrophe.

As the game became reality, Earth began to crumble.

However, there was hope.

The All-Master Jeong Hoon, who survived until the very end.

When he was just one step away from ending the game.


Jeong Hoon was betrayed by his comrades.

“Should I say it started from the moment you said you had to finish this game?”

The reason for the betrayal was simple.

If the game ended, they would lose their power.

They thought everything was over.

[An unknown mysterious power is protecting you.] [An unknown mysterious power is sending you back to the past.] [Warning! The system is attempting to intervene… failed.] [Warning! Warning! The system is attempting to intervene… failed.] [Warning! Warning! Warning! The system is attempting to intervene… failed.] [The unknown mysterious power is disappearing.]

Thanks to the unknown power, he returned to the past.

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역대급 올마스터의 회귀
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New MyRAMEN rated it
May 31, 2024
Status: c2
Granted I barely tried the novel, but the novel couldn't even try to be more generic and filled with cliches. I feel like the most it could due to achieve this is to add the Chinese cliche of an engagement getting broken and ntrd.

The first chap was littered and filled with the cliche and generic writings / plot events of this genre. And it being a vrmmo type novel (though this one becomes a reality) it can't and won't avoid the countless filler and again repeated and repetitive... more>> plotlines. This made me drop from 3 to 2 stars. Unless you have literally never read a vrmmo type novel, I can't suggest this, it's just to filled to brim with cliches, like the author mishmashed a bunch of his favorite novels and edited with chatgpt.

It doesn't have any unique elements like that I saw that could make this interesting in the long run either. Though again, granted I only read one chap <<less
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